Saturday, March 30, 2013


A first time in a long time kinda day. We whipped out the old 32kg bell for snatches today. Nick and I are bumping up and I love it. A bit of a process and transition as the physics of the bell are much different, thus there is a feeling out process. I had a bit of hand issues today which had an effect on my groove, this was because I shaved and filed last night which was a mistake as my hands were raw.

32/3,4,5 x 4
96 total reps

Really pleased with today! The workload was not an issue nor reps, more a bad move with the hands. Also, need to build up callous as this bell causes more friction.

Arm Cast

PR for reps on the 45

Push-up off parallel bars

These are full tension, fully engaged which really increases the challenge. Rif has been helping me to think planche, relative to a goal of mine.

Enough for the day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yoga and Budokon

I cannot deny the feeling yoga gives me. I sure could attempt to describe it but words can be a waste sometimes. Lets just say it keeps bringing me back to the mat.

Since I teach regularly I am looking for ways to enhance my students practice, make things challenging and interesting at the same time so there is always an essence of deepening and progression.

I am continually drawn to the Budokon practice on a personal level. Steeped in Hatha and Japanese Budo, it is more than a physical practice and this philosophy/approach matches my interest level. I practice yoga for many reasons, physical is one aspect.

Now, in regards and out of respect to Cameron Shayne and his creation all I practice of his directly is the movements. In essence I observe his way of moving, the grace, elegance and combination flow. This is an integration of the yoga asana, martial arts and animal aspects into one awesome flow. I would love to train directly with him and hope to attend the 30 hour yoga certificate to gain a greater understanding from the source of Budokon, Kancho Shayne himself but until then I practice using his DVDs, and YouTube videos.

Today I took a good part of this practice And added other things into it.

This was awesome, I need to continue to explore this and do some repetition but I loved it. Felt so much release throughout the body, even popped into a freestanding handstand which was a great addition as I have started to practice this with my wife and Rifs help.

Finished with the most important aspect, meditation. After a strong practice, with the body open, energy/Qi and blood flowing and all invigorated I enjoyed settling in and absorbing all the benefits. One of the many aspects about meditation that is crucial is how it slows and deepens the breath, the body, the mind. I feel a sense of quiet calm, a connectedness to my being, the earth, etc.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Strength Day

Another day at Stones. Strength days always give me a thorough workout. Today is no different. One of the great things about getting back into training and a true regimen is a renewed sense of love for training. It shows in the fitness and the progression in numbers. Still have to contain my enthusiasm and train smart. I love to do so many things in terms of fitness that it is really easy to over do things. This is especially true when training and not working out. With training everything is so much more thought and thorough where when working out I can play and just do.

Floor press

Felt stronger here today! What a difference a little neurological pattern awakening does for the body!

Double KB front squat feet together

This is a strong move. From the first heavy double KB squat to now I can feel the difference. I feel much more stable in the rack and can easily sit with strength in the hole and power through. The idea was to use this to warm up for the pistol, therefore the feet together. This is the proper alignment for the start of the pistol.

Double pistol box squat
32/1 Got the right as video shows but missed coming out of hole on L = fail.

Hamstring tightened on R after and decided to shut it down. This is a BIG PR for me and good place to stop! Last time I did this movement I used an odd load of 28 and 24. This move really hits the upper hamstring and the ham as a whole. Want to be smart, I am in no rush and went against my judgment today on this move as evident by the tweak. Nothing big but the light bulb turned on. Need to consume a bit more aqua.


This is just a big load, but getting easier.

Standing bent row doubles

Just a variation on the rows, great for core and postural stabilization.

Clubbell Gamma Cast

Found a really nice rhythm and flow with this today. Have not done this particular move in a few weeks + so I wanted to add back in. Plus great work from a strength and mobility aspect. Will watch clubbell videos to learn more.

Lateral Band Raise

External Rotator aka open the door, palms up
10x1 Blue
8x2 Black

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yoga practice

Lighter day today with an emphasis on recovery. Thus, yoga my number 1 practice. Now, I admit I was not nearly as excited to do this as I am to train tomorrow or about yesterday's workout. But this is a necessity and integral component, so roll out the mat, create the environment and move.

