Sunday, June 30, 2013

Power Swings, the Kings evil twin

Oh yeah these babies kick butt, literally. My hamstrings were lit up the while time. With this variation I am able to keep my shins vertical (knee directly above the ankle) for each swing. This angle/position reminds of the intended box squat from Westside barbell, which is meant to recruit the hammies, glutes and low back. For me I felt zero low back and this makes me happy.

1 Arm Power Swing
52/3/3 PR

All I can say is Power personified. That initial starting strength is king here. Resetting prior to every swing again allows for proper position which is more difficult in ballistic 1 Arm swings as each rep can potentially change the arch and thus load dynamics.

Clubbells shield cast
25/30/30 PR for reps

Shoulder rehab drills

Brilliant day! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heavier day, but not max

My shoulder still is packing that max effort press so took a bit of a different approach today. It's clearly the best it had been but still not where I am happy.

Close grip bench
225/2 x 5

Superset with

Chest to bar deadhang pullup.
5 x 5

Felt really powerful on the pull-ups and fast today. Clearly touching the bottom of my pecs at around nipple level. 

Close grip felt better as I warmed up. But good to hit the triceps a bit more directly because in my eyes my triceps are my weak link.

Double 36kg squats
5 x 5

This was great. Deep and strong in the position. Core felt strong and spine fully aligned with strong mobility. Stoked

Max effort single set military press
24kg/25 L
24kg/25 R

Hard, plain and simple. 

Finished with yoga. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

800 meter repeats On 6/20/13

800 meter repeats. If you have ever done these you know they suck. They are grueling to say the least and just eat at the you. As if one lap around the track is not enough.

So I did 3 of these. I rested about 2 minutes between reps

here is the breakdown

1. 7:30 pace/.54 miles/4:02
2. 7:32 pace/.52 miles/3:56
3. 7:04 pace/.55 miles/3:52

finished with 4 x 100 at 20 sec work and 40 sec rest. Just had to flush the lactic acid and speed up recovery. 

These were very good. I am happy with the pace. The rest certainly helps with the speed as evident in my last run which was by far my best and furthest at .55 miles.

Followed up with long yoga stretch session. This was my 6th day in a row.

Track Session, 400's and Yoga

Day 2 of 400's. My client challenged me to do these every 2 minutes. I came close, averaging with rest about 2:05/400. This was a big nut but not an impossible one. I have only a few running days under my belt but I have good strength and conditioning combine with know how and this helps.

400 meters repeats
4 x 400 every 2:05
took an average of 1:54 to complete these. I had enough rest to save the lap and hit repeat and go. I am using the Map My Run app to help, free version.

I rested for 1:30 and did another

4x400 just as above.

My 7th lap was the slowest but I made up for it with a strong finish. I knew this was going to be the case coming into 7 but I did only lost 5 seconds and made up for it finishing 7 secs faster for a 2 sec differential in my favor, I will take it. Felt like I was going to puke coming down the back straight away but I survived :-)

My average would 7:45/mile. Not fast for me but considering I am pleased. I have found the joy again in running and it is making a huge difference. I do not mind the pain because the rewards are so sweet. Today I was sore in my glutes and hammies from yesterdays pistols but they did not deter me in any way.

Further, I would be stoked to run an 8 minute mile after 4 running days.

Follow up with Yoga and a good stretch :-)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dynamic day

Feels so good being on a program. Mentally it is not as fun as play but truly far more rewarding.

Speed military press
28/3 x 10 R
28/3 x 10 L

30 sec to work and rest. Felt good today. Nice speed and good shove/line of path.

Pull-ups dead hang tactical
12kg/3 x 5
Bodyweight 3 x 6

Again 30 to work and rest and this was tough. Still working through right shoulder discomfort therefore affects strength some. Following the weighted with BW really helped the speed aspect. Good decision. 

Pistol speed work
28kg/2 x 5 R
28kg/2 x 5 L

Again on the 30, all Right then Left. This was done no box style. Felt strong and well worked. Got good depth and finished strong

52/2/2 PR

This is for 3 things and in no particular order.
1. Get stronger with the clean
2. Establish a stronger rack
3. Better my press

Right side struggled a bit with the 52kg just due to shoulder but strong otherwise

Started my morning with 45 minutes of yoga and finished my day with my wife and hydro therapy including steam, cold plunge and hot tub and more yoga.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beyond The Beast....PR's

Today I took a big step forward in my training and strength. I put to use the 52kg kettlebell beyond the swing. It had been some time since I had done these specific movements so it was all the more satisfying that all the work leading up to this has proved to make me stronger.

Floor Press Single Side
40/3/3 x 2
52/1 left PR
52/failed Right

My right shoulder is still not 100% due to damn forcing of Muscle Up but it's close as I just missed lockout on Right Side. However a BIG PR on the left and a strong Beast press on both sides. I have more work to do but this is a great step.

