Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Workout

Morning Yoga
Sun Salutation Practice, approximately 15 minutes


84 total

Really limited time this week so when I can I am moving my body.

Evening Yoga
Gentle Hatha Yoga, 30 minutes

My KB workouts have suffered a bit last week and so far this week. My focus has been on my preparation for my Yoga Training and working on my business. Once I return from Yoga I will get my KB program situated and make some goals to accomplish/train toward.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My First Workout Videos

Hello All,

Today I just released to FREE kettlebell workout videos on my website. The Purpose is to create workout videos using KB's and Yoga and sell them for charity. My plan is to donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of each video to charity. Each month I plan to produce through film, editing, and acting (lol) 2 videos. And, each month there will be a charity of my choice that the money will go to on behave of all those who purchase the workouts.

Now, the first 2 videos are a trial process for me. I am working out the details and the kinks. Thus, I took some old footage and did some creative editing to come up with each of these videos.

Things I am working on:
*Creative combinations
*How to set up the downloading process for the video
*Financial aspects
*Editing process

I am looking for feedback on all aspects of the production, everything. So please feel free to offer whatever you wish and I will be open to your constructive feedback.

Often we do not have the time and maybe even lack the awareness or clarity needed to contribute to important charities. It is my goal to help create understanding of some of the bigger challenges that we face and find ways to contribute. Also, it can be quite challenging figuring out which charity to donate to, well with my plan I hope to eliminate those challenges, even if it is only 5 to 10 dollars/month, it makes a difference in peoples lives.

I hope you all help me to see that this project succeeds and I will do what I can to help you back.

Thank you and with deepest Gratitude

Saturday, March 29, 2008

12 Commandments For Healthy Living

The 10 Commandments of Being Healthy

1. Commitment

What do goals, deadlines, words have if you are not willing to commitment to seeing them through? What is more important that committing to yourself, your health, and your well-being? In order to achieve in life you need to commit, you need to follow through and make it happen. The exception is always committed no matter how big the challenges, goals, etc. The exception believes that they can achieve anything and are committed to the process.

2. Consistency

Daily practice, daily actions and consistent behavior are essential to progression. You must consistently put forth the effort to succeed. Inconsistent behavior, actions, and practice do not develop or bring about the results we set for ourselves and commit to. Commitment requires a consistent approach. Even if your workout calls for an hour of yoga and you only have time for 30 minutes, then you do the 30 minutes. Then you can smile because you followed through with your commitments and continued your daily practice with consistent application of the plan.

3. Accountability

It helps to have someone (most important yourself) that you are accountable to. You want to have a person or persons who will help support, encourage, and motivate you to stick with your commitments. This may mean having a person who coaches you, having a nutritionist, a counselor, a workout partner, etc. as long as you have someone that you trust and will hold you accountable for your actions.

4. Movement

Get out, get up and start moving your body. Exercise/movement are essential. The reasons are long and it is well documented about the importance of movement. Find something you enjoy, something you will and can do consistently and with commitment.
Activities such as walking, hiking, yoga, martial arts, weight training, bike riding and aerobics classes are some wonderful ways to exercise and move your body.

In addition many of these activities have a built in support system in the form of a class and/or gym atmosphere. However, if going to the gym or a class is not your cup of tea than grab your partner, friend, child, etc. and do both of you a favor and move together. Then you have a built in accountability and support system with people you love, trust and enjoy being with. Plus, you can share in joys of your successes.

5. Clean, Lean and Green

As a good friend of mine said, to be lean you must eat clean. To take it a step, further add in the greens. Nutrition is an integral piece of the pie when it comes to being healthy. The old saying goes that you are what you eat so when choosing food choose clean (natural, organic, minimal ingredient based), and choose greens and other veggies and fruits and look. These simple acts will lead to a healthier and leaner looking physique.

6. Goals & Deadlines

Take an arrow and shoot it at an empty target and what do you get, nothing. However, if you take that same arrow and aim for a bulls-eye you are going to make a hit. Having a clear vision of your goal and establishing deadlines will help to keep you on track and help with your commitments, consistency, and you will have something to be held accountable too.

