Monday, April 27, 2009

Rickshaw Run, 3500 miles through India in a 3 wheel scooter!

The adventures keep on coming! So, after 25 days hanging out in Australia and New Zealand I have come back with a BIG burning desire to continue my travels and extensively. Definitely I am looking forward to doing this traveling around and teaching which is already in the works for June in Germany and August in Costa Rica but even beyond much is being discussed and planned and life truly is full of unlimited potential of possibility.

This is one of the things that always comes about when I travel, the unlimited potential and unlimited number of possibilities that exist. The experiences and opportunities that arise out of these is amazing, I know I am not at a loss of things to do, see, experience...I only would hope that I can accomplish it all or at least live in such a way that I am always out experiencing life to the fullest.

So, next up Germany in June, 3 (Strength and Conditioning) seminars scheduled and more in the works, then Costa Rica teaching Yoga. After that in talks with a good friend about co-hosting a holistic health and wellness retreat in Bali and so much more....

But here is the one I am eager to experience and in search of a good partner to join me on. I have had initial discussions with a great friend whom I hope will say yes, you know who you are!!! This next adventure will truly test on many levels and will be one to remember and tell the grandkids about. I am talking documentary, pics, twitter, facebook, etc. all in an effort to practice what I am all about, being free to live life without limits, exploring the goodness of humanity, the culture of a foreign land and the history all in the name of unlimited potential, great fun, memories, etc.

The event is known as the Rickshaw Run and goes through a 3500 mile odyessy through India in a 3 wheel, 1500cc Rickshaw. The things are known for breaking down and being totally unreliable, the race route is known as the un-route because well there is no direct way and nothing is guarenteed, not even finishing. Now this is done tri-annually and each time takes a different route. 64 teams will 'compete' over 2+ weeks. To me, this is the essence of what my philosophy of life is all about and truly is an opportunity to live my life without limits. Wish me luck as I go for my spot, no committed teammate as of yet on Thursday

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The End of Journey that is never ending!

Another Journey around the world has come to a completion, but in reality it is never over. I am still learning from Europe which was 10 years ago, it seems that these experiences live with you forever as they truly are great teachers of life.

Some things I learned on this trip
* People are people no matter where you travel, we are simply humans doing our best to live our lifes to the fullest and with happiness, love, family, friends, and a bit of fun.

*I cannot change things that I have done in the past but I can learn and in the process be humbled and thus evolve beyond where I was to become a better person, more loving, kind, compassionate, free, open, understanding, respectful, grateful, appreciative, curious, living with a greater sense of wonder and humor, more chilled, more relaxed, more peaceful, and on and on!!!

The simple fact is that I have done things in my past, acted certain ways, said things, etc. that I would never do today. I cannot take those things back, cannot change the past but I can learn from those experiences, humble myself, have compassion for myself and others who may have been affected due to my actions, and can choose to not repeat those expereinces and have gratitude that I am conscious enough to admit that I can do things better and willing to suffer the humility and make the changes.

We only know what we know and in time we learn, grow, evolve, change and therefore the way we act, respond, chose, be changes and everything in hindsight is clearer. The thing is to be open, present, conscious, humble and have that child like beginners mind where you are curious and willing to explore others, yourself, life, etc.!

Life is AMAZING, people are amazing, we are all HUMAN doing our best, lets appreciate everyone and every experience for what it is and if you do not like then be the difference, act the part by being that change you wish too see, these are the words I tell myself and thank you, all of you for making me who I am and to be able to learn and realize what I have shared!

Gratitude and Love

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have had the great fortune to visit many a beautiful places and do many amazing things in my life. Yesterday was definitely one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my life! Kayaking the Milford Sound in New Zealand playing with Dolphins, Seals, big beautiful waterfalls cascading 1000-2000 meters off of sheer granite walls with majestic peaks, glaciers and the most tasty, calm pristine water one could imagine for being in an ocean.

Now, pictures are indeed worth a thousands words but experiences are priceless! Truly pictures did and do not do this place justice.

I suppose if there is one word of advice I can give to people is that if you have the chance, the time get out and see the world, travel to foreign lands and not just the cities but the places that mother earth has blessed us with. And when traveling make sure to take time to interact with the local folks, this is some of the richest experiences you will have in your travels.

Often when talking with folks they tell me that many Americans do not take time to talk and share with them. The locals tell me how much they appreciate when foreigners take time to interact, engage and explore with them.

As I travel I truly realize that this world is full of amazing, beautiful people, places and opportunities. The world is sure bigger than the white picket fence, BMW and designer label clothes, not that there is anything wrong with each their own and it does truly take all kinds and that is what makes the world so amazing.

