Friday, August 29, 2008

Nutrition, what do you think?

"Man does not die-he commits slow suicide with his unnatural habits of living. Your body is the most gloriously accurate instrument of this universe. Given the correct fuel, pure air, exercise, and keeping it internally clean, your body will last indefinitely and function perfectly." Paul Bragg

Powerful statement if you ask me and the debate is how to do this, how to fuel our bodies properly, etc. Well I believe one way we can do so is through the elimination of sugar. (Now, I am not talking fruit because I believe and I have numerous sources that agree with me that fruit is an essential part of any and every diet. The key is it needs to be organic and all natural). This is no easy task as sugar and hidden sugars which are usually contained in code on the nutritional ingredients portion of food labels are everywhere. Awareness and taking the time to read a label and ask yourself this question, if I am not sure what the ingredient is, then I should hold off, do a quick google search on it at home and learn exactly what I am putting into my body as fuel.

Here is another great point as mentioned in Never Be Fat Again by Raymond Francis..."Overweight individuals often cut down on the amount of food they eat without changing the types of foods they eat. That is a recipe for failure. Calorie reduction without nutrient addition is counterproductive because that approach typically increases malnourishment (deficiency) and encourages food cravings. If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight you must consume foods with high amount of nutrition per calorie. Make your calories count rather than count your calories."

There are 4 particular books whose philosophies support mine. These are not diets, these are lifestyle based philosophies
*Warrior Diet (philosophical approach to eating for maximum health)
*Nourishing Traditions (information of how and what to include in your health plan)
*Omnivores Dilemma (discusses how food is prepared, grown, etc. thought provoking)
*Never Be Sick Again & Never Be Fat Again (discusses how we get sick and fat and how to overcome)

I am certain I will find more as I come across them but all of these books touch on many of the same premises, which I believe and follow.

*How your food is raised and prepared from the conception to consumption is integral to the health and nourishing value of the food. I like to look at it as an investment. When investing we want to make sure that their is a high Return on our Investment, otherwise known as ROI. This to me is a basic idea of life, one in which we should use daily in all our actions.

*Sugar, processed oils, & white flour are enemies to the health of our body and minds in fact providing limited to no ROI and are therefore a poor source of fuel. Put it this way, you will get little to no gas mileage for your car out of these fuels. Elimination of these foods takes a due diligent approach to understand where your food came from and what it is made up of. You will have to learn how it was prepared. Learn how to read a label and do not be fooled by the clever marketing used by food companies.

*Expanding on the prior points, eat your fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains. The should be Fresh, whole, unprocessed, organic and in some cases raw. Note: each of the authors has differing views on raw, what should be raw and what should be cooked for the best absorption of nutrients.

*Animal proteins (to an extent and this depends on which books each has differing views). Personally, I am not a vegetarian, vegan, etc. I believe animal proteins do provide essential nutrients and in a form that cannot be matched in any other way. However, I do make sure that these foods are raised properly, all natural, organic, wild, grass feed, deep water, etc. (depends on food). Again, this is a key aspect to make sure you are getting your ROI.

I am going to stop here for the time being, much of this is still in development for me as I take all this information and 'wisdom' with a grain of salt. I like to look at things in a logical and scientific manner but with a realistic approach. There is more to nutrition for most and health for that matter than just eat this or that. There is a deep philosophical believe system and many emotions wrapped around how we life our lives. So, all this must be ingested and digested in time and through a healthy conversation.

I do believe that illness, weight gain, and unhealthy bodies/minds begin at a cellular level and much of this is indeed due to deficiency and toxicity that comes from nutrition and beyond.

I hope this is a thought provoking piece that gets you more involved and aware about what you do. If you want to talk with me please feel free to call or email, I love a good healthy discussion :-)

Workouts for the Weeks

SSST Snatch training

I alternated Left to Right each minute for 20 minutes using the 8 and 8 protocal. The reps were up but the intensity was down a bit which was perfect for the cycle. I did have a tear though and I am working on hopping the bell forward in my hand and it is better but still a work in progress. I have been filing, shaving but I do need to get my cornhuskers lotion. All in all my technique is improving and helping to spare my hands taking a thrashing. My low back has not been an issue, which in the past it did have a way of acting up. Very pleased!

A good 45 minute Yoga session Wednesday. More of a Vinyasa Power yoga than my usual Iyengar or Restorative.

Well this has not been the week I had planned in pre-preparation for the marathon program. With my calf tightening up last week I decided no need to push it this week and instead substitute for my runs. In fact my calf has not bothered me except for that first day I had the twinge and since then my home therapy has worked well. However, I know muscles and particularly calf muscles can be sensitive with a high rate of re-injury.

So for the runs I did the Concept 2 rower Tuesday (as previously posted ) and the spinning bike Wednesday. The bike was a nice 40 minute consistent pace with moderate resistance that way I could spin at a higher RPM. Today, I am going to go for a hour long hike, nothing to strenuous but a good blood pumping movement. Again, this is a long term project so health is key and the big goal is beyond the marathon in March

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interview with Briana Walker

Today's guest Briana Walker is a special and unique individual. Briana does truly personify the Human Spirit and our interview today gave her the stage to demonstrate why this is the case, and she did so admirably. Attitude, courage, faith, prayer, family, love, commitment, support, friends, relationships, leadership, setting an example, and doing good for others all are descriptive of Briana.

Please take the time to listen to her interview and purchase her book. For $5.95 you can read her story of inspiration called Dance Anyway, and yes she is a dancer and tours as part of a dance troupe performing hip hop. Also, you will find Briana onthe slopes skiing, on the water surfing and in the air jumping out planes.

To learn more about Briana and the work she is doing on behalfof other disabled individuals go to

Briana and I thank you for your supporting her and the show.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Workout

Well, I decided that I would skip the running today and let the calf rest. So, I figured the best available option was the Concept 2 rowing machine.