I did a 45 minute power vinyasa practice and it was good, the after effects of the practice really hit the sweet spot. I did not necessarily feel it throughout the practice but towards the end and post Shavasana I certainly soaked up all the nourishing benefits.

Later I will practice handstands and do so ring based core work.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Speed Press day

This past few months has deepened my understanding of training. Having not trained with KB's or bodyweight with goals in mind for years I needed this. The biggest difference is my level of discipline and commitment. I understand the goal, the process to achieving the goal, the work required and the patience necessary to see things through. Crucial is being healthy as my number 1 goal is leading from the front as a professional and taking care of my family. So, today I was back at it, learning, training, observing, studying, adjusting, and just plain and simply getting stronger!

24 + purple mini 3x8 R

24 + purple mini 3x8 L

Done on the 30 second mark. approximately 9-10 sec/rep

Weighted pull-up

First in weeks with weight. Have the shoulders in a much better place due to all The little things, roll, stretch, strengthen and regularly if not daily.

40/4/4 x 4 with pause.

Ring Dips

Really deep as if in MU position, driving through palm external rotation and adduction. Awesome

Clubbell Arm cast
25/5/5 x 2 PR

Wobbly but good for interconnectedness of all the elements of pressing and pulling, and snatch.

Front lever to L: 1 x 2
Toes2Bar to L: 3 x1

Giant set all w/ 25lbs DBs, 8 reps each x3
Lateral delts
Rear delts
Bicep curl DB
Tricep kickbacks

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snatch Day

Well Rif has made a change to help accommodate and to live by the credo of StrongFirst and thus put more emphasis on strength, speed, power thus lessening the reps and upping the weight. This makes me happy as all the prior weeks work my body is ready for this.

The cycle will look something like this
3 week wave
28kg/5,6,7 ladder x 4,5,6 Sets working up to 200 total reps over 3 workouts
32kg/3,4,5 ladder x 4,5,6 sets working up to 150 total reps over 3 workouts
36kg/3's at least for the first week wave working from 50 to 75 to 100

A work in progress but a logical progression and sequence on paper.

28/5,6,7 x 4 waves for a total of 144 reps and 8928

Big PR with this bell partly because only my second ever snatch workout with this newer sized bell. We used to go from the 24 straight to the 32 with no 28 but the times and market called for the 28 and now we have it to train with. I love it. Not a tough workout but worked the hands more just due to the sheer weight and reps. Excited to use today to build

Clubbell shield cast

The light bulb went on and the once it did this move became way easier. Rif and Nick gave a strong cue and imaginary and boom. I have to order my clubbells

Handstand practice

I suck at this but it sure is getting better and a committed practice is key. Hollow position is critical, locking in my hands and locking triceps with active shoulders, pelvis has to tuck under, with a strong core and linked legs. Kick up with the straight leg and allow other leg to follow. Lots of good things to practice! Exciting!

Great day!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I survived

Oh my what a ride. Today reminded me of why I love to ride and how bad it hurts when you have not rode in a long time and decide to tackle one of the tough ascents. Yikes!

Went to Monte Bello in the Los Altos/Palo Alto hills. This is always a great ride/test but usually one I do when in mountain bike shape/condition. And let me say 2 rides in 2 years does not do it.

The ride started with a nice single track downhill that took us from sunshine to in the trees. So beautiful! It is relative technical in that it snakes with fast turns, little ups and downs and since it is just after winter, ruts and ruts suck. Since my reflexes are dragging this made things more interesting. After a sweet intro the way I remember the climbing begins. After the first major climb which in hindsight is relatively easy I told my friend Rob that I may have out done myself.

But instead of taking the easy way I thought lets do the challenging way. Let me tell you, these hills are never exactly how you remember, especially since I have only rode this trail about 5 times. Lets just say that the Hill, called Indian Creek Trail was a really pain in the arse. The last time I rode this I climbed all the way in one shot, not today.

