Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Dao of the Kettlebell

The Dao, aka Tao of the Kettlebell is quite a interesting phenomena. Think Yin and Yang, Earth and 'Heaven'/sky, Hatha or Ha (sun) and Tha (Moon), etc.

The kettlebell has a way, a free flowing pendulum based energy in movements like the Swing, Snatch and Clean and an up/down, in/out motion in all movements. For instance, in the military press we are pressing/rooting our bodies into the ground while at the same time pulling our shoulder down, keeping it in the socket as the arm reaches to the sky. This is an equal and opposite action and somewhere between these two is a harmony and it is our ability to maximize the principles and our bodies to achieve optimal harmony within the movement.

As we move the bell we must remember the bell moves for us if we take advantage of the physics and principles behind the movements and the bodies role (i.e. full body/whole body movements). We must learn not to fight ourselves or the physics but learn to move with and flow with, while taking the shape of the movement.

Let the bell work, relax and trust your knowledge and ability and this goes well beyond the Kettlebell....