Friday, September 29, 2006

Speed and Conditioning Drills

This is my natural love, being fast, moving fast, being agile and quick and light on my feet. Therefore the addition of this into my program has been absolutely awesome. I love being on the track or an a field

Dynamic Warm-up drills
A variety for about 10+ minutes

We are still determining the order and program design for this aspect of the training. I am combining with a friend carl and we are putting all our info, training, etc together. We have some ideas and hope to have a plan in place by next week

Ladder Drills
Linear and Lateral

These are awesome. I am getting much better and can feel the neuro connection growing.

Tempo 70%
100 meters x10

NIce cool down/conditioning. I am working on good form/technique and applying the drills to the running.

My other focus will be the deads, snatch, pull-ups, CP and pistols

My Snatch Plan for the next four weeks including this week is as such
tabata for 5 minutes
30/30 for 10 minutes
tabata for 5 minutes
30/30 for 10 minutes

The deads
Drop to 405 this week
Week 2: 425 to 430
Week 3: 450
Week 4: Speed Week (70%)

More to come but this is what I am thinking about these 2 exercises and the Speed/conditioning plan for the next 4 weeks

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

tabata snatch

Wanted to get some snatch reps in with a short bout of work followed by a short bout of rest. Orginally planned to do 30/30 for 10 minutes but instead went with the tabata protocol for 5 minutes (20 second work/10 sec rest)

Snatch 20/10
24/8x10 (40/side)

This was a good test and good measure for me to see where I am at. this was not a max effort but a concerted effort to work hard/instense and accomplish as much as possible with good form. This I achieved. My low back hung in well but I know I put to much pressure on the lower erectors. My goal is to do 120 in 5 minutes and I should be able to do this within the next 2 to 3 month period. I established a baseline for the 5 minute effort.

Right now I am capable of doing a 480 deadlift, 100 snatches and 15 pull-ups. I will definitely drop in weight and this will help with my pull-up numbers and will not hurt anything else.


This was the first time I have done these as a pure exercise in some time. They got better with each set as I was able to enhance my skill/techniques.

Lat Shrugs (superset) hang knee raise
5 and 5 x3

Wanted to work on technique of contracting through scapula retraction and wanted to work the reverse of the extension of the lower lumbar from the snatch with the flexion exercise of hanging knee raise

Great workout and focused. I have to admit and I know many of you can relate that training with partners is so much better. For if anything, partners push you and encourage you to push yourself beyond that limit. However, without them you have to focus on the mental toughness and challenge yourself. I think I have been successful with this lately and in the process have begun to appreciate the great people I have trained with even more in

Be Well, Be Strong, Be Your Best

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome...A reflection

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Recently a Marine and retired Police Officer/Fireman, Glenn Fortin told of the Marine mantra of Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. Since our conversation I reflected on how I can and do use this in my everyday life.

For example, I normally do my deadlift workout on Tuesdays however with all the events happening that day it was impossible for me do so. So I improvised and moved my training day to Thursday and I was able to adapt to my situation and overcome the fact that I missed my Tuesday workout. The fact is I kept my focus on my goal and did the best I could in the present situation and still accomplished my workout. Was it ideal, no but did I follow through, yes.

I believe in having a plan and attempting to execute the plan accordingly. However, I think back to The Art of War by Sun Tzu and how in war as in everyday life things happen that you cannot foresee and force one to improvise, adapt and overcome.

The key as a coach of mine has put it is to keep your eye on the prize. The prize to me is the purpose, the intent behind the plan. Lifting the weights, doing the deadlift is extremely important as it is a key part of the plan necessary to achieve the prize. But more important to me is the purpose, the intent behind the reason I have chosen to direct my efforts to a certain prize. There is the little picture and then there is the big picture.

For me I am training myself daily at the art of flow, the art of being the best I can be, the art of leadership. By doing so I hope to lead by example and pave the way for others to be the best they can be.

I do indeed have selfish desires, goals but I always think of what and how this is going to help me with the bigger aspect of my being and those whom I touch. I love having a plan but I love having opportunities and making the most out of them.

So, have a goal, make a plan and be prepared to improvise, adapt and overcome. In doing so you will learn what it takes to execute a plan and accomplish your goal given certain situations. Your ability to improvise, adapt and overcome will help you in all areas of your life because everyday a situation will present itself where this mantra will get you through the situation.