Rowing Machine
5000 Meters

Time: 22:02
Pace 2:11/500 m

I was unable to retreive the other stats due to my 250 meters sprint to the finish where I was pushing a 1:40 or so pace which was quite fast considering I had already covered 4750 meters. My heart was racing and I was pooped to say the least. Beyond the saddle soreness, which has to be the worst aspect of the rower, I really enjoy this movement and would highly recommend it for those who do indoor cardio activity.

45 strong minutes of Yoga with a nice meditation portion.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Briana Walker, This Weeks Guest...check out her amazing story

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 1pm Pacific

The Human Spirit Personified
It is not often that you have the chance to talk to people who are a true inspiration. Briana Walker is the true definition of inspiration and a living example of a person who is Living Life Without Limits. Briana has and continues to set an example for all, overcoming paralysis to push her boundaries mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her attitude is contagious and here is your chance to listen to this inspiring and beautiful human being who personifies the essence of the human spirit.

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The shift continues. Upon further examination of my Way of Living I am continuing the shift in lifestyle. My movement transformation has and continues to take place on multiple levels, most notably the mental, physical, psychological aspects of life. All the changes are interrelated and thus fit each of these areas.

The biggest change has come from a psychological perspective. I have shifted from a lifestyle of working out for fitness to a lifestyle of moving my body for health and wellness. This shifts means I am able to listen more deeply to the needs of my body and train/move my body in a more intelligent manner. The results are exceeding where I have ever been and the psychological side effects are amazing as I am more relaxed and just getting much more pleasure and enjoyment out of life and my movement activities. In fact, I am more active than ever, fully recovered, well rested, properly hydrated, well nourished, and at peace.

This change has contributed as alluded too my mental and physical states reaching new levels, the highest ever.

The other major area of transformation is in my nutritional approach and habits. There has been some additions and many more subtractions. The biggest subtraction has been sugar. Just taking sugar out of my diet pretty much eliminates a majority of foods. Now, one 'exception' to the 'sugar' elimination is fruit, which I eat on a regular basis. I am taking this on at a pace that is comfortable, since I am a sugarholic this change takes time. Now, I will have a treat once a week at most but that is it because I do understand how addictive sugar is and the damage that it causes to your body and its functional ability.

I can get into more detail with this but if you really want to know contact me and we can discuss what it is I have added, subtracted and the scientific, yet possibly controversial reasons behind my decisions. Yes, controversial because we all have 'our own idea' of what is and is not healthy regardless of scientific facts and I am no exception. As I have said before it is important that given all the 'facts' each of makes decisions/choices that we feel will support our desired lifestyle.

For me I choose a lifestyle of health and wellness because that is what will truly enable me to perform without limits and thus enjoy life to the fullest. I have answers for people and I have the ability to guide, inform and educate as well as be compassionate and thus support people in their decision making process. I can sit here and tell you 'this is what you should do' but the key is to keep in mind that empowering people to make educated and informed decisions is the key, after all they are more likely to stick with it and they truly tend to embrace and learn more by doing so.

You, like me can choose what you see fit. I have gone and continue to go out and educate and inform myself with an open mind and I do my best to look at things in a logical way while keeping in my the human psyche.

I do know this, I am never sick, my skin looks great, I am able to perform on a consistent basis, I tend to be in a peaceful state (even though I am a very passionate person, what else would one expect from a Scorpio, Tiger, Italian :-). I attribute much of this to my choices but I did realize through my continued learning process that I could bemuch more healthy and the perspective had to come from choosing to live a life full of love, enjoyment, truth, compassion, honesty, integrity, peace, health, wellness, fun, and an open mind geared toward learning and experiencing

MAX Vo2 & Yoga

Monday Morning Workout

MAX Vo2 Snatch
16/5/5 x 35 minutes

Reps: 350

Really pleased with my progress here. Strength and conditioning was not a factor, but I have yet to do 8 rep sets where things will be a 'bit' more challenging :)

Typically finish my day off with some form of yoga, restorative or Iyengar based.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Cellular Look At Weighty Issues...Food For Thought

Would you believe me if I told you I believe and feel that weight issues are more than about 'dieting' and exercise. Would you believe me if I said weight issues and more important your HEALTH depends not on how much you eat and not how much you exercise but what you eat and more important where it comes from and how it is produced/manufactured.

Well I have to say that in my recent studies I have been looking at these weighty issues on a deeper level and I am finding so rather interesting information and discovering a new approach to eating and more important Living Healthy. This is not about advertising, marketing, the magic pill, etc. this is about truly looking at how to live the healthiest live possible on all levels, the first being cellular.

You say what, cellular? I say yes, cellular. In the next few weeks I have the great pleasure of interviewing Raymond Francis who has written a couple of fascinating books that do indeed take a look at our weight and health issues from this level. I will say this much, I believe in where he is coming from, how he is approaching health and his research and information are valid and reliable. His books are Never Be Sick Again and Never Be Fat Again.

Taking his information, combining it with Weston A. Price, Michael Pollen, Ori Hofemaker and my other basic nutritional studies I can see all the correlations and how the current approach in the public eye is misleading and not truly hitting at the core of the challenges we face to live health and fit. In fact, we keep looking for a magic pill and the funny thing is it already exists and has been in existence well before our modern times, we just are not aware of it for various reasons.

As all these authors hit on, the causes of our cellular dysfunction is due to the Toxicity of the foods we consume (and my 2 cents, the air we breathe), and the deficiency in our diets and for that matter the deficiency in our foods of the proper nutrients which in large part our due to how we manufacture and produce our foods. Many and most of the way food is produced this day kills off much of the nutrient value and our bodies are not able to absorb much of the nutrient value due to the chemicals, etc. that make up the foods. What happens? You are left feeling unsatisfied, full of toxins, deficient in nutrients and wanting to eat more and feeling terrible.

"Losing Weight is not about how to lose weight but how to regain health." Raymond Francis, Never Be Fat Again

It truly is what you eat! But, not how it is portrayed in current understanding. Too learn more talk with me or read these books. If you just look at the biology, chemistry and physiology of what these people are saying and go beyond the 'shtick' you will be able to draw your own conclusions.

