Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Year Later, a reflection

what have I learned? or better yet what haven't I learned? (there is no particular order)
1. Have gratitude: With gratitude comes healing. I am grateful for all the gifts life has given me thus far
2. Be thankful: Ok, the two are similar however I wake everyday thanking the world, the high powers at be, spirits for this life I live.
3. Be unconditionally loving to yourself and others: Why not, people are who they are and it is important to love them for that.
4. Acceptance: Of everything, refer back to unconditional...accept people, life and what you have and want
5. Love Yourself: Be kind to yourself, love your self, believe in yourself, smile at yourself and tell yourself you love you (look at yourself when you do this)
6. have faith: because you can do anything you so desire if you have faith and believe in you.
7. believe: in you, life, your path and have faith in your believes.
8. trust: you, your thoughts, your decisions, the ones you love, your heart, your intuition
9. Listen to your intuition: Do not fear it, no matter what if you apply yourself, love yourself, have faith, trust, believe in you, you will make it out with your feet on the ground standing tall and smiling
10. Be patient: the best things in life come over time
11. Live in your heart: it is beautiful and provides you with your life line too the world...without your heart you are dead inside
12. Fear is good: Why, because when you overcome it, which you must believe you can and will, you develop confidence and most important peace of mind and heart
13. Peace be with you: Peace of heart, mind, body, soul...this comes when you take on challenges and overcome them, which you can and will do. then you will smile with truth
14. Be true: To yourself, others, the world
15. Be Real: there is no other can live in peace when you are real, honest, truthful with yourself and others, as well as the world around you.
16. Be good to yourself: If you are not, no one else will be
17. respect yourself and others: this will lead you to many a great things in life
18. Say Hello, Please and Thank you: People appreciate it, whether or not they express it (which is not most important), at least you are leading by example
19. Be Kind: It pays off internally, will make you feel good about who you are and once again you lead by example...people will follow
20. Smile: never seen a smile that did not make me want to smile back or at least acknowledge.
21. If you make eye contact smile or nod, people will oblige
22. Live everyday how you wish: this is your life, what do you want out of it
23. Communicate: no matter who with, it helps eliminate much unnecessary stress, issues, unhappiness.
24. If the person you love cannot respect and reciprocate maybe they are not the right person for you!
25. Do not settle, you are worth more than that
26. It does not matter what others think if you act with integrity, honest, truth, and being yourself (the real you)
27. Surround yourself with great people
28. Go to work everyday with the intention of making it a positive experience, making a difference and others better
29. Challenge yourself and others to greatness, in a respectful manner
30. Make your intentions clear and speak them
31. Everything in life happens for many reasons
32. Most of the time when people do something that you perceive is because of you, more often than not it is because of them and there issues.
33. Be compassionate: it helps you and the other person or people involved
34. Be a student of life
35. Be open learn and experience so much more
36. Be open hearted: Life will reward you with so much more
37. Take Risk: the rewards, the lessons are so great
38. take care of your physical health, have a goal, work towards it and all the while eat well and exercise
39. Reflect: A great opportunity to learn and grow.
40. Spend time alone: You will learn a lot about yourself
41. Dance like no one is watching
42. Love like you never have before
43. Be passionate: have, make, wild, crazy love & will liberate you and your partner
44. Be Humble: Life will reward you
45. Be willing to laugh at yourself and suffer humility. Laughter is the best medicine.
46. Laugh daily, you will smile big and your heart, mind, body, spirit will feel free and others will feed off of this
47. Help others: in giving you receive
48. Do the best you can day in and day out...
49. Work to better yourself
50. Attitude is everything
51. Be Positive: Attitude is everything
52. Be Conscious: Be aware, live the moment
53. Life is about choices, think from your heart, listen to your intuition before you act
54. Calculate the risk: Think before you act, there in lies the wisdom of adventure.
55. Heal yourself and your wounds. You will get much more out of life.
56. Do not live in denial: Why deny, you only limit yourself and others.
57. We can always improve: Never a day goes by where an opportunity to improve does not present itself.
58. Embrace yourself, life, the moment: These are the ones that count
59. Be Adventurous: Live, enjoy, be free life is so much more rewarding when you do so.
60. Have Fun: Be a kid, enjoy lives moments these create memories of a lifetime.
61. Become a master of something (preferably yourself first :-))
62. Be the difference you want too see and make in the world and in people
63. Lead by example: If you have the right attitude people will follow and you will have done a service for society.
64. Be Committed: No reason to half ass something, you only cheat yourself and others.
65. Be dedicated: Once committed dedicate the time and energy to make it happen
66. Family is the key to life success (be it parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, etc.), cherish it and these relationships
67. Surround yourself with great people, choose wisely who you want to spend your time with
68. Practice acts of kindness, it always rewards
69. Karma is true
70. Stop and smell the roses, observe your surroundings, feel the sunlight, the afternoon breeze, the sunset, the sunrise, the beauty around you
71. Look to the stars.
72. Look people in the eyes with love and respect in your heart
73. Flow
74. Improvise: Be creative
75. Adapt: To that around but stick to your morals, ethics, attitudes, beliefs.
76. Overcome: There is no obstacle/hurdle, which you cannot overcome

