Monday, June 30, 2008

Last workouts before big Adventure travel Trip

Wednesday is the first part of a 3 week trip. it all begins in Mt Shasta with a 4 day jaunt to spend time with the family and enjoy the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, running, golfing, etc. Then it is off to Central America for a 17 day adventure trip starting in Panama and heading north through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and finishing in Guatemala or at least that starting in Panama and finishing in Guatemala. Super excited to go light and backpack to these beautiful and in many ways untouched areas.

So, with only a couple days before the trip begins I had to get in a couple workouts

45 minute run in which my I paced out at about 9:30 or so. This was more just a mental note as all I am doing is getting my legs and body used to the movement. Again, my first real training run will begin in August.

Followed by specific stretching, foam roller, and hot tub to care for the body.

Kettlebells & Body Weight:


superset with

weighted pull-ups

1 hour home practice

Run: 45 minutes

Yoga: 45 minutes

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Ego

Guilty as charged, I have an ego and it has been a thorn in my side for 33 years +. As my level of consciousness has risen and I have awaken in life I have began to fully understand what ego is, what it means, what it does, how it thrives and how to overcome the ego. This has been a long and quite difficult process but it is a journey I am taking with humility, compassion, gratitude, love, peace, and humble sense of being.

Through conversations, books, and reflection I have began to understand my relationship to my ego. For much of my life I realized how I identify and speak from my ego. Also, I realize how this conflicts with my intuition and heart which are always leading me down a different path. Furthermore, I realize how often my ego was the path I chose, my thoughts, my minds route rather than my 'truth'.

Today, as I consciously awaken and gain wisdom I am better than ever at identify which part of my being is speaking and which path I chose to follow. I am perfect in my selection, based on what most people understand (through my experience/lens) no, I still chose ego here and there. However, through awareness and quieting of the mind, creating stillness I have begun to live a life without ego.

There are some many things to credit and give notice to for their help along this journey I am taking that they are too many to name. From family, to friends, to clients, to experiences of all kinds, and to books they all have an continue to impact me and my live in many ways. After all, I am the sum of all these experiences and I am far from independent, in fact I believe we are all interdependent upon one another. So, this is where gratitude comes in, compassion plays a role, humility sets in, and love overcomes me.

I will say that as the past number of months and couple of years have come and gone I truly have gained some of the greatest insights, biggest shifts in consciousness and I attribute that in large part due to ALL that led up to that point.

You may notice I have used the word "I" quite a bit which would signify an egoic mind, however in reading a book by Eckhart Tolle called a New Earth we realize it is how the I is used, its intent, not the letter or word itself that signify ego.

Some may argue that ego is a good thing, some may argue the opposite for me this is not the key, for me the key is that shifting out of my ego and into my heart and soul has enriched my life more than ever and is leading me on new roads I only wished to travel and bringing me a wealth beyond wealth. For this I am grateful and I take this role as an honor in which I will humble represent with the intention of serving the community of our world, putting out love, gratitude, compassion, humility, peace and respect for all, everyone, everything that makes up this wonderful planet called Earth that we are so fortunate to walk upon and enjoy its fruits.

Respectfully grateful,


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Running Shoes

Part of my preparation for the marathon and one of the most critical factors is shoes. Just think, for 26.2 miles and all the training miles in between I will be on my feet the whole time. So, it is critical I find the 'right' shoe for my running style and my foot.

For that reason I choose Mizuno Wave Rider 11. They are for a neutral style runner, one who does not have an excess pronation and has an normal to higher arch. NOTE: The stability and motion control shoes are for pronators and excess pronators respectively.

Yesterday I took my new shoes out for a test drive and my first run before my running program begins. Now, I have chose to use Jeff Galloway's running program which is a 3 day a week program. Because of the nature of the program and the fact that my marathon is not until next May 31st I have chose to start with a base prep and evaluative running program prior to starting the training.

Up till yesterday I have been doing a bit of riding, about 6 rides over a 2 week period and it seems to have put me in the right mental state for endurance oriented movements and to have built a bit of stamina in the lungs and legs. My 30 minute run felt effortless and my new shoes felt up to the task. I ran around a soccer field at Stanford University and the grass was quite nice for minimizing the impact and helping me to transition into running.

