Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I am giving the gift that keeps on giving that is unconditional love, gratitude, peace, compassion, respect, honor, thanks, appreciation, recognition, kindness, gentleness, smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, joy, and me.

I am giving each and everyone of you my thanks for your contributions to my life.

I am giving thanks to all my clients for opening their doors, minds, hearts, bodies, souls and pocket books to me and my services.

I am giving thanks to all my Masters, Teachers, Students, who have a continue to give to me the precious lessons and teachings of life.

I am giving thanks to Cisco, X-Body, Apple, and Girya for allowing me the space to do my business.

I am giving thanks to all my loved ones for their support and wisdom and of course loving kindness.

I am giving because that is what I do, I offer unconditionally my services and the wealth of knowledge, information, and wisdom given to me too others.

I am giving thanks to my dog Jazmine who is my best friend!

I am giving because it is in giving that one receives

I am giving because it is in my nature to do so, it is in the nature of the wonders of the universe to give back and spread freely, unconditionally to all things!

I am giving up my attachment to giving and instead just being as I show up in the moment.

Happy Holidays To All! Namaste

Monday, December 22, 2008


Who is too blame? I am not sure but I am going to say that I believe there is no one too blame. I believe once we become conscious of the 'facts' of life and we realize we are in the fortunate position to be able to make our own decisions we can then realize there is no blame.

Once we awaken and we embrace the concept of forgiveness our potentiality grows exponentially. The forgiveness is both of self and others, which immediately, assuming it is not just a thought but a true choice action, eliminates blame and frees oneself to the possibility. It helps to eliminate the extra weight that so many of us carry around with heavy hearts, angry minds, etc. from things that have 'happened' to us during our lives.

It is often I hear people blame others for things that have and are happening. Now, I have driven up and down this road numerous times in the past but as I have developed self awareness, self care, self therapy practices I have yet to see this path again. The beauty is I had to travel this road many times and learn from the sufferings, experiences, etc. to be able to truly develop a understanding, a compassion for what it is like to be walking that path.

I must say now that I am free of blame through embracing the idea of forgiveness (and much more) I feel light, mobility, flexible, agile, grounded, peaceful, grateful, compassionate, loving, full of life and laughter and so much more.

My main point is this, FORGIVE yourself and all others. People only do what they know best and typically people operate in states of unconsciousness so you are getting what they know from being in this state, not the good intention, conscious based state they are learning (one believes) how to operate in.

So, the effects of operating in a blame game state, one with pent up energy and negativity toward others, toward self, the one that has ill feelings towards others, etc is one that does not serve anyone well, especially the one carrying this energy. It is far easier to move in life, free of blame, in a state where you forgive and have compassion for all beings, including yourself.

Is it easier said than done, I would argue it is only what you make of it. Therefore, if you believe it to be hard then yes it will be because that is your reality, that is the context of your truth. You have to be willing to explore the depths, find the darkness to see the light. If you are then...well I encourage you to find the answer for yourself.

In love and light filled with compassion and gratitude and offering you peace!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Art of Living

Life is a constant state of evolution! I am always evolving to some point, place, etc. So, for the New Year I have decided to embark on another venture. I am beginning to study the Art of Aikido. It just happens that 2 amazing teachers are here in my backyard and now is the time for me to take this step.

As I continue to delve deeper in the study of Yoga, the movements and philosophies; kettlebells and the lines of energy, the physics, angles (geometry), positioning, integration of muscles, joints, etc all into action; powerlifting movements and the progression schemes, matrix plans, positioning, techniques, etc. I find that this Martial Art of Aikido, which has been present in my life since I was 20, is an art that will take my understanding of movement, space, stillness, philosophies of peace, relationships with people, objects, use of energy and its flow to a whole new level.

Ok, probably sounds confusing that last paragraph so let me help. As I study all these movements and theories behind them I am seeing, feeling, some amazing cohesion amongst all them and I believe Aikido with my base level understanding is a perfect fit to enhance both my well-being and my art of teaching and understanding of movement and philosophy.