Instead I broke it into sections, aka,intervals. This allowed me to control my heart rate and respiration. The thing is, I lack the specific endurance. I always had climbing strength, I could power up the hills due to my leg strength and my mental attitude but I lacked the ability to endure the longer climbs. I never doubted myself but I sure had to coach myself up that hill. The pitch is legit and I had to shift my weight forward to grind. Only 1.2 miles in length it felt like forever.

Altogether we rode 6.09 miles in over an hour. I was behind Rob as he has been riding and that certainly helps and aided me in my desire to push. It felt good to work, and I had to dig in today and reach for a little extra. We finished with a sweet, fast single track downhill and small climb out. The best was at the end I felt like I had more gas...eventhough after the big climb I felt like I could puke. My recovery was really strong. And I am pumped for tomorrow's workout at Stones with the fellas.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

As a student, As a teacher

The best teachers I know and have experienced are students first and foremost. So I take that cue and study daily, but beyond that much of what I do requires application and practice. Yoga is one of those areas so today what better than to practice yoga.

I love going to yoga class and learning from other teachers but the more I practice the more I need to do my own practice and guide myself and honor my body and what it needs. So, taking all the various classes, practice styles, books, etc. I put it into my own practice today.

The essence of my practice is hatha yoga.

So today comprised of some of the following poses
Down dog
Up dog
Child's pose
Kneeling and standing lunge, added twist
Kneeling and standing splits
Pigeon and variations
Warrior 2 & 3
Standing splits
Standing 1 leg balance
Seated twist
Fire log
Lying twist
Crane to frog and back

I spent a lot of time on floating from downdog and back to plank, floating from down dog to frog, from crane to handstand to plank to updog, etc. these are poses of strength, control, balance and focus. Much of these poses puts me balancing on my hands and this is a High skill that needs practice, thus my need to do this on my own. Positive repetition!

Finished with 20 minutes of meditation followed by 15 minutes of Savasana.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Coming up on 3 months of training, consistent and legit programming. No B.S. training. Motivation, who needs it, show up and work because it is a commitment to oneself. Work hard, work smart & get strong and fit. And lets just say the more time the heavier and harder things get & I would not have it any other way. Take a way something and get it back and you realize how fortunate you are and it's true value.

Floor Press


1arm row

Front squat to static pistol hold in bottom
Double 32/1/1x3

1 arm swing

Clubbell shield single arm


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A great home practice today. Big focus on hip flexes, quads, glutes and the hamstrings. Working toward the splits so a ton of practice opening the areas, muscles that play a role in this process.

That means a lot of standing poses, building heat, strength and opening plus balance!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Speed Day

One of the things I enjoy most about training is learning. The details, the hows, why's, etc. Speed day is very specific, to the untrained eye it can seem like it makes little too no sense. After all, you are using only 60% or so of your max weight. And most trainees want to lift more weight, but one of the many things I have learned from Rif, Westside and Glenn today is the importance of this day in strength training....more to come but read westside to get an idea.

Speed Military Press (all sets done on the 30 second clock equal to 12 sec work and 18 rest)
Left: 24kg plus black mini band/ 3x3 Glenn noted and I felt that it was too slow & went down to the
20kg plus black mini/ 3x5

This video is the 7th set

Right: 20kg plus black mini/ 3x8

This is the 7th set


This is part of the accessory work. As we say in the kettlebell world, a great clean sets up a great press. Note the pause in the rack, here I focus on zipping and connecting, rooting and linking. No issues weight wise, but solid work.

Pull-ups Tactical

Shoulder is much better, still playing it smart but felt powerful. Pause in the hang which equates to each pull being its own pull aka a static pull which is a much greater emphasis on strength. Could add more and will play with this later this week and add in weighted pullups again.

Ring Dips

Emphasized the external rotation/adduction at the top of the move, makes things easier and harder but in the long run stronger

Double Clubbell Arm Cast

Front Lever
3 reps for 5 sec hold

these are in a piked position with my back parallel to the floor and legs to the ceiling. At the completion I do a slow negative through the L-Sit.