Also, I have decided to see if I can implement the Chi running philosophy. which call for alignment, and a slight forward lean in effect making it feel as if the body is falling forward and thus results in a more effortless effort (great for my flow mentality and approach to movement). I am not certain I had it right or was even doing the Chi running style but it sure did feel effortless and much like what I read.

Day 1 of running shoes and pre-training prep complete and I must give it a thumbs up! I enjoyed every step of the way.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weeks Workouts

Mountain Bike Monday
First day back after a good 2 day rest. Definitely a bit rusty today but still was able to get a good 45 minute ride with a serious climb that burned up the lungs and had me seeing a lot of moving objects or at least that is how they appeared too me :-)

First ride of the year at Fremont Older and brings back great memories. I used to run these same trails, but faster. We never rode much unless it was a brick training day otherwise this was mainl a serious trail run, but it sufficed yesterday for a good ride.

90 minute Iyengar at Willow Glen Yoga with Yogi Kent.

What a great yoga class, I feel so much stronger after the class and equipped with more wisdom thanks to kents help.

Clean, Squat Press


90 minute Iyengar at Willow Glen Yoga with Yogi Kent.

Bench Press



1 minute intervals: 10 left rest, 10 right rest for 16 minutes

30 minutes

Yoga: 45 minutes of self practice

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yep, that is the goal, to train and compete in a marathon. The Specific race I have in mind in the 2009 Rock n' Roll Marathon in SAn Diego on May 31st. I have always had the interest in doing a race of this length so what better time than the present. By giving myself 11+ months of training time I am sure to have ample time to prep my body and mind to perform at a healthy and respectable level.

I am excited to have a plan and program in place. I have enjoyed playing around and will continue to do so but with a goal of completing and competing in this marathon.

The plan
*Run 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Following Jeff Galloways marathon program.

*Kettlebell: 3 days a week focusing on Clean, Squat, Press, Snatch and Swings. This will be interesting because I have to recover properly and plan accordingly. I want to use the bell purely for strength and conditioning.

*Yoga: 6 days a week, at least 30 minutes and more likely an hour including meditation.

*Run other races for training and practice (i.e San Jose Half in October)

The Goals:
*Learn and share my process. The plan may change depending on how I am recovering and performing but I my believe is that I can comfortably handle this approach and methodology.

*Run and finish in 3 hours and 44 minutes (this would qualify me for Boston under current rules). I have yet to determine some factors that will contribute to this but if I can run 8:30 over 26.2 miles I will do it. Having a plan and program such as this one combined with the prep time I feel this is reasonable.

*Have a great level of fitness so next summer (2009) I can possible get back on the adventure racing circuit, solo or possibly with a team. This was such a wonderful experience that I would like to continue to have fun and compete in these races...

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Shift

At some point in life you will experience a shift. These shifts can come in a number of areas or ways such as a shift in relation to yourself, your partner, you work, you life's passion, etc. Often times we create the shift and sometimes they happen without us even knowing, an unconsciousness.

For me I have been experience many minor shifts as I like to say. All of these are for the better of my being and all of which either way I have embraced and continue do so with great gratitude. The truly amazing part is seeing them all come together on a much deeper and transformative level/experience. It seems since about April of 2005, when I attended the RKC I have truly taken one if not many steps on my level of conscious awareness. One by one amazing things have and continue to come my way and they seem to center around my awareness, my being AWAKE and finding peace, gratitude and love for myself and all that surrounds and makes up this world.

So, here I am feeling my role out, what I am here to do, what legacy I am to stamp this world with. I can say this, that picture is not yet complete because any masterpiece (I would imagine or at least in my experience) takes a great deal of time, patience, effort, and feeling. It seems as time goes by it becomes clearer but I feel that I am taking more time with each stroke and truly finding enjoyment, finding freedom and finding that I am more awake than ever. However, I still love my coffee, caffeinated that is and I have my 2 cups a day :-).

As I embark on each day and I reflect as well as embrace the past, present and future I am truly enthused about this new radio show. In the past weeks I have begun to reach out to prospective people, experts in the fields of holistic health and wellness and to my surprise I have found that all have been more than willing to come and share their philosophies with the audience and me. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation towards all these folks, many of whom are well known and quite in demand. I am so excited for the audience to have the opportunity to listen, and contribute via questions to these people.

I am aware that this show is truly a forum for people to learn, become informed, share and express wonderful and expert knowledge and wisdom. This show is such a great opportunity for myself to bring together people and strengthen the community of the world.