7. Knowledge

It is near impossible to accomplish a goal if you do not have the knowledge. Reading magazines and the Internet are not nearly as reliable as hiring a professional to teach you and educate you on what, how, and why to do what is necessary to accomplish your goal. After all, you most likely would not try to learn a skill like playing a musical instrument or remodeling a bathroom without the help of a professional. The same is true of learning healthy principles for life.

Therefore, seek out some help and take a close look at the person(s) you are asking for this help and see if they are practicing what they preach and have the education and experience to back them.

8. Action

Take action! The exception to the rule always takes action on their goals, on their commitments and consistently follows through with their plan to the best of their abilities on a day-to-day basis. In order to be healthy you have to get off your butt and get moving, taking action now to get where you what to be.

9. Moderation

Everything should be done with balance and moderation. Going to extremes rarely leads to long term, sustainable results. It often leads to instant gratification that rarely holds up over the long haul. Instead take living healthy, being healthy as part of a lifelong process. Remember to have a glass of wine, eat a piece of your child’s birthday cake, etc. but just do so with a conscious mind being aware and mindful of your actions and their affect on your goal(s).

This applies to all aspects of health i.e. goals, exercise, and nutrition. This transformative process takes time and needs to reflect and respect that health is a part of everyday living throughout your live.

10. Enjoyment

Along the lines of moderation you must enjoy this journey. You must remember that you have to live each and everyday to your fullest. You have to act in a consistent and committed manner toward everything with an on being balance and having a joy and peace in your being. Being healthy does not have to be a chore but instead should be representative of you on all levels; physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual. Being health is supposed to be fun as it adds to your quality of life and helps you to enjoy the wonderful world and people around you with little limitation.

11. Perspective

One of the most important aspects of life is perspective. The value of having a clear perspective cannot be underscored. This clear perspective will enable you to develop realistic and feasible goals/deadlines. This will act like a compass and keep you on the path you set out to follow. In addition, this principle will serve to remind of the importance behind your actions and how they affect your ability to navigate along this, your chosen path.

Aim for the nothing and you will hit everything!

12. Discipline

Know when to say when and know when to say yes and no. Only you have the answer and you must maintain self-discipline when faced with a choice that may interfere with your path you have chosen. Realize and understand through compassionate terms how your actions, your choices affect your desired outcome. Many things appeal to the mind, to the eye but the question remains, do they serve you and your desired goal(s). Have the awareness and the discipline to know how to respond at all times.

In Summary:

In life when you take the approach that you are going to do good for yourself everyday and that these actions are going to benefit all of those of you around including your loved ones, co-workers, friends, etc. you life instantly becomes more meaningful and healthy. Your disposition, your attitude, your actions will reflect that of a healthy person who others feed off of and enjoy being with, enjoy interacting with and in many ways inspires. However, this is just a natural by product your living a healthy life. You do this for you and everything, everyone around you benefits just because. You have made not only your life but the lives of others more meaningful on many levels just by being a positive role model, an example worthy of respecting and emulating.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kettlebells and Yoga

Friday, always a great day as we head into the weekend. My Friday's of late have allowed me time to get great workouts in and today was another such day

Morning: Kettlebell
Snatch to a Press Combo

This was awesome. I have clients utilizing this combo and thought I need to play around and get a feel for it so I can prescribe it properly. In the process I realized how heavy that 32kg is :-) and just how much shoulder/full body work I get out of this bell and in the combo. Adding a Squat would take it up a notch for certain and I will play with this.

A lesson I learned recently in Yoga was how to rest on the bones (skeletal system) rather than the muscle. This made the moves and the classes in general easier to do, especially on combo days like this. I am now thinking and feeling how I can apply this principle to the KB's. Using physics and engineering/mathematical concepts has really helped increase my movement knowledge across the board and I am seeing this on a different level as I have integrated Yoga into my practice.

