Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday play date with the KBs


These were awesome, the best and most powerful, well balanced Pistols in a long time. Strong!

Squats (2kb: racked a 40 and 32kg, switching sides every other set)
3 reps x 4 total sets

Ass to the grass. I love squats. They are hard, require a great amount of tension when doing double racked front squats but they are rewarding. I feel a great amount of core action and I love having a healthy functioning body.


20 Minutes of Yoga

Friday, September 28, 2007

40kg...The 3rd installment

Week 3 of my 40 kg experience. Let me just say that this is one hecka of a BIG and HEAVY kettlebell. Everytime I touch this bell I am humble and honored to have built up the strength to move this thing for a workout. I am in awe of those men who use this as a regular tool.

So here is how it went up

Warm-up 1 arm swings for my snatches from 16kg to 40kg

Snatch (down to shoulder downswing motion)

I went after 6 sets of doubles. My hands are a little rough from Wed and I thought it best to have no tears and good reps. I must say I get progressively better as the sets add up. I can feel the pure power and explosive nature of this bell.


This is a first, 3 sets of 5 reps (at least I think). This took all my mojo to get these reps. Again I was strongest on my 3rd set but I knew it was best to call it there. This is both a progression in total reps and # of reps/set so I am very, very pleased.

Swings (1 arm)

Felt good to finish with this. I need this weight in my hand so swings are good for developing the grip strength and technique required to snatch this bell. I played around with my technique as I noticed I was really on my heels inthe initial sets. for the last 2 sets I put more focus on pushing with the middle part of my foot to better engage the balls of my feet. This helped with my back swing and took all the stress of my hammies and low back. Now never did my low back feel any real stress but I did notice when I made the change that the low back felt stronger and my hip snap and drive were more forceful.

My throat is burning from the work and I really enjoyed this workout

Did a 20 minute yoga session this morning and going to finish with another 20 minutes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Snatches, Swings and friends

Another day at Rifs, Geoff and my friend Tim Dymmel joined in for a workout session. Tim mimiced me for the most part which is great having another guy, who is strong, fit and gives you a little extra push. Plus, watching Geoff do his Olympics is inspiring and then there is the great Rif, enough said there.

28/5/5x8 = 80

Getting this motion down much better, making it much easier on the hands. Unlike my friend Tim, who endedup with 4 tears....but given the fact that he has not snatched in quite some time I will give him a pass :-). Afterall with all my tears I have no room to

Swings 1 arm

Ok not the big numbers, high intensity work but Iam very happy with these because I really want to hone my skills. I can always push myself, but honing the skills is a must

Really nice energy today and I thank Geoff and Tim for joining us at Rifs and of course Rif for opening his doors to all of us. What a great environment and wish we had some more days like these. I really feel that picking Geoffs brain would be a great experience and Tim pushing me and sharing his ideas would awesome

PS: Yesterday did a hour hike and 25 minutes of yoga

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pull, Pull and Push

At the Rifstonian institutre for higher training today I had the pleasure of meet the Neuperts, Geoff and Courtney. These are two talented and intelligent people who work in the field. I was impressed with their knowledge and Geoff's strength....strong dude hit the real deal weightlifting snatch, etc.

I was able to eavesdrop on their conversations with Rif on Z-Health which is an interesting "joint mobility" system. I like the idea of aproaching the body and its movement on the Neurological level. Very simple in their appearence, the moves that is but quite complex in the true manner in which one to perform the moves. Requires a great degree of focus, patience and concentration. I look forward to learning more.

The Workout
5kg/5 x1

I have to admit I did not feel strong today but I think my numbers were strong.


365/1x10 with 30 sec rest

Not my best technique day, Rif and Geoff both noted I was not finishing properly with the hips and I had a slight shrug of the shoulders. A little out of sync with this today but I know and feel it so much more clearly.


Nice submax effort. I really value the importance of submax training for maximal gains. The system works and it is evident in my deadlift for the TSC.

A special day at Rifs, anytime you get to meet other great minds and all share information in an open form this is a unique and inviting opportunity.

Yoga tomorrow

Saturday, September 22, 2007


What more can I say than it is a 40 kinda of day, and I am not talking about Mikey's, Old E, King Cobra, etc. Of course, I am referring to the KB. Now, back in the high school dayz I would not mind a Bubble Bee or Old E but these days I prefer the kettlebell.

So, here is how it went up!

Windmill warm-up



Now, with each rep I do the pull to the shoulder and reverse clean techniique with this bell. I am still acquiring the feel for this bell, especially with my right side. I did some hand maintenance the other day and my right hand is a little raw so the rotation is a little uncomfortable.

