Friday, January 06, 2012

Deload Day 2 and more gymnastics

Ah Gymnastics how I love thee. Yes, being a master of my own body is my long term key. Lifting heavy loads, etc. are all things I enjoy, specifically the challenge and preparation. However, long term this is not my interest more to help others learn how to load their bodies properly for optimal performance while I focus on Yoga, Martial Arts and Gymnastics.

So today some real good basic foundational work.

Chin ups 5x5 not big volume but this is not my focus, it is practice and allowing volume to build through said practice

Face the wall Hand Stands: set up on wall and remove feet to find optimal position. 5 rounds mixed with Chin ups.

Deck Squat, body weight 5 sets of 5. my best ever....thank all the other work such as L-Sit and Front Lever

Free Standing Handstands kicking up from various points. Still a BIG work in progress. I am sticking them here and there but not consistent by any means. Countless reps

Tripod HeadStand Core work 3 sets of 5 reps

Basic foundational work. Light loads and reps but high quality practice. The consistency is key. With School starting including 10 classes and 2 internships plus work this is going to be much more challenging just do to time and lack of.

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