Learning to understand, comprehend and apply all these movement principles and concepts is wonderful. The combination of all my practices has really allowed me to step forward in my training and coaching of movement philosophy and application. I am truly seeing the integration of all this time and practice come together. I feel as I have attained a higher level on of consciousness. I am appreciative of all the mmovement arts and those who take time to study, master and pass on the knowledge, it is a shear thing of beauty.

YOGA (30 minutes after bells)
90 minute hatha flow yoga with the teacher (Michelle) whom first introduced me to this idea of resting on the 'bones'. Great practice today and I feel really strong and fresh after 3.5 hours of working out within the last 16 hours.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


What is that you may ask and I will say a very cool form of yoga with kickin Music. The instructor, Laura at Devi in Menlo Park threw down a great mix of music to flow with, including Michael Franti, John Lennon, Bob Marley and more.

Killer 90 minute Yoga class

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling Strong

Big Day with Dymmel.

Clean and Press

mixed with 2 hand swings

Thruster (Squat and Press)

Tire Flip (approx 450lbs)
5 reps x5 sets

This was awesome, a fantastic workout really requiring me to push myself, grunting, groaning, etc. Felt good to be pushing the heavy weights around considering I will be off of weights for 3 weeks from April 4th till at least the 23rd. Dymmel provides are great push as well and it is nice to challenge and push one another.

PS The extra rest really helped coupled with a back off day yesterday on the snatch. It is good to LISTEN

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easy Does it day

Light Day on the Bells. Been moving and shaking quite a bit lately so I decided that backing off a bit the last couple days would be good for the body, mind and spirit.


Nice and easy 10 minute workout


Yoga 30 minutes of gentle hatha.

I cannot undermind the importance of listening to your body, not your thoughts, but your body. I took my body's advice and kicked back and I feel ready for a great workout day tomorrow with Dymmel.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend full of Activity

A bunch of stuff from Friday to Sunday. Went out of town this weekend for Easter to spend time with my girlfriend and her family. Started Friday night with a big hike. Saturday took a drive up Highway 1 to Dillon Beach which is just a gorgeous hillside beach community. There did some kettlebells

SeeSaw Press

Renegade Row

Double Swing

All in a big Giant set of exercises

Bottoms Up


Fun working out on the beach but it is quite different with the instability of the surface. Balance on the double swings was interesting to say the least. Since I did not bring the big bells I decided I would do doubles and having the soft sand under my feet made it more fun. Yes, I did not stick to the 'plan' but I did get a great workout with the focus being I wanted to do swings.

SUNDAY went for a big mountain bike ride. An awesome 2.5 hour ride in Annadel in the Santa Rosa Area. A lot of good climbing with undulating single track filled with rocks making the climbing and downhill very technical. I could feel the core strength and balance combined with intense focus necessary. My legs felt the fatigue but not bad on the heart & lungs. Has been a long time since I went for a ride so to be able to do this ride on this terrain and with some long climbs with the technical portion really says a lot for my strength and conditioning and even more for the Kettlebells and their carryover.

Great weekend of fun! Busy day today so will make up my KB snatch workout tomorrow Tuesday

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hatha Flow

Well 2 weeks and I am on my way to Costa Rica and my yoga certification. Thus it is important I get into classes and practice with instructors. Today I had a great class with a great instructor. We incoporated Joint Mobility (both Z style, Pavel style and maxwell style) and if you know anything about yoga, alignment is key so great to see all the things I do in one practice, called yoga. We also used Budokon moves and incorporated some of the Budokon Flow. I guess the key thing is that many movement arts take from yoga as yoga takes from other movement arts....hmmm :-), very cool

So, 90 minutes of opening the body felt great and what a great way to bring in spring, rinsing, detoxifying and opening to a new season. Feel relaxed and at peace.

I have about 6 KB workouts left and then a 3 week break from the bells, a welcomed one at that. So I am planning on pushing hard through the next couple weeks and resting up starting Wed the 2nd as I prep for 14 straight days of Yoga practice.

