Friday, March 31, 2006

Vinyasa Friday

Another great Vinyasa session. Our instructor Paige at Yoga Source, Palo Alto rocks! I can really feel the difference and the ability to close my mind off and focus on my breathe and my strength of the pose makes a huge difference. Some of the poses hard to do after a hard days Kettlebells, but since that is my number 1 priority I will just deal with and do the best I can ;-)

KB Saturday
Get-up sit up
Renegade Rows
Deck Squats

and either
C&P with 2 kbs
Guard Press

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A good days training the bells

So, took it up a notch today and decided that I want to increase my strength with the Snatch, TGU and Pistols. All and all a good day.


These were strong, but I need some work and more practice. It has been a long time since I have done anything heavy with the TGU

Goal 32/5/5x5

32/5/5x5 with 1 minutes rest between sets.

I want to do 100 total reps in 10 minutes with the 32.This is doable and plan to work the clock during my next Snatch session


Legs were a little fatigued. this is the highest volume I have done with these and just need more practice.

Goal is to do pistols with a 24kg in each hand,racked position.


Great day...40 total minutes

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesdays Bells, back on track

So, got it rolling after a little illness and deciding what direction I wanted to head with my training. There are so many options, so many great programs by so many great instructors it can be difficult to choose. So, I am following my own gut and here was day 1


Wow, these were great and the first time I have done them in quite some time, especially with any considerable weight. Stability was a little more of a challenge with the shoulder than I would have thought but could be a direct result of a little fatigue due to Yoga

Clean and Press

YES! No problem strong and fluid and pressed with no issues.
Goal: 40/3/3x3 first step

Pull-ups body weight

Good stuff but a little fatigued. It has been 8 days since my last real training session and I have not done Pull-ups for a while

DARC swings
HR at 180 and felt great!

WOW! I love the bells, after a layoff and some uncertainty as to my program design I feel great and the strength is more than there....If you master the skill and technique the strength will stay!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vinyasa monday

I tell you, the more I do this I like its compliment to my KB training and I feel it is making me stronger and helping to reinforce the principles the I use and are the underlying points of the kettlebell...thank you Steve Cotter ( I believe he is the one who developed the Kb principles of root, link, tense and breathe). The more I focus on pushing my limits only as far as my breathe can take me, the better I get at each stretch and the stronger/more flexible I become

On my way to KB Tuesday! YES :-)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mountain Bike

Went for my first ride in 4 months....just a 4 mile ride 2 up, 2 down. A good 25 minute climb with a 6 minute downhill. Felt really strong. The KBs have helped me tremendously especially in applying force and appropriate muscular coordination. I had no problems with fatigue, my heart rate was relatively stable...lucky if I broke 160 and an easy recovery with no soreness today. Although I am under the weather and was before the ride.

The KBs make a hugh surprise

No workouts today or the rest of the week, I need rest to get through this

Monday, March 20, 2006

Vinyasa Yoga, Friday and Monday (today)

Ok, so I have been figuring out how to balance workouts with my schedule and what exercises I want to focus on. I am enjoying the strength and conditioning aspect and may keep to my original plan with a supplement for deadlift of heavy 2 hand swing. I want to add in some Deck Squats, TGU, Windmills as I really enjoy these exercises for there unique aspects.

So, in the meantime I have been working the Yoga angle. I would like to do this twice a week. I appreciate the meditative aspects and the challenges it brings me. I like the breathing and posture combination and seeing my improvements

Moving forward I plan on doing 4 days of KB's and bodyweight strength & conditioning combined with 2 days of Yoga.

The key is progression and further mastery of the elements which I choose, as well as balance!

The mastery concept is huge and a valuable tool I learned from my coach Mark as well as the progression concept! I really like the TSC program he and I came up with!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Heart Rate

WOW! Got the heart soaring today! High Intensity training, reduced volume. Great workout, great push and humbling

Clean and Push-Press (2 kb)
24/13x1 (1 minute)
24/12x1 (1 minute)
24/12x1 (45seconds...getting tired)
24/10x2 (45 seconds...yikes, this is tough)

So, the point was to do 1 minute work with 1 minute rest and that is exactly what I did, expect I failed on sets 3-5 to achieve 1minute of work so got an extra 15 seconds rest...needed Heart Rate was 180 +

Weighted Pull-ups

Forearms, Biceps, Shoulders fried from Clean and Push-Press but felt strong. Plan to do the 3 P workout tomorrow (pull-ups , pistols, and push-ups)...all body weight

1 Arm Swings
32/20/20 (1 minute)
32/19/19 (1 minute)
32/15/15 (45 seconds)

Ok, the heart flew on these....hovered around 204 for sets 2 and 3...only allowed 1 minute rest between sets but these were tough. Recovered well from set 1 and 2 but took me time to recover from the full workout! Overall this was a heart rate kicker and I loved the intensity. It is very difficult to keep the intensity up with the higher weight and higher heart rate...something has to give and today it was volume. But, the conditioning is coming along strong and my ability to recover and push again is improving. I am looking forward to increasing my work capacity and strength.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday at girya

A change of plans...not totally sure where I am going to go with my workouts but did something today as I decide what is next. With Rif wanting to go at it alone, which I understand how difficult it is too have people doing different things (types of training)....affects the continuity of the workouts, especially his, I really do not have a place to deadlift so i have to take this into consideration especially for the TSC.




10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5

Have to figure out my new goals and if I want to find a way to continue TSC training.....hmm, more to come



C & P


going thru the motions...tired from the fight

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Shamrock vs Gracie

Last night I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Frank Shamrock invited me to thelocker room pre-fight to stretch him and do some body work. So, I was able to hang in the locker room before and after the fight. I feel like i am part of the family, the team.
On top of that I was able to walk out with him and the other team members for the fight and stand ringside for all of 21 seconds as Frank knocked the shit out of Gracie.

I must say that not only is Frank a tremendous fighter and champion and a world class athlete but he is a world class person and so are all his team members. They are a great group of people and I am proud to be a part of this fine group of athletes and people and look forward to helping them become better fightersby teaching the Russian Kettlebell System.

I am honored