Who knew, who knows where exactly we will be, or what we will be or be doing at any given moment in the future? We have ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions, desires, etc. but sometimes the path shifts when you least expect and all the sudden you are on another amazing road. For this reason I am training daily my mental, spiritual, emotion and physical being to be open to whatever comes my direction.

I hope you join me on this ride. If you do keep your eyes open, mind free, heart full of love, soul filled with peace and have a great time, because it sure is fun and exciting


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Thursday and Friday


340/1x8 (45 sec intervals)


40 minute home practice

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yoga 30 minutes morning + 30 evening and Foam Roller for 15 minutes

2 hand swing
48kg/10x5...all about the Hip SNAP, linking and syncing

48kg/2/2x4...a first with this bell and whoo, what a difference. I like it! ;-)

Mountain Bike
Monte Bello Trail in Palo Alto
3.6 miles and 33 minutes of hard riding with some good pitch and decent interval climbs. Riding my bike I could feel every bump, rut, rock, etc. I sure miss the big downhill bike and that Cadillac suspension.

Bench PRess

Pull-ups (superset with Bench, always with my tactical grip on traditional pull-ups)

45 minutes of home practice and with a good meditation session (as always I include meditation in my daily routine).

Mountain Bike Ride: Almaden Quicksilver
31 minutes of straight climbing right at the start which was great. I felt a really physical breakthrough today. The initial climb was a pretty consistent gradient which allowed for a nice cadence. Found an awesome single track downhill, with some fast, whippy turns and a some hairy sections (almost went down :-)). Finished real strong with a bit more climbing and a fast decent for a total of 62 minutes of some beautiful riding and complete freedom..awesome!

*Yoga is a part of my essence.
**The mountain biking is just pure freedom and enjoyment and I love riding.
***The bells are in my blood and I love my basics, press, snatch, swing and jerks.
****The lifting (such as bench) are enjoyable as a part of my routine every once in a while, when I have no specific goal like the TSC or any other event.

***I have something up my sleeve though and I will releasing specifics soon, it will be a first and should be a great lesson learned or two ;-)


Yes, the magic number means so much and in so many different ways. One is especially important in sport and each time I do any kind of sport I am reminded of the number one. For me it is less about finishing number where in sport often we think of being number 'One'. However, in this particular sense I am referring to the concept of taking it one step at a time or as Lao Tzu so perfectly states ' every journey of a 1000 miles begins with 1 step.'

I have been reflecting on the meaning of taking things one step at a time in each of my movement activities. This really has been apparent the last few weeks, especially with my mountain biking. See, when you are out of 'shape' for a particular movement you tend to notice all the effects it has on you. For me in regards to mountain biking I really feel the lungs and the leg burn. What I notice is how much more work it is compared to 'how it use to be'. I smile because it is what it is and when you stop doing something you are likely to lose some of the capabilities you 'use' to have.

So, to take it a step further I begun to think how important it is not to jump ahead of myself. By looking ahead or thinking 'this only gets tougher up ahead' your mind really starts to play tricks on yourself and what was already a challenge becomes even more difficult. Therefore, one step at a time or in this case one pedal stroke at a time. By tuning into each stroke and turning my focus into a push/pull on the pedals I move with greater ease, at least mentally and that is a majority of the battle, at least in my case.

The reality of this concept is that it applies across the board in everything we do. I know for a fact when lifting heavy it is one rep at a time and if I think ahead I forget what is current and thus expose myself to greater risks and forget to fully appreciate the moment.

The focus turns to One, One step, one day, one move, one action, one love, one planet, one world, one plain and simple is where it all starts and it all....well the rest is up to you

Friday, June 13, 2008

I am ALIVE & Living in Peace

Today was an affirmation as to why I love to Mountain Bike. I spent the night in Morro Bay for my cousins daughters graduation. Prior to heading down to the area I hinted that a mountain bike ride would be great. My cousin is an avid cyclist, has 4 amazing bikes and a true passion for 2 wheels. Couple that with the fact we have never rode together and I have yet to tackle any of terrain in his neck of the woods and the stars were aligning.