KB's tomorrow and self practice yoga/budokon and a great Rest day on Sunday with the family.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


todays practice was all about Budokon. I have a full 90 minute yoga class tomorrow and saturday so I took the day off of 'yoga' but of course budokon has many yoga moves so I truly did my yoga practice :-)

Todays workout was a bit easier as I am continuing to learn more and seeing the integration of all the moves and how they flow together. The thing I like is there is a total of 15 minutes of quiet meditation 5 to start and 10 to finish and this is an essential part of my daily being, finding time to quiet the mind and let it all flow and go.

Discipline has been the name of the game but with the concept of moderation and balance right along side. Practice!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clean and Press Thrusters & Tabata

Ok my arse is fried! I realized that today working out with the Dymmel that my tank is low and about ready to build in my down week.

Double Clean and PRess

Double Thrusters

Tabata 2 hand Swings 20/10 for 4 minutes

Lose that power in those hips, that explosiveness using this scheme but it kicks arse, literally and figuratively. Heart rate was rather low at 156 which is a great sign about my fitness level

PS: We picked up a tire for flipping and more today. Has to weigh about 450 which is a strong weight for flipping. Cannot wait to play with it. We did a bit of flipping but nothing serious, just testing it out.

Why we need a change in leadership

Why we need a change in leadership

The world is continuing to evolve and things are not how ‘they used to be’. Times are truly changing and it is important that we have people who understand the changes, who have a vision for working with the world, the communities of the world, the communities of those in our own land.

It is important that we have leadership that can transcend politics as usual, leadership that is willing to challenge status quo, a leadership that is willing to stand for something and stand for the everyday person. We need a leadership that will help people of different philosophical believes, religious beliefs, political and social beliefs. We need a leadership that will serve not only the corporations/big businesses but will serve the people who serve the corporations, the people who support these corporations, the people of this country. We need a leader who will help the rest of the world come together to understand that we all need each other no matter how you characterize it.

The reality is people need people, we need business, we need other nations, we need immigrants, we need taxes, we need leaders who are willing to breakdown that walls that are preventing us, the people of this world from having a quality public school system, health care for everyone, affordable goods and services, roofs over our heads, food in our mouths, strong relations with other countries, and more.

This world is one of dependency and not the independent nature we like to think or see. The reality is apparent, everything we do involves the interaction with another or multiple others within our own community and beyond, just look at the tag on your clothing, just see how business is outsourcing to other countries to build, develop, etc. things we use here in our own land.

This is a sign of the times, a global economy, a global environment, a global community that requires cooperation and not war, enemies, walls protecting and surrounding us from reality and ‘protecting us against ourselves’.

We need leadership that inspires, empowers and brings about hope and not fear, not hatred, not ignorance. We need leadership that sees the world and people for what we truly are human and we walk, talk, think, act, feel, see, love, all in a similar manner for we are no different in our true make up than anyone else. We may have different beliefs, values, attitudes, etc. but genetically we all have proteins, DNA, skin, hair, fingers, toes, brains, and heart and we should have leadership that values and understands both our similarities and differences.

It is time for a new direction, a new faith in the good of the world and people. It is time for peace and a leader who is willing to do their best to bring about a better world for the whole.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yoga and BudoKon

Morning Yoga Practice
Sun Salutation A
Sun Salutation B (included crescent lunge, warrior 1, 2 and 3, reverse warrior, side angle, triangle poses and seated forward bend)

I notice the energy level difference and a more relaxed state of being through the day.

Afternoon basketball
Shot hoops with a couple guys playing 21. Forgot what it was like to put all this training into action. In fact I was able to grab touch the rim which is awesome considering I have not been 'jumping' in the literal sense in years. Felt the cardio of the game but I could see my athleticism was very good even though I have not played hoops in many, many, years. game took about 25 minutes.

Mid Afternoon/Evening: Budokon
This was my first full workout following the DVD. I have a good enough understanding to follow along but still need more practice with some of the more complex combinations. The DVD kicks arse and I was sweating and my heart was beating, body moving and I could feel the flow, the yoga aspects and the Martial Arts movements.