Movement has many parts and I see it on varying levels. As I mentioned the concepts of math, physics, geometry come into play as does the philosophies of life and relationship and the use of energy and lines of energy, its flow along the meridians, etc.

I teach life, philosophy, etc. through the use of movement and stillness and in the art of each of this disciplines and beyond. LEarning and experience arts with so much history like Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, etc. take into account so much depth of knowledge and have withstood the test of time. ( I know Aikido is about a 100 years old but is basis is ancient).

I have truly become a student of the art of living and all these practices, experiences help me to be a better coach/teacher to others.

This journey of life I am living is a exploration where I am constantly evolving through the process of discovery. I do this by being in motion yet in stillness and learning to blend the 2 while allowing each to stand alone. This art is exactly that an art form unique unto its own but with honor and respect of the masters before who have laid the foundation for such wonderous and courious exploration of the art of living.

Enjoy Your Artwork

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's Keeping you from your wants (goals)?

The question is what's keeping you from your wants (goals)? My encouragement is take a look in the mirror and reflect. See, I believe in you, do you?

I encourage you to take a step out of the comfort zone, your box of believes and challenge yourself. Take it one step at a time but take the step, it will be a GIANT step forward with this courage you will teach yourself much about you and life.

It is easier to stay within ourselves, within our comfort zone, our knowledge, believes, network, skin, body, mind, spirit. It is and does take an openness and willingness to explore the unknown which will lead to new discovery's beyondyour current place of being.

So, today, take a step outside the box, outside the boundary lines you have constructed and see what lies beyond, feel what lies beyond, hear, taste, experience a life without limits.

I encourage this with an empty mind, with no expectation, no attachment to outcome just to enjoy the quality of experience and let what is to be, BE! The experience will indeed enrich you and the lives of others. Because life is about the experiences not the outcomes of our expectations, wants, desires, Ego.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ahimsa is one of the Yamas of Yoga. It is said that one shall practice non-violence to ones self and all other things (animals, people, etc.).

The point is to practice compassion and non-violence toward yourself and others through conscious actions. This comes in the form of how you feed your body with food, to how you care for the body through movement and stillness, to how you nourish the mind with non-judgemental thoughts, thoughts and words of love and kindness. This last part extends beyond ones self to all others. It is in the little daily, momentary acts where are we live our life and it is being kind and compassionate towards ones self that then extends out to all others.

So often I see so many practicing in a harmful manner first and foremost to themselves but this often, even if unconsciously extends out to others. Creating this kind of harmful energy only begets more such energy.

This is why I choose to be unconditional love! I encourage you to work to adopting a similar stance or at least one of Ahimsa.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Suffering is an essential aspect of the human spirit. Part of our development in life is a part of suffering and vice versa. The point is at some time in our life we will encounter a state of suffering. It is at this point that we will make a vital decision, either embracing the suffering and taking this as an opportunity to learn, evaluate, introspect, etc. and evolve are being OR to avoid and do as much as possible to distract from this state of suffering.

I am compassionate to those who choose the latter because I have done so. However, there was a point where I choose the former and I found that this created one of the most tremendous state of consciousness transformations. Through life and all the sufferings I have experienced and how I have choosen to experience them, I have learned a great deal and it is a part of why I am here today.

I reflect upon the buddhist philosophy of suffering and how in Buddhism it is believed that suffering is an important state for transformation and will cultivate compassion. In yoga, BKS Iyengar distinguishes between Right Pain and Wrong Pain...

Right Pain is constructive, exhilarating and involves challenge. It is felt as a gradual lengthening and strengthening feeling

Wrong Pain is destructive, and causes excruciating suffering. It is felt as sharp and sudden cautionary feeling and tells we have gone to far, beyond our present abilities.

The challenge of Yoga is to go beyond limits within reason, respecting our present state of being. One does not want to be limited by the mind and its fears. One must be willing to explore in order to refine and purify. This demands strength of will to observe and bear the pain without aggrevation. Without certain stress, stretching beyond our comfort zone, the true Asana or posture of life will not be experienced and the mind will remain in its existing limitations and will not move beyond its existing frontiers.