See to other people it is not about you but about them, so if you cannot adjust you may fail to get the desired. Everyday I have a goal to make it to the top of the mountain and each day a number of paths exist and sometimes I start on one and end on another and then there are those days in which I do not make it and then those days in which I take one path all the way up. You never know what you are going to get so improvise, adapt and overcome to accomplish. This is the essence of flow.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heavy Day

Time to take it up a notch, so today hit 90% of 465 for the DL, here is how it went


420 was the magic number and I smoked them today. I felt super strong and tight. The weight seemed to move fluid!


Just a nice easy day to get some work in on technique and basic strength. I planned on doing presses but my day is not over so I think I will pass today and hit it later, maybe tomorrow

Monday, September 25, 2006

Run & Stretch

Today did my dynamics, ladder, run drills with Carl

A variety of dynamic warm-up drills
Ladder drills (these are becoming better, the more I practice the skill and technique the more I improve. We are focusing on the basics and this is working. I am also moving faster in the drills.)

100 meter 2x1 (Falling start)
100 meter backward striders 2x1
100 meter 2x1 (track start)

These were very good. Focused on breathing and technique, specifically the stuff from the dynamics

Followed this up with 1 hour of Vinyasa
again focused on my space and place with my breath. felt good and did not push the boundaries just enough to break the comfort zone and feel the move and how I relate to it.

Deadlifts and more tomorrow

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Fights and more

What an eventful week/weekend. Between all the press and production, all the smoozing, networking, and training we were nonstop on the move. I am beat tired and we still have yet to get on a plane and travel home.

This experience was second to none. As a professional you only wish to have the opportunity to work with great people and great athletes. I have succeeded in this department this weekend. Between the coaches, Frank and Tony, our team, and all the other teams and people with the IFL these are wonderful folks. The respect shown was incredible and the treatment of the athletes and coaches was first class.

This league is unique. It is one of a kind in the sport of MMA and combines great athletes and coaches into a team format. You win and lose as a team, you compete as a team and the success of team is tied together. I believe this league with its format, head coaches, management, financial aspects, and the great fights/shows it puts on is going somewhere and only more is to come.

I had the great pleasure of shadow boxing and learning so much from Frank this past weekend. We did gymnastics, weights, yoga, boxing and even some ground work. He is bar none one of the great athletes and the greatest I have ever met. The reasons are vast and you just have to see him in action, listen to him speak and you will understand. We had a blast moving around, flowing with the body.

In addition I had the opportunity to work with one of the great boxing coaches in Tony DeMaria. He taught me the basic steps, how to position myself, how to move, the theory and application of jab, punch and hook. Wow, what a beautiful sport especially when you learn for a great coach ( I have had this opportunity before with Mark Reifkind and what he taught me is more than he even knows) and I appreciate that coaching and approach.

As for the fights, they were awesome. We won 2 and lost 4 but I tell you by the look of the other team you would have thought we went 6 and 0. There were some great punches, great kicks, knees, ground, etc.

Our first fight pitted Jeff Quinlan against Travis Hallman. This was Jeffs debut and Hallmans 60th or so fight. They were the alternates and competed at 185. Jeff beat Hallman but Hallman was able to get Jeff on the ground and keep him there the first 2 rounds for the majority of the time. Never the less, Jeff defended well and even slipped and punched and kicked Hallman who is known as a real excellent SUbmission fighter. In the 3rd Jeff took it to Hallman, pounding him on the ground with Punches but in the end it was a decision in Hallmans favor and believe me the crowd booed loudly in displeasure.

The second fight was 155s with our boy Josh Odom. This tough, technically pretty strong, and really scrappy kid beat the piss out of his opponent finally scoring a 3rd round K.O. and won the knockout of the night

The third fight was Ray Steinbeiss our 170 guy. Well he did not fair well and got himself caught and tapped out in the first round. This is disappointing for all of us especially Ray who recently fought Nick Diaz to a decision. Just an unfortunate incident but I expect Ray to come back big

The fourth fight involved Brian Foster at 185. This man has big brass balls. He is 7 and 9 and fought Joe Doerksen ? on spelling who is 35 and 9. Brian nailed Joe numerous times and had him down but failed to finish and this allowed Joe to come back and get the victory. Brian fought incredibly well and should have won but Joe has an incredible IRON jaw. Joe looked like he lost but in the end Brian who came out with less than a weeks notice to join the team (replacing Brian Ebersole) ended up on the short end. Note to self, If I see Brian Foster on the street avoid his right hand

The next fight involved Rafeal Davis our 205 guy. Rafael fought ill and hadthe fight won but ended up in a decision and came up on the short end of the stick. Both he and his opponent should tremendous heart as their conditioning sucked and they were gased. If Rafael would have been 100% he would have knocked the guy out but he could not finish. He does have heart and he is a trooper.