In fact much of the workout comes out of a version of the down dog, the chaturanga, and includes a 10 minute yoga session at the end plus a 5 minute meditation warm-up and about 8 minute mediation cool down.

Super effective and truly does integrate all the aspects I look for in a movement art and in my life. LOVE IT!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Daily Practice of Yoga and KB's

Started my morning with a Sun Salutation Yoga session. Took approximately 20 good minutes and kick started my day helping me get centered.

This afternoon went back to the Rifstonian Institute. Getting back in today was great, the energy was alive and a couple good tips from Rif helped me make some leaps forward



These were by far my best with this weight. The tip to sit back and wait to accelerate and stomp really made a big difference with the ease of the movement. This improvement gives me the confidence to snatch the 48kg. And, this change relieved my grip of the stress.

Pistol (2 kbs of odd weights)
12kg & 8kg/1/1
12kg & 16kg/1/1
16k & 20k/1/1
20k & 24k/1/1
24k & 28k/1/1x2

made sure I did them with the bells on each side (i.e. 24 lt, 28 rt and 24 rt and 28 lt).

Pulling my chin down while squatting really helped my balance by engaging my flexors and relaxing my extensors. As Rif mentioned when my head is up it engages my extensors making the Pistol much more difficult.

Yoga in the evening, 30 minutes of Gentle Hatha. Helps calm the mind and get into a relaxed state for sleep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Self Guided Practice

The Importance of Self Guided practice cannot be understated. This takes a great amount of discipline and a knowledge base. It is said in Yoga that all students and teachers of yoga should make time and create a self guided practice. For me this is a majority of how I practice yoga. Due to the fact that I am attending certification in April I decided that it is a must for me to integrate and experience a variety of teachers, schools, philosophies and types of yoga.

Today I took myself through an Ashtanga series of yoga movements. I took all the little tips, etc. I have learned recently and put them to practice doing the asanas I felt I needed to work on for my body. This type of practice and learning will help me as I begin to formulate my own classes.

My goal is to arise each morning and do my own series of yoga movements to awaken the body, open the mind and center myself for my day. This has been a practice I have been doing 4 to 5 days a week presently and will move to 7 days a week once I return from the certification. As of now I do my self morning practice on the days I do not attend a class. The other mornings I take time to read books that help facilitate the same process I do with my morning yoga practice.

Like yoga Budokon is something I am learning on my own through the use of DVD's. At this point it suffices and therefore I practice at least 6 days a week in varying time and sequences. I still have about 10 moves to learn on the DVD and currently have 15 that I have a decent to excellent understanding of. Not only do I have to practice each move but I have to learn how to integrate all the moves into the actual workout sequence provided with the DVD. Typical I use the technique manual and practice each move one by one.

The beautiful part is that Budokon has a large degree of yoga integrated with the Martial Arts. When I practice I see the layers of movement arts all assembled in to a beautiful blended choreography of moves. My body moves through every plane challenging my kinestetic feedback/awareness.

I truly see myself taking this art and learning to integrate it into my life practice and into my business practice. Not only is it fun but the combination of different movement arts will benefit all who practice. Strength, agility, balance, flexibility, stability, core, cardiovascular, coordination, meditation, concentration, all flowing. The fact that Budokon is based of off the Japanese Budo and Hatha Yoga system makes it a a beautiful, athletic all encompassing combination in my mind.

I have inquired about the certification process and plan to go to the Red Belt certification course. From there I want to teach and practice this art of the warrior and have it work to compliment my KB strength work and yoga mind/body flexibility, strength work.

The way I see it is
KB's represent Yang
Yoga represents Yin
Budokon represents the blend of Yin and Yang.

I am training myself to be a peaceful warrior in my daily life and these practices along with my other personal practices all flow so well and compliment each other and me in a beautiful package. My life is and continues to evolve and transform along these lines and I am allowing the flow releasing control and letting all these wonderful things enter me and give me what I need. I am listening to the universe, the greater calling of life and moving/flowing with it all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kb's & Yoga

Morning Yoga
Iyengar at Darshana in Palo Alto with Catherine, a excellent teacher who helped me immensly today.