So my right side struggled but really improved with each set as I figured how to set the bell in my hand to minimize the discomfort. My left side though went up like a man possessed, wickedly fast and smooth, strong like a 32Kg.


This exercise my left struggles and my right feels super strong. The first set on the left was the most challenging but I felt really strong with all the sets. I feel it and it comes STRONG!

2 hand Swing
40/20x7 (30 seconds work mixed with 30 seconds rest).

My body held strong, the last set I could feel the fatiguee but overall strength and endurance felt great and I really felt a strong hip snap...the key!

Great workout! Will do some yoga to finish off and call it the day!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The final addition of my new workout plan

weighted pullups
light press( 24 or 28 kg)

Snatch volume ( 24 28 or 32 kg )
Heavy pistols (28 or 32 kg)
swings (28 or 32 kg)

Heavy snatch ( 40 kg)
Heavy press (32 or 40 kg)

Medium Pistols ( 24 or 28 kg)

In addition, I am doing at least 20 minutes to 30 of yoga 4+ days a week. In fact, I did yoga the last 2 days and will do so again tomorrow. Other things may appear, like swings, a mountain bike ride, hike or run based on how the body is feeling. I am enjoying the strength part and the conditioning associated with it but I still enjoy the other athletic moves.

Stay tuned for the continued progress

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wed workout

So, still working out the details with Rif on the plan but after today I think we have a GOOD one in place. Today was a the Wed portion.

Snatch (for volume altering workouts between the 24, 28 and 32)

Repeat the pyramid for a total of 2 rounds or 128 snatches. Cardio wise and strength endurance wise this was not bad at all. I felt like I could do sets of 20 to 30. However, I am really working on my technique, slow and controlled, pausing at the top to find my center, riding the back swing, and of course the hands which continue to be an issue. No tears but they callouses were hurting.

Swing: 1 Arm (this is for more work or as Rif puts it 'tonage'). I like that philosophy.

total of 134. My low back was tired and I put more stress than necessary. I kept my rest to 1 minute or less and in the scheme of things, not a good idea. I should have focused on my form and just getting the work in. Good Lesson!

16000 + lbs or 8 tons of swings and snatches. A good day

PS: I did 3 sets of Pistols w/ the 24kg for a 3x3 yesterday and my abs/glutes are rocked. :-)

A few Life and Training Philosophies

Some Philosophies

*Keep it Simple. Do not make 'things' more complex than necessary. Life is already a challenge why make it more complex than need be. There is a ton of great and useful stuff available, find what works for you and go for it. The key is sticking to it and learning/understanding what you choose to a level where you successfully implement, stay consistent and make progress!

*Be Real with yourself. There is no need to lie to yourself or others. So when making an assessment as to what you want, need, desire, etc. just be honest with yourself, find the tools, develop the skills and go for it!

*Be Humble. Shoot, who knows everything about everything? So be humble, seek out help and guidance, be open-minded and learn as much as you can. You do not have to use the information but it can and most likely will help you to succeed on some level.

*Be Respectful. Anyone reinvented the wheel lately? Again, so many wonderful ideas, and brilliant/creative minds exist, respect others and be open to learn from them. You do not have to agree with someone to be respectful.

*Enjoy the moment. This is your big show, your one and only so enjoy, have fun, do it with a smile, a good many laughs, and love in your heart and soul. This is the ride of your life, your adventure into a carnival of many experiences, so kick back, take a deep breathe and enjoy.

*Make a difference. Everyday the way you live impacts others, so make a positive impact/difference.

*Be Kind and Peaceful. Especially to yourself because this is where it all starts. the best part is this will carryover to others, believe me I see it everyday. Sometimes the best hour of a persons day is the hour they spend with you, so be kind and peaceful and of course loving.

*Be Compassionate. Everyone has a story and the stories they have been told have stories behind them, so be compassionate and by the way this should be applied to yourself first. Show yourself compassion, you are a student of life and we all learn according to our own way/experiences.

These are just some of the tenants of life that reward me on a daily basis. The reflections associated with them are just a short expression of some of my story and how I want to share. I learn everyday that the more practice I put into these philosophies the greater rewards I share with others and that are inturn bestowed upon me, whether by others or just within my own being. Be calm, compassionate, loving, kind, peaceful, respectful, aware, conscious and striving to help this world become a better place have provided me with so many daily rewards. I feel I am evolving more and more each day as I practice these principles. Am I perfect, well that is a topic that is debately, however I know I am doing my best.