The last fight involved another late addition in Travis W, our heavyweight at 235. He wailed on his guy for 3 straight rounds pummeling him into the ground and eventually the hospital. Travis is a tough man and has skills but needs work as he is still raw but one heck of a fighter.

So we failed to advance but all things considered there is a lot of potential with these guys. Some time with Frank, Tony and myself we can teach and condition them to be champs but they have to show up in the ring. Heart does not lack, confidence is there but skills need work. Unfortunately only one of the guys lives in San Jose, the rest our throughout the country. We will get everyone together and work on becoming the strongest team

Look for the IFL to grow large as its basis is completely different than UFC and this will draw fighters, big name coaches, and of course the mostimportant aspect, an audience.

You can view the fights Octobr 9th on Fox Sports Net. Look for the Razorclaws. And find out who won the match between Pat Millietech and Renzo Gracie.

Looks like January sometime for the next fight

PS: Technique, skill, and conditioning are the keys. Learn and practice them and with experience and most important confidence anda little luck never hurts you can accomplish extraordinary things within this league.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


We arrived last night after a longday of travel. The travel time offered me the chance to get to hang with Frank and just chat about many things, get to know Tony, our boxing coach who is just an amazing person/coach, and a few of our fighters, Ray,Rapheal and Jeff.

Once we set foot on the tarmac it all began. We chatted, mingled, registered, checked-in, etc. I met a ton of people including Renzo Gracie, Bas Rutten whom I sat and had dinner with and talked Kettlebells, Carlos Newton and more. I am humbled to be around so many ownderful people, athletes, professionals and looking forward to so many opportunities.

Today we had pictures, video, etc and Frank and I went and trained together. This was cool becuase it was just us in Pat Milletichs gym lifting and playing around. We did a some DLs, BP, Pull-ups, Pistols, and a variety of handstands, arm stands,etc. While there I met jermey Horn and Pat, very nice man that Pat, very respectful.

There is so much happening, so much going on and Iam pretty beat that I cannot write it all down. I will summarize more at the end of the weekend.

Put it this way,this is a real production, the real deal league. It has the money and brand names to succeed and it is cool being a part of this. Humbled, honored, grateful and ready to kick butt ;-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

moving forward

today i did my deadlifts. my approach was to do 85% of my max in the last cycle (465) which is 395


395/1x3 (planned on 5 sets but ran out of time due to my client showing up. nevertheless, these were very strong with no issues. i felt very connected and flowed well.



hang knee raise

all done in a circuit after my client. a good small workload and just right for today.

leave for the fights tomorrow so i hope to get in a workout and if anything do something in illinois

moving forward

today i did my deadlifts. my approach was to do 85% of my max in the last cycle (465) which is 395


395/1x3 (planned on 5 sets but ran out of time due to my client showing up. nevertheless, these were very strong with no issues. i felt very connected and flowed well.



hang knee raise

all done in a circuit after my client. a good small workload and just right for today.

leave for the fights tomorrow so i hope to get in a workout and if anything do something in illinois

Monday, September 18, 2006

More Dynamics/Agility

back at it today again over at Stanford.

Warm-up with Dynamics
Heel Walks
Ankle Flips
Knee Grabs
HIgh Knees
Butt Kickers
A's ( march and skips)
Fall forward and Sprint out

Ladder Drills
Forward and Lateral Drills

Hard to get that coordination. Start slow and progressively increase speed but not at expense of form

Cone Drills
Sprint , Shuffle, Sprint x2

Box Drill
Sprint, Carioca, Backward Sprint, Carioca, run it out x2

Shuttle Drills (lines)
10, 20, 30, 40 , 50 yards touch and return x1
50, 40, 30, 20, 10 yards touch and return x1

Cool down

Great work, great condtioning, great sweat! I really enjoy applying all the strength power to movement athletics

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today I took a step, in fact many steps in a whole different direction.