Afternoon KBs

Been a long time since I have been here and I could feel the strength of this move and the stability required to manage this bell in its proper position. I will keep building on this move and work my way up to the 40kg. I am not concerned with this a major move in my program but want to keep doing as I did this week adding a rep or increasing weight week by week.


Back down week so I took it easy on numbers (total reps/set and total reps altogether). Felt right as I had the strongest pulls.


Swings 1 ARM

These were the best in some time. I cannot remember feeling this strong and with no low back flare ups.

Yesterday I practiced and learned some new budokon moves so depending on how I feel later I will do a bit of practice on the new moves and work all the moves tomorrow for certain

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big KBs, Budokon and Yoga...A perfect blend

Great workout today with my good friend Tim Dymmel. He is a heck of an athlete and one strong cat which is cool because it pushes me to push myself and it is awesome to have that extra kick in the pants. He teased me about my ever changing plans and truth be told I am working out the details.

I have goals on a couple levels and the most important is to continue to learn, and master what I know and add new things in. In addition to myself, I am always working on bringing more to the table for my clients that compliments, adds to, and makes them improve as well. My business is fitness and so is my personal passion and being a seeker and a thinker/feeler I this adds up to a potent combo.

Kettlebells (40 minutes)
Clean and Press (1kb)

Started a bit slow and did not feel the strength but once set 3 hit I was ready and that bell felt like it EXPLODED out of my hand, off my shoulder. Very pleased, but need more practice.

Thrusters (Squat Press) 1kb

This was a first for me and I dig it. Since I am not squatting with Rif I want to make sure to keep this as part of my protocol, the squat that is and adding in more presses with the 40 is a great thing. I was ass to the grass and a powerful press to boot.

2 hand Swing

tabata (5 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 rest)

I mentioned to Tim that swings are not my best move and I want to work them more. I was short on time and decided to get the reps in to push myself with an abbreviated Tabata workout. This was good but tough, I could not feel my glutes they were so on fire and numb. The best part is my low back cooperated which is a good sign that my hips, core and hammies were doing the job. Really feel good that I added these in.

BW: 10x3

WORKOUT 2----Afternoon
Budokon (25 minutes)

WORKOUT 3----Night
30 minutes of yoga

Great day of balance across the board. Good client load today and spaced well enough that I can get all this in and not fry myself, the key

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ever Evolving Plan

Decision and choices need to be made and with my Yoga Teacher Training around the corner I want to focus on preparing for the certification and combine it with Kettlebells and Budokon. So here is my plan for the next month.

Today's Workout (all double kettlebells)



Morning Yoga
Afternoon Budokon


One week single bells, the next double bells

Clean and Press
Squat (KB's)
Pull-up (BW)

Again split weeks with SIngles and Double Bells

Pull-up (weighted)

Again split weeks with Singles and Double Bells

T/TH/SAT Full Yoga classes
M/W/F: Self practice of 30 minutes

Budokon Practice:
up to 30 minutes a day/6 days/week

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Of all the kind words, compliments, etc. that I have been so fortunate to earn and receive through my years being a trainer/coach and athlete I am not sure there is any more potent than inspiration. This word has come my way a few times of recent and each time I feel humbled, honored and further inspired to go out and keep doing what I am doing at the highest level possible.

I recently started my coaching program and combined with some things I have been reading I have a greater understanding of my role as a coach. I understand that I cannot change anyone but I can offer them guidance. Through my continued education and experiences I will further enhance what I bring to the table in the way of guidance.

I have begun to understand on a higher level the importance of daily practice and application of the knowledge I have been acquiring. If you look at some of the most influential coaches, guides, etc. they all have this as part of their way. So, I continue to explore through daily practice lives journey. I continue to enhance my understanding of the principles of life and find ways to challenge myself and others.