Toes 2 Bar

Lateral Delt Raise

Thats all for today, just a good solid training day. I have more work to do later including some home yoga.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


The gangs all here! Great day at Stones, love when we all train together.


Great day, felt well connected rep by rep, set by set. The bell path, speed and movement today really felt good. Last weeks 32/36kg snatch helped immensely.

2KB front squat

Really strong here today! Felt great and could feel how much stronger as a whole the body is.

Push-up on pbarz

Focused on external rotation and adduction. Double play with ring L sit.

Ring L-Sit
5-10 second hold x 4

Rif cued me on external rotation and adduction and it made a huge difference

Mobility, flexibility, foam/ball rolling and Rotator cuff work. The little things make a big difference!

I have a lot of work in general to do, but feel like things are slowly but surely coming together. Careful to rest, eat strong and not over training.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mountain Bike Day 2

Well this was by far the better of the 2 rides. I suppose you could call Tuesday dusting off the old wheels. Today I felt stronger and smarter.

I took an alternate route, essentially reversing the trail. This provided a few new challenges both in the climbs and downhill sections. I was much more cognizant of my heart rate, stroke rate and threshold as well my reflexes.

Today I rode the middle chain ring in front which certainly increases the tension and force required on the pedal stroke. I felt a good amount of loaded force today on the climbs, really driving down into the pedals but also a pulling force (like butt kickers) with the hamstrings. Today felt like a good endurance strength day with 5 solid climbs, a moderate, followed by short and steep, then another moderate and then a long gradually and finishing with a short steep. Lot of varying load forces today.

Threshold was not an issue and focused on a rhythmic breathing pattern which enabled me to control the heart rate. I certainly felt the lack of muscular leg endurance on the climbs but overall this was a good ride.

As for the downhill they were all single track and bumpy due to rain and horses riding the trails. This really allowed me to work the neural reflexes. Reaction time decreasing and this is a gradual work in progress.

Overall really satisfied with my 5th day of solid training and will be ready for snatch volume tomorrow with the crew at Stones!

Week 2 of 6 day training with the addition of the mountain bike. Fitness, strength, conditioning and flexibility all improving! Diet is solid and getting better!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yoga class

Walked into a great class today at yoga is youthfulness in mountain view. Jana Kilgore kicked butt as the teacher. She had a plan, built upon the prior classes and it continued into today.

Big focus on yoga being a moving meditation and utilizing the ujjaiya breath. This is yoga, it worked deep, used breath and sequence with a common sense approach and allowed people to adapt to their level. Awesome.

Going back for sure!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strength Day and a PR

Started the workout with a nice mobility, foam roll, hang stretch warm up. Did a some clubbell work and some basic pressing.

Week 2 of the stack press. It helps that I had last weeks workout as a prep for today. I felt like I had it in me to progress beyond last week and in the process set a PR. Here is how it went

Stack Press (2KB in one hand)
16 (70lb)/3x1
20 (88lb)/2x1
22 (97lb)/1x2
24 (106 aka the Beast)/1x3 (missed third attempt on L) = PR

Yes! I was stoked to get this PR. 106lb press and for multiple singles is great. My left shoulder is still weaker die to my little twinge from a couple weeks ago but hey, I hit! A much different lever and of course distrubtion of weight plus I do not have the biggest hands which makes things a bit more interesting. 

Double Pistol Negatives (racked position)
24/1/1 (full pistol, second time in 3 weeks, again equal to beast weight)
28/1/1 negatives
32/fail right and fail at parallel on left.

I will take this. I wanted to overload and i did. I got aggressive with the double 32's as the 28's was right but I was happy with this as a whole. A bit playful on my part with the pistol the last 2 weeks, implementing a bit of Westside Barbell.


Support work. Felt good and still notice the left to right grip strength difference, RT being weaker.

1 Arm Row

Support work. Just being smart and decided to take second week off from weighted pull-up. It is a long journey, and being healthy and smart is key. I have no end date in mind to achieve my goal so onward I move with intelligence.