KB Front Squat Single side rack
52/2/2 PR




Yet another PR and a strong effort. left was easier again shoulder makes it harder to stabilize on Right side, but cleared a tough double on both sides. Even better was the easy Beast Triple 

1 Arm Row
52/5/5 x 1

Renegade Row 52 & 48kg (All PRs)
R: 52/L 48 for double x 1
R: 52/L 48 for triple x 1
L: 52/R 48 for double x 1
L: 52/R 48 for triple x 1

Rotator Cuff Band work

Overall a BIG day. With the weight and fact I have not done these specific moves in awhile I kept overall volume and movements to a minimum. A Strong day and good to build off.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Speed run work and Yoga

Day 2 of the running program. Track speed endurance day. This is just good training. Get to work on speed, technique and recovery. 

3 to 1 ratio

20/40 work to rest

16 minutes of running including rest. Will build from here.

Followed up with 75 minutes of yoga. A large effort spent on opening hips, quads and hammies. Key pose was  hanamuasana or monkey pose 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Back on Track, Dynamic Day

Awww, now this is what to Doctor ordered. What a great day. Back at stones on a Monday and back to my regimen. Clarity, precision, intention equal results.

Speed MP Press
28/3 x 10 L
28/3 x 10 R

Yep, strong rack, followed by a pause and a fast shove. These felt great.
20 sec rest between sets

Pull-up with a pause
3 x 5

Dead hang tactical pull-up. Held top position with a big lat squeeze. Felt like I was squeezing oranges :)

Pistol box style
32kg/2 x 5 R
32kg/2 x 5 L

Pause on the box, 20 sec rest between sets. This was tough but good. Felt strong and first time doing with single
Bell in this format. 2 more weeks of this then back to double bell

32/5/5 x 3

Just practice for the press. Held each rack position focusing on LICS. Good practice

Clubbell cleans into single arm casts
2 15lb clubs 10/10 of each move for 3 sets

Simply put, a strong workout! Felt good, felt strong, excellent attention to detail, and at peace.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Breaking in the Shoes

Oh a beautiful Sunday in California. We are so fortunate in Northern California to have such gorgeous weather and the terrain to match. I used spend 6 days a week out in the trails, running and mountain biking. 5 years this was my training life. The best part was being in Mother Nature with my buddies. On top of that we had pretty darn awesome fitness levels and we won some races and became strong competitors in the 6-12 hour Adventure Racing Series. 

Those times are far removed but I never lost my love for being outdoors even if my love of trail running and mountain biking did subside. But, wanting more balance in life and in training my wife and I got some new trail shoes and today was a great day to break them in, together.

We went to Rancho San Antonio and did a short loop. Total of only 2.6 miles with a nice 1 mile consistent switch back climb. Having done this run numerous times it was slow tedious today but cannot expect much on the first run. I will be back at it Tuesday and either Thursday or Friday. Keeping them short and sweet, allowing the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and lungs to adapt.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swings and Eliminating the Ego

This was a tough week for me, personally. I was fighting my ego all week longand it was not just related to training but to life. And for me life and training are intertwined, a reflection of each other, a microcosm. 

First off, my goal with training is to find my version of balance. This includes strength, flexibility, mobility, conditioning, lean factor and overall long term health and well being. Therefore I need to have in place activities that support this. I know what they are even if I fight them. 

In order
1. Yoga and Meditation
2. Bodyweight basics
3. Kettlebell 
4. Hike, Run or Mountain bike....being outdoors

As for number 4, they can float all around but I need some consistency in this area. Number 1 encompasses number 2 and number 2 builds off of number 1...but yoga and meditation are clear number 1. And number 3 is just a great compliment to all the above. 

So today I got back on track with a strong kettlebell training session. Plus, I had a great group of men to train with and this helped.

Swing, 1 arm
48/5/5 x 3
32/5/5 x 1  purpose was overspeed work controlling the forces

Worked on keeping the shoulder packed and reducing the forces on the body with l.i.c.s approach.

2 hand swing
40/10 x 5

Put an emphasis on breathing, in through the nose on the down swing, out through the mouth on the up swing.

Clubbells Arm Cast

3 x 8

Working on creating tension from the beginning, corkscrewing the arm and locking the lats in for full engagement. 

Hollow Body Rock
10 x 4

Scapula retraction 
Single band 10 x 2
Double band 8 x 2

Eliminate the Unnecessary, simplicity is crucial. This day was exactly that and I loved it. Feel grounded, with a clear direction and ready for more :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

300 workout

Ok, this was brutal. John B came to the gym and joined in. I designed this one specifically for access to a pull-up bar. 10 moves,  30 a piece, some split 15/15, others 30 across the board.

