Friday, June 30, 2006

The Road Back

So, after vacation and a poor workout week last week I am slowly getting back on track. I have to admit I am a little disappointed in myself and have to step up. No Excuses!

My goal was to do 3 sets of 20/side in under 10 minutes

Set 1
24kg/5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5 = 20/side and 40 total

goal for set 1 accomplished. this was a great warm-up and felt fantastic. took 2 minutes and got the pulse going

Set 2
24kg/10,10,10,10 = 20/side and 40 total

goal accomplished. I stepped it up and decided to do 10/side. Even better and the heart is still racing with a total time of 1;45

Set 3
24kg/15,15,5,5 = 20/side and 40 total

this was the toughest set with a large progressive pyramid structure but it took 1:35 to complete and 8:30 total minutes.

Now, I did not rush it. I started when I felt ready and rested at the top if necessary. I had to focus on tensing and breathing a couple of times especially with the intensity. I feel great and ready to go for tomorrow.

2 kb Clean and Press, Pull-ups, Swings and maybe some sled pulling.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Get-Up off the floor with your core

Well today I had a goal in mind, to do the Turkish get-ups, 10 straight per side with the 24kg.

TGU (lunge style)

Feel those abs burn good man...core conditioning 101 and a shoulder burn to match!

TGU (overhead squat style)

Again excellent, especially after the first set of TGU. This has to be one of the best exercises in the book hands down for all around strength and conditioning and training the weak areas.


Just practice! Very strong1

Renegade Row to a Bear Crawl
RR 24/5/5----BC 24/10/10 x3 sets

More core, more shoulders and a nice combo. Principles of KBS come true on this combo especially after the other stuff


Ok, I am not an endurance guy. My muscles do not like to forciablly contract time after time. I am much better suited for short intense bouts with a short rest period, i.e. sprinting! Even with my muscles contracting the long sets really load my body in a way I am not fond off!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Fitness Tip...30 or Less

Are quick workouts sufficient?

here ye, hear ye

So, last week was crazy and terribly inconsistent. I would say I had one good workout and planned another only to find out that there was no chance. So, Thursday I went to Golds Gym to do my deadlifts, heavy KB presses and pull-ups. Upon arrival I found out that I was no longer a member....duh, lol I forgot that I had cancelled my membership many months ago. So, I figured I would go home and do the rest of the workout and find a replacement for the deads till this week. However, a friend whom I had not seen in well over a couple of years was in town and wanted to meet up, so there goes the workout.

So Friday I did a 10 minute workout with Presses and single leg deadlifts with the 32kg, 3 sets of 5 reps/side for each and then jumped in my car and headed out of town with my pops for a weekend Golf tourney and family gathering.

Along the way we stopped to see a great young mind in the strength and conditioning world and a good friend, Ken Black in Sacramento. This man has the ultimate home gym full of great toys and great tools for becoming a seriously strong and fit human...and he is a living example. He was kind enough to make a sled for me and show me a few other worthwhile tools. I cannot wait too hook up with him and do a great workout! Check out his link on my list of links to learn more.

So here I am and I am back on track this week. Because I have had such little work over the last 17days I controlled the volume. I was so sore from last weeks workout with the Snatch, Pistol and Overhead squat I did not want to repeat that feeling and I want to do more work tomorrow, including some deads.


These were surprisingly strong and I found my groove quickly. I really like this move and miss it as a part of myprogram. It is always good for my flexibility and shoulder strength/stability/mobility


WOW! These were great and again I was pleased with my effort, strength and technique. Working more on the high pull version and it really helps with this weight. I have some work to do with the 24 this week, need some reps and volume for conditioning.

Clean and Press

These are my favorites and it is so true how a great clean sets up a great press. Again, have some heavy work to do with the 40kg.

Alright, travelling is done for a short bit so time to focus. I am eager to train and focused on increasing my work capacity and overall Strength and conditioning

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuuesday quickie


In that order

with minimal rest

Still out of it from vacation and just busy getting things back in order.

Monday, June 19, 2006


So I decided with my wrist still sore I would stay off the bells one more day and hit it tomorrow...I did still have something though so I worked the pull-ups. I did them 4 times on vacation but hand to use this wooden structure, which was great for the grip since it was 3 times as thick as a normal bar.

Todays pull-up log
10, 10, 8, 6, 6 for a total of 40

Good stuff but still a little weak with the big layoff

Also did 100 push-ups (not uncommon for some additional work).

then finished off with some conditioning work, running drills.

Good stuff, TSC day tomorrow. I have to work myself into shape for this, my main and only training focus, everything else is gravy

Sunday, June 18, 2006

back from vacation

Well, a whole lot of swimming, kayaking (ocean), snorkeling, and heat and sweat! Back to working out tomorrow and time to get some conditioning up. A friend has asked me to join a soccer league and I think it wouldbe great to get out and do a team sport so I have some conditioning specific work to do!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Vacation time

See you all the week of the 19th, until then take care of your bodies and train hard & smart. I will be doing various forms of fun activities but not KBs (that is hard) for the next 8 days.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A First!

So another great day for training. Monica and I hit the outdoors and decided to get a good workout along with the dog.

Renegade Man Makers (Row,Clean, Squat, Press) 1 to 1 for 20 reps


For both of uus we could have done more weight. I need to order another 32kg! All in all this was a great workout but heavier would be better!

