Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A new Max

Today I went after a new max. Now, I was sore in the upper hams, glutes and quads from yesterday but figured I would see how far I could go and if I was not up for I would abort the max and work some heavier singles

315/2x1 (feeling good at this point)

Here it is. Now I do believe that if I had some extra motivation (people who know/understand what it is to lift heavy).
1st Attempt at 495.

this was really tough, I had to work and truly grind, fighting to get to the finish. I had no problem getting it off the ground just those last few inches were really hard!

I DID IT which is all that matters and I would call this my true max.

I did attempt a second lift and fell just short, hips and legs locked just needed to finish the back.

There it is for now, 495 is my new max for the next cycle.


Beat, done

Monday, October 30, 2006

class workouts

Lately I have been using time as a training barometer within my classes. I have the same basic crews so I know what these folks bring and there levels of fitness. Of course, there are a variety of ways to adjust for newer folks as well.

My favorite time combos
30/30 work and rest for 5 to 10 minutes usually with 2 kb clean, squat and press or snatch
20/10 work to rest for 5 minutes done with Snatch, swings, swing squats, deck squats and for the fighters anything goes

Then I like to add in combos that include rack lunges, renegade rows, guard press, farmers walks of various kinds, and bear crawls. This portion of the class moves a little slower usually rep based with a set rest time (30 seconds).

I like the clients to get and feel the true cardio effect of the bells. Total work time is about 30 minutes (including rest). In between there is a joint mobility warm-up, instruction and stretching. For 45 minutes this seems to really be working.

A fun combo, and very tough.

Short week

Headed out of town for 10 days so trying to get in some good work this week. In addition, my track partner is out today so I wanted to do some Kbs since I will have no access and running/bodyweight stuff will be easy to accomplish. However, I do plan to do some 400 repeats today.

Here is how it went

24/10/10 x5 sets (1 minute per set including work and rest)

Squat Thruster
24/8/8x5 (same 1 minute work/rest period)

12 minutes to complete with a 1.5 minute rest between exercises

Superset Guard Press and Renegade Row

for 3 sets. Neither of these exercises do I incorporate. However, today I thought it would be a nice mix since tomorrow I plan to do a big/heavy deadlift session plus my 40kg press and pull-ups.

That is it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Day 3 of the track sessions

Started my morning with some pull-ups and pistols. I had about 5 or so minutes before my clients showed and thought what the heck


total of 24 reps

Pistols (2kb in rack position)

These went well. The 3rd set was by far the best due to the fact the I was more focused at that point. Left side a little more a struggle but overall I was pleased.

TRACK (afternoon)
Dynamic warm-up
Marching and Skipping A's: 10mx2 sets each
Heel walks: 10m x 2
Arm Swings: 20/arm
Leg Cycle: 10/leg x2 sets
Leg Swings; 10/leg x 2
Zombies: 10m x 2
Walk Lunge stretch: 10/leg
Butt Kickers: 10m x2

Deck Squat to a Burpee with a Push-up (bodyweight)
10, 8, 6, 4, 2 = 30 total reps

I like this combo a lot. Great for general bodyweight conditioning and hits the whole body. If I had a pull-up bar I would have added a pull-up coming out of the burpee (jump to the bar).

400 Meter Repeats
4 reps
Time breakdown

I came out way to hard and felt the lactic acid buildup. Plus I am a little tight from the Snatch workout yesterday (hams, glutes and their tie-in). This had an adverse effect on the subsequent sets. So, I need to learn a better pace. 1:45 is about right with a 1 to 1 work to rest ratio.

KBs tomorrow

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snatch progression

Today warmed up with windmills

Windmill 24kg/10/10 x1

Snatch goal was 90 reps using a particular scheme 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
10 left, 10 right and so all the way through to 5

90 reps in 4 minutes time. Now, time was not my objective, form and 90 reps were and this area I succeeded. No low back stuff and that is a victory in its own right. One I think my strength and endurance of my erectors is up by two I have begun to use more of my legs and made sure the down stroke stayed really close to the body, no swing out. Now, the technique was not perfrect but it sure was effective. I will continue to practice this and my goal for next week is to add the 4 = 98 reps (I will try 100) .

More to come, but right not this was my objective today

Wednesday: Head for the hills run Day

Passed on the track and hit the hills. Did the drills on the levee

March A: 20meters x2
Butt Kickers: 20 meters x2
High Knees: 20 meters x2
Fast Feet: 20 Meters x1
Inside and Outside Cresent Kicks for Mobility 10 eachx2
Toe Touchers, kickbox stylefor mobility/flexiblity: 10x2
Lateral Shuffle: 20 meters x2
Caroica: 20 Meters x2

40 yard Runs x4

Hill Sprints: 40 yards x4, 2 sets

Good workout, I am very pleased and my strength of the hip flexors, etc is increasing

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Got them in

Finished the presses, not the 40kg but did the 32kg

did while folding laundry before a busy night


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Big deadlift day.


