Monday, February 20, 2006

Baseline Snatch Test

Ok, so today was the first Snatch test day. The goal was 3 minutes and approximately 64 reps, after a big I just love it, this training is fantastic and Rif has really been a great coach and catalyst, keeping me focused and sound.


This (427) was by far my best pulls of the day and technically much more sound...the groove is stronger. There is nothing like the deadlift for me in terms of grit and guts. It feels so awesome to step up, focus, and just pull. I feel so when doing this, but it is truly an exercise of the mond and body and an attitude to overcome. It just is a special move for me and makes me want more every time.

24/12/12/12/12/12/12 for 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

Ok, these got tough on after about the 6th rep on the right side on the third set of 12. This would have been a good point in the test to stop and catch my breath (around 2:05). My lungs/throat was burning but darn I know I can do it, 120 in 5 minutes with a couple more months of training. Totally different exercise than the deadlift but with the clock and those reps, that grit and guts concept becomes a factor and I just do not want to fail myself! I must stay focused and train smart

Pull-ups (BW)
10, 7, 8

Great day!!! More to come!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

40kg...Stones style

Alright, one of the biggest days, if not the biggest for me. Really pushed myself on weight and finally am starting to play with the about reinforcing principles!!!

CLean and Strict Press
40/2/2x1 PR

Wow! These felt pretty darn strong. I know I have to tighten up on my principles and they will be even easier. Before I know it, 5 sets of 5 reps/side with the 40kg. Sooner if I tighten up and focus on the most important aspects, the skills, techniques, principles


Ok, so not a PR with the 40kg since I have done the 43.5kg one time/side, once before. However, I am very pleased to have snatched the 40kg today. Again I have to work on principles and just overall timing (the punch) and I will be doing 5 and 5 with this soon as well.

high pull-up

Hands were toast, so did this instead of additional snatches, heck of an exercise though...really hones in the snatch skills

Renegade Row

Played with this a little. Rif and I talked and he thinks I should shift my weight more to the stabilizing arm/l;eg and add a little more rotation with my row. I found that to be easier. It will be interesting to hear what Rif thinks once he answers a few questions re this exercise

Farmers Walk
24/1 lapx1

24/1 lapx3

I have to say, it feels damn good to be getting stronger and working on my skills/techniques (the main reason I am getting stronger) However, I have so much more to learn and practice. Just need to stay focused and take advantage of the awesome coaching Rif is giving. This has been the big difference, for once I have pretty much shut up and allowed him to coach me and look at all the PRs.....and this is only over 6-7 weeks of training. Imagine what I can accomplish with more time!!!
Must keep this in mind and not let my ego get the best of comments necessary :-)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Light day at Girya

Ok, just a moderate day at Girya...have a big day tomorrow so did not want to over do it.

TGU Squat Style

Just was not into these today, just felt a little fatigued in my stabilizers (shoulder).


These felt really good. I had a couple of reps here and there where I lost myself but I was able to stay focused and complete the reps. The left side is more challenging but is almost up to par with the right side! I just need to do these more often but not right now as it is not an integral part of my program

Pull-ups (did since I missed on Monday)
15, 10, 8, 4

Pushed myself on the each set but felt considerable strong considering the fatigue in my shoulders/back.

Not a bad day in the least bit. Took me a while to get into the groove but I pulled through.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

stellar workout at a Girya

So, Monica and I trained at Girya today! What a great workout we had. I felt totally focused and strong!

Clean & Jerk 10 minutes
My goal was to do 4 reps/arm each minute and rest and repeat for the complete 10 minutes
32/4/4x10 (30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest). 80 total reps
I felt strong and consistent but need to clean up my technique a little here and there, especially the timing and power application.

Weighted Pull-ups
These felt strong and I could have done more

1 Arm Swings
wow these were good but tough. Felt good use of the legs and hips and overall strong! The cardio was good, strong and Monica and switched back & forth w/ her doing snatches & me swings....great pace!