Friday, August 22, 2008

SSST, Run, Yoga

Friday is working out to be a full day at least this week. I am not certain if I want to do the SSST on Thursday or Friday. It felt good today and it is what I did first in my workout sequence. Being that I had an open schedule today I was able to split my workout in to 3 different sessions. Also, the yoga was a restorative session so that is not taxing and in fact meant to be more relaxing and serve to open up the body.

Sercet Service Snatch Test (training)

Total Time: 10 minutes
Total Reps: 120
Heart Rate at end of workout: 155
Hands: Perfect :-)

Location: Stanford University Track
Time: 25 minutes
Distance: 400 meter repeats at 3 minute intervals (run 2 minutes or less, rest the difference for a total of 3 minutes/400)

I made it through 5 intervals

After the 5th Interval my left calf tightened up and I decided to shut it down. This is a life long process so better to back off and take care of the muscle rather than push it.

Home Care, Massage using deep long strokes with arnica, ice, foam roller, jacuzzi, more massage, more ice.

Restorative Yoga:

All sitting or lying down, nothing on my feet as I do not want to aggravate the calf. Here I hold the poses for an extended length of time, up to 5 minutes or so. This allows my mind and body to completely relax into the pose and open up. This is helping me recover and prepping me to perform.

As for the rest of the weekend plan, we will have to see what it holds, my calf that is

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cannot Ignore, The Simplified Life

Yes, it is obvious. Everyday, everywhere you look, go, see, everything you do it is obvious. In certain ways more to some than to others and then again there are those who are less affected....I am not in that latter category but the former. What am I referring to?

The cost of living which is increasing as the income for most remains the same and in fact has seen little increase over the past years. This fact is supported, this is not just my opinion. For myself and others like me who are self-employed and offer services that are in many respects not on most peoples most important items under the budget list changes such as increase in the cost of living can have a devastating impact.

I am fortunate in that I live well and am able to have a nice place to live, drive a new car (albeit at a cost but the trade off is much better gas mileage, about a 10 mile increase/gallon), eat well, travel, and enjoy my life everyday. However, that is not to say that my life has simplified

Yes, a Simplified Life with a simplified approach. I go out to eat less, drive slower, drive a car with excellent gas mileage (all things considered), buy very few material things other than what I truly need, shop for food that is of the highest quality in health and returns, which means I buy less, consume less but get a much better health and wellness benefit. My spending habits have changed and I am not spending foolishly like I have in the past. Instead I am making every effort to take care of my main business and safe for a rainy day.

Times like these have a multitude of potential effects. For me my awareness has increased about my spending habits, what I am spending my money on, what I am consuming, how I am moving about each day, etc. I am far more conscious of everything I do and in this case everything related to money. I have a much deeper respect for the power or lack thereof of the almighty dollar and the hours spent working them.

I find me wanting to go and even extra mile to service my clients during our time as to maximize their money, even if they are less concerned, which I am not certain is or is not the case. My spending is way down on the whole throughout this year. Although, i have spent a lot of money of investing into my business and personal life for the purpose of enhancing my skill sets and offerings. The beauty about what I do for a living is that it benefits me on both a business and personal level making the money I spend go twice or more as far.

The Simplified Life is actually quite nice. I have less potential things to 'worry' about which is not normally apart of my being anyways but this makes it even less likely.

Interview with David Weck Recap

Wow, David Weck ( is in a highly intelligent, amazingly creative person and a dynamic speaker. Yesterday during our hour long interview which can be downloaded or listen to via a live stream at (under my name), David touched on a number of interesting points. So much so that me trying to explain them in a summary format would be an injustice to David.

In brief we discussed the elements and principles of fitness, of program design, of using the body and tools as a means of moving beyond your limitations, of breaking boundaries and eliminating or at least gaining perspective on fear, of maximizing your potential, of what it means to train and be fit, of the purpose of training and fitness, and so on.

If you are curious to what one of the brightest minds thinks and feels about life and fitness, of what drives and motivates him to challenge his mind and body and create outlets like the bosu ball, ballist ball, bola ball, etc. for people to challenge their minds and bodies then do yourself a favor and listen to David share his wisdom and wit.

I can say with certainty that you will learn a thing or two that will enhance your life.

Also, to learn more about David go to or Here you will find videos, products, a blog, and much more. David has some exciting new things in the works, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesdays Workouts


Location: Rancho San Antonio
Distance 5 miles (wildcat loop to deer hollow)
Time: 50 minutes
Type: Trail

This run has a nice 1.1 mile warm-up which for this particular run also worked as my final stretch where I pushed it to the finish. In between there is a nice 1 mile switchback climb that rises quickly but offers a few respites along the way. There is a nice section that is downhill as well. Since I ran with Mia my time was a bit slower however this is good because I can recover well, walk it out a bit and finish strong. Very pleased with the run today and can feel my fitness and endurance as well as speed increasing.

35 minutes of a gentle hatha yoga. This really hit areas that I felt I need to open and relax. The yoga has really helped my recovery efforts and is definitely increasing my ability to perform. Plus, the meditation and relaxation help keep me calm and conscious.

Location: Stanford
Distance: Unknown....time focus
Time: 35 minutes using 8 minute run/1 minute recovery interval x 4
Type: Flat Recovery

These are great for increasing my endurance capabilities. After a good hard run in the hills with a hard finish it is good to come back and do these endurance recovery workouts.

The last interval I focused on doing tempo runs on the soccer field (i.e. run goal post to goal post walk about 10 yards turn and repeat. In this interval I ran barefoot in an attempt to strengthen my feet and help with my running technique. Felt good to flush the body and build.

35 minutes of home restorative practice including meditation.

I like doing this before the show. It helps me to clear my mind and focus my energy in a relaxed and calm state. I feel this approach is important, like visualizing your success in whatever you plan to do before doing that activity, etc. Mental preparation is a key aspect of my preparation and integral to my success.

45 minutes at Atascadero...nice to take the dog for a hike & swim!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet David Weck, This Weeks Guest

All my life I have loved to exercise and explore better ways to get more from my training. I've been called a "mad genius" (fortunately it was said as a complement) and also a "visionary" in the fitness world. I'm certainly not afraid to think outside of the box which has led to some profound discoveries like creating the BOSU Balance Trainer, other innovative products I've developed, and now what I am most proud of - Both Sides Utilized Training.

