Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, in any given moment! It is not something that requires one to go to yoga class, sit in a group meditation, find a comfortable, quiet setting, etc. In fact those are great examples of places where one can meditate but meditation is far more.

In fact, meditating while doing an activity is an amazing experience that will truly heighten the moment and activity. A great example is running where people will often feel a sense of freedom and just allow themselves to let go of everything and enjoy the surroundings, the air, the feeling and sensations from their breathe and their body moving.

The key is we can meditate in everything we do! It is a matter of where letting go of attachment to what is happening even though we may indeed be aware of our breath, our surroundings, etc. Awareness or consciousness is one thing, being attached is another.

For instance when meditating it is amazing to come to a place where all thought, all existence, all everything is suddenly nothing and you feel nothing, you are nothing, life is truly what it is and you are as you are. This state is achievable and there are those who can get there and stay there for extended periods of time. One may argue this is the goal of meditation and I would have a hard time disagreeing. However, I will say that goal only comes through a consistent practice and even the practice does not guarantee the outcome. So, this being said I encourage all people whether in a seated meditation, active, etc. to just allow what is too be. Do not judge, do not get caught up in the experience but rather just enjoy the experience for what it is. Allow yourself to be with ‘it’ and allow it to be with you.

If you are in a seated meditation, in a place where you are meditation with yourself or others such as a yoga class focus on your breath and maintain a strong and solid posture (seated or kneeling position which are most common). And if you fall out of or lose your breath, etc. do not fret, take this as an opportunity and bring yourself back to meditation.

Every time you meditate you will find a different and unique experience. This is the beauty of the practice and through consistency you will find a place where you can sit comfortably and release all that resides in you and completely relax yourself and come to a peaceful state of being.

There is no wrong there is no right! This is true in life and meditation. There are only experiences and our perspectives on them. No judgment, no attachment, just freedom to share, explore, exchange, experience life in its purest form, how you wish and no one else.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Opening Doors, an act of kindness!

Opening doors is an act of kindness practiced for the simple sake of recognizing anothers presence and showing your gratitude.

Often in the past I used to notice peoples response and wonder what made people acknowledge or not, your act of kindness.

Nowadays, I am conscious of the reasons why I open doors and through this I have learned it has nothing to do with acknowledgement but everything to do with acting in my essence and just being a thoughtful and grateful being.

I am honored to be able to open doors for people so they can enter into whatever it is they seek to find behind/through that door.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

With my own 2 Hands

Changing Your Life

Is it time to take the bull by the horns and create the life you envision? If so, you need to create the environment that helps you create your vision. This requires a clear picture of what you envision and requires skills that will help you to bring the vision to life.

Your first step is to spend time visualizing what you want in your life. Here, it is important to create a place and environment where you can take the time to visualize what you desire. Make sure you have objects/things in your space that help bring you a sense of peacefulness, a sense of calm and soothing, a sense that this is your time and you have what you need to bring about your vision.

Some objects/things that may help you are candles, music, incense, a comfortable pillow or chair to rest on, being at the or near water or in the mountains, taking a long hike or walk, doing yoga, etc. The key to the success of this process is identifying what you would like in your environment, and being aware of how that changes over time during your visualization process.

Keep in mind, it is not necessary to use visualization practice in any particular ‘way’ but instead create a way that brings you to the place and vision you are creating. Most important is to put your vision in a form that works as a daily reminder of why you are doing what you choose to do each day and how your daily actions bring you to the place you want to go, the place you will be.

One possible way to foster your vision is through the use of written affirmations. Written affirmations are a great way to see in your writings and speak in your voice the vision you are creating. They serve to center us and remind us of where we are and where we will be. The focus brought upon us through affirmation helps to bring us closer to our vision.

Affirmations are typically short in words and have a rhyme which helps serve as a simple and effective way to make them part of our everyday life. Below is an example I use,

‘Today is my day! This is my day to be the best I can be to live and represent the values, attitudes, morals that I aspire to live my life by. Today I am a champion of these attitudes and I will lead be example. Today I evolve myself to a higher level of being, today I make and be the difference.’