So after a nice breakfast, which I rarely do being a Warrior Diet guy, we hit the mountains. Now, I only had my pants so I had to borrow everything, bike, gloves, helmet, jersey, water bottle. Keep in mind my cousin is about 6'0 tall which means his bike is a bit big for me and add to that the fact that it has 7 inch travel, is a total awesome downhill bike and weighs 40 lbs and I do not have my riding shoes, so no clipping in and the adventure begins. See, my bike is about 28 lbs, is a cross country bike with 3 inch travel, no rear shock and sits A LOT different. Note that I am not in the kinda mountain biking shape of my cousin either.

All things being equal I relished the epic terrain, flowing turns, interval style climbs, the ease at which the bike road the bumps, ruts, rocks, turns and my cousins great personality and stories and it brings the whole experience full circle. For me riding is about nothing more than the peace and meditative feel I get from being in the mountains pushing myself through the mental and physical challenges all the while enjoying the sounds, sights, scenery and in this case the company in a new area further exploring myself, the world around me, and everything in between.

What an experience and this is the real reason behind my motivation to move my body, it is another worldly experience. It is not about being the best, holding records, having a six pack (although that is a bonus :-)), it is about the whole process from the inside, out. Today was no exception and more of a reminder of the joy behind movement, all movement whether mountain bikes, squats, kettlebells, yoga, you name it. I love to move because it is a part of my soul, my spirit.

I may not have a specific schedule or program and I am not training for an event, but I am training for my EVERYDAY health and well-being because I love it, I enjoy it and I have a darn good time doing it. What can I say, I love being a kid, constantly exploring, discovering, adventuring and enjoying the abiliity to be me at all times. This is my story, no one else's and I am not certain it is for anyone else but it is for me. I train for Life and I am ALIVE and LIVING!

YEAH WHOOOOOO! Hope you enjoy!

Live in Peace

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Kettlebells & weight training:

Bench Press

Ring Pull-ups
8, 6x3


2 hand swing



2 Mountain Bike Rides
2 hours in Morro Bay
45 Minutes in Palo Alto at Arastradero

1 full 90 minutes at Darshana with Catherine, Iyengar
1 hour home session
2 Sunrise Sun Salutation mornings
2, 30 minute home sessions

Fathers Day:
18 holes in Santa Cruz at De Laveaga

A great week of working out and enjoying life. I feel great and in fact my best and it does just get better. :-)

Competition and Winning

What is your goal? Are you out to win? Are you to compete against yourself or the field? These questions are important questions to ask ourselves and reflect upon when looking at our culture.

I believe we have lost perspective on what competition is and what it means to win. When looking at our culture, it is often that people will spare almost no means to win. If you have been paying attention, over the last number of years the talk of performance enhancing drugs in sport has dominated the news and in many ways smeared the accomplishments of many. The fact is whether or not these athletes did or did not use performance enhancing drugs they still had to do the work and challenge themselves to be able to compete at the highest level. No doubt the drugs will help the process but we must not ignore the effort put forth to be their best.

To me the real challenge is that we have to go to such extent that as an athlete we would be willing to risk our health and well-being to achieve a mark, a record, a number that most likely will be beaten at some point.

In my humble opinion the real competition, the true victory lies in the competition within ourselves to push our limits to achieve our best with class, integrity, and dignity. However, this has been lost in many ways within our win at all cost culture and our bigger, better, stronger, faster, more, more society that judges people on their numbers or lack thereof.

I argue that we need to turn the page and the nature of our culture to a cooperative competition, one that rewards not only the winner but those who are striving along with said 'winner' to be their best and push the whole field of competitors to their best.

Example: From Thinking Body, Dancing Mind by Al Huang & Lynch

In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens who held the long jump record fouled in his first 2 attempts to qualify. Germany's top long jumper, Lutz Long approached Jesse and gave him a tactical suggestion. Owens followed the advice, qualified and then beat Long in the finals, establishing an Olypmic Record in the process. Long proceeded to hold Owen's hand high in the air in front of thousands of cheering spectators and left the stadium hand in hand.

This is a perfect example of two athletes, two people working as partners toward optimal performance. We should be thankful for our opponents, for they represent gifts that enable us to experience the process of sport of being our best and they are great teachers who push us to heights we might not have achieved without them.