I hope you enjoy and can read this with an open mind toward learning and in turn share your thoughts, feelings, principles, philosophies with me. I enjoy what others have to say and I am curious to say the least as I approach everyday with the plan of evolving further than the days prior

My this writing find you with peace, love, kindness, compassion and respect in your heart and Soul

Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Plan

The new plan is under way but still working out the kinks, meaning putting together the schedule and plan of attack. So, with that in mind I had a light day today in terms of total workload but a good workout regardless

Morning Yoga for 20 minutes with some joint mobility.

Rifstonian Institute for Higher Learning

Military Press
28/5/5 x5

Key point! Use the lats to pull the bell into the body and to launch the bell overhead and Tense the whole body!

Pull-ups (bodyweight, tactical style)

Normallly there will also be deadlifts on this day but next week will begin that process.

Feels good to be heading in a new direction and building off the last program! I want to capitalize on the strength gains and really improve my swings, pistols and presses as well as the snatch, deadlift and pull-up! Day 1 of this program of many!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Starting the 40kg Journey

Well truth is it started long ago back on day 1 of the Kettlebells in december of 2004. Yesterday I did do

Military Press

Singles, the deadlift approach or more appropriately the powerlifitng approach


Left side is shaky, right side is solid!

Today was the first big workout day. I just wanted to 'play' around and feel the 40kg in my hands. I figure the more I handle it, even on a low level the stronger and more 'comfortable' I will become. So, this was a step forward in that process.


Nice warm-up


Ok, this is a good start and great for the confidence. I choose to bring the bell to the shoulder after each snatch as I did not want to overload my body on the downswing. First things first, get comfortable with the bell overhead and solid! Right side is a little short of the lefts capabilities due to grip strength. Overall, 5 and 5 is near


No issues here, still just a great exercise. Cannot wait to do doubles.


Great and this was ass to the grass style. Again, right a little behind due to stabilizing the bell but no worries. 5 and 5 is near

Renegade Rows

Just playing around here. stabilized on a 24kg and really focused on minimal rotation as I pulled to fully engage the core! Mission successful


Crunch and Toe Touch

Seated Rotation (modified hot potato)

25 minutes of good yoga!

Heart was pumping, muscles working, sweat beading sounds like a great workout! A new path along my journey begins in my continued evolution! I look forward to all that lies in front of me and thank you for joining along with me as I take this path. Please feel free to contribute and much success on your journeys

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Goals

The main goal is to begin working with the 40kg

Snatch: 40kg for 5 reps/side and 5 sets

Military Press: 40kg for 5 reps/side and 5 sets

Pistol: 40kg: for 5 reps/side 5 sets

Swings: 40kg for sets of 20 and 20 with 1 arm and a total of 5 sets or 200 1 arm swings/100/arm

Pull-up: 40kg for 5 reps in one set (total workout volume of 15/workout)

Deadlift: 600

Bodyfat 8%

Bodyweight: 165 to 168

Date to accomplsih by Feb RKC in San Jose (except deadlift, I will have to confer with Rif on this goal just to be sure, 50lbs is a lot as Rif would say)

546 Photo's
video of 524 (546 did not get footage, battery died, lol)

This sure is cool! I love pushing myself, challenging myself to bigger and better things. The journey is always worth it and the outcome is what it is. This has been an invaluable experience, one in which I am proud of myself! Just look at the strain, pain and suffering are a part of any journey to being your best. You must willing to face that pain, that suffering if you desire to be your best and challenge yourself to new heights. I can speak from experience and my face, my body, my muscles and that bar bending with 546 pounds of iron tell the story! What are you doing to challenge yourself?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


What more can I say than this was my day for my Tactical Strength Challenge!

Deadlift (rif knows better than I, I already forgot from all the lack of blood
attempt 1

attempt 2

attempt 3

This i know for a fact, 546 is my new PR and I love it. This too me and for me was the number I wanted the most, the deadlift. I have already accomplished (although outside of competition day) my snatch goal so this one was the big one and I nailed it! I am so proud of Rif and I for working together to get this number.

Pull-ups (with 10kg)
15 reps

Snatch (32kg in 5 minutes)
61 reps

disappointing but 2 PR's makes up for it. Keeping it all in true perspective I set out to accomplish a goal and as Rif said, there was a day, a time, a place and the rules in place and I went on this wonderful journey, learning and improving!

A big thank you to Rif and all those who shared theur support!

