Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Workout Plan

Monday TSC day at Stones
Snatch (24kg) Reps
Pull-up (Max # day, 1 set)
Ball Crunch

Tuesday (rehab)
Windmill or Arm Bar

Pull-ups (grease the groove) Bodyweight Reps

Military Press (One, 2 bell, or seesaw )
1 arm swing or DARC (Conditioning) 10 minutes worth
Turkish Get-up (Overhead Squat Style)
Renegade Rows


SaturdayCleand and Jerks
Weighted Pull-ups
Snatch (heavy, low volume)

Monday, January 30, 2006

TSC training at Stones


Felt strong used a good overhand grip which made it more challenging to engage, but my last few reps were the best...have to go barefoot, allows me to engage my heels


24/15x1 (switch every 5) Excellent!
24/10x3 (switch every 5) strong and conditoning feels good...start right side
24/9x1 (switch every 3)
24/10x1 Last set, sprint set! This was great and feel real good

My conditioning is up and my low back was not an issue today! Using more legs/quads, especially after doing the deadlift.

Pull-up (1 max rep set to Grease the Groove)
15...this is nice, I should be able to get to 25 ;-)

Awesome day, just feel strong and well conditioned in general. My Warrior Diet is going well and my mass is up, body fat down...holding steady at 168

Friday, January 27, 2006

5 mintues

Pull-ups mixed with Push-ups
10, 8, 6, 4
40, 30, 20, 10

Swings tomorrow, limited time due to family obligations and the passing of my grandfather....time to celebrate his life!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wed, 1/25 at Stones

Great day, just jazzed up and ready to work

Clean and Jerk
40/3x1 PR

These felt awesome...

Pull-ups (bodyweight)
10, 10 , 7, 5, 6
took it easier on the last three sets due to bicep

2kb Front Squat mixed with Hang knees Raise


2 Hand swings for power
40/10x4 (those hammies were kicking)

Awesome day, felt great and just motivated. Rif has been pushing me and I hope in return I am pushing him.

Bodywork and stretched at Girya

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday, 1/23 at Stones

Rif, The Dymmel and I trained together. Awesome group of people to workout with

Deadlift: Felt strong today, really coming together
Basic build up
385/3x2...saved my best for last...really aligned myself well and a strong pull

I have 550 in my sights for sure...just must stay focused and train smart

20/5x1 w-up

24/40x2 (transitioned every 5th rep, felt strong and no real lung fatigue, just low back got tight)

24/18x1 (switch every 3rd rep...changed form to a real short hip based motion too fatigued to tell if it would help or not)

24/20 (switched at 10 and did this sprint style to finish....awesome and totally strong)

Total 118

Ball Crunch
16k/5x3....helped loosen up a tight low back

Great workout! I am super inspired and just ready to kick ass

Man, I really taking to the coaching by Rif and it has been the difference. I thank him for his patience with me, cause I and others know I did not make it easy on him or myself or others

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stones Saturday..1/21

Good Day....had to see what I could do with the 1 Arm Swing. Really at the starting point for my conditioning, which sucks arse.

1 Arm Swing
20k/10/side x2
Set 1 2:00
24k/30/side (60 total) Good first round felt a good groove.

Set 2 1:30
24k/23/side (46 total) This set got tougher, to be expected but still felt strong. Must use my hips better on the reps. Low back a little fatigued

Set 3 2:00
24k/33/side (66 total) Ouchy, this was the grind set. The test of mental fortitude. My low back was tight and made each rep a little tougher, but instead of quitting at 1;30, I pushed till 2:00 minutes. Nice to have Rif, Nick, Palmer and Tracy rooting me on.

I transfer every 3rd to 5th rep to minimize oxyen debt. It worked because the problem was not oxygen, just muscular fatigue which will improve with continued work.

Seesaw Press superset with Pull-up
20k/5/side x1 w-up
24/5/side x5
too easy, need to step up

BW pullup
5, 5, 7, 8, 8, 5 =38
these were not hard but with a superset I took it easier

Overall I would say this was a good workout, but I need to push myself harder.

great too see everyone else pushing themselves, I feed off that great energy!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday at Girya..light day

Turkish Get-up
16kg/5x1 lunge style
16kg/5x1 overhead squat

did continous for 4 minutes...felt great

counterbalance with 8 kg....left is not as strong as right leg



Big day tomorrow, so just a light day...feel the body, practice movements, principles

Also had my first Chiro/myofascial appointment with Dr. Elle Salko. She is young but talented and I plan to go back once a month for body management. Very nice to work with her

Tomorrow Stones

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wed at Girya

time constraint day. I had a plan but a client filled the slot so had to train at
7pm, tough after a long day of training but I pushed and finished in 25 mins

Clean and Jerk
16k/5x2 w-up
32/5x5 mixed with body weight pullups


used minimal rest between exercises but felt strong and my wind held up.

