Thursday, November 30, 2006

On the track to the court

meet up with my friend Carl and we are starting on the track again. This was our second workout this week, and a good one

Warm-up with Dynamics focus on opening the hips, ankles and getting rhythm and coordination. Takes about 10 to 15 minutes

Ladder Drills (approx 15+)
Started with hops, shuffles, high knee, quick feet, etc.

This is really challenging on the CNS. I could tell that about the 3rd rung from the finish I would start to lose it on some of the drills. I really have to focus but in the same breathe I can tell how some of the moves feel more natural and I am moving much quicker and with more ease.

Tempo Runs
100meters x8

Also, I talked with the throws coach about seeing if I can do some work with the Teams at Stanford. I would love to learn more and this is a great institution in some many ways and many sports (except He gave me a contact name

Later I met up with my friend Tully and we played some tennis. I love being on the court. I really love the movements, the speed, agility, hand-eye coordination. I love putting it all together into a sport.

I have been doing a lot of thinking and looking to identify what I am as an athlete. I realize that I just love to play and enjoy being able to do many things well. I wish I had the love of a particular sport, etc that I could focus my energy and efforts toward to achieve greatness, but for the most part those days have past. All the sports I love to play I am past my prime to be what I want and or couldhave been. If I only knew then what I know now about dedication towards excellence but I did not focus and I missed my opportunities (rugby or baseball).

So, know I realize I just enjoy playing, having fun and being able to do many things well. It is fun to be an athlete, to develop my basic athleticism.

Maybe I will change my mind, time will tell. But my body feels good, feels healthy, feels strong, and feels young. Those are things that are invaluable. I am fortunate to not have any injuries or things that hold me back and I am grateful to have my health and mobility.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The New IFL Fights for 2007...Shamrock vs Shamrock

The IFL has made the announcement official. We will fight Ken Shamrocks team Jan 19th in Oakland at the Arena. Additionally we have fights in March on the 17th at the Staples Center in LA and May 19th in Chicago from there is the semi and finals

checkout for more info

Nice to train with someone

My buddy Mike came over to train again, he is really enjoying the bells, especially the snatch

Tonight I decided to introduce the TGU and a view of its variations (he stuck with the classic lunge style)

Lunge TGU

Overhead Squat TGU (this is a first for me with the 32kg)

This was tough but a heck of a challenge and one I will continue to work on. I could not believe I had the strength to do this overhead squat style. This was my first time doing the overhead squats with this weight and then to make it get-up style was awesome

2kb TGU

Wow, this is just an amazingly challenging exercise. Just the shoulder strength, flexibility and of course stability are incredibly strenous.

24/5/5x1 warm-up


Nice strength work. Feels good and considering I am not on top ofmy game I felt really pleased with these. They were explosive and smooth.

Military Press

Lost the strength at the end. The second set was by far my best, as my friend Mike said the bell went up easy. The key was position, keeping the bell close to the body, elbow underneath the bell while pressing, wrist straight. Simple physics, think of a pilar and remember that it has a strong base of support (feet, legs, hips), no kinks in the structure (stay link), tension dispersed throughout (complete body tension).

So, this was a good workout, I know I am not at the top of my game, but this was a very nice workout and I feel my strength coming back and energy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So, I have had some trouble updating the blog so here is today and last nights workouts

Last Night (after Yoga)
Hooked up with my buddy Mike again and decided I would show him some different stuff, just so he could see some of the variety the bells offer in addition to the main exercises


Clean Squat Press


Clean and Press

Guard Press 2KB

Renegade Row

Deck Squat

Nothing terribly difficult but a good workout nonetheless. Always fun to show a friend the bells....PS he is a strong man

Today; Tuesday
workout 1 8:15-8:30 a.m.


workout 2 9:30-9:45 am
shadow box
15 minutes

workout 3 1:30-2:30
Track Work
joint mobilty
dynamic warm-ups
ladder drills (10)

this was a great day of a variety of training and definite intuitive training. I feel better after today and look forward to tomorrow.

Monday, November 27, 2006


took myself to a new studio today and took an excellent Vinyasa class. Class was about 1:15 and the instructor was really good at explaining how to get into poses and how to get the most out of the poses. Did a lot of standing balance poses, good back bends to open the low back and a lot of shoulder work, even did a nice head standing which she helped me with.

Overall it was a great practice today. I really enjoyed the meditation aspect as right now I am practicing the art of Patience a buddhist approach philosophically speaking. I read a great article on this site

The concepts make sense and truly strengthen the spirit self, soul self. I am on a conitnual quest to evolve body, mind, and spirit and todays practice, and my daily life practice is geared towards achieving the best I can possibly be at an given moment.