My passion for enhancing my sports performance dates back to the moment I hit puberty and my testosterone began to flow. I used to spend hours at the library combing through microfilm (this was before the internet) researching various training techniques and the latest science in sports training. The weightroom was like a second home for me in high school and in college.

I'm a voracious reader and used to be a full fledged anatomy & physiology geek. I draw tremendous influence from the works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Ida Rolf, and F.M. Alexander, all of whom were pioneers in somatic (body) education. I've continued to expand my knowledge in diverse areas including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan.
I've been fortunate to have studied or worked with many incredible teachers, coaches, and mentors all of my life and still to this day.

I credit Dean Brittenham for turning me onto the importance of training ambidexterity - which is at the heart of Both Sides Utilized Training. Dean's son Greg, who coaches for the New York Knicks, told me, "you've got to meet my dad" when I first met him back in early BOSU days. For years, Dean has had his athletes perform coordinative drills, like juggling for example, to promote ambidexterity and stimulate better balance and flow within the body/brain to enhance athletic performance. And Dean has trained some of the world's best from a wide range of sports.

I began to experiment with ambidexterity training after meeting Dean and soon thereafter created a training tool called the Quick Hands Bola Trainer. I also began to experiment with visual training drills during this time. Training my hands and my eyes, which I had never done as a younger athlete, began opening new doors for me athletically. I also dramatically increased my ability to read fast with comprehension during this time.

I don't lift heavy weights like I used to very often these days. But I perform exercises with ropes and sticks/bars that most "stronger guys" simply can't handle - because they don't train the way I do. As a result, my movements are fluid and my strength is spiral in nature.

I invite you to train with me and make more athletic progress than you ever imagined possible.

Best in health,

David Weck

Winning at All Cost

There is something wrong too me with this concept/principle. Fundamentally I believe it sets about the wrong mental approach where anything but first, anything but a gold medal, anything but being the best is no good, worth-less not worthless.

The Olympics is a perfect time to take a moment and look more deeply at this concept. Keep in mind that in each event there is only one 'winner', one gold medal and there is only 3 people who will actually even take a place on the stands. In many cases there is 50 or more competitors in a particular field, which means that 49 would be considered less than a winner. What does this mean to the value of their experience on the whole? Is a Silver that much worse than a Gold? Is just being a competitor not enough?

Katie Hoff of the U.S. Swim Team is a great example. Coming into the games she cleaned up at the Olympic Trials winning 5 events and putting her in contention to win at least 5 Gold Medals. Her performances were excellent and put her in the medal talk leading up to the games. However, she failed to win a single Gold Medal, instead capturing a Silver and 2 Bronze as well as setting many personal bests in the meet (Olympics).

After the completion of all her events she said "I think Michael is doing what he's doing and it's incredible, but it kind of makes the rest of us look like, if you don't win a gold medal, it's not. You know? I even got a best time in the 200 free, and I didn't medal. It's tough, but obviously Michael gets our sport out there, and that's great."

Is there something flawed with this? Here is a person, an athlete who went all out for the past 4 years and the previous 4 as this is her second Olympics, training her arse off and she only managed 3 medals, none of which were Gold. She challenged herself by competing in 5 events which is no easy feat, which she and her coach both eluded to, as well did Michael Phelps a training mate and good friend of Hoff. Yes, the same man who competed in 8 events for the second straight Olympics, winning 8 golds, setting 7 world records and 1 Olympic Record.

The answer to this question is in the hands and eyes of the beholder. However, I will say looking back on last year at this time as I was prepping for the Tactical Strength Challenge, in the Elite Category having to compete in 3 events all on the same day with only 30 minutes between and no crowds cheering me on I only view my competition day as a success. Why, because I made a goal, trained and prepared for it and went out on the day giving it my best, in fact accomplishing 2 personal bests which was not enough to garner a first place finish. But, I am proud of myself and truly feel like I accomplished something wonderful.

Now, I am no Olympian and nor can I compare myself to Katie Hoff but we did have things in common and in my eyes we are both 'winners' even though we 'failed' to get first place.

My concern is that training and preparing to win at all cost versus performing your best on that given day, during that given moment and all those preceding days & moments is sending the wrong message. We should look upon all the Olympians and all those who are representing our country and so on and so forth in life as 'winners' because it is far more than about first place.

A Few Workouts

Went out of town Thursday so no chance to add workout, here is how things played out from thursday till today.

SSST Snatch

10 sets with 1 minute intervals for a total of 124 reps in 10 minutes. All in all felt good and was a strong push. I did have a couple of tears but they are healing up well.

Military Press

Monday (today)
MAX VO2 Snatch
16/5/5 x 30 minutes

Sunday: 50 Minutes total time
6 minute run/1 minute walk x 5 sets

Tempo Runs
6 minute run/1 minute recovery x 2 sets

30 minutes x 3 days

Not my normal schedule but I am happy to get in what I did and am back to normal this week! Body and mind feel really good and I am having a nice adaptation

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Reflection on Kevin McMahon

****Less Is More****
In discussing training Kevin spoke of how he learned that he got more out of doing less training. He spoke of training smart and that it is not about doing more but about the quality of what you do. Recently I read an article by David Beckham who mentioned that when he was younger he would practice 30 free kicks but many times he did not focus on all 30. He found that if instead he practiced 10 and focused each one, he got more out of it. Less is truly more, as quality is emphasized over quantity.

****Recovery is a key ingredient of life and at the same time the most overlooked.****
When you train hard, your body breaks down. It is important that you allow your body the proper recovery in between workouts and this includes eating well, sleeping 7+ hours a night (and if your an athlete maybe even adding a nap in the day after a hard training session). Adequate recovery will lead to enhanced performance and the proof is in the pudding. This ties in with the concept that less is more and quality over quantity.

