Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hero Figure & moving beyond

What began as a way to ‘help’ a friend turned out to be so much more. Yes, lets play with this idea of help. That is what I do, I ‘help’ people through teaching, coaching, educating, motivating, supporting, listening, advising, and so on. I am a Hero, yep you heard it right, I have through the process of helping my friend ‘edit’ her amazing book, which is soon to be published, discovered through this process my role play in life.

The Hero, I will not give it away because I cannot even do the justice my friend Aimee does in her description of and explanation of the Hero but it is safe for me to say and Aimee verified that I indeed am the Hero.

Now, in the book Aimee refers to the Hero in terms of the roles we play in our ‘romantic’ relationships. And, yes, I have indeed been this person in all my relationships and what to me by bigger surprise is that I not only play this in my romantic relationships but also my life on the whole, just look at my profession.

My process of transformation out of this role begun long ago and is still in process. Through my self study of eastern philosophy, my personal experiences and the lessons they have taught (a big debt of gratitude to all my romantic partners for helping me in this), the coaching program at ITP and the introduction of meditation and yoga I have truly seen my transcendence of the Hero role.

This is not too say it does not appear here and there, but it is too say that I am aware (because of Aimee’s writing/book) what I have been in the past and what and how I have conducted myself and I have been able to ‘label’ or at least identify in words exactly what it is, the Hero.

I knew I was doing things that were not conducive to living my best life and I knew I wanted to change, evolve, shift, transform these. Now that I am armed with more information I have a great understanding and can take it too the next level. I know that Aimee’s book will help many people and I am one of the fortunate souls to be blessed to have read the book and be able to directly interact with the author!!!, how awesome is that!

Awareness is one thing, action is another and developing practices that help one to take action are essential. My meditation and yoga practice have truly begun to transform me on levels that I knew were possible but was not yet able to reach. These two practices have helped to me to put the pieces together and take myself to new heights, new boundaries, borders, and push beyond my self imposed limits conscious or unconscious, patterns and/or complexes.

The process is a journey, a lifelong one. I continue to move on the continuim and flow in the direction that my paths take me. Understanding who I am, what I am, how I am, how I be, etc. has been a catalyst putting me in the position I reside currently and will move toward in the future. My curiosity, exploratory nature and adventurous spirit puts me out in the world and gives me the opportunities to challenge myself to go beyond fear, to go beyond ego, to go beyond the false fa├žade and inspire and motivate myself to be what I be!

I am grateful for people like Aimee, who are taking and sharing their life experiences, their educated opinions and bringing them to the people with the intention of helping people evolve and grow beyond their current status and in the process help evolve the consciousness of all society. I am in training myself, working on developing the ability, skills, to share and exchange with people in a way to help evolve the consciousness of all society.

The reason I am here today is that I am transcending the Hero and it is through all my experiences and my curious nature that I am in a position to do so. I am approaching my role with humility, humbleness, compassion, gratitude, unconditional love and as a person who knows a way or 2 to transform ones self. I am a living example of this and that definitely enables me to be in a place to share these ways.

I used to think I could change people, that I could be the difference, the reason, the purpose behind their desire and execution of their transformation. I used to want to be the ‘hero’, the one who healed people. Well, the fact is you are the only one who can help, heal, transform, etc. yourself. I can give you information, support, motivate, inspire, educate, teach, and coach you but it is you who takes and makes the conscious choice action to push/explore/establish boundaries, borders, and limits.

This awareness helped me too understand on a deeper level what it meant to be in my position, to serve my role in life. It is not to be the hero, it is to be a leader by example, transforming myself and doing all the things I offer in my services for myself. Of course, the other side that I do is I take/make the conscious choice action for myself and show myself the way I feel best suits me.

I am no healer, I am no hero, I am just like you a human being doing my best to live this life to my full potential and beyond. I am here to lead by example and challenge conventional wisdom, traditions and test the limits, borders and boundaries that we understand to exist. And through this I am here to inspire, motivate, coach, share, teach, educate, support, listen, love and serve all the people whom I encounter as they wish and within my essence.

The answer is there, it is within you! It is up too you to discover this answer and I encourage you to do what you need. And, I want to extend my gratitude and love to Aimee for inspiring, motivating, coaching, teaching, educating, supporting, sharing with me! You are a leader and you are doing so by example and I must have learned something in life, to surround myself with great people doing great things (and if you are reading this that includes you).

My gratitude to all whom have and continue to touch my soul, spirit, life and challenge, inspire, motivate, coach, teach, educate, share, support, love me!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where has the Science and Art of Training Gone???