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Big Day of training. Started off with a heavy lifting session at Cisco this morning followed by some yoga

extensive warm-up 135 to 315

Really strong today, felt my body linked and synced. The lifts and form/technique was tight and the bar moved with ease, a good feeling

Pullups (2, 20kg Kbs)

Only made 1 full, just short with chin touching bar but not complete. This only the second time I have done weighted pull-ups in months so I am very pleased. With more practice I should be getting some good quality reps.

Focused on Arm balances and head stand moves with some adaptations I learned with Frank. Took about 10 minutes total time

Afternoon learning techniques of submission wrestling with Frank and Duus. And, Maurice and I worked on some basic moves for Boxing and kickboxing. WOW, this was just awesome. Not a hard workout in any way but good to learn the moves and be a dummy for the locks and throws.

This evening dave shoulders came in and that meant we had to do something. Plus my good friend big Mike came over to toss some bells. I kept it simple

See-Saw Press

Double Cleans

Theguys did more but I just called it there. Great day but I am ready to sleep.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday workout

Finally healthy, still some lingering effects from my sickness but I am ready to get back into. Slow start today but felt good to do something. Focus on shoulder stability and flexibility


superset pushups (20 reps)

Get-up Sit-up

superset push-up (20 reps)

Overhead Squat

superset pull-ups on stairwell (8 reps)

Simplistic due to tomorrows big workout. Plus I am tentatively scheduled to do another Class this evening (possible Judo or capoeira) ifthe schedule allows me

Think About This

In a quest to continue my evolution as a person on the whole and to help the athletes and anyone whom I come in contact with for that matter I have been searching for material that I can share with them. In the process I came across a book while wondering the bookstore that captured my eye. Upon picking it up I knew I wanted to read it that it had something to say that was important and that would hit home.

The book is call The Way of The Champion , Lessons for Sun Tzu's The Art of War and other Tao Wisdom for Sports and Life by Jerry Lynch. In the first section the author discusses self talk, in particular self definition. He asks you the reader to think of words that describe yourself or that you would want others to describe you as. He says that most people will play it safe for fear of being labeled conceited, egotistical or self-centered. He says to do so in 5 or more words. So with this in mind I have created a list that is not safe but real. From this list I will write an affirmation that will support this. As you will see I came up with a few and I am sure I can come up with If you find this valuable and decide to do this for yourself, please share, I would enjoy learning more about you.

Words that define/describe Me and I aspire to Be
1. Strong
2. Fast
3. Agile
4. Flexible
5. Mobile
6. Coordinated
7. Student
8. Teacher
9. Coach
10. Peaceful
11. Confident
12. Humble
13. Intelligent
14. Wise
15. Book Smart
16. Street Smart
17. Honest
18. Spiritual
19. Curious
20. Strong Will
21. Courageous
22. Adventurous
23. Open Mind
24. Open Heart
25. Giving
26. Healthy
27. Fit
28. Conscious
29. Aware
30. Trustworthy
31. Loyal
32. Love to Laugh
33. Kind
34. Generous
35. Thoughtful
36. Believer
37. Dependable
38. Passionate
39. Real
40. Integrity
41. Charismatic
42. Positive
43. Inspirational
44. Determined
45. Easy going
46. Intense


My first opportunity to wrestle with Maurice Smith. He is a big man weighing in at 230+ and very strong as well as intelligent. Today he rolled with me and the goal was for me to work out of the mount position to side control. Let me just say that is not easy when you have little to no technique and a man who is 60lbs + with technique. Nonetheless it was quite fun and I learned some things. Always good for me to get in and learn, this gives a whole different perspective and an opportunity to apply the things I see.