****We have more in common with people of the world we do than differences.****
How true this is. We often hear or read about our differences but when you travel or in Kevin's case gather with 200 countries in one stadium with 100,000 fans you begin to realize all the wonderful things you have in common. Instead of highlighting the differences which do indeed exist and if you look around they exist with the people closest to you, your neighbors, between states, between congressional districts, they exist EVERYWHERE.

So, we must accept that we are all unique and have our own genetic make-up and our beliefs, but we have so much more in common than we truly do in differences. Are the Iraqi's, Russians, Afghanies, Africans, Australians, English, Chinese, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Whites, Blacks, Jews, etc bad or horrible people? In my opinion by no means, they are like me made up of DNA and other molecules, they have bones, muscles, water, blood, hearts, brains, lungs, thoughts, feelings, etc. that makes they who they are. Who am I too judge another human being for knowing, doing, being, believing in what they know best and have been 'trained' in. Respect and Compassion for all.

****Having someone special to share with brings more meaning to what you do****
It is the relationships we have and build that matter most. As Kevin mentioned having his good friend, competitor and training partner walk with him at the opening of the Olympics in Atlanta, representing their country, hearing the crowd cheer, flash bulbs pop made his experience far more special and something they will share forever. It is this and the other relationships that he developed in his years of competing that he treasures, not the medals, first place finishes but the people and experiences he shared in. Open your doors and allow others into your life, into your heart and share in theirs experiences.

****Supplements are not the answer****
Touchy subject for certain but I too am of the believe that supplements are not the answer. Instead eating well, resting and preparing/training smart will make you what your are or will become. The supplement industry is questionable and as Kevin mentioned not all are created equal and often times fail to provide what you pay for. There is far more to this subject but I am not a fan of this and I appreciate an athlete who competed at the highest level mention that supplements played no role.

****There is no magic pill****
What else needs to be said! Get out move your body, eat well, and allow your body/mind/cells to recovery! Plus, actually working for it and doing it naturally is extremely rewarding on levels behind the minds eye.

****It is not a matter of strength but technique and skill****

The results do not come in the gym and with big numbers on lifts but come through practice and development of your technique and skill. And after the show Kevin took it a step further and mentioned the importance of mental training. Being strong and having muscle is not necessarily a 'bad' thing but it is not the answer. The Central Nervous System and how it interacts with your ability to use physics, geometry, trigonometry, and intuition will get you further than just being big and strong. Sport is a skill and according to the Law of Specificity, practice your specific skill to improve your skill.

****Respect your competitors****
What could be surprising to some was the amount of respect that competitors have for each other. Often we hear athletes talk negatively about their opponents in an effort to distract, etc. However, sport and competition is far more than about winning, which is the American way, it is about bringing your best, competing at your highest level and in the process challenging others to do the same all in an effort to bring the best out in yourself and each other. We athletes should respect each other. (I know many do indeed but it is important to use this opportunity as a reminder)

****The Olympics is far more than about Medals, it is about the Overall Experience****
Although Kevin did not win any medals in the Olympics, he was very successful in other world and competitive events, winning and placing in a number of other major events. But like he said, he has no mementos or such things on his walls at home. He does have things stored in the garage and the thing that he relished most was the experience and relationships...the jumpsuits he received from fellow competitors and the Hammer he has from the Atlanta Games stamped with the Logo. Few will win, many will train, many, will make the team, compete for the team but most will 'fail' in their attempt to win a medal. However, all will have to opportunity and experience to represent their country, work hard and prepare learning major life skills in the process and developing long lasting relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. Life is more than winning, it is living and experiencing all the moments we have.

****Eat Well, Feel Well, Perform Well****
We barely touched on this as time ran out but Kevin did mention the importance of eating well to live and perform well. Few points on what this means are many, and I have mine as Kevin does his. The key is to do it, and live it!

****Give Back****
As a result of Kevins experience from the moment he saw Ed Burke in the 1984 Olympics walking with the American flag to the time they spent together training and preparing Kevin for his efforts, Kevin has never forgot what this meant to him. And now, he wants to give back and say thanks by sharing his knowledge and experience with young athletes who wish to better themselves. Kevin and I both believe in the value of Altruism and giving back. It is in giving we receive. So take time and show those who have shown and spent so much of their time helping you that you appreciate it by passing on your wisdom to people and if you can do so freely every so often, it sure does feel good.

I hope today's show, this reflection, Kevin's depth of wisdom and experience that he expressed our some gifts we can share with you and yours.

Show #1 with Kevin McMahon

Wow! A true first, hosting a radio show, which in reality is just a normal conversation with a old friend. Yes, I certainly had pre-show jitters as I have never done this, had no practice nor preparation...just call in and start the show.

Having Kevin McMahon on the show, hitting lead off was an absolute honor. He made my job easy with his level of wisdom and ability to communicate effectively. He hit on a number of things, so much so that I felt I could have talked with him for another 2 hours.

I am really stoked to have the first show under the belt and I know have much to learn and much room to grow as a radio show host. I will be looking forward to the continued progression of the show, myself and the amazing folks who will be joining in.

It is surreal to be living this experience and this opportunity. There are so many doors that have I have yet to discover and yet to open that only time will tell where this whole experience will lead and I am certain that it will be just 'what the doctor ordered' and that my friends will be perfect!

I can say this, I want to use this show to help with different causes and help raise awareness and support for things that exist in this world. I know so of my guests are involved in many different such things and I will be honored to be a conduit.

I have to say it is really cool to spend your a portion of your day talking to fascinating folks who have such amazing stories and wisdom that is worthy of sharing. Being a curious kind of person and one who loves to learn and experience new things this avenue will certainly wet my appetite and expose myself and I hope you all to a world of wonders.

Thank you for your support and time!

My your life be filled with inner peace and pure love and joy for living!

The Practice of Inner Peace

This is my daily practice, the practice of inner peace. This is my way of being, this is what my actions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, expressions, movements, you name all move and flow with and toward. Too me and for me this is the key to things such as happiness, contentment, respect for yourself and others, and the list goes on.

This is not a practice based on achievement, nor is there a way to measure the success. Instead this is a practice of being, being present, of being conscious and aware and of being still. The practice is perfect, always perfect even in its daily imperfections and 'mishaps', 'mistakes', 'imperfections' happen daily some more than others. However, there is no alarm, no cause for concern, no need to get jumpy, edgy, angry, frustrated, disappointed, etc.