Great workout and got my ass handed too me! Monica pushed hard & is very strong!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Suck it up day at Stones...2/13

Ok, no excuses. Got home around 3 am from Washington D.C. Wasted tired, travelled for over 12 hours yesterday and just a culmination to a long travel week across the country....a great week at that. So, took a 10 minute nap and alarm went off and I said "lets go"

Warm-up with Triples....start at 135 increase by 20kg x4 sets/3 reps (per set)
365/1x1 (mixed grip)
415/1x3 Last one best one)...a little forward need to lift chest and wedge

Altogether increased intensity, decreased volume due to limited rest. However, I felt strong and focused! Pleased to say the least. I truly am finding my groove!

(approx 41-43 sec of work) with about 1 minute rest between sets. Was Switching back and forth with Rif who was doing 5 reps/side. We rocked and rolled. Loved the pace and intensity
24/5/5x2 Did these just too get my volume. Made them tough because of my lack of focus...unacceptable but i will improve...lesson hopefully learned

No pull-ups...just too fatigued and no need to over do it. Next! I feel strong and motivated, nothing like pushing yourself!

Friday, 2/10 at Steve maxwell's Maxercise in Philly

Today I had the great pleasure of visiting Steve Maxwells gym in Philly Very cool place, two levels with ample equipment, everything you need and so much more. I was very fortunate and had the whole upstairs floor to myself, a jujitsu room filled with Kettlebells, a dream come true :-).

I did not feel it today...still fighting off the beginning of the cold and just a little fatigue from flying across country and just jamming around the whole excuses though so I went out and sent some small PR's

10, 5

Supersets Pull-ups/2 hand swing
5, 40k/15
5, 32k/20
5, 28k/25
5, 24k/30

Superset 2 Pull-ups/DARC
5, 40k/20 (PR, never used the 40k for DARC's....felt great!)
5, 32k/30
5, 28k/40
5, 24k/50

Superset 2kb Turkish Get-up/Deck Squat
TGU 16kg/2/2 w/ Decks 24kg/10 (these are both PR's...only attempted the TGU on Tuesday, just one rep and as for the Decks, first time with the 24k)
TGU 16kg/1/1 w/ Decks 24kg/10
TGU 16kg/1/1 w/ Decks 24kg/10

The TGU's were really tough, great for the core and shoulder stabilization. The Decks are just a gut check, have to push through. Just when you think you are making really good progress you become humbled again. The KB's are just amazing! I love what I can do and what they have done for me and just look to establishing more PR's and more importantly becoming a true master of the bells.

For a day when I did not feel at my best, I am proud of myself for not dishonoring Mr. Maxwell and his kindness for the use of his facility. I think he would smile to know that I established some small, but important PR's at his facility.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A special thank you

First off, thank you to Rick Ripplinger, a friend and client of mine from Cisco for bringing me out to San Diego and the Hotel Del Coronado to instruct bootcamp style his group at Cisco. He and his wonderful co-workers (Serena, Crystal to name two) opened a number of wonderful doors, which I am not sure they even are completely aware off.

One particular door is that to Revolution Fitness and Franz and Yoanna. They have been so kind and open while I was in town and I feel like I am leaving with two good friends. On top of that they are extremely talented coaches and athletes. In addition, while at there studio I had the opportunity to meet and train with Josh Henkin and Ray D'Alesio, whom are two top coaches out of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Yoanna's sister, Natasha also invited and kicked my butt at her yoga studio in La Jolla. So, safe too my experience with the great people at Revolution has been memorable and rewarding.

Then there is Mr. Steve Cotter, who kindly opened the doors to his home and allowed my to train with him and just talk as good friends and strength coaches. I had the great pleasure of meeting his family (whose names shall remain silent out of respect to Steve and his family :-)

This evening I will get the pleasure of hanging out with David Weck, Mr Bosu himself (creator of the bosu ball and bola ball). Should be fun

All and all San Diego has been very good too me, great people, great workouts and great experiences. thank you to all of you whom made this possible at Cisco and all of you who opened your doors and minds too me (you know who you are :-)

Cotter's Place

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with and training with a great strength coach by the name of Steve Cotter. We spent about an hour and half talking life, principles, kettlebells and philosophies. He is a brilliant man and a true warrior heart/spirit. I have much respect for him and it was a great pleasure to share time together.