1 Arm Swing

First time doing work sets with this that I can recall. I plan to keep this in the rotation since I noticed the weaker grip this past snatch workout and with a goal of snatching best for reps and sets, better get comfy with it.

Other support work
Bicep, Rear Delts, Serratus, Triceps and HBR, 4 rounds just to keep all the small muscles strong

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Double Day, first time long time

Double Day: first time long time for one of these.

Started off with a home yoga practice
worked a lot on strength with crows, arm balances, deep static squats, Cossack, long down dogs, up dogs and a Budokon vinyasa sequence. Great practice today, really coming together. The consistency and home practice allows me to focus on my practice and build as needed.

Part 2: mountain bike
Ok this was the first in well over a year plus and it did not suck as bad as it could have. Part of this is due to my taking the intelligent approach and choosing a trail ride that would allow me to properly build and not be ego driven. I had to remember cadence, gear ratios, balance and all while controlling my lactic threshold which is not very high at this point on the bike. But all those years of riding and one does not forget how to move. Add in the fact I am much more intelligent than years before and I was able to climb solid, recover fast and repeat which is key in mountain biking.

What a great day! So excited that I am coming back into my own, my life and my practice. It has been years and I am off to a good start. Back at it tomorrow with a kettlebell strength day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Speed Press and connecting dots

Another Day Stronger! really starting to feel myself come back to a strong level. The past 3+ years have taken their toll on my training, practice, strength, flexibility, fitness, conditioning, etc. Since January I have been consistent the improvements are showing. And after the Board exam in late Feb I added in Yoga and upped the intensity of my strength training. All things are coming together. I have had some minor blips, specifically the shoulder but I am on it and today proved so. I will add in running and mountain biking which will require some other adjustments. But for now the key is the KB/Strength work will stay the same and the yoga practice will remain. The dots are connecting

Speed Press
Speed pause press. 10 sets straight on R then left. 3 reps/arm. 10-12 work, 15 rest. 3 minutes 55sec total per side, 1 minute faster than prior workout due to reduced rest.

28/3x10 Left
28/3x10 Right

Heavy Clean

Pause at top for 2 sec. Gets heavy after a while :)


A thorough warm up and quality rehab/stretch the past week plus and I feel much better. No stress but keep reps low to maintain quality. Volume was tough since I have not pulled in over 10 days but all in all the work paid off!


Working a bit different technique with hands as press up, corkscrewing (rotating pinky into body). Felt much better but harder

Single arm cast clubbell

A bit wobbly but good shift, got better

Hollow body rock
75 total reps

More Rehab and Yoga tonight!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Snatch and a PR

Big day at Stones! Some serious strength work happening.

First time snatching the 36kg (never owned one until recent).


36/10/10x1 big PR

I had no expectation or thought around this. I went in thinking another set of 3/3 but I just felt it and once I was in rhythm I just went for it. That being said, no video :-(

Arm cast

Double KB squats

Toes 2 Bar

Rotator work

Nick 36/5/5.
Nick is ridiculously strong and crushed a 5/5x5 with this. We made a pack to work towards the Beast Snatch which I am super excited to have a partner to train this with! I have a lot of work to keep up with him but this will only makes us better.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Strength and Length

Another solid yoga practice. Lots of strong and deep downward dogs, chataranga, warrior 1, 2 and a long balance sequence including eagle, half moon, warrior 3, dancer and standing splits. And of course a nice Savanasa along with pigeon, suptabadha, lying twist and happy baby. Feels good to be back in my yoga rhythm.

All practices have been at home this week and I notice how much more I am enjoying the flow and sequence.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ashtanga Primary 'lite'

Did a modified Ashtanga Primary Practice. Very thorough and complete stretch, approximately 70 minutes. Nice flow and rhythm filled with right adjustments to suit my body in todays practice. Feels good to breathe, stretch and open the body. Feel stronger and more flexible...also making good progress!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Max Effort press & Pistol Work

Well all of these Max effort presses are all things I have not touched or trained. I certainly have fooled around in the past but never part of a plan so they are kicking my ass.