From Thinking Body, Dancing Mind, a quote from Dick Taylor, Olympic BiAthlete:

"It is a ritual, a highly compacted human experience situation ...It is a measure of our curiosity about optimum human possibility ... the sustenance coming from a shared sense that all are relatively more alive from having 'died' a little as well. The experience of expanded personal potential and relatively with other humans is both profound and rare... a deeper sense of belonging, to oneself and to a community. Self-confirmation happens simultaneously with a community venture...ultimately making a winner of everybody."

Billie Jean King, Tennis Champion said about winning that "it is not a big deal. The real joy comes from the very thing that involves people in the first place...the fun of execution, the fun of playing." The key is focusing on the 'moment' and the inner gratification.

If winning is unimportant, why keep score?
"As a TaoAthlete the outcome of any event is important-but not as an end in itself. Keeping score enables you to measure your performance level throughout the event and get an indication of how you are progressing over a period of time."

Important points on Competition and Winning from Thinking Body, Dancing Mind
*Let the possibility of winning keep you alert and sharp.
*If you, terrific, if not, feel the joy and satisfication of having participated.
*Focus on how well you are mastering the skills.
*Notice how the event provided you with an opportunity to display your skills against challenging competition.
*Win or lose you have to dig down inside and discover other aspects of your essence.

This brought to my own story. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to compete and win a multitude of times. In particular I reflect back to my adventure racing days. During those times and the races I competed with my teammates in we were fortunate to always enjoy ourselves, create great memories, challenge ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually and as a team, push our own personal abilities/limits, learn the value of friendship, communication and teamwork, and of course compete against the highest level of competition, the best of the best.

One particular season, our teams last I combined with just one teammate, Toby. We competed in the Tahoe Big Blue Adventure Racing Series in the, you guessed it, 2 person all male division. For the first time ever, we actually won a race, one in which I struggled mightly the whole race with severe cramps and dehydration (95 degrees in the hot/humid desert of Reno, NV). With a bit of luck we came out on top.

In our second race, I again struggled with the high 98 degree temperatures and fought another bout of dehydration. As the race came to the last quarter mile we saw our toughest competitors in front of us. Toby and I sprinted only to fall less than 5 seconds behind. The thrill of that moment, of being pushed by those men and almost running them down was one of the best feelings, in fact better than the victory. At the end of the race, post-race celebration we shared a beer and reminisced knowing that the overall championship was going to come down to our 2 teams and indeed it did.

OUr last race was in Tahoe, no heat or dehydration, just a tactical error that cost us 30 minutes and essentially the race. However, we did not know where we stood and often in Adventure Racing on the 12 hour events you do not know where you are. There are many routes to the finish line and tactical decisions, trusting your teammates instincts, etc. play an important role as does fueling the body and fitness levels. On this day we pushed hard to the end only to find our competitors eating food, relaxing having finished about 25 minutes ahead of us....we were close.

In the end it was an exhilirating experience and one which my friend and I cherish to this day. We had developed a healthy perspective and a certain level of friendship with our fellow competitors, often sharing information and helping with food/water when needed. Even with prizes and 'pride' the bigger picture was always in sight. Did we want to win, YES, but that was just another aspect of a much bigger event. Great times and memories, no regrets.

It is what it is, take it for what it is worth and thank you for your time,

Monday, June 09, 2008

workouts over the past 3 days

Recent workouts

Kettlebells (top end work numbers)
Military Press


97lb/1/1x1 (PR)

1 arm swing
40/5/5x5 (focused on technique: hip snap, shoulder position, linkage)

Again, focused on Strength Training with the bells.

Mountain Bike
45 minute ride

30 minutes x2

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Organizational Coaching

Notes and reflections from the Organizational Coaching with Mark Nicolson this past week at Mark is an amazing coach and through this weekend and past weekends coaching is coaching and spending time with Mark and the other coaches only expands my knowledge base and wisdom. And just so you are clear, organizational coaching extends beyond what one might imagine.

7 Ways People can Participate within an Organization

1. Being Affected
➢ Feelings in response to what is going on around you.

2. Notice How You are Affected
➢ Awareness of your feelings

3. Describe How You are Affected

4. Expressing how you are affected

5. Becoming aware of your imaginal structures
➢ Beliefs, ideas, lenses you have constructed from your personal biography

6. Which are Personal, Archetypal, Cultural from your personal biography
➢ What is relevant to present moment and to your lenses

7. Creative and Imaginative Action
➢ It is a surrender to….
➢ This is the place we aspire to within an Organization

Gandhi, in his process sifted out his personal, archetypal and cultural lenses and surrendered to a cause greater than himself. During and through the process he did not respond to his or form his reactivity to his triggers.