This was on top of a weekend where we held tryouts for our IFL and Shamrock Submission Fighting teams. We had four gents who made it through a tough gamet of exercise, technique and application. One guy did take a bit of a beating by Brian Ebersole (a tough cat who really knows how to fight) who twice knocked him close to out, as close as you can get.

We did have one real promising prospect in the Heavyweight division and we are excited to work with him and see if he can step up.

All in all another great weekend. The team is getting stronger as a whole and there is a difference with Frank, Tony and Myself being around consistently and the IFL guys coming and training really has changed the complexion of the training and I see these guys all stepping up. Excitement is in the air, we are raw, young and talented.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fear and overcoming

Fear is a primal feeling. I have fears but realize that these are mental. However, I also accept these fears and embrace them for what they are. My awareness gives me the strength to make choices of how I want to deal with these fears.

Yesterday I took the opportunity to work on one of my fears. I went indoor rock climbing. The first wall was approximately 30 feet, not too bad and only a 5.7 (level of climb). Relatively quick and easy for me which was good for my confidence. Of course, I am not well versed in the techniques and strategies of top notch climbers so I tend to rely on what I do best and it worked. :-)

the next climb was truly a challenge. The height approx 50 feet with a slight inversion and the need to round a corner and transition to another wall. The skill level was 5.8, considerably harder for me. thank goodness I was with some strong climbers who could coach me from the ground. And I am thankful for my internal competitiveness and drive to conquer my fear, one step at a time. I was able to climb the route and with relative easy.

I noticed when I looked down, all my focus and attention was drawn to my feet and the next position of my feet. I never saw the ground, an interesting phenomenon.

It always feels good to challenge yourself and push yourself beyond your limits, beyond the limits of the human mind and evolve the human spirit. Now, i am not running out to climb half dome or do I feel that I have 100% conquered my fear, but I faced it and challenged my fear and took a step in the right direction.

This is training in a nutshell, pushing yourself and challenging yourself to take steps beyond your perceptions.

I am at peace and a wiser person.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Change happens, and evolution is part of life on the whole. And business is business and in a capitalistic society that rewards hard work and the entrepreneur spirit change and challenge will follow especially when opportunity exists. We are seeing this currently in a wonderful organization that I am a member and that has offered me an opportunity to expand my knowledge, my network and my abilities.

I am very excited for these individuals who are taking advantage of these opportunities. Not only does it benefit them and the whole in general but it also opens up doors for others within and outside of the kettlebell community. I appreciate all the hard work that all these folks who continue to be affilated with the Kettlebell community and those whom are on too new ventures.

This is the land of the free, home of the brave and land of opportunity and we have to appreciate this aspect. I hope that in time we will all realize the benefits of the evolution of the kettlebell group and the great people whom have blessed us with the opportunity to learn and grow. I am proud to know all of these folks and I appreciate all that I have gained because of them.

Best of luck to all! Lets continue to make this world a better place while enhancing our lives in the process and the lives of those around us

Deadlifts are back and SHOWTIME + IFL Fights

Hit the deads again today. I really enjoy the feeling of this move. Just the raw strength, being connected to the body, the bar, the soul. Now, nothing terribly heavy today but still felt good to hold that bar in my hand. And as a trainer said too me " there is not enough wheels in here for you" Sure feels good too hear that, lol.


These just got better with each lift as the groove came together


Supersetted with Military Press

Did 10 tempo runs with Frank and Maurice to set the pace and just move. I wanted to do the whole workout but right now is Franks time. We are a few weeks out and this is about him as far as I am concerned

On that note. Checkout Showtime as they are doing a big Preview starting tonight. You can check showtime online for the specifics. Hope they show a few clips of me talking about Frank.