Step in the right direction

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A true Success Story

This is the story of Dave MacMillan, a champion in training. Dave is a professional mixed martial art fighter. He is one of a kind, talented and skilled, with the heart and dedication to be the best. rarely does a professional such as myself get to work with not only one athlete who is on a level of the champion (Frank Shamrock) but 2, the second in coming Dave. He is so kind in his words but one must understand that Dave is self motivated and together we have been able to accomplish amazing things with his physical conditioning. His blog is linked on the site, read and see for yourself. Enjoy Daves Story, we will be hearing about him for some time to come

My Name is Dave MacMillan and I moved to California to train at
Martial Arts Academy.
I first met Joe Sarti In july 2006 when he was training the Frank
submission fight team every wednesday. I enlisted in Joe's expertise as
conditioning on a Sunday when I decided to become the most conditioned
athlete in my field.

Joe's knowledge and training methods allowed me to reach my goals and
into the best shape ever. He completed this task in 2 months by just
him 2 to 3 times a week. He got me ready for my fights in California
has helped in making me a very exciting fighter to watch.

Since training with Joe I am able to keep in competition shape all year
round and injury free. He helpe me reach a whole new level of physical
mental conditioning that I never thought possible. and if you don't
me, just look at my pics.

Joe is a master of physical, mental, and spiritual conditioning. But
most of
all he is a true friend who truly cares about his clients goals and
performance. I still keep in contact with Joe via email and telephone
while I'm here in Canada. He still helps me with my conditioning even
I'm here.

I reccomend Joe's services to anyone. If your goal is to excel in your
performance, or just to get in better shape or feel healthy, Joe will
understand your goal and train you accordingly. He doesn't just train,
teaches you so you understand what your doing so you will increase your
fitness knowledge.

Playing in the Rain

Got out today with my buddy Tully and played some tennis. Just nice to be out playing a sport, learning a new game. I am an avid sports guy. I love to play and have fun, I enjoy the competition and becoming better. Now, at the current rate of how I approach sports, I will probably not becoming number 1 in the world at any particular sport but I will be smiling, playing, having fun and always be in great physical condition.

I realize I could still achieve great things if I was to focus on a particular sport, etc. but I just enjoy being, and doing whatever especially when it comes to sports and activities.

This week I will continue with my lifting program which I am pleased with and practice my Yoga more intensely. I find the yoga is good for my spirit and really connects my mind and body in a way that I feel makes me a better person.

So, another nice day playing a cool sport with my friend. Stay tuned for a what could be a wild week of varying activities.

The 2 constants are kettlebells (resistance training movements) and stretching (foam roller, joint mobility, yoga, etc.) . The other stuff just happens and falls the way it is supposed too

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bulldog Time

Worked out with a buddy of mine, Mike who is new to KBs. Played D1 football as a middle linebacker so he is a big man, strong man. When I first showed him the bells he liked them so I invited him to join me in a workout

I thought I would teach him some of the basic moves


not a high volume but I am not feeling quite up to par so this just felt good to do.



I loved using the 40 for this exercise and would like another 32 for doubles


I was surprised. It must have been the company because I felt really strong on this exercise considering I have not pressed the bulldog or even really touched it for well over a month.

That is it.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who take time to read my blog. I give thanks to you for participating, learning and making me a stronger, better person. I will continue to bring it too you. All the best to you and yours. With love and gratitude. Now the last 2 days workouts ;-)

Wednesday workout


Clean,Squat Press
24/10/10 x3

2 hand Swing

A little tired and sore from the last 2 days but this felt good

Mountain Bike
1.5 hours

Good climbing. Lungs/cardio felt great but the lactic acidin the legs definitely a hinderance. What do I expect, I have not been doing this typee of training for a looooooong time, but still feel great

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pulling my weight

First deadlift since the end of my last cycle, Oct 31st when I got 495. So today went with 65% and triples for 5 sets



What can I say but this felt good. Got my groove on the third set and found my optimal position. Really had to focus on wedginf into the ground and that really helped get the bar up easy.