First, Dynamic Warm-ups
Heel Walks
Ankle flips
Lunge strides
High Knees
Butt Kickers

Second: ladder drills on the ABC ladder
These are awesome. I cannot tell you all that I did since I am only learning the names/moves but I can say they required an enormous amount of concentration, focus and neurological coordination. They taxed my body, got my heart racing and challenged me on a whole new/different level. I love them.

400 repeats
2 reps
1st @ 1:40
rested equal amount
2nd@ 1:38

done, just fried but in a great way. Now I am energized and look forward to evolving this program

Tomorrow, Bells again and maybe some light tempo runs

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Deadlift time today. Schedule on Tuesday did not allow me to get it done so moved to today


350/1x10 (Rest 30 seconds between reps and did indeed you a belt)

Awesome. Usually takes a couple reps to find my groove but these felt great as usual.

10, 8, 6

First time in a while but felt really strong. Need to do more and increase the volume. I should be hitting 15 reps/set and will be ;-)

Finished the day with 18 holes with my pops. Great day

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Ok there is no real excuse, but one thing is for sure I have not quit

A lot has been happening since Thursday and I just had to do some things that took priority over my training regimen. Yes, I stretched, did my mobility and those things but no real training. I did some work on Monday taking an ample amount of photos but nothing I felt I should call an official workout. So today I went and did some training

KB Joint Mobility with the 16kg
Up and Over
Wood Chop
Hot Potato
Sling Shot
Figure 8
tactical lunge

20 total reps of each x1 set

60# Sandbag/5/5x3
1 set lunge
2 set squat

24/5/5 to the 16/5/5 x5

Tempo Runs
100 yards/4 x2

Friday, September 08, 2006

Named Assistant Coach for Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock has named me as an Assistant Coach for his new IFL fight team (International Fight League) known as the San Jose Razor Claws. Our first fight is September23rd in Moline Ill so be on the lookout for myself and the Team on Fox Sports sometime thereafter.

I am excited and honored to be a part of this great team and to contribute to their success. I will be doing the strength and conditioning for this team and the rest of Team Shamrock (those who live and train in San Jose, CA).

I can say this much, we have a lot of talented MMA athletes.

Stay tuned, there is more coming out of this corner...videos and much more

Ken Black and I back at it again

Ken and I got together yesterday for a meeting of the minds, a whole lot ofexercising and spending some time with Mark Reifkind. A complete day to say the least

I did exercises with the Kbs and Sandbags. I cannot list all of the exercises but trust me when I say it was a heck of a workout. I am nice and sore today. I even picked up a 125# stone at Rifs (a first).

I am excited to put these exercises to use for the MMA guys and athletes in general

More to come, keep your eyes open

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Big Press

Workout 2

Picked up the 40kg has been a while

Military Press

Strong, right side needed a little help from the legs, left was fine. This was real hard work but went well with the other strength moves.

Legs and body just to fatigued for any adequate work. So passed on these

Also did some stretching and joint mobility (with and without the kettlebells). And did handstands which I was able to hold for 5 seconds or so and had a personal best of about 10 seconds.

Dynamics tomorrow and KBs on Thursday

70 Percent

Per Coach Rif I dropped my deads to 70% today and worked 1 rep for 15 sets with 45 seconds recovery


70% of last weeks load

Smooth, tight, and good workload. Felt as if I could have done 20. Feels good to do some work and build strength, and technique improvements.

Barbell Bent Rows (overhand)

Again following Rifs coaching implemented these. Was not sure what I could do but these were nice and were relatively easy. Could have done 225

Next up this afternoon
Presses and Pistols

Monday, September 04, 2006

A load full

Well alot has been going on the past few days. Just got back from another great trip to Mt Shasta area. We hiked up at 10000 feet on some beautiful trails, we hiked along the McCloud and Sac Rivers to some beautiful waterfalls, we rock climbed up a nice steep bank on Mt Shasta (freestyle), we fished and let me tell you how peaceful this was and just how gorgeous the setting.

Prior to leaving I played 18 holes and did a nice Joint Mobility workout Thursday and followed that up with a deep tissue massage from a Chiro in Los Gatos who focuses on the musculoskeletal system and not so much the adjustment phase.

So I gave me body a rest from the hard stuff and stepped back the last few days and will do so through this week. My down week is in session and will continue through the middle part of the week when I will ramp up again!

Body feels great, mentally feel refreshed and ready to hit the ground running this week!