This is all part of my process, of my movement toward higher levels of awareness, of consciousness, of truly being an example of a way to live life without limits, to life live to the fullest, enjoying the fruits of the situations, experiences, opportunities, relationships, and 'successes & failures', whatever they are or whatever that truly means.

I believe world peace begins at home, in the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of the individual. From there we can have the compassion and presence necessary to show through daily action what it means to act with peace, with compassion, with forgiveness, with kindness, with appreciation, with gratitude, with love, with respect for all and all living things.

Possibilities are limitless, and open to all! I wish upon everyone Inner Peace!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trail Run and Yoga

Wow, trail running is one heck of a way to train the body and mind. As I start to get back on the trails I cannot help but reflect back to my adventure racing days. The first thing that comes to mind is 'if I only knew then what I know now'. And, all in all we were pretty successful, winning a race, placing second in a year series and having some respectable times against some good competition and in some harsh conditions.

When we were competing I have to say that I did not know how to maximize my potential. My training was suspect to say the least and it certainly is not how I would train today. As I prepare for my new running re-transformation I am becoming a student all over again and I am excited about.

On my run today which took me through the hills of Rancho San Antonio on the Wildcat Loop and up a portion of the PG&E trail I began to have flashbacks. I could not help but remember just how effective trail runs are and just how darn hard they can be, especially on those long climbs, that mix in short steep sections, much like Rancho and especially the PG&E trail.

Yes, I did indeed hike up a few of the many, many hills and this strategy helped me conserve my energy so I could run the 'less steep' hills and power through the flats. Taking the hike the hills approach, run the flats and downs is what many of the 'experts' who run ultra trail runs do and this has been a proven and effective strategy. I believe that for me, this strategy will help me when I get to the longer distances.

See, I really do not enjoy running the roads/streets but truly do love trail running, always have. Being out in nature, pushing my limits, the quiet ambiance and the clean air really add to the experience, which is exactly what trail running is for me. Therefore as I continue to build a base, gain strength, help my body adjust and find balance in my training I will start to transition to more trail and less road.

However, this leads to one of my key reflections about my prior experience. I will be well served running flats, maintaining a good strong pace, and being able to do so over longer distances. Plus, hills/trails do place more stress and the recovery flat runs will really help me acclimate once I focus more on trail stuff.

Great run today, covering around 4 miles and 40 minutes which is a great pace and one I could have sustained for a longer duration....but slow and steady right now as I adapt.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kevin McMahon, This Weeks Radio Show Guest

Join me and my guest Kevin McMahon this Wednesday August 13th at 1pm PST.

Kevin's Long List of Accomplishments
Athletic Info
􀂄 2 Time Olympian – Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000
􀂄 Pan American Games Silver Medalist
􀂄 2 Time US National Champion – 1997 and 2001
􀂄 4 Time World Championship Team Member – 1995,1997, 1999, 2001
􀂄 One of the only athletes ever to medal (top 3) in 10 consecutive US NationTrack and Field Championships.
􀂄 6 time NCAA Division I All-American: (3 indoor, 3 outdoor)
􀂄 Set Big East Conference Records – in both the hammer and the 35lb weightthrows
􀂄 Georgetown Scholar Athlete of the Year - 1994
􀂄 Big East Scholar Athlete of the Year (track and field)- 1994
􀂄 Personal best – hammer throw - 260ft (79.26m)
􀂄 Only US thrower to ever throw 40ft beyond body weight (260ft at 220lbs)

Coaching Info
􀂄 Coached the throws at Georgetown University 1997 and Stanford 2008.
􀂄 Coaching highlights include:
Conference Individual Champions
Conference Team Championships
NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Championship qualifiers
World Class athletes – Sarah Veress (3rd in US) and Daniel Schaerer (1st in Switzerland) Personal Interest Info

􀂄 Grew up in San Jose, CA and attended Bellarmine College Preparatory.
􀂄 Started throwing at age 15 under the guidance of American Record holderBurke and World Record Holder Mac Wilkins.
􀂄 Coach in college by Harold Connolly – the last American to win Olympic Gold and hold the World Record in the hammer throw.
􀂄 Earned a BA in English, BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Liberal Studies from Georgetown.
􀂄 Lived at the San Diego Olympic Training center from 1997-1998.
􀂄 Teaches Video Production for Bellarmine, Adobe Systems, and StanfoDigital Media Academy.
􀂄 Wife, Annalora, is a Campus Minister and Acting Teacher at Presentation High School.

Here is a link!

Kevin and I look forward to having you join us for a rare glimpse into the life of an Olympic Athlete. Imagine training for 4 years for one moment, one chance and further imagine doing it for 2 Olympics. I wonder what that feeling is like, what it means to be an Olympian and represent your country, to have the opportunity to hear your National Anthem standing on the podium. Join us as these and other questions will be answered, including yours.

With gratitude,

Sunday, August 10, 2008


And the beat goes on. This is by no means a 'fun' workout however it is very effective! First, I do truly love the KB Snatch and it is as proclaimed, the Czar of Kettlebell exercises. A real great full body, full system training practice. When done with the 15/15 for 25 minutes it does truly make it even more special. A proven methodology for improving your Max volume of oxygen uptake, sounds important and it is. Thank you Kenneth Jay for your research efforts.

Todays Workout

250 reps in 25 minutes. A comfortable pace, my body feels great and my low back, which has been a challenge in the past does not feel a thing. I am treating like an endurance race, the key is to endure and cross the finish line healthy. Today I did just that and next week I will do it again.

My plan is for 5/5 for 30 minutes. Gradually increasing time and distance but at the same pace. If the goal is 40 minutes then this is the first finish line. from there I can adjust my pace, less my time and distance and build again. After all, I am not competing in anything related to KBs but instead using this as a wonderful compliment and important part of my life training at this point.

I hope that through my experiences I can help others with their challenges and goals and be an inspiration.