This approach has continued to reward me on a interpersonal level everyday and what I am seeing is how it is truly inspiring those I work with.

To wake everyday and do what you love, live your passion and to spend your time studying, researching, and practicing the life you seek, the life you enjoy is a blessing. Gratitude is a simple way of putting it.

Why do you do what you do? What do you seek? Are you getting the most out of life? Are you getting the most out of yourself? Are you at Peace with yourself and those in your life? What is most important to you? Can you smile and laugh at yourself? Are you inspired?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Swings, Pistols, Yoga and Budokon Practice

A full day of balanced work. Split in 3 sections from early morning to afternoon.

Morning Yoga

45 minute self practice at home focusing on Sun Salutations and Shoulder Openings. It is clear to me that my shoulders are 'tight' especially in a yoga sense so I am working on increasing their suppleness. As well my hips, especially hip flexor complex is tight (which I have known) and hips in general so I am working on this area as well.

Mid Morning Kettlebells

1 Arm Swings

Superset with Pistol

How I forget just how much 1 arm swing hit my glutes. Yikes my butt is sore and my legs as a whole are worked. Having the pistol in between was no help :) but it sure felt great hitting these 2 moves together.

Afternoon Budokon
10 moves 10 reps/move practice:
Belly Up Belly Down
Dancing Lion
Fighting Crocodile
Fighting Monkey
Floating Brazilian
Floating Frog Vinyasa
Floating Lunge
Flowering Lotus
Front Kick

Friday, March 07, 2008

Yoga, Windmills and Pull-ups

Started my morning practicing the 1st 10 moves of the Budokon DVD. Did 10 reps of each, some go left and right some are just straight ahead.

Followed that up with a 90 minute butt kicker of a yoga session. Long holds in lunge position really fried my already tired legs but it was good for focus and learning to back off when necessary (letting go of ego).



Saving the pistols for tomorrow along with Yoga class.

Good thing is I am balancing my activity with rest and good nutrition which is enabling me to adapt and continue a step by step progression.

Off to eat my warrior meal

Thursday, March 06, 2008

You know what you are

As I truly reflect on me as a person and as an athlete I am a martial artists in the deepest and truest sense of the term. I am so attracted to the arts, their beauty, grace, flow, strength and power. I long the physique, the mobility, the balance and the deep skill and meditation/focus/concentration required. I have a deep desire to learn more about the arts specifically Tai Chi and Aikido.

However, right now I am working on yoga and absolutely love this practice. I am finding that 30 minutes in the morning is the ideal practice for me. I truly want to integrate yoga with my business/clients and plan on teaching a couple classes a week. Recently I came across Budokon. Now, I have heard peoples thoughts (although I am not sure how truly knowledgable they are on the subject) and felt that I had to see for myself.

What interested me most is that it is a blend of martial arts and yoga. Curious as I am and being a true passion of mine (both these arts) I decided to purchase a DVD and choose the Power and Agility DVD. Instantly and after only practicing 5 of the 25 to 30 moves I absolutely am intrigued to say the least. I have much more to learn and see but at this point I am hooked. I have only had the DVD since yesterday and I have practiced the 5 moves I watched both days and can see the beauty of this art.

It feels like a great active recovery and would be a nice compliment to my program. Since I am not at this point ready to join a martial arts studio this self guided practice is something I want to work into my program, keeping it simple with just these 5 moves for a few days and maybe adding a move or 2 every few days.

I feel that this type of mobility and athletic movement combined with the strength and conditioning from the KB's, the pure flexibility, conditioning and strength of yoga and the integrated moves of yoga/martial arts of budokon are quite a beautiful mix.

Principle wise they are one in the same. I treat the bells like a martial art as I do yoga. All are disciplines based on learning the skill and how your body relates to the moves and finding yourself within the move. The require focus, dedication, commitment and are not time intensive but movement intensive and this I enjoy.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clean and Press & Snatches

This is a new strategy and approach bring the 2 big moves together. I like the idea and I am curious to see how it will play out as I move through the workouts.