Stack Press

First couple sets were an adjustment but found my groove and felt strong with last couple. Weight was right for now.

44/2/2 with long pause

It's weight but nothing I cannot do with relative ease. Good practice!

Static start box pistol, 2kb
28/24 (odd load)/1
24/28 (opp side)/1

Wow these were interesting and really helped me start from a dead pause relaxed state to a tense and explode. I like the position in the video and this real forces me to engage the hammy and glute (corkscrew the floor).

1 Arm Row

Easy just support work and laying off pull-ups till next week

2kb swing

Shield cast

Rotator, serratus straight arm pulldpwn, triceps, and other accessory/rehab.

Yoga or Joga tonight

A decent day with decent load and variety

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Deep Stretch

Nice to be back in a rhythm and groove training wise. Things are building and I can feel my fitness levels increasing. It is easy being aggressive but I have to be mindful and build intelligently. It has been some time since I have had all the parts moving together. So today I was back at my yoga practice.

70 minutes of deep stretching, big focus on hips, hammies, quads, shoulders and spinal alignment. Working closer to splits which more important is a positive sign that my body is opening in areas that tend to be tight in general and even more so with training.

Saw a great quote today by Major League Baseball Star Ichiro Suzuki who said that Flexibility is the key to his performance, not strength training. I have too agree and say I was strongest when doing regular yoga with 3 days of lifting and run/mountain biking here and there.

Great Practice

Monday, March 04, 2013

Westside inspired KB MP

Speed with pause rack and overhead.


Right side for 10 sets
....followed by....
left side for 10 sets.

Held pause longer which equalled 12-14 sec work sets with 16-18 sec rest for all 10. Felt weird mentally doing the same weight/rep scheme so increased intensity focusing on longer pause. Overall no complaints. Did not feel a loss of speed which is key. Interested in week 3

Double clean

Pause 2 sec in rack. Such a different work and intensity doing doubles. Felt stron and did OTM for a bit more conditioning .

Pull-Ups (Cancelled)
Substituted for pull-ups. Supraspinatus was not happy. So focused first on rehab moves strengthening rotators. Everything loosened up so subbed in

Accessory Work 
1 arm sled rows
40/40 with 110lbs. Not hard but great lat contraction and really felt this is a great move to add in or sub for pull-ups here and there.

Sled Bicep curls

Sled Tricep extensions (kickback)

Toes 2 bar
10 to finish

Overall pleased with the day. I was a bit bummed about the shoulder, in particular the supraspinatus was the bugger and I know exactly how and when, doing the bottoms up press last Wednesday combined with moving all weekend really beat the area up. The rehab which is also prehab work makes a giant difference in general. I left with no pain/discomfort.

30 Minutes of yoga

Saturday, March 02, 2013

One Pebble at a Time

At some point in my life I was introduced to The Tao. Little did I truly comprehend at the time just how integral this philosophy would play into the rest of my life. One particular thing that has stuck with me is the idea of that A journey of 10,000 miles begins with one step. Days like today when we have to do multiple sets of high repetitions or high volume in general this philosophy is key. I use it to get into a rhythm, a state of flow where I take things one rep at a time. In particular I work to hone my skill, sharpen my edges and get better. This also plays into Bruce Lee's philosophy (A Tao subscriber) that to be good a kick, practice that kick 10,000 times.

22kg/9/9 x 11

Good work, solid effort and satisfied with todays performance. I certainly felt the flow and felt that I left the training, smarter and stronger than before.

Clubbell Arm Cast
45/5/5 x 2

Really finding the groove here. Certainly notice a Left to Right Difference but I am happy with this overall. Much work to do but progress.

Ring Pushups

Rif cue'd the hollow body position which made a world of difference, so much easier. I worked on maintaining this and staying tight, connecting head to toe. Brilliant

Nick asked where I felt it and I said no where and everywhere at the same time!

Great Day, Great team! Glad to be a member of Team Stones, its an honor to train with these men!