Seriously I am looking around taking it all in and wondering what has happened to the science behind performance. We have for the most part sold out as usual in hopes of a magic pill and fulfillment of our egoistic desires. We are bombarded with a multitude of magazines, commercials and so-called experts all trying to sell you something in which they make big $$$, often claiming scientific prove which is the quote of one source and truly the manipulation of the words in many cases all in search of the instant gratification.

This is not to say one system, one this or that is better than another. In many cases things out in the world of health, wellness, fitness, training, etc. have some merit. But, often it is the case that I hear of people spending inordinate amounts of money on Chiropractic work, physical therapy and supplements in an effort to get and stay healthy. I am not certain that is the model we want. And, with all the information available, why are we still so f**king fat not only here in the US but worldwide.

Somewhere along the line, sound science and application through art has been lost and the valuation of people like myself has been diminished to the point where one weekend or an at home test makes you an expert in this field.

I know many whom have slaved hours and hours through experience, research, education, discussion, etc. to learn and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be healthy, well and fit. It seems that these people are often overlooked due to the hype, marketing and advertising of other things.

So, that is my rant and my point is that we as a society seem to be chasing our tail and in the process I do not see us getting smarter, better, fitter, healthier, more well or wiser. Being skinny does not make you healthy, lifting lots of weight and/or being able to wrap your legs around your head do not either.

Enough of this diet book, this supplement, this WOD, this chiro, this bullshit it is time to take a step back and realize that it is far easier than the latest fad, the hardest workout, the best supplement, the best diet, etc. Are we really that ignorant as a society.

We need to slow down and stop for a moment and think, really think without our ego and attachment to things and realize what is the makes of a healthy, fit, well, happy person and society and I would say that it is not what a majority of us are doing. Shoot, I hope I am 'wrong' but.....

You will be the judge of yourself and that is what matters.
You will make the choices you need to and that is what matters.
You will inform yourself however you need to, through whatever means you need to and that is what matters
You will be whom you wish to be because of your actions and choices and that is what matters.

It is not for me to tell you what to do but it is for me as a professional to share with you my observations of some of the absurdities that I see in the world of health and wellness. Now, here we are trying to reform healthcare in this nation and it is absolutely f**ked up.

We need to take a look at the food companies, the rules and standards set out by the FDA and USDA, and the $$$ behind all this crap, the insurance companies, Doctors, etc. Sh*t would should need very little healthcare because we have all the tools, etc we need already to be as healthy, well and fit as we want...we do not need a government healthcare system to take care of us, in truth. But in reality with the disillusion that exists maybe we do....

Awareness is huge, and I hope this 'rant' of sorts or reflection opens some thoughts and please feel free to offer your opinion.

In good health!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

As the old saying goes, I have a lot to learn

No matter what there is always a check and a balance, a yin and a yang, a high tide followed by a low tide. For this reason I like to stay balanced and have an even flow. But, sometimes it is a challenge to advert from the highs of life and when I get caught up within them inevitably a low follows. This is the ebb and flow of life and this is the great equalizer offering us the opportunity to learn and grow, evolve and progress, appreciate all that life has to offer and humble us.

It is times like these that I simply slow down and take a moment to evaluate and take time to gain perspective so I can learn from and grow beyond these points. It is times like this that I am humbled and reminded that I am human, not superman, not a superstar, not the best, just a human like all others who walk this earth.

There is no best or worst, right or wrong, good or bad. There is only perspective and point of view as represented by my prior statement, this is my perspective. And, in my experiences life offers many opportunities to learn and/or embrace this. Some of these are learned harder than others and up till a few years ago I seemed to learn harder than I do at this stage of life. But, this does not make me exempt.

I am grateful for moments like these and you may ask why and simply put it allows me the opportunity to learn and share in my experiences. Sometimes people ask if I am always positive, or always in a good mood and truth be told I would say 95% of the time that is the case, it has not always been so but because of lives lessons I now can humbled say so. This being said I have those other moments and it is because of these that I am able to stay in the 95% category. Far from perfection but perfect for what is and what is meant to be in life.

I am accepting of the gracious gifts that life offers even when they are more challenging than one wants, wishes for or desires, even when the do humble, humiliate, and ground. For this I humble bow my head in the offering of Namaste and Om Shanti as we say in yoga and simply say thank you to life and all the wonderful people and things that bless me on a daily basis.

As the old saying goes, I have a lot to learn and the more I learn the more I realize how ignorant I am and therefore humbled, grounded, compassion, open and grateful!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stopping to smell the Roses, How fragrant/beautiful they Be!