Another possible way is through the development of a montage of images and words that resemble and express your creative vision. This artistic process helps to put your vision into real terms with more than just words by including images that serve to help you visualize the picture with greater clarity.

Keep in mind, that your vision must be one you belief in and that is representative of you (i.e. who, where, how, what, when, & why). There is a big difference between creation of a vision and bringing it to life. Therefore, once you have your vision design, it is important that each day you create a practice that serves to bring your vision to life.

Once this vision is created, the visualization process through the use of your affirmations and/or montage help to remind you and strengthen your belief that your everyday practice, your everyday actions, are leading you along the path that ultimately is you and your vision coming together in harmony.

Anything is possible! You must believe, have faith, trust and do the daily practice, the daily actions and create the space and environment to bring it to life. You must be the exception to the rule and be the one who inspires others without even knowingly doing so but just by being and walking the path you wish to walk.

This truly is your life and you can be, do, think, feel, act, speak, and create anything you please. And once you define this vision, let go and detach from it and allow it to come to life by living the vision day in and day out through your practice. Allow it to flow and be, close your eyes and trust in the process, trust in yourself.

The Steps Defined (in no particular order)
1. Create space to develop
2. Define your Vision
3. Learn, acquire the skills, tools, and objects you need to create and bring your vision to life.
4. Practice Visualization.
5. Create Affirmations
6. Practice Daily
7. Be The Exception
8. Have faith, trust and full belief in your vision and the creative process
9. Let go and follow the flow.
10. Enjoy the journey, the process, the path.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

U R as U R, & U R perfectly good as is! Accept URSELF!

So why do you compete, or do you? I sure do and I do so with myself. I am not certain I would call it competition but more like a constant exploration and curiosity. But, not because I believe I am inadequate or have achieved a state of perfection but more so because I like going beyond perceived limitations, boundaries, borders and fears, I enjoy challenging myself so I can learn, grow, evolve and as a professional who works in this realm be one who speaks from experience and therefore when sharing, speaking, discussing, exchanging with others, they understand that I live my word.

Yes, I do believe in the moment, as we are right now we are perfect, not perfection but perfect. Why? Because we are a summation of our experiences, our perspectives based on these experiences, judgments, observations, encounters, exchanges and so on. As a human being walking this planet I do feel a duty to be the best I can be, to be open and willing to see things from other perspectives and then if compelled go out and see firsthand. Does this mean I am going to go bungee jump, heck no, not something I want to do but I sure respect others who do it or have done so. In fact I have admiration for them facing their fears, etc. or whatever the motive, drive, determination, reason behind THEIR CHOICE!

In life many of us are fortunate to be in a position to make choices and therefore determine the direction, path, journey we wish and will travel. This being said, you who are reading this probably have chosen your path and thus created your state of perfectness in the moment. The best part is, if you understand this and go through the process of realization and then turn to a process of actualization you will understand that if you like what you are doing then you can chose to stay the course but if you do not then you can change it!

Is it that easy? Well, truth be told I do believe so but I also understand that our society says no and puts out filters to support the fact that change is hard, fear is a factor, and that we need to follow such and such rules. Well, I am not a rule maker nor follower, instead I chart my course and allow for the currents, winds, etc. to play their role and make adjustments through calculated choices and with a bit of adventure and risk to help me create the path and journey I wish to follow.

So, I am working on living my life without limits, borders, boundaries and working on mastering the principles of human performance in all aspects of living through a state of constant exploration and in the process being unconditional in my love for self and all things, being compassionate and grateful as well. Yes, I am leading, charting, plotting, exploring the adventurous life that is Joe Sarti everyday and through my experiences I learn, grow, evolve and share with you all. And, I understand this, as I am right here and now I am perfect, I accept this and embrace it and am humbled by such a thing and that I have the ability to recognize but not be complacent but rather take it as an opportunity. Also, I realize this has nothing to do with competing against another, in fact I would love for us all to be playing, plotting, charting our courses of life together and sharing in the experience in an effort to help the human consciousness evolve throughout the world community, for the betterment of the world community!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Life is about choices and I am in a position where I can choose the directions I wish to travel. Being open and curious brings with the opportunity to learn and experience a wide variety of opportunities and I am a person who loves doing many things. I am only limited by my creativity, imagination and my ego.