When you travel you meet all kinds and you realize that a friendly smile and as Ernie, a South African man said too me, it is how you say things that makes the difference, and the reason I can quote this man is because we both stepped out of our box, had a beer and chatted about life, our lives, the similarities and the differences and how we came to meet up in a foreign land 'by chance'

I am grateful for my curious mind, my willingness to explore and in this experience the lessons I am learning and my realization that I have a responsibility to this world, to the people of the world community and it is imperative that I get out and do this work! Yes, I do believe we all have this in our unique way and it is up to each of us to figure it out.

What it is for me, well I am already doing bits and pieces of it and more keep coming. I am young and so much is in my presence and present and so much more in my future! Time will tell the story of what it is for me, I do have a vision, a intention but I am open to the present, to the opporutinities and experiences that life puts in front of me! So to say this is the exact way would not be possible, I just know that when it is all said and done I will fulfill my responsibility, my role and leave this world a better place.

I hope you all join me in walking this world, engaging with the people and places of this world and experience firsthand life in this world outside of your comfort zone or box and in the process discover your journey, what your responsibility is!

You truly can have it anyway you wish!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect Day...and things that make it perfect for me

You ever been so fortunate to have the perfect day? Well, I have and the funny thing is since I really began to tune in and open my consciousness I have found that everyday is perfect. Why not, I am alive, living, breathing, experience, embracing, feeling, being, sensing, learning, growing, loving, showing and being grateful, healthy, peaceful, and on and on!

So let me give you an idea of the past 2 days and what I have been experiencing in these 2 perfect days.

*Coffee at a great little spots where I can sit and sip watching time slowly pass and people cruise by doing there thing.

*A good book while sitting and sipping.

*A journal to record my thoughts and observations of life as I sit and sip coffee.

*Good music to listen to while sitting and sipping coffee, and while running, and doing yoga on the beach and while sitting on the beach watching the waves crash gently on the warm and soft sands of time!

*A good beach to swim in, too watch people, too watch the ocean, to run along, to do yoga on.

*Yoga on the beach

*running on the beach

*Sitting on the sand of the beach enjoying the views of life

*Peace and quiet and stillness that comes from living the moment and being in pure beauty and presence

*A good sweat!







*A being present, conscious, and aware that this is all happening here and now!

Feel blessed to be forutnate to walk in my shoes and be able to experience and share this with you all.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A reflection on my travel experience

LIfe on the road, traveling such as I am is just one of the most important must do's in life. What one learns, sees, experiences, etc. is just mind bending, mind numbing and totally life changing! What you thought you knew, what you thought was this and that truly comes right in front of you and will challenge every aspect of your being.

this is not to say that this not part of normal life if one is open, aware and present but this is too say it is truly a unique experience unto its own. I mean truly this is something that should be mandatory or at least exist as an encouraged option in the US and everywhere. I know that some countries have this built in as an option and encourage their people to experience the amazing opportunities that traveling out of your realm, to a new land, new culture, new places, offers.

yes, I miss home, I miss my family, friends, clients, and some of the wonderus daily activities and lifestyle I lead but times like these make me appreciate and have that much more gratitude for all I have in my life, all the possibilities that exist! Plus, my level of compassion increases and I truly see much more clearly the realities of life and what can be done to shift, transform, change, improve some of the things that are less than appealing.

Also, one of the main things I see is the Basic Goodness in all mankind, all people. Even those whom I do not choose to mimic, follow, etc. they all serve as teachers and great reminders that we all are doing our best given what we know, what we understand, what we have at our disposal.

I am fortunate to have to opportunity and curious mind to explore and be open to all that is available, for this I am humbled, compassionate and grateful. But also this spurs me onto make a bigger difference, to share and exchange with all of the people of this world. This makes me want to continue to serve all mankind and explore and learn more ways that I can spread this awareness of the basic goodness and help others to open their eyes and perspectives to the unlimited potential of mankind!

I ask myself each day what can I do to make this and those I encounter shine and help their inner essence glow so they can explore their unlimited human potential. this means I have to do the same and holds me to a high standard, not others but me to be a leader by example and to show a possible or number of possible ways to go beyond our boundaries, borders, etc.

Blessed, honored, humbled, compassionate, grateful and full of life and love!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dont Slip, Slick

Went on a beautiful kayak trip today out of Airlie Beach which this area is comprised of 74 Islands the most famous is WhitSundays and Whitehaven (which is 95% silicon beach). We did not actually tour these as they are a bit far for a day trip but we did check out 2 other islands.

We were able to catch sea turtles and big eagles which was super cool and just floating and paddling through the beautiful waters is breathtaking especially when looking around you all you see is mountain filled with trees (tropical area) which makes up many of the islands

So, we snorkeled around and then there was the cool rock climb to a lookout. I could not resist and the views were indeed nice...but I thought what the heck why not go higher up and as I reached doing the splits, barefoot and hoping to pull myself and jump up to the next big rock, OOOOPS I slipped falling 10 feet down on my back scraping myself as I slide between the big rocks. Fitting for our trip that this would happen but I would have thought to Tully not me. Luckily I just have some big scraps and nothing more! I walked out ok but definitely with some big red marks.