Feb 16th Fox Sports will broadcast our IFL fights. Check your TV for times

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have to pinch myself. Why? Well simply because I lead a blessed life. I am living a dream and everyday I get to wake to a reality that I asked for. I am truly feeling a deep and meaningful connection between my intentions and my reality.

Manifestation, law of attraction, clear intentions, clear thoughts are essential for living the life one so desires. As I have had time to clear my head, clear my heart and learn valuable lessons and gain valuable skills due to my growth I feel and I see a much clearer picture. The best part is I have already drawn this picture, its concept and principles and now I am seeing it come to fruition in everyday life.

Simply put it comes down to digging deep within the soul and asking yourself what do I truly want in life, who am I, why am I here, what legacy do I want to leave behind, what is the definition of my soul, my spirit, my heart, what is my purpose according to my values and belief system. These are very important questions to ask ones self. Whether or not you write them down, say them aloud, etc does not matter it is more important to identify and live them daily.

Are we going to slip, yes; are we going to fall yes; are we going to have hard lessons, yes; are we going to suffer and feel pain, yes; this all part of the experience, the journey of life and what truly helps us to define and answer the questions above and so many more questions that we will face in life.

Too me it is not the fact that we this is part of the process but more to the point is how I am going to respond too this instances, how I am going to act and what I am going to do with this opportunity.

Life is about many things and these are the things that define the essence of our human spirit. Embrace the life you have had to this point and make the most out of the rest of your existence. Take the past and learn, take the present and apply and the future will be bright.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fight Night

Well another successful night. The team came out a performed well tonight, could they have done better by far but they left it all on the mat. I am proud of these young men. We have a young team that has somuch room for growth and the future is bright. No one wants to lose but it is part of the battle when two sides go to 'war'. This time we ended up on the wrong side but I foresee this as a positive development.

This will be a great year for the team to develop their skill sets, and gain valuable ring experience. The league has much promise. The management team has put in place a number of deals that will help this league flourish. That being said there will be talent across the board (some weight classes more than others) making for good fights each card.

Cannot wait to begin training for our next event on march 17th against Bas Ruttens team in Los Angeles. Bas has a tough and talented team and this will again test the mettle and strength of our guys. However, we will be ready to go in a battle our hearts and souls out.

Stay tuned

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

IFL Day 1

Wow, a lesson or rather many lessons I am learning about the fight world, my fighters, the people in the game, the commissions, the medical side, you name it. But I really enjoy it and I hope that I can continue to grow within this field all of course while doing the strength and conditioning side.

I have really enjoyed the process getting ready for this fight. The team has been awesome and we are really beginning to come together. I am sure with the next 2 events we will become only stronger.

One thing about this league is the people are strong, a real good contigent of folk with a well thought out plan and strong organization and a dedicated work force. I believe in this company/league and am proud to be a a part of it, much like the wonderful people I know from the Kettlebell organization (Rif, Pavel, Franz, Ken, Brad, Brett, the Steve's, and the list goes on). I am spreading the good word.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Basic Strength work

Just the basics

Military Press

read Rifs post from Pavel's interview on T-Mag and brought home the basics

Deck Squat

Nice for opening the low back up since the lower erectors are tight from yesterday

Pull-ups (tactical using a step from a stair case)

What more can I say

Monday, January 15, 2007


Well if I am going to do the TSC in March I figure I better get some reps under my belt and get the snatch conditioning up. I have a lot of travel over the next few weeks so i am going to do what I can. Tomorrow I have a place to do deads and pull-ups so today I focused on the snatch. Plus, just burnt from a lot of work over the last few days so want to be in good shape for the deads

24kg/10/10x10 with approx 30 to 45 seconds rest (went closer to 45).

I felt after set 6 that I was pretty good considering I have not done 100 reps of the 24 since early December when I was doing the 5 minute max reps. However I just pushed my way through and once I made set 8 I knew I had 2 more sets so I could reach 200.

Of course the thing to go first was the low back since I do not have the conditioning for the reps or my groove for that high of rep total. Overall I felt good. Finished of with 40 jandas using the 24kg to alleviate the back discomfort. But as I write the discomfort is gone. Surprisingly only one rip but i worked through it. A little blood never hurts.