Along the path of I life I have learned and experienced many things and it is those things that I have experienced that I truly feel I learned the most from, especially in the sense of the essence of the experience and gaining firsthand knowledge/information. In the past I have taken others words or experiences and allowed them, by my own choice to influence me and often times I have found that was not in my best interests. So, today I like to go out and give it the ole' college try myself and see, feel, taste, touch, experience things. Of course with all things in life, this is relative ( I do not plan to jump of a bridge anytime soon attached to a bungy cord :-).

This weekend is a great example as I attended the Crossfit Level 1 Certification. Impressed?? very much so and I am grateful for the opportunity and experience for a variety of reasons and if I had listened or allowed the influence of others to affect my observations/thoughts/feelings, etc. about Crossfit I would tell that I would have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to learn about a great system of fitness/training.

Crossfit lives up to its word and it does as it says and says as it does. I like the foundation, principles, elements, and fusion of these things. In reality it did not reinvent the wheel but took a ton of great parts and put them into an awesome package that delivers results. If your goals are to be fit across the board and be able to play with your kids, run with your friends, do some cool gymnastic moves like pull-ups or handstands, lift some heavy weights and you love variety, community and self competition then you have found a great system.

Being a jack of all trades, one who powerlifts, kettlebells, trail runs, mountain bikes, snowboards, martial arts, kayak, play rugby and of course a YOGA practice I am a living example of what Crossfit is all about just not completely within their parameters but pretty darn close. Now, the system gives me a way to play around and get some more structured play sessions so I can continue to be a jack of all trades.

Plus, I believe as a coach, for myself, I need to be learning and experimenting with various systems so I can see how they work, effectively teach, coach and explain them to my clients and continue to satisfy their needs/requests. In the process I get to play, learn, experience, and meet new people, things, concepts, and enhance myself and those whom I encounter, nothing wrong with that.

Will I do Crossfit? YES! Did I drink the kool aid? No but I get it and I have to say thumbs up to a great system that backs it up!

I have been very blessed in my life to experience many things and have many good to great coaches and this has helped me specialize and enhance my bag of tools, skills and abilities and Crossfit gives me a place to put them all into one bag and pull from that bag and play around in sound way.

I give a big applause to the Coaches who ran the show this weekend, they do an excellent job of explaining and representing the system and Crossfit should be proud of them as I know they are. I look forward to contributing to them and the community at large and continuing to enhance, evolve, develop the system much like with Kettlebells and Yoga amongst other communities.

You know, if I was not on the path I am and living the word I preach then I would have never had this experience. Freeing myself from ego, judgment, attachment and hard ass opinions has and did not serve me in that moment, the only way it served me was to learn that it does not serve me! I am thankful that I am embracing these concepts and principles and the main one of living without limits, borders, and boundaries, being open, compassionate, grateful, and respectful of all things! I am thankful for all that has happened to put me on this path, I am sure there were easier ways to get here but I am here and now and for that I had a wonderful experience and I have the great honor and pleasure of joining in another amazing community and have another outlet, place, way, to share the goodness, unconditional love, gratitude and ass kickingness of life with amazing people!

3, 2, 1, GO! and do not leave the hips behind ;-)

Namaste and Om Shanti

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Upcoming Seminars/Workshops

Below is my upcoming International and Local Teaching/Training. Please feel free to email me with questions and more details, etc.