So, off to snorkel the reef tomorrow on a big Catamaran and then flying to Byron Bay to Surf and Catch the blues festival and Michael Franti and Spearhead

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Ok, so I sure could add more to the stories but with limited time I have not been able to do justice...I wish I could add pics to support this whole adventure but upon my return

Quick follow-up from the Spaceship fiasco. Instead of the sleeping in a minivan, we are relegated to an Ocean View 1 Bdr Apartment...pretty sweet upgrade, the cost was a 30 hour trip of 1200 km, a sleep in a parking lot of the mechanics place, and a half day in Gin Gin, which is equivalent to a small town in the midwest or bum fu*k egypt!

At the Great Barrier Reef and loving it!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!

The Spaceship has officially crapped out! SO the van we rented, AKA the Spaceship named Sprocket broke down out in "middle of nowhere" in Queensland. After a 2 hour ordeal, a movie called In Search of America which we watched in the Van awaiting the tow truck we finally made our way to the small town of Gin Gin.

Yes, it is hard to believe that so many goofy things could happen in a short period of time, like cars breaking down, missing connections, baggage handler strike, driving the wrong road, etc. but this is the case.

Talk about a test of your sense of humor, patience, friendship, and my personal life philosophies, this has truly been a great way to challenge my being and my way! All this being said, I have stayed true to my essence and am truly grateful and enjoying this whole experience. Yes we lost a day due to the SPaceship breakdown, in turn the company is arranging alternate transport and setting us up with accomodations which are far better than sleeping in a small caravan for 4 days.

So here we are, here I am living the adventure of life, truly exploring myself, Australia, my philosophy or way of being, and so much more! How can I not be enjyoign myself!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do not trust the GPS, Australia Part 2

So goof balls like me love to backpack, free wheeling around and just letting things happen and come as they may. You have an idea where you want to go, what you want to do but you are open for anything and everything because that is the point. So, sometimes you head to a place with the intention of staying for a night or two and then moving on but things arise and all of the sudden you change your direction.

So we are at Noosa Heads which is this most amazing a beautiful place on the Eastern shore of Australia, abouot 2 hours south of Brisbane on the way toward the barrier reef. Of course we have no accomodations and just plan to find something when we arrive. Now, my mate Tully is a planner so this is a bit unlike him but he is open to trying things my way, and being a backpacker himself who has traveled extensively this is not much of a stretch, he just has to remember the good ole days :-)

So, of course we decide to change directions. We are scheduled for a tour of Fraser Island (a must see/do) the next morning at 740 am and our pickup point is about 45 minutes from Noosa at Rainbow Beach.

So after a look on the internet for possible accomodations, an email inquiry and confirmation, a check in with Tully's wife we are on our way. It is night out and Tully cues up the GPS (TomTom) to lead the way. Tully has a sweet ride, an new Audi Quattro hatchback sporty car so we are traveling in style, although I am sitting on the left, which in Australia is the passenger seat...weird cause I want to drive, LOL

The GPS picks our coordinates and lines us up to go what appears through this really beautiful tropical forest versus the long way which would take us out towards the mainland and then back toward the coast which appeared to be the long way any who.

So off we go and Tully's wife Rachel was warned from our destination hotel to be careful of the GPS because it brings you along a dirt road which is 40+K. As you can imagine we ended up on the dirt road, failing to listen to the wife and Hotel owner and what a freakin crazy off-road, YES off road in the wilderness at night ride, big rocks, pot holes, bumps, ruts, you name it all in this Audi.

Poor Tully was going nuts and could not believe what we were doing. Now, failing to trust his own intuition we stuck it out even though a number of times he spoke of turning back because he thought we were going the wrong way (which we were not) and it was brutal on the car!

Now, I was laughing and keeping my cool just supporting and encouraging him to follow his intuition...too me we were well beyond the turnaround point once we reached half way, the worst that could happen is we would have to pullover and spend the night in the forest, which was beautiful with gorgeous skies filled with sparkling stars everywhere we looked and a sliver of a moon.

Of course, we made it and a 45 minute ride took over 3 hours and a few scratches on the cars underside, thank goodness that is all!

A few good laughs, on my part not necessarily Tullys, a great journey that is typical of these kind of adventures, a GPS that was right in its course, but truly did not understnad the type of road it chose, and the fact that we must trust our instincts and intuition which for me was to avoid this road and take 'the long way' which in fact we did on the way home and it took only, you guessed it 45 minutes to get back to Noosa.

Life is truly about the experience, the journey and just enjoying these moments and being free and open to all possibilities and doing so with great people!