420/1x4 at 90% of the 465. I wanted to get 2 more reps but ran out of time before my client


Presses (yet to come at this point, we will see if I can get them in today).

Off I go

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back on 'Track'

Linear Day

Dynamic Warmups

Linear Ladder Drills
Fast feet, high knee, Ickeys, etc.

50 meter runs

10 Meter runs, focus on starts and staying low

These felt good but the coordination is still lacking. However, I feel the accelartion and I can tell that all the training is coming together

Tempo Runs
100meters x8 reps

Deck Squat to Burpee with a push-up (for conditioning)

Popped out but feel good after a weekend of partying in New Mexico at a friends wedding

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Snatch PR

Decided to do test myself to see what I could do,non stop with the 24kg

24kg/10. 10. 10. 10, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5, 5 = 80 total reps with no rest

this just about kicked my ass.

followed it up with another set

24kg/10, 10, 10, 10 for 40 more

DONE...smoked but felt good.

Earlier in the day I did an exhibition at the Oracle Health Fair and did all the basics and more non stop for about 15 minutes. Only used the 16 but no resting got the ole heart rate up

Having some challenges adjusting to the temporary setting, so much unfamiliar especially in regards to the new bed (small) and the animals having to adjust makes things challenging. Sleep about 3 good hours last night with anothe 2 sporadic. So I am very pleased with my effort and no I can get 100 straight. Not bad for not training for this for some time, but I can see the benefits of the rest and of the track work.

Soon things will settle and I can get in a better routine of sorts. I feel good about today's number and my overall strength and conditioning. The deads are going veryand the track stuff is coming along nicely.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Track Day

This is the only day we could get in so Carl and I decided to do a blend of exercises on the ladder and sprint wise.

Warm-up with or Dynamic Drills to get the body focused on the task ahead

Ladder Drills
Linear first, followed by lateral and then hops. A variety of drills which took about 20+ minutes. Again I can see it all coming together and I moving faster and much more coordinated, this does not meanit is any easier I am just stronger.

Cone Drills
30 yards total separated in 5 yard increments
Linear run: 0 to 30, 0 to 25...0 to 5 with a sprint out.
Great Conditioning exercise

Lateral Shuffle. Same idea

500 yards

We both burnt out quick but still a great workout. Wish I would have known this stuff when I was competing in athletics

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Split workout

With the move life has been hectic and I have had no focus/concentration to really focus on exercise so I have held off until today. 12 hours of moving Sunday followed by 5 hours yesterday just wore me out.

First workout today (split due to time)


This was 75% of the 465 I had previously. I decided to keep up with the volume and lower percentage to add more submax strength and practice technique. The belt really helps me increase my pressurization and makes lifting much easier.

More to come....including a Big Press and Snatch with the 24kg to grease that groove/conditioning

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hop and Jump

Day 3 of the track program

Todays focus was hops on the ladder and plyo drills.

Warm-ups include dynamics of various kinds

hopping of various kinds, 1 and 2 legs

Single Leg High Steps (knee drive)
15sec work, 15 sec rest x3

Double Leg High Steps
15 and 15 x3

Alternating Fast feet low step
10 and 15x3

Double Fast feet low step
10 and 15 x3

Double leg Double step jumps
10 and 15 x3

Tempo Runs
75 yards x6 continous


Missed my kb wokrout yesterday, just too much happening. Move tomorrow to Redwood City so a lot of packing, finding our place, etc. Have stress which is not normal so that has wiped me out. Plan to get back on track once the dust settles.

Principles of Life and Exercise

Yesterday I spent some time with a new client of mine and we were discussing exercise, in particular the kettlebells and how they work. I described them as requiring an effortless effort. Create the motion using the a strong root of the feet coordinated with the center of the body (the core) and then flow with the bell guiding it into proper position.

I took the concept and applied it to life. Too me in life one must stay grounded (rooted) and must stay within their center, speaking their truth with confidence, humility and humbleness.

It is important to keep in mind the life always has other components outside of you, be it people, jobs, etc. that provide opportunities, challenges or in the case of exercise equipment like kettlebells a form of resistance. Therefore one must keep the principles of being grounded, being centered in mind and learn to flow with the resistance (or challenges, opportunities).

The key is learning how to work with life and the things that our thrown our way everyday. And through this process stay grounded, stay centered and lead yourself (guide) down the path you seek.

The bells, the physioball, martial arts, sports in general offer an opportunity to explore and apply these principles. Just think how important it is to use your feet to push off, explode forward, stop, start, shift, move and think how important it is to be balance, have center of gravity, center of mass, and how much easier it is to move, to flow when you are in proper position. When you are in the proper position (rooted, centered) you enhance your opportunities to succeed. Add in technical knowledge, practice of the skills required and of course internal drive, desire and anything is possible.