2 arm swings
43.5 kg/10x5

Good squat style with a powerful snap and limited rest 30 to 45 seconds. Felt really strong just tired from the day so pushed only so much....Friday is a big day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Warriorr Diet Ten Commandments

The Warrior Diet Ten Commandments
Undereat during the day
Eat your main meal at night
Provide your body with all essential nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, Amino Acids, Probiotics)
Introduce all tastes, aromas, textures and colors possible in your meals
Detox by minimizing animal food intake for a few days
Rotate between days of high protein, high fat and high carbs
Avoid foods containing hormones, pesticides, chemical additives, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and fructose
Do not eat carb foods alone
Avoid wrong food combinations such as:
Grain and sugar
Starch, fat and sugar
Nuts and grain
Carbs and alcohol
Exercise regularly during the undereating phase

Checkout the website for more info...here is a link to some FAQ's

Kettlebell Principles

The Kettlebell is a system, principally based or as Rif would say a method.

Priniciples of usage
1. Root yourself to the floor with your feet.
Make sure you feel the balls of your feet and your heels in constant contact. This will help your to engage your hips (glutes), help keep the KB travelling a properly aligned path, therefore not pulling you off balance and will help your knees track properly which enables you to contract the appropriate muscles in the body.

2. Link your body together. Make sure to fully contract your muscles which will link your body together and lock your joints helping to distribute the forces throughout your body and not placing stress on a particular joint. Think proper alignment and positioning, which relates to physics (center of mass, center of gravity, flowing motion, leverage, etc.)

3. Tension. Create full body tension. For instance when doing a single arm swing make sure to engage the opposite side, do not relax it. This will get your body linked together and make you much stronger. This will enable to get a much better muscular contraction (i.e. use more of your muscle fibers) which will help to create greater muscular tone/density. So make sure to finish each move with a linked, rooted and tense body. You should feel strong and in control with the stress of the movement distributed throughout the body, not isolated.

4. Breathe. Breathe deep into your belly (think belly button), by sniffing in air through your nose and exhale with some force through your mouth and feel your abs stay tight, stay strong. This breathing will help make you stronger, more forceful and most important will help to protect your core, your spine by volumizing that area with air which creates pressure and protection. Make sure to breathe strong and deep so you can use your core the way it is supposed too.

All these principles work together and when combined with each movement you will become stronger, more skillful, have better technique and get greater results. Your body will become on lean, mean fighting machine :-)

This is a reflection, there is more to this and I am sure that my coach can and will add more :-), but it is a start and these are key to successful practice and progression.

Train smart, and live to fight another day!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Stones Monday

Well, I am hungover which is never the best way to enter a new training regimen. However, it reminded me of Micheal Jordan, who played with the flu and had the best games ever in the NBA finals, so no excuses....just push and work through it.

12/5x2 w-up
24/5x3 light, just did waitin for Rif since he was chatting with Pavel :-)

+15k (348)/3x1
+10k (371)/3x2

Felt really strong on the max weight today and well connected. This is just a great move for me. Well built for it and I love the challenge of lifting big weights

KB Snatch (total of 100 reps in approx 9 minutes)
24/5x1 w-up
24/20 (switch at 10, 5, 5)x1
24/15 (switch at 10, 5)x1
24/10 (switch at 5)x1
24/5 x1

This kicked me in the rear but I felt strong. We decided to focus on switching every 5th rep and perventing oxygen debt/fatigue. The goal is too get 120 in 5 minutes. This should be no problem ;-). I think I did reasonable well since I have not done this volume or intensity in sometime and the hangover effect...lol But this is a good barometer and gives me something to improve upon

I love the mental fortitude that this type of training requires. if it don't kill ya, it will make ya stronger and that is exactly how I feel.

As Rif's board says fluid and vicious.

Always finish strong, last set best set!

I was equally inspired today as I always am by my training partner, Rif. He is a gifted man and focused/dedicated athlete. For a guy who could not physically (due to various ailments, etc.) do pull-ups, today he did weighted pull-ups all the way up to a 1 rep attempt with the 24kg...he nevers fails to impress/inspire.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


My Immediate goal is to train and condition myself to compete in the next TSC challenge...Tactical Strength Challenge


KB Snatch 24kg for max reps in 5 minutes...can place the bell down.
The goal is 120 reps

Deadlift max weight raw style (no suit, only a belt)
goal 550#s

Pull-ups Bodyweight for max reps, tactical style (thumbs over grip)
20 to 25 reps

If I can accomplish this (which I can/will) I know I can compete for the title and put on a good show. The main goal is to focus on the training and to compete at my best on the day of the competition. I need to focus and accomplish this. I have talked a good game, now I must follow through if anything for my ownself! Live the words you speak!