Deads tomorrow

Sunday shuttle runs

Now, I had no plann to do these, but the fighters were working hard and our heavy was falling behind so I decided to pick him up. So I jumped in and ran with him, pushing him. We ran 8, 300 yard shuttles together. Then we finished off with 8, 100 yard tempo runs to flush the lactic acid. Not a bad workout.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Went with my friend Mike, Pete, Toby and his wife Tatiana to Kirkwood yesterday for a day of boarding. First day of the year and it was spectacular. I was flowing and ripping and doing my best carving considering the 20 or less degree conditions with a nice 15 mile/hr wind. I did have a pretty big wipeout as my edge did not set on the hard pack and my body slammed hard into the ground but I landed on my feet and kept moving. However, it took me about 10 minutes to get myself back together.

Great day and it felt good to be in the mountains

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling Strong

ever have one of those days where you just feel strong, feel you can do anything? Today I felt that way so I decided to take on the 40kg. Now I have done various exercises with the 40kg but it is not a wieght I use on a normal basis. So today I decided I would focus on two specific movments

Push-ups 30x2
Pull-ups 8x3
Dips 10x3


Yes, and these were explosive, strong, stable and looked like I had been doing it for some time! Awesome


Nothing 'special' but good work

That is it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday night in the hills

Took the IFL team out to the 'hill'. This is an approximately .25 mile hill that gradually increases its grade. This hill is no joke and it starts hard and finishes harder. I joined in for 4 long runs up and walk down (which was the rest).

I amnot sure howlong each run was but at least a couple minutes. After the 4 runs I shortened the distance (50 yards or so) and made the guys do 4 all out sprints racing each other. Now I did not join on this one as at some point I need to focus on the coaching side but everyone liked the workout.

Today is Bells and Bags followed by an afternoon session of liners (300 yards worth) of 12 reps

Monday, January 08, 2007


I love my job, how lucky am I that I get to wrestle around with professional MMA fighters and Frank. Today we got down and I learned about the ground game, just a little piece but it made a world of difference in how much less energy I expended and my ability to take on and hold down better technically skilled guys. The common comment was how strong I was, which was very cool.

So I wrestled with the IFL's
Josh Odom and Ray Steinbeiss (light and welterweight)
Shawn Bassett (Strikeforce)
Bill Newton (ex Collegiate wrestler D1) he kicked my butt, lol
Frank (who more than anything played the role of teacher)

A strong workout and all the conditioning in the world cannot prep you for rolling around with weight on you, especially when you lack technical skill. However, as I wrestled more I felt stronger which is key.

Done for today, going to let my body recover from the new activity but pleased with the workout.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nice day at the park with the bells

What a great workout today, just feeling strong and hungry. Met up with my buddy Mike for a session with the 32kg bells


SeeSaw Press

1 set of each and the ladder just felt appropriate, no holding back. This is the first time I have done seesaw with the 32 (or at least the first in a looooong time).

Double Cleans

Wow, I am extremely pleased with this effort. Again, a great load and scheme approach. The ladder seems to be so appropriate and as the sets progress I feel stronger


Light, did not want to over due it. Good loads with the other exercises so this was just icing on the cake.

Great workout, nice to get a good Saturday morning, fresh out of bed, no work workout in with a motivated friend

Friday, January 05, 2007


Josh and I hit it again today with some plyo, agility and conditioning drills

Dynamic Warm-ups(various drills)

single leg step jumps
3 sets of 10 seconds

Double Leg Step Jumps:
3 sets of 10 seconds

Box Jumps (24inches):
3 sets of 10

Depth Jumps withTuck
3 sets of 5

Split Jumps (lunge)
3 sets of 8/leg

Lateral Jumps single leg
3 sets of 5/leg

4 reps

Box Drills
4 reps

Shuttle Runs
2 reps

Liners (300 yards)
4 reps

Done for me, More KBs tomorrow

Thursday Night Bells

Josh and I went at with the bells, emphasis on strength moves

Military Press



First time in a while with the 32, very nice and pretty easy. required intense pressure but felt strong

Guard Press

Way to light for me but good for Josh

Renegade Row

Again light but thefocus was on the core for me

Simple because today is agiility and ballistics

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Basic Conditioning

took Josh, our 155'er out to the old track today for a basic conditioning session.