3 Pillars Personal Training Studio, Menlo Park, CA

Kettlebell Seminar

*Monday May 18th
*Monday May 25th
*Monday June 1st


Germany: Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt and others

June 5th-14th

Holistic Health and Wellness for Athletes/Strength & Conditioning Seminar

I will be teaching at various Mixed Martial Arts gyms and other gyms as well for the dates listed below. The seminar/workshops will include teaching movement with Kettlebells, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodyweight, Odd lifts & Yoga. In addition the workshops will discuss how to integrate and maximize performance in sport and life through proper nutrition, recovery, rest and meditation.

For more information please send me an email at


Samasati Nature and Yoga Retreat Center, Costa Rica

August 15th-August 30th

Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Certification Program (Yoga Alliance Approved)

I will be assisting Marianne Wells for the August 15th- August 30th program. For more info please visit either site and feel free to contact myself, Marianne or Samasati.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crossfit Certification

Yep, that is correct I am heading to San Diego this weekend for Crossfit Level 1 certification. This may surprise many of you and for good reason, let me explain....

So, I have been critical if not to say a non believer in the Crossfit system as well as others, it is not standalone in this case. But, as I mature and gain practical information through study and application I begin to see the merit of all systems, all things in life...ALL!!! I have to say my ego, which is a bunch of BULLSHIT! has hindered me in the past and I have allowed others opinions to do so without seeking and learning through firsthand experience. One lesson I have learned is that nothing mimics first hand experience like firsthand experience, no disrespect to any others.

So as I grow as a human being, which is most important for me, evolving as a complete being not just a coach/teacher/athlete I have learned to set aside EGO and be open, compassionate, grateful for others opinions and experiences and go out learn firsthand before passing judgment. This is truly opening doors for me rather than closing doors and I would rather have my doors open to the unlimited possibility rather than closing of a door/path because I have passed an egotistical judgment that really only holds me back.

My criticism is truly unjust in a general term. Crossfit does have its limitation and is by no means the one and only answer. However, it has many wonderful elements that make it a system that is worthy to learn, teach and implement on some level. Therefore I am heading to get certified.

As a seasoned professional I see ways that I can train the system implementing all that I already know and see how it can benefit me and how I can in turn more importantly teach the system to others, which is the primary purpose of the certification. Personally I am a playful person who loves to do many things. I truly am an athlete who dabbles in many different types of training systems and methodologies much like Crossfit. However, I am less concerned about how fast I can do something, or my time and more interested in having a well rounded program that compliments my personality and playfulness and that will enhance my abilities to teach and reach a larger community in this sense all while increasing my general knowledge of training! Afterall I am in the business of coaching and teaching and it is my job to learn, study, explore so I can help my clientle.

No kool-aid here, just the fact that all things have merit especially if people are taking part in them. All things are not 'perfection' and some are indeed better and more complete than others and all serve a different purpose for different people and this I understand and respect.

So, I am putting aside false pretense and judgement, opening my mind and soul to the experience and what these people whom have invested time and energy to come and share in their passion....and hey, I love to challenge myself and learn so start the clock, cause here I come "Fran" and "Diane", as Jimmy says I coming to get ya!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A letter to my Essence, my essential self!

In the search for understanding of self, discovering and uncovering my essence and my essential self I have traveled far and wide, to 23 countries, hundreds of cities, towns; many mountains, beaches, rivers; had countless conversations with countless number of people all in the effort of exploration and definition.

The number of lessons learned is infinite and growing as is the number of places traveled or yet to be traveled too, conversations had or have yet to be had, etc. Through it all this is really a big part of it and in its own way/words describes my essence or essential self....

I am what I be, what I am and in this moment or in this life what it appears to me is that I am an adventure seeker, an explorer who is curious and wants to learn, share, exchange, see, experience, feel, taste, be part of, live the life of, etc. And, as it becomes even more clear I find that in doing so I am better able to lead by example, speak from my truth, my essence and truly share with people my experiences and share in theirs all in the name of living life to the fullest, living without limits, borders, boundaries, fears and truly challenging and pushing myself to new frontiers.