My bodyweight now is 168 and I probably will range between 165 to 168 for the contest. I am not sure when the next contest is but the training begins now.

Stay Tuned


Practicing what I preach in classes, etc

1 arm swing/snatch/clean/squat/press

Mixed with BW Chin-up


mixed with Seesaw Press
24/6 (per side) x3

and mixed with BW Pull-up

Just a practice day...feeling things out. Ready to roll out the official TSC plan.



Felt really strong. I have not done this move for some time, especially with any significant weight

Military Press

Again felt strong/confident. Really need to engage the complete body..ie. Linkage/tension, makes a big difference

5x5 BW

Still a little under the weather so cutting it short...more work Saturday

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 2...sick

Under the weather so no workout today, quite bummed because I was going to do it with Rif, which is always a great opportunity....I will live to fight another day :-)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday at Stones

Great day!

+10k/3x1 (total of 358)

Felt strong and really got the slack out today. Everything is starting to connect...can/will only get better!

Clean and Jerk
24/5x1 w-up

Clean and Jerk Lt to transfer to CJ Rt, transfer..etc.

Rif is right, a different fatigue level but felt darn good and got the heart rate up. Almost forgot that I had the 32kg in my hands...last set really flowed!

2 hand swing
32/10, 15, 20
40/10, 15, 20
another strong performance....my legs were really coordinated felt the hammies, quads, glutes and abs/core really work together, which made the movement easier. Focused breathing is a big difference, helps manage the fatigue!

My abs/core and legs feel fatigued but I will be ready to hit it again on Wednesday

Great day at Stones, one of my best workouts. I was really focused and felt really strong. Still need to get my conditioning up, but it is on the rise.

Thanks Coach!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


90 minutes of good bikram yoga at Palo Alto Yoga Source!

great class, great instructor and much room for improvement!

This is my Saturday plan! I have 10 sessions

Hard to do after a KB session.....just a little tighter than normal! But after the yoga, feel loose as a goose!

Friday at Girya

Clean and Press

mixed with

Weighted Pull-ups

Overhead Squat


mixed with

Weighted Ball Crunch

Great overall day, got done in 35 to 40 minutes!

Friday, January 06, 2006


Active Recovery and Rehab

Windmills (focus on tension and linkage, stretch and stability)

Arm Bar (love this one)

Pistols (light day)

Foam Roller
Quads, IT, Hamstrings, Glutes, Erectors, and Teres.

Relax into stretch
Hip flexors, hamstrings, lats

Nice and simple recovery workout.

One thing I realize is just how important it is too root, breathe deep creating core tension and corkscrew your foot for the pistol. It makes the exercise easier.

Also, I just love the windmills. If I load my hip well and root my leg to the ground I can get a tremendous stretch and great range of motion...awesome!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wed, Day 2 at Stones

First day back on the deadlifts

A number of sets 3reps/per increasing in 10 kg increments from 135 to a finish with 2 sets at 341

Note:Must remember to remove slack and not lock out my knees too early

Clean and Jerk (first time with real jerk technique)24/5x332/3x2 (felt awesome and like the 24kg)

Mixed with pull-ups3reps x5

2 hand swing40/1040/1540/2032/1032/15

Really strong workout. I was tight in the legs early on from Monday but loosened up quick and felt strong on the deadlift. I know I can pull 550, just must remember the principles! Cannot understate how important for me it is too have a great coach, who pushes and challenges all while educating me!

Monday, Day 1 at Stones

Great first day back! Felt strong in the pure strength sense, but my conditioning is down. One thing about the KBs, once you have the groove, you do not forget it. It does not hurt that I instruct on a daily basis...lol. Thanks Rif!

Warm-upClean and Jerk, 2kb24/5x5
Weighted Pull-up12k/5x5 + 2 warm-up sets of bodyweight, 5 reps each

Front Squat, 2kb24/5x5

Snatch24/5x5 felt good and changed my groove to more leg based (i.e. vertical jump), much better. Just have to be careful not to pull with the levator or I will overactive my teres...ouch

Hang Knee/leg Raise5x5.....felt darn good...helps to have a good instructor, a master of the exercise :-)

Swings 2hand24/15x3....again changed the groove to the vertical jump style. Feel like I can do more reps and saves my low back.

All in all a great first day and a step in the right direction! Roll on!