Wow, cannot remember the last time I got some pull-up volume in but it sure felt awesome

Tempo Runs

Some training principles

These are just some general principles that came to my mind. As with anything, there is more and I am sure if I or any of us were to look at the great blogs on the right you would and will find more. Recently a client of mine asked me if I could give her some principles to train by and these were just a few i have learned through the years

Training Principles

• Quality over quantity
• Rest and recovery (includes nutrition and sleep) are essential to progress
• Do the things that make you better
• Avoid training to failure (it is better to under train and go at it again rather than over do it and either hurt yourself or have to rest for a few days).
• Listen to your body
• Technique, not reps, sets, and/or weight is the key.
• If you train/move poorly you will develop bad habits and be in poor condition.
• Strength is a skill, learned skill
• Progression is key. Do not be afraid to rest if that is what your body is telling you
• Clarify your intentions

If you have any to add please do so. I will repost the updated thoughts

Monday, November 20, 2006

Peace and Tranquility mixed with some power

Feeling much better physically, mentally and emotionally so I hit the workout trail today. Now that we are settled into our new nest in Menlo, I have time to start some projects, etc that I have been wanting to do for some time. Today was the first of those projects, Yoga.


I have said this before and will say it again, everytime I do yoga, I know why I do yoga. I just feel a sense of peace and tranquilty and a true sense of calm comes over me. Yes, this for me is a form of mediation, a way to connect my mind, body and spirit and let all else go. And to top it off I become stronger, fitter, looser and free. What a sensation. There are many benefits to yoga and I am aware of what yoga gives me and I am glad to be back practicing.


I am doing my deadlifts tomorrow and since I did my Yoga today I wanted to get some basic work in and just practice my technique and increase my comfort with the 32 kg for all my basic strength stuff.

Clean and Press


Nothing majorin terms ofvolume and intensity but anytime you pick up 70lbs of weight and throw it around it counts, especially when you weigh only 172. Good workout and nice to feel the bell in my hands.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A little bells and some tennis

So the plan was to run but my training partner had to prepare for his trip and thus cancelled the workout. Instead, I decided to do some light bells and continue with my plans to play tennis with my other friend.


I really wanted to test my ability to do the 30/arm for the snatch test and recert process. I passed and only had some general forearm/grip fatigue but I could have gone on. I like doing a few high rep sets. Good mental training


Nothing special just some practice.

At this point I knew best to stop, I am not 100% and I should have just quit all together but instead I play 2 hours of Tennis. Pretty good pace but this is really only my third time where I had some skill/technique to apply and did not solely rely on athletic prowess. Although I love using my speed to track down balls that other do not think I will get to and then making it back into position to continue the rally. All and all a fun way to spend some time with a good friend

More Bells tomorrow. I will get my 32 and other 24 back for some good work.

Sometimes it is just fun to get out and play!

I love being an athlete and athletic...float like a butterfly and sting like bee

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some thoughts/ideas

This whole travel deal, lack of sleep, etc. really wrecked me and I just decided that I need to lay up a couple of days. So, no workouts to report but I am on it tomorrow. I have a track session and a Tennis match scheduled. I will hit the bells hard friday and I am stoked to get back on it. If I am up to it in the morning I plan to do my deadlifts and pull-ups.


In the meantime I have come up with a very cool combination of exercises. I call it Joga. I have taken all pre-existing exercises, methods and combined them into my own version of the Naked Warrior, or RIFGA. The core moves focus on mobility, yoga, bodyweight strength moves, and martial art moves. This is a fun workout and a nice compliment to the bells, especially for my clients and the MMA boys.

My Chicago Seminar

This was a resounding success. The students gave me such wonderful feedback about my ability to teach, handle a diverse group in a rare and unique situation where people were coming in and out throughout the day, a wide variety of levels of fitness, kettlebell experience and age range. This family and there friends were superb students who were open and willing to learn, asked questions and really demonstrated their competence. I was told they were considering hiring a number of people, well qualified and they choose me and they were pleased with the choice. Money was not really an object so that gives you the idea they had some really talented folks in mind and just to be considered in the same breathe with these people, whom I know and to get the opppotunity humbles me but at the same time I know I am talented and qualified and I look forward to more opps such as this.

I have another seminar/bootcamp for Cisco in Aptos for 4 days in Feb and I am keeping my fingers crossed that Microsoft hires me for the big meeting in Feb as well at the Hotel Del Cornado where I would hope that I could see my friends Franz and Yoanna as well as Steve Cotter. More to come with Microsoft in the coming weeks. In addition, the IFL gig looks good for the upcoming year and I hope the team performs well so we get more opps to travel and compete.

That is it. Back to the Fun in Life

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back at it

So, today I am tired, fatigued and feeling jet-lagged. A lot of travel over the past 11 days, and the last few I have not eaten very well or slept very well at all. However, I felt after I had a nice nap today that a good workout would get me back on my regular schedule.

No track today just KBs, it is quite wet out and plus the level of focus when doing sprints and the CNS demands I did not feel that it would be good for me




2 hand Swing
32/15 x4

Good workout and a nice sweat. Definitely felt better afterward but no agood nights sleep is needed. Plan to get out and do my deadlifts and some light running tomorrow

That is all for now.