So many interesting opportunities lie in front of me. It seems daily I am receiving offers from people to do some cool projects. And I have to say I am speechless and truly do not have a clue as what to do. I know this I am grateful and appreciative and that I really want to do them all. But as my fortune cookie said the other day while in Germany, do not accept what you do not want to do.

So, I sit in peace, stopping to smell the roses, contemplating and reflecting on life past, present and future. I consider the unlimited potential and possibilities and I ponder. I know the world is my oyster, my pearl, my gem and I get to choose how I wish to spend my fortune.

Today I sit at a crossroads with many paths to choose and many directions in which I may travel. I realize that I must keep on walking, keep on singing, keep on moving and grooving and doing what I do regardless. And, this I do today and everyday, I awake and take charge of the day and explore life and my relationship to all.

It is an amazing and wonderful position to be in, one where people are seeking to join in with you, share with you, play with you, etc. I am honored to have built myself and positioned myself in a way where things exist as they are. I realize there is so much, so many journeys and paths worthy of following.

I am not worried, nor concerned about the outcome or decisions. I am flowing with it all and taking time to appreciate the place where I stand in the present moment and because of this I have no worries about the future. Everything has and does work out just as it is supposed too, not always how you 'think' but exactly as it is to be.

Therefore, sit back, listen and observe, be humble and grateful, believe in yourself, trust in the process, have faith in all things and surf the waves of life and keep on climbing open to all the possibly routes, possibly paths to get yourself to your peak!

Monday, June 15, 2009

When its all said.....

When it is all said, when it is all done how are you, how do you want to look upon your life? Yeah, this is an important question I continue to ask myself as I set out to live my life to the maximum, to its peak potential and beyond.

I take time to observe what is happening around me, how things are happening, how people are doing life, their life and I observe with an open mind, an empty cup and place myself in their shoes. Why? Because everyone and every moment provides an opportunity to learn and I believe we all are teachers as well as students.

At the core of it, the core of life I feel grounded, peaceful and grateful, compassionate and love unconditional. Also, an integral part of my core is desire to explore, be adventurous, challenge myself, take calculated risks and really explore the depths of my core and all that is around me. Therefore, I am in a constant state of motion finding myself being grounded in the flow of life and living. I find myself being still, taking time to reflect and observe what has and is happening in and around me and this world, exploring the unlimited potential, unlimited possibilities of life and that this planet offers us.

I know this, when it is all said and done I want to have lived my life without self erected limits, borders and boundaries. I want to know that I went out everyday, every moment and did the absolute best I could and carried myself in unconditional love, gratitude, peace, compassion, with an open mind, eye, ear, and surrounded by amazing people and the beauty that relationships provide.

I look forward to having an amazing partner to share in these experiences, amazing friends and family to laugh, smile, and cheer life with, and a life that inspires others to achieve their own personal greatness, to live their own life without self erected limits, borders, and boundaries.

The way is clear, the path is open, the journey is happening and how to do it and how you want to see it, feel it, experience it is up to you. I will just say this I am here and you can always find me if you ever need a friend to share in this beautiful life with.

See you along the way of your path on this journey of a life with unlimited possibilities. Now the peak awaits me so I off to set out on my adventure to explore how I am going to get there and I will be doing so with smiles, laughs, love and gratitude open to the way that I flow with.

Another Trip is complete

Yet another trip, yet another amazing experience full of wonderful, funny and inspiring moments. Nothings too far, nothing out of reach, all within our grasp if we put our hands out a reach for ‘it’ So, I put on my flip flops, slap my hat on backwards, board shorts, t-shirt and backpack slung over my shoulders and I reach out and grasp the world with my own 2 hands.

As I walk this land, traveling about, meeting people of all kinds I tread lightly leaving no trace but a smile on the face. A smile that reflects all the while the gratitude that fills my spirit with peace.

I cannot help but open my eyes and take a look around me and see how much, the unlimited amount of love that fills my space. Along this journey I have been blessed, touched, gazed upon the people of this world with open arms and a willingness to explore with me all that this world has too offer and more.

My experiences have taught me a vast and limitless number of lessons, so much so that I keep learning from them far after they have been ‘experienced’ in the moment. One lesson that I continue to learn but maybe truly have only begun to grasp is the beauty of each person, each experience, each exchange, each engagement, each perspective of all those whom I encounter and beyond.