To what extent are people really able to participate, be, respond to their challenges within the organization?


It is simple, eliminate the internal dialogue of unrealistic thoughts/chatter & have the courage to take a chance thereby living the 7th way, surrendering to all the b.s. and trusting your intuition. Wear no masks, serve others and breakdown the walls.

Coaching reflections

➢ It is comforting to know as the coachee that you have a guide to lead you through the darkness. It brings out more courage knowing you have hands to help you when you need it most.
➢ Coaching guides and requires trust and intuition on part of the coach as to the appropriate response to any given situation.
➢ As a coach it is important to be aware of the space containing you & the Coachee
➢ As a coach it is important to be aware of the things around you & how to safely and with minimal interference guide.
➢ Coaching is more observational than hands on (telling the person, ‘this is how’)
➢ Further, there is a beauty to observing the person move freely within themselves and their space.
➢ It is far more empowering to find your own way than have someone tell you the answer and this is true as a coach.
➢ Your role as a coach is to allow the coachee to find their way, guiding and facilitating.
➢ Giving an answer to a question without allowing the person to inquire within themselves only holds them back and in many ways implies they do not know what is best for them and may make them feel ashamed.

How does Shame tame you?
How does the prospect of failing or being ashamed affect your choices?

Key Points:
➢ Communities need ACCOUNTABILITY otherwise shame lives, thus effectively eliminating expression.
➢ With ACCOUNTABILITY we can transcend shame to a more dignified humility and dignity.
➢ To further an early point, there is no need to tell people how to get out of the dark. This giving of advice shames people and tell them they do not know how to do it themselves.

My Reflections
➢ Shame has the affect of making people hide. The fear of failure makes us where masks. The fear of being judged makes us where masks.
➢ Forgiveness and Support are keys to people being willing to release their fears, remove their masks and explore their possibilities.
➢ Accountability reveals much about our truest and deepest nature.
➢ When People are enabled, supported, encouraged to get out of their darkness, their senses become available, their awareness capacity increases, their senses become alive, their senses come out of the darkness into the light leading to self discovery and self empowerment.
➢ By not telling our story of how to get out of the dark we are making the person accountable to themselves, us, and the community. This opens the door to overcoming shame and leads to dignity and humility.
➢ We all have our way, therefore encourage peoples sense of their own way.
➢ Step back, let it be, and allow.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My New Radio Show

Its Official Joe Sarti the Radio Show Host era begins on August 13th of 2008. The show will air on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 p.m. (PST) on

The show will feature a weekly Topic of Discussion, an Interview with an Expert and of course your participation through emails and phone calls. The Basis of the show is Holistic Health and Wellness.

Now here’s the exciting part. This show is about YOU and what I can do for YOU.

➢ First, send me an email NOW about YOUR ideas, thoughts, concerns, and problems you may be experiencing in your life where I can assist YOU!
➢ Then, tune in and listen! This is radio, so it is definitely ratings driven and you tuning in counts! If you can’t listen live, all of my shows will be archived and available On Demand for your convenience!
➢ While you’re listening, give me a call or send me an email so I can help you on the show. There is no telling how many other listeners you may help. How often have you and a friend had the same question at the same time?
➢ Now there is one more thing! Please forward this email to anyone and everyone you know that may have an interest in the program or my assistance. I will make sure you receive all future show announcements, ecards, and other offers related to YOUR radio show.
➢ Last (but not least) your thoughts and feedback is appreciated, so please stay in touch!!

My goal is a simple one: to help YOU to live your life to the fullest. My hope is that the topics which are vast and the guests which are also in great numbers will help inform, educate and support you on your health and wellness/wellbeing path. I have 13 weeks to establish the show and the guests are starting to line up as we are working hard to get people of interest and who truly have something of value to say/share.

As always I thank you for your time and whatever/however you decide to contribute is just perfect. I hope this message finds you and yours in good health.