40 minutes of home practice

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Training Race and Hike

Adding up the miles, that seems to be the theme. I have a few things in my piggy bank and my training is prepping me to pull them out and cash them....

Today I did the Los Gatos Dammit Run, the first time ever. Why do I say this, well I have done this run a number of times since 1999 but never did the race. So, a few friends were out today and I need to do some hill training and this race has 2 big hills and 2 moderate hills with some decent incline.

The race started slow as we placed ourselves in the back of the pack just allowing the runners to separate and spread out. It took 12:51 for the first mile, 9:40 for the second (24:30 at this point) and the first of the short, steep moderate hills which I walked after waiting for my friends who were moving a bit slower than I at which point I came upon the first long steep hill and ran up again walking and waiting for my friends but also since this was a training run allowing my body to recover. Plus, I knew I had the short hill climb followed by a short recovery and then the longest and steepest hill, the back of St. Josephs hill, a real bear.

by the end of the final hill and 3rd mile + I had come to the downhill, 37:30 at mile 3 and ready to run as I knew I was on my own after that first hill. So I kicked it into high gear taking advantage of the downhill portions and carrying my speed. By the time I was coming to the finish line from mile 3 to the end I passed a boat load of folks, never getting passed which felt great because I truly opened it and my lungs.

I finished in 52 minutes after a long slow start and some big hills, all followed by walks, I average 7:30 over the final 2 miles and just about barfed my last nights dinner as I pushed to the end with the women whom I passed on the last .25 of the last .25 miles trying to overcome chance, lol.

Great training run: A slow warm-up, 4 hills runs, walking recovery and a strong finish all on a beautiful Summer morning in one of my favorite old time training/playgrounds and with a few friends to boot! Not a bad way to spend/start a Satruday.

AFTER ALL that, Mia, Jaz and I went for a 6 mile+ hike (90 minutes), albeit a few hours after out in the hot sun. Felt good to continue to build fitness and be on my feet with my favorite crew!

Oh yeah, I did 20 minutes of yoga stretching, hot tub, ice down....have to take care of this body!

Snatches tomorrow and a good yoga restoration practice

Thursday, August 07, 2008

SSST, Yoga, and of course Running


Tuesday: 34 minute run covering 4 miles

PACE: 6 minute run/1 minute walk x 5

This was a good run, I pushed myself working to improve my speed and endurance.

Thursday: 46 minutes covering 5.5 to 6 miles

PACE: 6 minute run/1 minute walk x 7 (finished with an additional 10 minute cool down walk)

This was a hard pace run through beautiful Stanford University. Cool night so I felt like opening things up a bit and felt a strong tempo. By far my fastest pace or at least so I felt. Light on my feet.

Yoga Practice:

Tuesday: 30 minute home practice
Wednesday: 75 minutes or so of Home Practice
Thursday: 90 minutes of kick ass Yoga at Willow Glen Yoga with Kent Bond, an amazing teacher!

Each time I go to a yoga class I come out with some real take aways, today was one of those days where the wisdom was coming in droves. There is something to really tuning into your body, staying calm and present with each stretch, never allowing the breathe to lose its rhythm all while being in a comfortable asana at the same time reaching new heights.

Kettlebells (Wednesday)
Snatch SSST
24/5/5x2 for warm-up

1st round I did left hand for 10 reps, 2nd round right hand for 10 reps and alternated for the 10 minutes

Total of 100 reps (50/side)

The idea was to build a specific level of grip endurance and strength on each side doing higher reps. Next week I will go back to doing each side/minute and I hope to get 5/5 and maybe some 6/6 for some sets.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Press Release for Radio Show

Joe Sarti presents “Your Life Without Limits” Your answer to holistic health and well-being.

Fitness and health guru Joe Sarti hosts a new live internet talk radio show about moving beyond your boundaries and discovering the limitless life on VoiceAmerica’s Health & Wellness Channel. .
Phoenix, AZ (PR Web) August 4, 2008– Health and Wellness expert, Joe Sarti of Palo Alto, California, launches a new live internet talk radio show called “Your Life Without Limits” on the VoiceAmerica’s Health & Wellness Channel.

Beginning August 13th, 2008, “Your Life Without Limits” will air every Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. PST or 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST on VoiceAmerica’s Health & Wellness Channel. The weekly show will re-broadcast 12 hours later and is available online for on-demand listening as well as through web enabled cell phones.

Join Joe on the journey to “Your Life Without Limits.” Joe will be featuring leading experts in the field of health and wellness who through their work teach, demonstrate and incorporate philosophies of a life without limits. Guests will include authors, athletes, and health & wellness professionals, such as Jack LaLanne, who will be making a special appearance on the show in September.

Just in time for the 2008 Olympic Games, “Your Life Without Limits” launches on August 13th with an extraordinary guest, two-time Olympian Kevin McMahon. Listen and share in his inspirational story. The show is created to be a fantastic and fascinating opportunity to experience and participate in the message of hope, inspiration, and possibility.

About Joe Sarti:
Joe is a Coach and Student of the mind, body and spirit. He has studied everything fitness, kinesiology, physiology, yoga, meditation, nutrition, massage, coaching and athletics. Joe has had the honor of representing Dragondoor as an Assistant Instructor for the Kettlebell Certification, speak at corporations such as Cisco Systems, Own a successful coaching/training business, graduate with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and hold numerous certifications including, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition, Massage Therapist and Kettlebells. For more information about Joe Sarti, please visit
About VoiceAmerica / Modavox:
(OTC.BB MDVX), Modavox is the leading producer and distributor of online talk radio content, streaming approximately 250 hours of live programs and scheduled replays weekly on its Modavox VoiceAmerica™ Network ( Modavox, Inc. ( is a pioneer in internet broadcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, and offering innovative, effective and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide. Through its patented Modavox Central™ technology, Modavox "takes the search out of search," delivering content straight to desktops and internet-enabled devices. Through its proprietary StreamSafe™, WebcastWizard™ and Stream Syndicate™ tools, Modavox provides managed access for live and on-demand internet broadcasting and syndication, content management, online meetings, event management, enterprise communications and distance learning.