So the workout was Clean and jerks for me and just double Jerks, GS style for Steve...a true mutant in every sense of the word, but to give him his true just due, a man with a strong mind, body and spirit, a modern day warrior who could have thrived in many eras.

Clean and Jerk 1 kb warm-up

2kb Work sets (a first for me, so a PR)
32/8x1 (1 minute timed set. If this would have been a 10 minute test I would have averaged around 3 to 4 per minute...however, I that would be with me setting the bells down).

45kg/5x1 (just a max set to get used to the position of the rack with such a big bell)

45kg/2x1 (wow, this was form on my left side was terrible so I am not too happy...but I made up for it with my right side.)

Overall, I am happy with the work. I tried some new things and attempted to learn GS style, which I realized is a true technical skill. I think I have much room too grow and working wtih Steve I am an even more humbled man. He did 10 jerks per side with the 122# bell, impressive...after his work sets.

thank you Steve Cotter for you time, you truly are a great man and I know you will continue to achieve great things in life!

Tomorrow on a plane to Philly, with the next stop Friday morning at Steve Maxwell's

Yoga Fusion, Tuesday Night Ashtanga in San Diego

Well, Natasha, Yoanne's sister invited me to take her class at Yoga Fusion. I could not pass up the offer and decided to take the challenge. Let me tell you, I loved the class and the style...combination of strength, flexiibilty, strong breathing and intense focus! Natasha is a great teacher and really pushed me!

So, another great day in Sunny San Diego or better yet La Jolla. I have to be wise that I do not overtrain, which is quite easy when you are working with talented/motivated coaches who share similar passions/interests and everyone wants to learn/teach one another!

More To Come from San Diego

Monday, February 06, 2006

Workout 2 Revolution Fitness, San Diego

So, I arrived in San Diego around 5 pm and Yoanna of Revolution Fitness (a kettlebell and so much more personal training studio) picked me at the airport. Upon arriving at her and her husband Franz's studio they told me to get dressed for a workout. I have to admit I was not terribly excited, especially since I had already had a great and tough workout earlier in the day. Nonetheless I did not want to be disrespectful to my new comrades and their extended hospitality.

5 exercises, 30 seconds/exercise, with a 30 second rest and 3 rounds!

Round 1
Keg Clean and Squat

Steel Log Clean Squat Press

Rope Pull hand over hand
150# (cable pulley)/4 complete pulls

Kb DARC swings

Overhhead Lunge with Keg

Round 2





Round 3





So, this was some cool strong man stuff mixed with one KB exercise.
The steel log felt great I was fast and explosive for my first time.
The Keg Clean & Press was cool....hardest part is each keg had some liquid in them making them quite unstable (I like that :-)
The Overhead Lunge was the most difficult...stabilizing the Keg made life rough but Ioved the challenge.

Overall I must say I was completely thrilled I was able too hang. Josh Henkin, a strongman competitor and his business/training partner Ray also a strongman (@190#) were there training as well, so even more motivation. I have a whole new level of respect for strongman style training, eventhough I only had a small a "light" weight intro

The kindness of Franz and Yoanna is second to none. They invited me along with Josh and Ray back to there house for Arrapas, a traditional venezulean dish (very, very yummy)....I was a pig and had 4 and could have eaten more. Yoanna is an excellent cook. They were also kind enough to cart me around and back to the Hotel Del Coronado....

That is all for now. Steve Cotter is next!

Stones, workout 1 of 2

Great day at Stones! Worked my TSC day and felt really strong. Having Rif and I in there pushing together is truly motivational

135 - 381/3x1 Warming up for the real deal ;-). Overall these reps were good, had some trouble so...
405/2x2 These were awesome, felt strong and connected. Raw and can only expect great things


Did these at about 41 to 46 seconds for the complete set. Rest went from 45 sec to 1 min. This was a down cycle week so we stayed in control. Felt good with the cardio and form.