Here it is in order

30 two had swing
15/15 clean
15/15 squat
15/15 press
15/15 thruster
15/15 1 arm swing
15/15 snatch
30 burpees
30 pull-ups
30 toes 2 bar

Must finish all one side before doing other and must finish each move before advancing.

Breakdown....all with a 20kg
 2 hand swing through press non stop @3:45
Thruster 10/5 each side
1 Arm Swing straight thru
Snatch 10/5 each side
Finished all KBs at 9:43
Burpees 30 straight BUT 14:16 at finish (slow)
Pull-ups 10 x 3
T2B, 10,8,6,6

Total time 18:50

Crushed by the burpees, only move I do not do and it shows. Otherwise it was tough but manageable, at the end I was toast, 9 mins to do the bodyweight stuff which was slower and took longer than the KBs. Might be different fresh but this is good for me.

Plus, I did an hour power vinyasa yoga in the morning with some challenging balance sequences. Really enjoyed the practice even though I seemed to struggle today but did have a sweet shavasana.

I have to listen to this fact of my life, yoga is the best thing I do for myself and it needs to be a central point of my regiment.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Listening skills are crucial

Well well well it was one of those days. Today I focused on what I needed to do and no extraneous crap. My shoulder was cranky for doing an advance muscle up I had no business doing. Rif did not scold me, but should have....instead my shoulder told me back off and Rif said the same thing. Truly who gives a damn about muscle ups. I have done multiple bar versions and even rings but I need to start from the right place and allow them to build per Rifs instruction.

Speed Press
28/3 x 9 L
28/3 X 9 R

Good strong pause, focused on L.I.C.S. and it simply works and makes me stronger. just keep on working here and getting faster, shoving the weight and building speed and strength

Pull-up (dead hang with static hold)
3 reps x 8 sets

This is really good for me, static holds help build my weak point, the lockout or top position.

Bar Dips

Did these on the top of the pull-up bar. I like the idea of bar muscle ups. I can get to the bottom of my ribs on pull-ups so I am in position. I need to work the transition and to the press out. This was good.

Hollow Body Rocks
15 x 5

Handstand Holds
5 sets

40 minutes of yoga. Lots of balance work today. I notice I have a much more challenging time stabilizing on my left leg.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The King reigns supreme

Oh yes, it's Saturday and its time to swing. Run the rack and attack with vigor and technique.

1 arm swing
52/5/5 PR

Really pleased. Kept the right shoulder in better position which was the key for today after last week. Really felt the abs and hamstrings load and could feel myself driving into the ground. 

2 hand ballistic swing
52/10 PR

Yeah lets just say this all adds up. What a fantastic training season. My swing feels tight and honed. The edges are Sharp and the body is responding. Really loaded the glutes.

This will be great for my deadlift. I should talk with Rif about specifically training the DL.

Clubbell shield cast
35/10/10 x 2

Great day and enough. Feel satisfied yet hungry for more!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Cleans, heavy front squat and more

Just some good practice for the day and build a bit of strength with a heavy lift.

Hang power clean

Really working on the third pull and timing of second pull leading into a clean transition of the third pull. Found some
Good reps today and some ok ones. Have lots of practice in this but pleased cause I can tell I made progress.

Front squat

This was good, just wanted to work up to a heavy single. Still uncomfortable with the rack but not bad for second FS workout. Kettlebells are so much easier load wise but way harder weight wise. Double 48kg was way harder strength wise but easier rack position.

Handstand Holds
Lots of practice. Worked on pressing through palm and fingers, driving into the ground, trying to find happy medium between hollow, neutral & extension, pointing toes and internal rotation of legs with tight glutes & ....haha. A lot to this but using the wall I was able to remove my feet hold for 5-10 sec, tap and repeat. 

100 meters x 10
20 sec work, 30 rest

The pic shows the first 8 intervals and the total time, etc. pleased with this as my cardio conditioning starts to build.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bottoms up, jerks, and more

Still playing around in my head about my training plan. I think I am on to something but need to think about and test it. Still focused on press goal, pull-up and pistol but the other stuff needs some clarity

Bottoms up press

hard especially negative, right side a little bugged due to post delt but rolling between sets helped. The past 3 sets of 24/3/3 were powerful and fast. Stoked. 

Jerks doubles

Single set max effort. I never do these and they were awesome. Took 1:25 to complete.

Weighted pull-up

These honestly suck. Not stoked here but....


Handstand holds
3 sets

These are so much better. I still use the wall but have much better control and can remove my feet and hold a freestanding handstand for up to 10 secs, re tap and hold. These are all about practice, and I need to commit, enough said.

Concept 2 Row
250 meters x 4
Average first 3 of 23 strokes/minute. Time was 59, 55, 53. Fourth set I pulled fast at 37 strokes and a time of  47 sec.

Superset with Sara which gave me about 1:15 of rest

Jump Rope practice with speed rope
Worked technique using 1 hand, emphasis on tying rope revolution with jump in between row sets.