Forward-Looking Statements:
This release contains "forward-looking statements" for purposes of the Securities and Exchange Commission's "safe harbor" provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause Modavox's actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated, including the risk factors identified in Modavox's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Opinion Piece

Fat, overweight, obese people are everywhere. Walk into a grocery store, go to a gym, head to the movies, anywhere and everywhere you go you are likely to see a higher proportion of people who are out of shape, overweight and just plain and simple fat. This is more than a problem, this is truly an epidemic that has far reaching effects, many of which we are aware of and many which we have yet to experience.

Think about this: there are more than under these book searches on Amazon there is
Health = 847,000+
Diet: 290,000
Fitness: 232,000
Weight Loss: 62,000

WOW! The choices, options, and endless supply of just books on these topics is AMAZING. Add to that all the different types of exercise regimens, the number of gyms, yoga studios, aerobic centers, Curves, in-home fitness products, you tube videos, online training aids, podcasts, and on and on we go.

Yet the obesity numbers (which vary according to sources from 30.6% of Americans to 25% (Wall Street Journal), compared to 15.3% in 1995 and they are continuing to rise despite all the available options and information available. (list comparisons between countries throughout the world)

According to the number of overweight is 34%. And according to former US Surgeon General David Satcher, obesity counts for 300,000 premature deaths per year. Obesity raises our risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and other chronic diseases. “Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in the developed world,” emphasizes Dr. Zebrack, “and the second most preventable cause of death after smoking.”

What does the article and what do most of us in the business (I believe) understand, we must modify behavior. Duh! My question is why, with all the information about how to, the affects, and the supposed wisdom of all this are we growing in the wrong way and worse off than every before.

Is there a correlation between the growth and development of the world? Is there something to GMO foods and just how food is produced, not just consumed? Is the marketing and advertising as well as media coverage contributing negatively to the rise in obesity? Is our cultural approach to life, the desire for more of everything, money, cars, homes, goods, etc. a contributing factor? Are us health and wellness professionals failing our people, our clients, family and friends whom we impact? Do we have a greater obligation to our clients, and society at large to change the tide?

For me I believe a yes applies in all areas on some if not most levels. Do you have thoughts on this? Or are you just too busy to think and/or worry about this stuff? This may be the case, and I believe in many cases we are just so strapped in our lives with our time and commitments that we have little energy to take a deeper look or more to the point do something about it. Afterall, this is a big bit to chew and takes an immense amount of energy, changing the behavior and psychology behind our deepest desires, our actions that lead to our choices, our way of being. And, it is not easy when you are putting forth the effort but feel you have little support or follow through from others.

This road of behavior modification both on a personal and larger scale is not without challenges but I have to say it feels good to be doing and being my part and I am sure those of you who are or feel that you are doing your part can understand where I am coming from.

It is a 'fight' I believe worth fighting for

One aspect of this that is of particular interest is why are people, all over the world growing in size?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Run , KBs and Yoga

Easy run today. Since I am without my car I ran to the gym which took 16 minutes, trained a client did some KBs and ran back, 16 minutes.

Run time
16 minutes out rest 16 minutes back

no run/walk since I had the big break between runs

2kb Press

superset with Chin-ups

30 minutes home practice: Restorative Yoga

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Power to the Peaceful Yoga Benefit

Today I had the great pleasure of participating in the Power to The Peaceful Yoga Benefit with Michael Franti and Les Leventhal and held at Yoga Tree in San Francisco.

Michael Franti, known for his music is far more than your typical 'musician' Mr Franti is an author, movie producer, yogi, charitable organizer and an educated peace activist amongst many things. Michael organizes a peace concert for about 50,000 to 60,000 people every September at Golden Gate Park. This FREE, yes free concert and following day Yoga Jam has been going strong for 10 years and has spread to Brazil and Tanzania.

Prior to the concert, Michael along with Yoga Tree Castro in San Francisco and resident teacher Les Leventhal put on a 3 hour yoga and music session.

Throughout the yoga class today Michael played his music, which was a perfect blend of yoga and music. Myself along with the 100 other participants (limited) had the opportunity to move, sweat, and practice to the enjoyment of Michaels vocals and acoustic guitar.

The Concert is September 6 and followed by the Yoga Jam on Sept 7th. For more information and/or to contribute to the cause please visit

Michael's music


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Snatch Max VO2 and Yoga

NOTE: The official training length in 26 weeks till the race not 29. The additional 3 weeks are the suggested recovery routine. Therefore my official training begins on Labor Day. However, I am using the first 4 weeks of the program as my pre-race training and will start with these same 4 weeks on Labor Day.

Max VO2 Training #1
16/5/5 x 20 minutes

heart rate at 138

Overall just perfect. Will add time next week, not reps and work my way to the 40 minute mark with the 5's and go forward from there, this is my initial plan, time will tell.

90 minutes of Iynegar at Darshana in Palo Alto

Friday, August 01, 2008

Long Run #1 of pre-training routine & yoga

Today was the first long run of the pre-training routine. The distance covered 6 miles including 3 hill runs of no more than .25 miles. I employeed the run/walk strategy throughout which was a bit off including the hills but I adjusted as necessary.

The breakdown
6 minutes run x 8.5
1 minute walk x 8

total time 59:30
total distance: 6 miles (give or take a couple tenths)
total hills: 3
Location of HIlls: Lower half of Stanford Dish Trail and in the middle of the run mileage.

Feeling: I went out a bit stronger than I probably should. At this point this would be tough to do over 26.2 miles but considering I am at the end of week 1 of 3 during the pre training, I should be very happy.

With the change in date I have to adjust my attitude and ego :-) toward a time goal. The real goal is to finish, strong and health. With the ultimate goal of doing The San Diego Rock N' Roll May 31 st where I can make an more accurate judgement of a time goal based marathon.

I am a competitor, especially with myself but I have a longer term perspective on this and I want to stay clear of ego getting in the way. I hope to demonstrate and learn how to implement this type of program with my cross-training regimen. In the process I will be better able to educate and share with others as the goal of running and marathons is something that is quite popular.

hour home based iyengar