The lifestyle of a person on the road, out and about, engaging, being a part of the world community! This is an amazing realization and truthfully more of an acceptance and embrace of my essence that a real discovery. Honestly I have known for years that I was like this, I just was not and am still not with 100% certainty how it all is going to show up or play out and part of the adventure and exploration is not knowing and being open to the moment, to the present, to the experience and allowing the present moment to move you in the direction you move.

I fought this for years, fought living my truth, my essence out of fear, out of influences that were not my own but allowing others to direct me, out of what I thought was the "RIGHT" way to do things, out of fear of loss of control, loss of partnerships (intimate partners), out of many factors that were not truths but things I made up due to my choices.

So, it has been a journey and continues to be one, but through time and by traveling down the paths I have and awakening to present moment, becoming conscious, becoming grateful, and finding uncondtional love, understanding and embracing non-attachment, embracing the compassionate way for self and others, and so many more factors (practically endless things, lets just chalk it up to an accumulation of the collective of all my experiences) I have come to my essence.

I stare it right in the face every time I look in the mirror, or engage with people, etc. I am not afraid of it and nor am I attached to it but I am embracing it and flowing through life with this understanding and an appreciation of my past, present and future.

I realize that living this way is not for everybody, and in fact may be for only 1% of the population. Many may not understand or even want to and many may be curious and some may even wish to do what I do in some way or another. None of this is important, it is part of life and the experiences we have. I am just grateful to have found my essence and embrace it in the present moment.

This chapter is in the beginning stages with so many potential pages to be written and many chapters to follow, stay tuned it is growing in adventure which means many stories, reflections, and excitement to come through the many varied expereinces and opportunities.

I say all this as a reminder to myself, as a letter to myself and my inner essence. Thank you for sharing in this with me and making it what it is!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Slowing Down

Yep, thats right, time to slow down! Seems odd for a person such as myself to say slow down or even promote such a concept. But, I have found that this is crucial, especially in this day and age, to take time to slow yourself down, to stop what your doing and just sit, be, and I am not talking about watching TV.

Through the implementation of yoga but even more importantly the practice of meditation, sitting in one place, quietly breathing and just allowing myself to be in the here and now, thoughts to flow in and out of me like a river has truly slowed me down and made my life so much more peaceful and more important helped me to learn how to appreciate everything I do, every moment, every conversation, everything and to see it for what it is. The big thing is I started to see, observe things I was not because I never slowed myself. Instead of running I have found myself stepping slowly and consciously in whatever direction I move and with a curiosity and appreciate/gratitude I have never before.

The funny thing is I found that by moving slower I moved faster, by doing less I was doing more. This was not my intention nor an expectation but more a by-product of slowing down. I realized just how amazing and full of experience/opportunity my life really is. I have found that instead of having to do this and that because it is good for me, or necessary, or this or that I am doing it because I see the joy, the beauty, the experience, the excitement, the opportunity, and recognizing that i have been blessed with all these amazing senses and abilities to do in life and that I must do just because I feel like a kid in the playground, innocent and free, gleeful and playful, open and exploring, and just being with whatever I am doing in that moment, no attachment.

All the sudden I found more space, more freedom from my yoga and meditation practice and this gave me the ability to move in ways I had only imagined. I feel stronger, fitter, more flexible, more aware, more conscious, more open and free of hard opinions and judgments, less fearful and more understanding of fear in general, more accepting of life and the things being presented, more ability to say no or yes and realize if it was the appropriate path or direction at that point in time and so, so much more.....

All this has come about by slowing down and the practice or awareness came through yoga and meditation. I realize that this is not everyones way but it is one that drastically changed my life and allowed/enabled me to come into my essence, my essential being and be my authentic self. Because of this my life is full of life and at the same time I am able to approach life like a kid, curious or as in Zen, with a beginners mind and realize that each moment is a moment unto itself but it plays a role in each and every moment thereafter and all of life is a series of experiences and moments that lead you to where you be in that moment.