Then I accomplished a first, a pistol with a 24kg racked in each arm
Pistol (2, 24kg)
1 right side
1 left side (which was suuspect because the bells rolled as I stood but I made it up)

Holy smokes this was crazy difficult! and I have some serious work to do. I would like to accomplish this with 2, 32kg and I will! in due time

10, 9, 8, 7

Monica did

2 Kb Swings

Awesome form and she said a big time ab workout

We finished with Bear Crawls
24kg/50 total steps x1

12kg/50 total steps x1

are abs were smoked

We finished with a set of farmers walks, racked walks and Overhead walks, 1 set with 24kg and Monica with 12kg

A great workout and a first with the pistol!

Monday, June 05, 2006


Did a great 1 hour Yoga class today. I can really feel the difference in my mind and body after class...much more relaxed physically and mentally and quite a great antagonist to the KBs. I truly find them to be a great compliment! The key is breathe and movement,not how far you can push. If you find the breathe and movement combo the body automatically opens and the mind relaxes.

Great stuff

Sunday, June 04, 2006

20 strong

Well today was the day, the day where I had a chance to redeem my poor performance (technique wise) with the snatch and the day where Monica and I were going to 20 minutes of work back and forth...KB snatch. So we decided to go 5 for 5...she did 5 and 5 and I followed. We had no set number to complete but I had hoped we would hit the 200 total mark, as far as I can remember that would be a first for each of us.

So Monica had to stop at 150, just an amazing number for her, with the 16kg due to 2 tears in her hands at around the 15 minuute move and since she has not been using the 16kg on a regular basis, if at all really impressive numbers. If she desired she could be a top 'mutant' performer without a doubt, a great athlete and technically smooth and consistent. I think she will hit 200 inunder 10 minutes and maybe even 140 to 150 in 5 minutes, she has that kind of mentality and strength endurance.

As for myself, I completed 180 in 20 minutes and I finished 200 (with a set of 10/10) in 21 minutes. I did not push it, just stayed focused on form and just doing what I could do in the allotted time. I had a great sweat and my HR was under control throughout. The best part was the technique was solid and my low back muscles did not bother me which is a sign that I improved greatly....very key points, progression, correction and performance!

so here is how it looked

16/5/5x15 = 150 in approximately 15+ minutes

24/5/5x18=180 in just 19 minutes & 30 seconds
24/10/10= for a total of 200!

A great training session!

Enter the Kettlebell, Pavels new book/DVD

well I received my copy in the mail on Thursday and I was eager to read it. Rif had the opportunity at the April RKC to view the book and said he thought it was the best book yet and that the RKC course should follow the book. So eager to see what the book was all about I finished reading the thing yesterday.

Safe to say I learned a lot. There were some great concepts, great tips, wonderful instruction, and many points that challenge the current paradigm that exists in training, the one the general public knows about. I am so lucky to be a part of a community of talented and forward thinking people. I agree with the fact that there are a number of strategies to succeeding in regards to achieving fitness goals but I have to say that the RKC system in my opinion is by far the best! The simple, straightforward approach and the all in one concept of strength, conditioning (heart), and flexibility (also other factors that so many overlook like coordination, timing, agility, balance, mental fortitude, etc.) make this tool equally great for the general public (who is so limited in time) and the elite level athlete.

So, the point is go out and spend the money and get your hands on a copy Pavels new book, you will not be disappointed! This piece of reference material will be a staple in your health and fitness. And, it does not hurt that my name is mentioned in it :-).

Thank you Pavel for such a great piece of training material and for bringing so many wonderful and talented professionals and others into a fantastic community

Rif, you were right on the money!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

5 Good minutes of another kind

Tuurkish Get-Up (TGU)
24kg, 5 minutes alternating each arm done in the overhead squat version in which I accomplished 10 reps per side....and a great sweat and shoulder pump

Clean and Press
40kg/3/3x1 (done with a push press
40/2/2x (done strict press style) The key is tension and a strong Rif would say it is all easy till it is heavy and that is where focus and principles, techniques, skill come to the forefront. One is quickly reminded why the principles exist and why excellent technique makes one stronger!

40kg/1/1 (not my best)..refer to the above statements.

something new, single side loaded pistol with the bell loaded on the same side as the leg which I performed the pistol.

attempted to do this exercise where I loaded the opposite arm and leg and was able to complete with the right leg/left arm but could not get out of the bottom with the left leg/right arm combo

Also, I am going to try to do a double pistol, meaning 2, 24kg kbs, one in each arm. Now, I have done this with the 12kg but never the 24kgs. I can do it just must be strong and focused!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First Day of Filming

So today was the first day in front of the camera and what a thrill! I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to more filming. Today was more of a 'dry run' and practice but we did get some great footage for the site and the beginning of a DVD is in the works and soon.

So safe to say I got a workout. I choose to use the 24kg, dumb with all the takes and stuff. So I had a mix of swings, cleans, squuats, presses, snatches, windmills and TGU's just the basic KB moves but plenty of them and from multiply angles. But I will do a more structured workout tomorrow, most likely strength, low reps and then a good ballistic session with the 24 and snatches.

More to come with the video and I so excited for us!