10, 9, 7, 5, 5, 4 =40 total bw reps

Great day, cannot complain! Rif kicked ass with his 10 min Clean and Jerk Routine...hit my expected # for him :-)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Stellar workout at Stones 2/4

Well, today felt like one of those days when you know you are taking the right steps in the right direction. Rif challenged me and for the first time I began to understand that I am training for a meet. With this knowledge I realzie that I must buckle down and really focus on what is important to accomplish my, I pushed hard today and feel very positive about the workout.

Clean and Strict Press (by far my best in terms of Reps in a set with the 32k)
32/8 (PR for reps in a set)

Just need to remember to tighten up on the catch...the cleans are easy money :-)


(this felt great, good power and good timing on the punch) I would like to get myself tighter through the whole body and I am working on that. I will be moving up to the 32k eventually on this day and I am excited about that. Boy, though I have to do a better job at callus management.

Renegade Rows
16/5/5 x5
On the last set took did with one leg on the ground, removing the other as I pulled making the stabilzation more challenging...major focus is necessary! Overall these just felt fabulous. Have to remember great position and to push into the ground with one side while pulling with the other and to engage glutes/abs.

DARC Swings

Ok, by far my favorite swing. I love the rhythm and motion. I just feel like I can go forever and I have a much easier time using the right parts of my body. My low back is not an issue and my glutes and legs (esepecially hams) just love to push. I felt like I could do 100, it would have been a push but decide to play smart, nothing to prove. In due time I will get my 100

Training with Rif and Palmer just made everything that much better. Rif is just amazing, never failing to amaze himself or me and that just makes me want to work harder, smarter... and JP has made so much progress and is really developing into a strong person/KBer

Looking forward to Monday and then training with Yoanna at Revolution Fitness, with Steve Cotter and over at Steve Maxwells ( All these people are true atheltes and professionals who have been kind enough too spend time with me and push me! WOW!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kick Arse workout at Girya

Ok, so did the third day of my new plan. It was awesome, although I had to cut short the workout (missed the swings) because I had a prospective client enter and start to ask many questions...she better sign, although I finished the other 3 exercises in 35 minutes and felt darn good.

Clean and Jerk
20/5x1 w-up
24/3x1 w-up

10 minutes max number of reps = 75 (the most I have done with this move)
32/5x5/side for 50 reps in 6:20
32/3x3/side for 24 reps +1 in 3:40

Definitely strong numbers but got a little tired

weighted Pull-ups (second day in a row)
12k/5x5 (got tired on last 2 reps of the 5th set, but overall felt really good)

2 kb Front Squat (went "easy" since I did pistols yesterday and quads a little tired)
24/5x5 (with a 2 second pause at the bottom of each rep)

MISSED SWINGS due to new potential client...will do tomorrow!

35 total minutes and felt great!

Adjusted TSC Plan

set one20+20
set two 15+15
set three 10+10
set four 5+5= 100 total reps

each week try to compress rest periods until five minutes is reached

triple tsc rep goal volume_ goal =20/ workout =60 reps

3-5 sets of 3-5 each in circuit


clean and jerk 10 minutes max reps
wt pullups 5x5
2 kb front squat( paused)
one arm swings/overweight

set one 30+30
sets two 20+20
set three 10+10
set four 5+5 use the next weight up from the comp weight. keep rest periods as low as possible

friday or saturday
clean and (strict)press 5x5/5
snatch 5x3-5
renegade row 5x5
DARCS 100 total reps

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The 3 P's

Pull-ups Tactical style (with a pause, top and bottom) 1 min rest between sets
10,9,8,7,6,5,5 =50


Supersetted with

30, 35, 20, 15 (various styles...i.e. hand positions, speed, etc.)

The combo of pistols and push-ups took 5 minutes

Great quick and solid workout....feel strong