Great day at the gym, great workout!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Snatch, Swings, and taking'er easy


1 Arm Swing


Nice sweat and good to feel the weight in the hands. Tapering is no fun let me just say that. For me, I just really enjoy working out and doing movement so limited or restricted movement is boring. I will be ready come Saturday for a hard workout!

Friday, September 07, 2007

3 P's

A light version. Sticking to the plan just a little something today

Military Press


8, 5, 5

What can I say more than I can do light loads in terms of volume (weight, reps, sets, %) and this is a good version. As my friend Franz said this concept would make a great article and it is in fact a part of the RKC weekend in a challenge known as the Tame the Beast! Well, in February of 2008 I will do so here in San Jose and these little practice workouts help. Plus I love the combination with an upper body push/pull and a lower body push/pull (which truly is what the pistol is). I feel GOOD and that is a goal worthy of achieving

Thursday, September 06, 2007


As a fitness pro and coach I have the great oppotunity to educate, share, teach, encourage, show, explain, support, and so much more many wonderful people. I am in a powerful position as I see it because I truly am a factor in peoples lives (or at least as much as they allow). This is an honor and one which I take seriously and with a great sense of humility and humble respect and gratitude.

So, as I evolve so do the lessons I have learned, the knowledge I have gained and my way of expressing and sharing with people in general. On of the main topics I discuss with my clients in the concept of nutrition. Now, I am fully aware and understand that a number of different philosophies exist in this area and many which are sound and successful. So, I have taken what I have learned through education and experience to develop my own philosophy.No particular order

* I only eat what I need
* Aim to eat all natural (organic if possible) foods that have no processing or modification
* Buy local produce, etc. if and when feasible
* Eat clean and lean
* Fasting is a good thing
* Drink water
* Have tea and make it a ceremony (enjoy the process and if possible talk with your loved ones over a nice cup)
* Eat Veggies
* Eat Fruits
* Buy cage free, no hormone, no anti-botic foods. Afterall, I prefer to respect my environment and that means the animals who are being sacrificed for our health. Plus, when I eat these healthier sources my body desires much less.

So this is just some of what I believe and aim for on a daily basis. I am limiting my consumption and appreciating all the factors that go into the production of food, etc. I realize I am fortunate to have the means to purchase these products at will and therefore have a healthier lifestyle.

By consuming less as a principle in life I feel I can contribute more back to the society. How so you may ask? Well, if I drive a car that gets better gas mileage, is better for the environment , buy only what I need to live a good life , walk when I can, use less energy in the house , take shorter showers, flush only after I pee 3 or 4 times , and so on I feel I can leave a small foot print. Do I have bigger goals? Yes! I am working daily on ways to share and the most important thing is I have to lead by example.

Is this the answer, well I cannot answer this for anyone but myself. I have found that I feel better eating less; I do not need many material things to have a great life since I am so fortunate to have love and a loving supportive partner, health, peace of mind and spirit, a successful business which I love and do with passion, good friends, family and clients, and a love for life that I experience everyday; I am working on selling my truck to buy a more fuel efficient, cleaner car; I am working on moving closer to my business so I can drive less and hope to walk more; etc. Point is that for myself I feel great and I feel peace as I strive daily to make an impact/difference and live my life to the fullest with the goal of leaving this place a better place then when I came here. I am excited to be going back to school again to continue my evolution and bring my life experiences and skills and share with the good people of this world. In time I will be doing more on a global level in an effort to help other societies thrive and prosper.

As my friend Franz said, "swing for the fences" what the best that can happen? I hit a grand slam and I love the sound of that!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tapering Down

A nice workout today with Rif. He is preparing for the RKC and I am getting ready for the big contest day or as I like to put it my day to shine and test myself on all the hardwork and preparation. truly this is nothing more than an opportunity to challenge myself and I could not be more excited.

Snatch (1 arm at a time)
24/12/arm for a total of 5 sets or 120 total reps.

In the process of today's training I believe RIf and I helped me improve my snatch. The conclusion is I was too much on my heals performing more of a true olympic snatch style. Because of this my time on the back swing to snatch were off coming out of the shoot (bell swinging back and me pulling up against that force which put undue stress on my hands and subsequently my low back). Therefore an emphasis on placing more pressure on the ball of the foot as well as the heal keeps me more balanced and allows the bell to flow more smoothly and we are in sync making me more explosive and efficient.

Great day at Rifs! What else is new, :-)!

Just want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mark for taking time out of his life to work with me. Anytime you have someone willing to mentor/coach you on their dime/time you have to be thankful!