Friday, May 07, 2010

A First....Semester Life Reflection

Here I am again, Europe! Oh how I love thee. What really is on my mind is how I got here. In particular how I have spent the last 4+ months of my life, literally changing my course of direction and taking on a new challenge and eventually evolution of my 'career'. So, one semester of Med School is in the books and it is more than I ever imagined in so many ways. I have to say it lit a fire under my butt as I was lingering a bit in terms of direction and truly not satisfied with where it seemed I was going.

I knew I needed to evolve and challenge myself, to really take advantage of the gifts I have been blessed with and take responsibility for my life. So, I contemplated and applied for my PhD program but as the days grew closer it dawned on me that there was something more I could do and that would enable me to make a larger direct impact on the health and well being of people. So, I applied and got into Med School within one month and now here I sit in Paris reflecting on my path yet again.

Many things confirm within me that I am on the path, the 'right' path for me, including the sheer amount of time I invested into my studies which are key to success in Med School but if I did not feel it I would not be as eager to put other things aside to make this happen. The best part is the fact that it is reflected in my performance and my grasp of the information and my desire to spend my free time deepening my understanding. It is clear that this path will open doors to new worlds and opportunities. This path will lead me too a new way of looking at myself, people, nature, health, well-being, community, relationships, etc.

Throughout this first semester I had many internal challenges learning how to keep the balance and the harmony that I felt leading up to the start of school. It was far from easy and in this way made the experience that much more rewarding. Also, it gave me a great appreciation for the challenges that we face balancing our lives and all our desires, demands, have to's, need to's, etc. I have much great compassion for the difficulties that lie in our paths, the obstacles that make maintaining our own optimal balance and alignment possible.

Now, that the stress accompanied with the semester is thru I have the time and will take the time to reflect, reevaluate, and breath. And, in doing so I will work to improve upon this last 4+ months and my life overall and apply what I am learning and lead by example.

Europe here I come!