We all are human, a simple but often forgotten fact. We all have basic wants, needs, etc. No matter where I roam I experience this and these experiences remind of this point. What I understand is that little fact is so important to getting the ‘maximum’ out of the experience. I am aware that when I remove my judgment, empty my cup and open my mind, body, soul, spirit, heart, eyes, ears then I am far more able to truly see the beauty and enjoy the experience.

It is a wild, crazy world and there is chaos everywhere but people function, people work together to make it work, to make it happen. We find are flow, our rhythm, our ability to mix, mash and blend into a beautiful fusion.

We are relationship oriented and it is our relationships that truly help us to define ourselves. These relationships extend beyond human interaction and include our relationship to nature, space, perception, perspective and probably the most important relationship, the one with our own being. Traveling really helps me to understand the importance of relationships and how in principal there are core concepts with all relationships but each one is so amazing and unique to itself.

My relationships are beyond value, they bring life to life and make it so much more fun and amazing day in and day out and I am just truly grateful for all the people who are, who have and who have yet to bless me with the opportunity to form some sort of relationship with them. Many of them have no name that I know but I realize they like me walk this earth and share in many experiences even if from their own point of view. For instance the guy sleeping next to me on the train as we travel in the same direction toward a destination, his name unknown but I am aware of his presence and I realize he has a story just like, a life he is living just like me.

Life is, what life is and for me that is a big playground full of tons of amazing things for me to explore, encounter, exchange, share, touch, feel, look, smell, taste, etc so I can live it to my fullest potential and beyond! I just ask everyone to join me and lets play and have a kick ass time living the best life possible and making sh*t happen!

See you on the playground!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you settling in life?

Whenever I spend time on the road I always find moments of solitude where I take the time to reflect on my life. Sometimes I ask myself questions and today is one of those days.

Being blessed with great fortune in life I felt it time to contemplate whether or not I am a settler or better yet settling in my life?

One reason is traveling I often see/meet people who are content with the life they live and just settle into existence. For these people it truly is as good as it gets and most of them are very content and happy with said existence and for them I applaud them for finding a form of personal peace that they can live in/with.

But, this is not me, this is not for me. I am an adventurer, explorer, one who enjoys extending and expanding myself, challenging and test my being. This I truly know and embrace, it is ingrained in my nature and being.

So, here are some questions I asked myself

*Are you settling in your relationship or willing to do so? Heck no, since I am single this is more a forward looking than something I am experiencing.

Are you settling in your job? Again no, I am constantly striving to better myself and what I offer, etc.

Are you settling/settled in your ways? Nope, I believe I have core values, principles, etc. but I am open to bettering myself...this is the nature of my beast. Note, this was not always the case as I often fought change out of truly a lack of understanding of the knowledge, info, wisdom I have currently.

What are you willing to do to get what you want?

Do you want the easy way or the more challenging way(s)?

Do you aspire to 'greatness' in life or are you willing to accept less?

If you know me then you understand that I truly believe their is no right nor no wrong. Who am I or is anyone else to say this is the right way, only way, etc. No judgment passed for whatever one chooses, I am empowered to make choices and I hope you feel, understand and know that you are as well.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Germany Part 1

WOW! Teaching abroad in a foreign land, specifically Germany is such an amazing experience. Anytime I cross borders I find myself in just a complete state of wonder and appreciation as I am so curious and open to see firsthand, experience firsthand what the people and land has to offer.

What I did not truly understand was the difficulty I would have presenting the material I speak on. To my surprise the language barrier is not the challenge it is the fact that many whom I have spoken with tell me their country is resistant if not hesitant to change or the innovation of new ideas.

This all being said I have found those whom have attended the seminars-workshops to be more than open and willing participants helping me to learn and grow immensley in my ability to teach, understand, translate and share what it is I offer.

There are definitely different standards and approaches her to fitness and training. The one that standouts to me is how after training or even a game-match the players sit around smoking cigarettes and drinking beers and not just one, LOL. The culture is definitely different but I really appreciate that this is their approach and their way of doing things. As I told them, I would not advise this behavior on a regular or daily basis but I understand that we all have our way of doing things and in Germany this more than norm than the exception.

Nonetheless, this experience has been nothing but an amazing life enhancing and enriching opportunity and I know I will be back as I have already been invited because those who step beyond their boundaries realize what I bring and it is far beyond the norm.

As I say I do not teach just exercise I teach physics, geometry, alegbra, art, philosophy and psychology and I translate it in multiple languages and across all borders and boundaries. It is so cool to have such a captive audience in to do so outside of the US!!!

So much more to come!!