So as a friend asked me the other day, do I get down or depressed or bummed. The reality is no, I do not. I feel still but I act on gratitude and compassion, I am able to reflect and see things for what they are. Now, I am not saying never or I will never but I find that it is not happening. Is my life perfection, by no means but it is perfect here and now for what it is but this does not prevent me from wanting to learn, grow, experience, share, exchange, listen, hear, be free of attachment, etc. I am a beginner and as Bruce Lee says, when they close the casket, then you can call me a Master (if that is to be so, if not, so be it). The reality is I am living and enjoying life to the fullest, exploring the endless and boundless possibilities that exist.

I find I am so blessed in life with great people, unlimited amounts of love and affection, opportunities that are just amazing and full of experiences and memories that seep deep into my soul and spirit and add to the culmination of all the beauty that touches the depths of my being.

PS: I thank you!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

What are we waiting for???

Really, you ask yourself what you are waiting for in life? Often I hear people say they are waiting for the 'right' time but what is the right time, when is the right, is there a who with that right time?

I wonder aloud and I ask myself this question and now it seems that all I am waiting for is the funds and the appropriate event or weather to take advantage of what it is I want to do.

2 examples
World Cup Soccer only comes ever 4 years, so I am waiting for the 2010 event in Africa. Now, I have some other things I want to do as well that my overlap or sap funds from this and that is ok, but I have it in my sites and if it is meant to be it will...I am not waiting though

The other is too go to Nepal, Mt Everest and Tibet. Research has shown that there are optimal times and April/May is the best. So, I am planning this, now the 2 of these events potentially conflict $$$ wise but I am certain to do them at some point if not next year.

These are just examples of things in my life that I can make excuses as to why to wait, etc. but the truth is I am ready, I am able and I am willing so I am working toward them both as things to do. For me I have so many travel ideas, places I want to see, things I want to do whether I do these next year or not is not as important, AS LONG AS I am doing other travel things ;-).

I guess I am curious why we reason ourselves out of things, why we wait for the perfect confluence of events to conspire, etc. Does this approach serve us? Are we limiting ourselves from living in our essence? Are we cheating ourselves out of the things we want in life?

This weekend a number of people approached me (family and friends) telling me how awesome it is that I am doing all this travel and how they wish they would have done the same thing when they were younger. Many of them reasoned that as you get "older" you are able to do less and traveling abroad, living on the road, etc is just not something that older people do, so "do it while your young and you can" was the commonly shared feedback.

I understand this thought process and why they feel this way but I choose not to accept that as my truth, I choose to take life by the horns and do my best to live life to the fullest, to live to my human potential. I do not want to be limited by society, tradition, prevailing wisdom, money, time, etc. This is my F*&KING life and I have no time to wait to live my life the way I want.

Dam it is no wonder I love Frank Sinatra and that he also is Italian. Must run in the blood of us passionate beings!

The time is now, so what are you waiting for???

Friday, May 01, 2009

To be Chillin

You know and some of you do indeed, I used to be so super passionate that I was often defensive, unable to laugh at myself, would get frustrated, anger, jealous, resentful, and just a plain old ass at times, not often but to often at the same time. But throughout these experiences I was fortunate to have the ability to look back and learn from this and from people who were kind enough to let me know I was being a pain in the ass.

The journey or this particular journey did not happen over night, in fact I would say it took 34 years to get to where I am today, which really is a place where I feel chill, peaceful, where I can laugh, poke fun and just be free and open to life. I can say this for certain, I am in a far better place where I am today than ever before. the road was not always smooth and some great people were part of the carnage along the way but it was not personal or at least now I can say that.

I have kept working and working on myself and thank goodness for people and experiences that have led to opportunities combined with other factors all that work is paying off and the neural pathways are being set for a place of peace, gratitude, love, compassion, humor, humility, openness, etc.

The journey is an amazing one, one I look back and have so much compassion and gratitude for everything. Because of this, missing out on 2 awesome adventures, 10 days in Norway for national geographic magazine (cause i was too short) and the Rickshaw Run in January has no affect because I am just grateful to have the chance and I know that many more opportunities will come about and these 2 helped me to gain more insight into my essence, so I have learned and I am excited to create more things to do.