Thursday, January 31, 2013

Speed Press and weighted pull-ups

Felt really good to get a strong workout in today. With boards 22 days out my schedule was off due to study commitments but the extra day helps with recovery and I felt strong. Was not able
To lift at Stones so instead did so at Elementus.

Note: I will post video this evening when I get home

Speed Press
24kg bell with a blue band
Doubles for 5 sets.

This was tough in the sense that the speed at the max tension point certainly slowed. First band press in a while and quite different than chains. Overall happy with this and felt easily 90-100lbs at hardest point.

Superset with weighted pull-ups
16kg with a chain equal to about 20lbs holding it around my waist
Triples x 8

These were easier as I progressed through the sets. I am satisfied with this but look forward to actual weight belt next week. Keeps the bell tighter as you will see in video, the bell is about knee level versus tight on the pelvis.

Double 12kg
5 singles

Band 1 arm swing with 24kg

This are awesome. The force of the upward swing makes the handle want to rotate up really focusing me on maintaining a strong groove and staying tight and connected. First time doing these and they are quite effective.

So that's all, time to do what's most important & prep for boards. Looking forward to Saturday @ Stones with the full crew!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Strength Day

Strength Day 2 of 3 week cycle. Double Bell Press and Squat, plus strict dead hang pull-ups.

Well to say I am a bit neurologically taxed is an understatement. These Board Exam preps are beyond demanding so I just have to remember to pace myself and take care of whats most important my health and passing this exam. That being said I am making adjustments based on how things are going relative to accessory work but sticking with the keys.

In addition to lifting I am making sure to stretch and meditate regularly. I do not say much about this currently on the blog, but it is the key/crucial element. Not as entertaining but it is my secret sauce so to speak.

Double KB Military Press
warm-up with single bell ramp to 36kg

Double 36kg/3 reps x 4 sets

Speed of the move was a bit off but truly not that bad. Indeed its work but I am excited and prepared for the double 40 work next week. I could physically handle more workload but I do not want to jump ahead of myself. I need to allow for proper adaptation and need to stay within the plan. All great things come in time and the double Beast Press will happen...Patience, consistency, practice and smarts will get me there.

Double Squats

warm-up with single bell ramp to 36kg

Double 36kg/3 reps x 4 sets

Hardest part is holding these bad boys in the rack position. Puts me in a near vertical position much like a Zercher Squat and really hits the core. Its key to stay tight and fully engaged including lats and rooting through the feet.

7 reps x 5 sets

Increase intensity while maintaining volume. It will help to drop 10lbs which is one of my key goals post-boards. Right now I am heavier than I want and should be but until Feb 21st this is not the key. Whats most important is setting up the program, being consistent, building a foundation for strength and work capacity. This is certainly happening as referenced by the numbers.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snatch Speed Day

Saturdays are typically my favorite training day simply because of the Men whom I train with. However since I have my second mock exam today I have to train early, at least I get to do it at Stones.

This is a high rep day with a relatively "lighter" bell meant for speed and due to time constraints endurance :). Again, nice to have partners pushing with you but today it's me only. Rif did come support me and count which rocked :)


Total: 182

next wave with this bell we will hit 200 and move from there.

That's unfortunately all the clock allowed for on this Saturday. Next week, things are back to normal since this is my final mock exam prior to board exams on Feb 21st.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Speed strength day

A bit limited on time but key components covered. Felt strong and had a nice pace today.

Military press with chains
32kg + 25lbs if chains
5 sets of 3

Weighted Pull-up

24kg1/1x5 with pause in hole

2 hand swing

Arm cast with club bell
25/10, 35/10x2

Smoked, but feeling stronger and gaining in conditioning. This is third week in the wave and may do a fourth. Really depends on my energy levels as my studies are 5-6 hours a day with work on top of this. Boards are 29 days away.
Overall very pleased to have consistency and progress. Feel healthy and excited for Saturday

Monday, January 21, 2013

Strength effort press day

Week 4 and a change. Moving from single bell MP and squat to Doubles for a 3 week wave, may attempt double beast on week 4.

Key point, today marks 30 days till board exams. This is the number 1 and sole focus, everything else is gravy. Training certainly gives me a need break and is crucial but max efforts are relative at this point ;)

2kb Military press

Have video have to figure how to upload. It is on my YouTube page joesarti

2KB Squat

Pull-up strict tactical with dead hang

HBR 15x3

Arm cast 25/20, 35/12x2

T2B 5,4,3

Friday, January 18, 2013


A good day! Intensity much greater. Normally this is done on Saturdays with crew, Rif, Cap, & Nick but since I have a prep board exam in LA tomorrow had to do it today.

My client and I went back and forth throughout which made time fly. The shorter recovery mixed with missing this snatch workout 2 out the last 3 waves taxed me more than normal. Plus the pace was fast, about 20 minutes total time.


Tonight I will do yoga as a break from studies but this is all for now. Boards are looming, have to deepen the studies

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last weeks workouts 1/7/13

Last weeks number

KB Single Rack Squat


T2B to L-Sit

Arm Cast:
25/10, 35/10x2

KB MP with chains
24kg with 25lb chains: 3 sets of 3/side

16kg 2/2x5


2 Hand Swing:

10 sec x 3

Shield Cast:
25/10x1, 35/10x2


Gamma Cast
25/10. 35/8x2

Planche Practice

Back in The Gym

After a long hiatus I am back tracking my training. For the last 3 years I have been in Medical School and the demands of school/life took precedent over everything. It is no joke, Med School is not only an immense commitment while in school but for a lifetime. So, I graduated in December 2012 and am back to training, a schedule and plan included. It feels great to have a plan and consistency again.

Here is a general overview
KB Military Press
KB Squat
Bodyweight pullups
Toes 2 bar strict to L-sit
Clubbell Arm Cast

Wednesday or Thursday (depends on schedule with Board exams looming Feb 21)
KB Military Press with Chains
Pullup weighted
Clubbell shield cast

Clubbell Gamma Cast
Planche Practice

3 week wave cycle increasing in weight each week. Some numbers still being worked out as I get back into the swing of things.

Yoga practice;
daily, most often self directed but sometimes I go to the studio or do an online class (when my brain is hurting from studying the last thing I want to do is direct myself).

This weeks training

KB Military Press: 20/3/3, 24/3/3, 28/3/3, 32/3/3, 36/3/3, 40/1/1x3, 40/2/2
KB Squat: 20/3/3, 24/3/3, 28/3/3, 32/3/3, 36/3/3, 40/3/3x3
Bodyweight pullups (dead hang, thumb over aka tactical): 5 reps x 8
Toes 2 bar strict to L-sit: 2x3
Clubbell Arm Cast: 25/15/15, 35/10/10, 45/5/5

Wednesday or Thursday (depends on schedule with Board exams looming Feb 21)
KB Military Press with Chains: 28kg with 25lb chain: 2 reps/side x 5 (I will get video up in future
Pistol: 20kg/1/1x8
Pullup weighted: 12kg/3x8 sets
Swing (2 hand): 40/10x5
L-Sit: 10 sec x 3
Clubbell shield cast: 25/10/10x3
Clubbell lateral swing (first time): 25/8/8x3