2kb Clean and Press
24/5/5x2 warm-up

Not a smooth as say the 24kg, but the strength is there as well as the power. I just have to learn the feel.
Next week I will do a single 40kg and the following week doubles again.


Left side felt great but had trouble with my right side due to lack of grip strength. because of this I did not have the fluidity like I do with the 32. Again, I have not snatched this bell in a few weeks so a bit rusty.

One thing about Kbs is there is a big difference between doubles and a big difference when moving up in weight. A bit of a learning curve to say the least. But again for me the power, the snap, the strength, the technique is built in and available, just have a bit of a learning curve to bringing all together.

All I feel really strong about this day and it was great to train with my friend Tim Dymmel.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A fun little challenge

This is in response to some peoples requests. I decided I would come up with this little challenge. I have yet to do or have anyone else do but I thought I would share a fun workout idea and see what happens. Enjoy and let me know!

JOES KETTLEBELL 300 Workout Challenge

*30 total: TGU (16kg)

*50: 2 hand SWING (24 or 28kg)

*50 total: CLEAN AND PRESS (20kg)

*40 total: SNATCH (20 to 24kg)

*50 total: RENEGADE ROW (20kg)

*50: 2 hand SWING (24 or 28kg)

*30: DECK SQUAT (16 to 20 kg)

Attempt to complete as fast as possible but with great technique. As you fatigue you must stay focused on skill.
Please report your progress.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Squats and not much else

Well back in the squat cycle and I am really excited to be doing this lift again. It has been a month so a bit rusty. The goal is to do a squat and dl workout on Mondays. Here is how it went


These were great, the weight was not an issue just learning the fine art/skill of squatting as it gets heavier everything comes full circle. I am sure I will see this as I approach the 400's and more. However, went to deep on one rep and I am not sure if it was the rep or just the rust but my hammies really tightened up, not the normal tight so we called a halt to the workout and deadlift. Focused now on rolling and stretching to keep them loose.

Clubbell Shield Cast (1 arm)

Time to manage the body and treat it like it deserves so I can get back on it Wed, a big Clean and Press & Snatch Day.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I have not been adding much depth and detail to my post as of recent due to a number of other endeavors. I have recently done
*3 kettlebell seminars

*a healthy lifestyle seminar,

*redesigned and uploaded my website which I am still tinkering with (all own work, no web guy help) and on that I have written a number of articles,

*I am working on a writing project now which is a work in progress so a bit of time daily dedicated to that,

*practicing my yoga daily

*my 3 weekly kb/strength workouts,

*Beginning my transformational life coaching course, which rocks

*Getting my 7 hours of sleep

*Eating well

*Reading daily, 1 chapter of these 2 books: Thinking Bodies, Dancing Minds and Change your thoughts, Change your life)

*Training clients 6 to 7 hours a day

*practicing/living my life's practices

All this is interrelated and builds upon my foundation and my continued evolution. After this weekend things will calm as I will have no seminars to teach till the end of the month and I will have no classes to attend. The focus will be continue my daily practices and living in balance, peace and harmony. This has been an unusual time in the amount of things all happening at once and thus I have been having to work more efficiently to make to stay in balance, peace and harmony. I realize this is just a period of time and it will pass and I will be a better person because of it. I love life and I love the process and journey. I am enjoying this intense period of time and appreciating the personal growth.

Stay tuned and I wish you all balance, peace and harmony

with gratitude

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Iyengar Yoga

Another 90 minute practice today with Iyengar. I am in my life coaching program which started today and is just fantastic and such a wonderful and enlightening experience. Because of this I only had so much time to train today and I chose to do my yoga practice as I am closing in on 4 weeks + till I head to Costa Rica

*I still am not exactly sure what Iyengar Yoga is.

*Why? Because every class is different. This is true no matter what type of Yoga I practice, every class is different, every teacher of each style (thus far) is unique in their approach, every class I learn something new and every studio has its own unique identity.

*So, thus far I am truly stoked with the experience and enjoying all the different yoga classes.