Warmup with Dynamics
High Knees, Butt Kicks, ankle walks, flips, march and skipping A's etc.

400 meter runs

4 runs with a 1 to 1 ratio of work to rest. These were good for me, and the pace was strong. For more repsI would of had to back off.

Tempo Runs
100 meters x 6

Pretty simple but very effective workout. Have a big day of work ahead tomorrow so something light was necessary. Plus, I have not been all this volume of work and with the variety of stuff so just allowing my body to recover so I do not wear myself out.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Questions worth answering, for yourself

I came across an article today and in it were a list of questions that the auther challenged the reader to ask for themselves, under the principle of living your truth. The New Year is a great time for reflection, evaluation, etc. and if you are like me this is probably an on-going process. For growth, learning, experience, opportunity, etc. are things I experience dailiy and there is numerous chances to experience such powerful moments. So in the spirit I wanted to share this with you. Review the questions and if you are up to it, answer them. You can learn a lot especially if you are honest. Enjoy

What makes you happy at work?
What makes you happy at home?
What makes you happy with your friends and family?
What makes you happy when you're by yourself?
What do you love to do?
What would you do with your life today if you weren't afraid of failure?
What's not working in your life?
What are you currently doing that prevents you from experiencing joy?
What's working in your life?
Who's not working in your life?
Who in your life is subtracting value from and adding misery to it?
Can you fix any of these relationships, or should you let them go from your life?
What relationships are working in your life?
If we were getting together one year from today, what would have to happen for you to be able to tell me that you now have more joy in your life?
What's the single most important thing you've learned about yourself as a result of answering these questions?

Prehab, Stabilization and some sprints

Took the guys to the gym for some shoulder/core stabilization drills, joint mobility and then finished them off with a hill walk carring 2, 16kg kbs for one round and a heavy bag for the other and finished with some short hill sprints. While they did the carry I ran the hill of the death as they refer to hit and joined in for the sprints

Great mobility session and everyone felt the fatigue from it. The stabilization drills focused on first doing a circuit of push-ups using the bosu, physio ball, dyna discs and airex pad. We then did rotator cuff drills with the tubes, ball and scap retracts. After this came the carry and sprint session. More mental training and getting local muscular endurance in the shoulders, core, and forearms. They had a shadow session and some wrestling to do today so I am sure they will feel nice and ready.

Me, I am making progress with the guys and tomorrow we will do Kettlebells which I am excited for. But my conditioning levels are coming along quite well and the stabilization stuff is always a welcome addition to any training regimen.

Probably will do some light shadow this evening myself just to get some of the lactic acid out from the sparring yesterday this way I will be fresh and ready to put the kb hurt on myself and the guys

Monday, January 01, 2007

Technique Sparring and Wrestling lessons

Another day with Duce, Frank, Josh and Clint. Today the focus on the first part of the day was wrestling, as is par for the course right now I am observing just to learn and see the flow and movement. Every once in a while Duce uses me as the model for the move so I get beat

After tiring themselves out the guys (no Duce) and I went at it with some technique sparring. First Frank and I, then Clint, and finally Josh. All our so different in size and ability and considering this was my first ever session of this kind I had a lot to learn and took my far share of shots. Now, in this type of sparring it is not hard but more just learning to flow and work technique and thank goodness for this because I would have taken a beating.

Frank and I worked well together and he really helps to learn the game. Clint taught me a few things as well. He is a trained boxer with immense talent and haymakers that are very technical. He fights at 155 and will be in the Showtime Show on Feb 10th, watch out because as this kid learns more and gets stronger he has a real chance to make a name for himself.

Then came Josh, who is fast and uses his legs well with some pop. He fights on the IFL team and he is going to do very well once his game gets tuned in and relies on his technique and ability. Smart guy.

So those 16 ounce gloves wear on you especially after about 40 minutes and throwing in the grappling or close quarter fighting really wears on you. I felt great and was pleased with my conditioning for the boxing.

Also did 20 minutes of mobility to warm-up