The point is too experience the suffering without fear and open yourself to a whole new frontier. You will develop a deep and sincere compassion for yourself, the experience, others and the concept of suffering. There is nothing to fear and be open and willing to the quality of experience in the state of suffering.

What you will find is that you have more appreciation for what it means to be in a state of 'happiness', 'joy', 'pleasure', etc. and you will understand better how to be there in your every day existence.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Living By Your Inner Light, Verse 27 of the Tao Te Ching

Living By Your Inner Light

Verse 27 of the Tao Te Ching

The perfect traveller leaves no trail to be followed;
The perfect speaker leaves no question to be answered;
The perfect accountant leaves no working to be completed;
The perfect container leaves no lock to be closed;
The perfect knot leaves no end to be ravelled.

So the sage nurtures all menAnd abandons no one.
He accepts everything
And rejects nothing.
He attends to the smallest details.

For the strong must guide the weak;
The weak are raw material to the strong.
If the guide is not respected,
Or the material is not cared for,
Confusion will result, no matter how clever one is.

This is the secret of perfection:
When raw wood is carved, it becomes a tool;
When a man is employed, he becomes a tool;
The perfect carpenter leaves no wood to be carved.

Summary according to Dr Wayne Dyer:

The knower of the truth lives by an inner light. In this verse Lao-tzu is advising you to give without keeping an account or expecting something in return, for this is the nature of the Tao and you are the Tao. Giving is synonymous with receiving when you live by this illumination, the inner light.

This form of giving extends to all beings and is done so with impartiality and without abandonment of none. You and giving are one, you and receiving are one and in such arrangement there is no one who is not you. Thus, a good man is but a bad man’s teacher, and a bad man is but a good man’s job. Understand that you are here to teach yourself and others in some way, and that the work is to raise the collective energy of the entire universe.

As a knower of the truth, Lao-tzu advises traveling without leaving a trace, live spontaneously, that your inner light is the more trustworthy than your guidebook and it will point in the direction that is best for you and everyone you encounter. Trust yourself and others, do not judge yourself or others. Why not be one who chooses to respect yourself and all others as teachers and as students.

Reflection according to Joe:

Yes, I have found the old Buddhist philosophy of in giving I receive to be true. Each day I give to others and I do receive in the form of both monetary compensation and many intrinsic rewards. However, I give because it is ‘my duty’ to serve the world, the communitiy and the people.

I have learned that I am a student and as a student I learn so I can serve as a guide, an instructor or teacher to others on the path of life, this journey we are experiencing in our current state of existence.

As a traveler I have learned through experience to toss the guidebook, textbook, etc. away and just enjoy the moment and that path that was being laid out before me. I have traveled free of reservations, free of plans, free of money (yes my ATM was demagnetized and I had no money for 3 days and hopped a train to get to the biggest city and a bank come Monday). In trusting my instincts without judgement and trusting the path and the others on the path I have experience a life without limits, the limits of the guidebook and the every detail.

I am able to do so because I am conscious, present and aware. I am living in the moment, not concerned or worried about things I have no control over. Instead trusting in the ‘Tao’, the way, the process, the journey, the path. By doing so and living so I am raising the collective energy of the universe. Not because it is a goal, and I do not do so because I know or think or feel good things are going to come to me. I do so because this is my lives practice. My way of being and serving the world, community, and people I feel so fortunate to experience.


Monday, December 01, 2008

A Poem and A Reflection

A Poem:

Everyday I awaken
One step at a time to the flow of life & living
To the trails of life I ground with unconditional love
Whatever lies present, past & future
Open to the infinite possibilities
Moven, shaken, baken to the lessons of life
Smiling, laughing, cheering, supporten, encouraging, inspiring
No matter where I roam

A Reflection

Simply put I like to keep things simple. I am aware of all these modalities that exist & truly have their place. Some I have a better understanding of. But through it all I like to keep it simple.

I am the way, the way of the Tao, this is the way I flow. I am the Buddhist monk, a compassionate being. I am yoga, this is the art of living this is my practice of living. I am everything & nothing, I am!

It is through my lens of life that the Tao, Buddhism & yoga encompass all these other modalities in some way, somehow and I am a collection of them in practice, the art of living.