I have begun to see exercise and human movement in such a different light, thanks in large part to my exposure to the kettlebells, the wonderful people I have meet and worked with through the bells and now my experience working with the Mixed Martial Arts world. Rif taught me so much about technique, skill, planning and progression, fundmental movement principles that have been further enhanced through my practice and exposure to some extremely gifted strength coaches (you know who you are). Then add in my time with Frank, who has further enhanced the concepts Rif taught me and added in the concepts of flow, fluidity, constant movement motion, awareness of position, move with rather than against resistance.

Exercise and life are fundamental and principle in basis and yet they are so fluid an beautiful and in constant motion, constant evolution and constant challenge and opportunity.

Enjoy the moment, enjoy the process and stay grounded and centered with confidence, humbleness and humility. After all if you cannot laugh at yourself then you may be left out of the party.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shuffle Time

Lateral Drill day

having a bunch of fun and improving fast ;-)

Dynamic Warmups

Lateral Ladder Drills
1 and 2 foot sequenced including carioca, ickey shuffle, etc

Lateral Cones
Shuffle and touch x 4 sets

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Time to build strength in my deadlift through volume


work sets
325/1x15 (30 seconds rest between sets).

No issues, felt great and necessary. I could have stopped at 12 but went for 15 because it felt so good


Client came so had to stop workout. Plan to do Presses this evening

Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 1 of a strong track program

So meet with Carl and we focused on the linear part of the program

Ladders (this is just awesome and so tough at the same time but I am definitely improving)

30 meter sprints

Great day and I can feel the progress and just the better coordination

Sunday, October 08, 2006

fridays track day

So Friday we plan to use the ladder for hopping drills, plyo oriented work and do some hill runs. We did an intro and played around with some stuff this past friday and here is what we came up with

Dynamic warm-ups
again various drills to open the hips, create better coordination between muscles and limbs, tighten the body up to minimize ineffiecient movement..i.e loose knees, ankles, arm swing

ladder work
hops, 1 and 2 legged forward and lateral hops of various kinds. i am still learning all the names so bare with on that.

one observation is just how much focus and concentration it takes. i always improve the second set which is good and i can tell i am progressing well in general.

standing broad jump, load and explode; 4 reps x 2 sets
bounding (50 yards) x 2sets
striders (50 yards) x 2 sets

we could not get into stanfords new stadium so no hills or stairs this week

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Snatch time reps and Heavy Press day


Felt good to do these again. I really enjoyed the stretch.

Snatch 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest for 10 minutes
12 reps/ side was the number, this felt strong and sustainable for the time period. I could have got another rep with good form and 2 or 3 if I worked more speed.

24/12 for 5 sets per arm and 10 minutes

Wind was good but not what it should be. Back felt good just a little tightness on the top of the right hip (posterior). Could be Quadratus.

Military Press

this was heavy. I havenot picked up the bulldog in some time and need to be more consistent for sure. I did the first rep on each set as a press and then used a little push press motion for the additional 2 reps. However, with the more reps I did I found more of a groove and remember all the little things that make it much easier for me to press this weight. I have some work to do,


Just wanted to finish and train my cooridnation with this move.

Hill Sprints...Wednesday

Decided to skip the track and head for the hills. Carl could not meet up so I was on my own and wehad planned on doing hills or stairs so I took it upon myself to hit the mountain

Half Mile Jog

Hill Sprints
40 yards/4 reps x1

walk to bottom of hill turn and repeat

30 yards/4 reps x1

same recovery process.

Focused on the form (especially arm drive, and hip drive). Noticed on the 4th rep of each set that fatigue was building up

Walk recovery followed by a Yoga/stretching session. No soreness today or residual fatigue

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Peak of Cycle

Deadlifts week 3 of 2nd cycle


Good and strong and a good number. Not much to say other than I must keep focused and train

Monday, October 02, 2006

Run Forrest Run

More dynamics and running today at Stanford. This was a good day. No Carl but meet up with my friend Bill. Therefore I lead todays sessions

the focus of the drills was on knee drive, heels to butt, toe lift, and arm movement
Did a few sets of high knees, A's, butt kickers, toes walks, pawing motions.

Then we did 100's trying to build strength/speed endurance.
100 meters/3 reps x 2 sets

walk back to recover at about 80%.

These felt good, found a good pace and form and worked on connecting the dots.

Lift tomorrow

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Playing in the Rain

Went with the pup to the lake to play ball with her and do some bells. Before long a light rain set in and how magical it was. Small point, the wetness on the bell really works the grip...lol

Clean and Press

Nice and easy


Again nice and easy except for the wet handle.

that is all, a good workout