With Gratitude,

More workouts

Squats and deadlifts. 2 of the best exercises for developing whole body strength. Over the next 4 weeks and beyond I want to incorporate them. It seems with my approach to 'resistance training' that these are just perfect in my plans. At this point I am just continuing to develop and improve technique and form. I am hesitant to develop a strict program because I will be gone traveling for 3 weeks and the gym will not an option where I am at, just body weight and my yoga practice. So, I have 4 weeks to train and keep improving


Very happy with the numbers and these felt strong. I know I have a long ways to go but this gives me a good base number to work off over the next few weeks


Another strong lift and number. Of course no where near my TSC lift numbers but it has been since about that time I since I have done this move and after the squats this feels great.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


So, I have been having a really fun time with my workouts, getting a good blend of stuff. Eventhough I have been doing a few different things I do have some consistent exercises, etc. I am focused on in terms of improvement.

First the kettlebells
Snatches: 24/10/ goal is to work on time, I did this in about 8 minutes which is not a lot considering I have done 110 in 5 minutes but it is a good start since most of my focus has been on Snatching the 40 and eventually the 48kg. Later this week I will be doing my 40kg snatch.

Presses (Military)

This is always a good challenge, especially the reps. My goal this week is 40/4/4x4 and working up to 5x5 before my big 3 week vacation.

A daily practice. Although I did give myself a couple days off to focus on the recovery/regeneration aspect. I am doing regular workouts ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. the key here is learning how to put together postures/classes and to improve my ability and understanding.

Overall, my fitness level is really good. My strength, endurance, power, flexibility, and stability all seem to be moving along at a good clip. I feel balanced and have no aches and pains other than normal workout soreness but that is even minimal with my strong nutrition and recovery.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Intuition and Courage and small story to boot

For the past couple years I have been going back and forth on whether I should sell or trade my truck for a more fuel efficient and greener vehicle. The main driving force behind this has been the rising cost of gas combined with my sheer amount of driving per year, approximately 25,000 + miles. That being said own a truck, a bigger truck at that and considering these variables it seemed logical. However, there is one big catch, I am terribly upside down in my truck, by thousands of dollars making it a bad decision in the first place and one I did not think through.

So, here I am now, having tried to sell my truck on craigslist, auto and truck trader and through word of mouth and not one bite. This has been going on for about 1 year. Also, I have went to a few dealers to analyze my trade in options which if you know anything about cars, this is not the sellers (i.e. Me) best option, in fact it is the worst. Up till this point I have come close to pulling the cord and making it happen but THINKING way to much and LISTENING to others I have held back, failing to listen to my intuition and failing to have the courage to trust my instincts and make the deal happen.

I am not unusual, often I observe people who have chosen not to listen to their intuition for their own reason(s) or who have chosen not to take the path least taken or most risky again for their own reasons.

As in The Tao and stated so perfectly by Dr. Dyer in Verse 13,

"Practice trusting your own inner nature. Every passionate thought that you have regarding how you want to conduct your life is evidence that you are in harmony with your own unique nature-your fervent belief is all you need. Respect your vision and trust your natural, passionate thoughts."

The Tao states the importance of an independent mind that does not seek the favor of others but instead trusts its own intuition because others opinions probably are not taking into account your true, eternal being. It is said that we should take others opinions with a grain of salt and as a personal philosophy with respect and gratitude. This is true whether the opinion is positive or negative, it does not matter since there is no attachment to outcome.

My mother works in the car business and has for 25 years and does not think it is a good idea because I am upside down. But, the way I see it is that this truck is an even worse investment with 90,000 miles, needing work done (tune-up, brakes), a of course the fact that it cost $110+ to fill-up which is at least 4 times/month, maybe 5. So, my independent mind, taking into account her advice and that of a few others feels the time is right and has been regardless. The cost to own the truck based on the numbers vs a new, fuel efficient vehicle is far better to own the new car.

Courage, the ability to trust your intuition, to take the riskier road, to make a tough decision, to follow through, etc. courage is a trait I believe is part of my make-up. I love to take CALCULATED RISKS, which I believe to be a marker of courage and do it. I have done this numerous times in my life and this is no exception. Therefore I must trust my intuition and have the courage to make the deal happen.

This is no different than preparing yourself to lift a heavy weight and have the courage to get on the stage, in front of onlookers and attempt a PR. Some of you have done this and it is exhilarating to take such a personal challenge and listen to the strength of your intuition due to your preparation and thus knowing by calculated risk that you can do it. Having the courage to do it is then a great example of trusting your intuition and of your character.

I got a new car!