Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kettlebell Workshop, This Saturday 12-3 pm, XBody Fitness In San Jose


The RKC School of Strength and Kettlebell Movement

You will learn the following Kettlebell Movements:

The Swing
*How to create the pendulum for maximal efficiency and work with minimal effort
*Why the Swing is the King of Kettlebell movements
*Why it is all in the hips

The Snatch
*The Czar of all Kettlebell moves
*How to cook your lungs with sizzling Snatch routines
*How to produce massive force with amazing strength, power and grace
*Maximizing athleticism with this one move

The Military Press
*How to press your best ever
*What it means to be strong
*How to use your roots and irridation
*How to tie it all together

The Squat
*How to get deep
*How to use your body to produce maximal force
*How to explode using leverage
*Why the Front Squat is the ultimate ab/core developer

The Clean
*How to move the bell effortlessly
*How the clean sets up a great press
*How to meet the demands of the movement
*Why the Clean, Squat Press combo is the ultimate strength move

The Turkish Get Up
*The all around move to make you a better man or woman
*How to cook your core
*How to increase the strength and stability of your shoulder

The Background:
Whether you know this or not the kettlebell is a tool based of the foundation of physiology, kinesiology, and strength and conditioning principles. The kettlebell is just the tool, a superior tool at that in many cases, especially the aforementioned moves simple due to its unique design. Combining the kettlebell with the principles of strength you will learn how to produce amazing amounts of power, achieve new levels of strength and cook your lungs and make your heart want to burst out of your chest. This is a chance to learn from two highly qualified experts who are trained in the art and who have accomplished much in the strength and conditioning realm due to their use of the kettlebell and the RKC school of strength principles.

The movements and techniques learned in this seminar will have a direct carryover into your Crossfit performance. Not only will you do all Crossfit movements better, you’ll know why. You will learn how to activate and apply your hips and entire body to every WOD to be safer, more efficient and FASTER.

Who are these guys?

Joe Sarti
Joe is a highly regarded expert in health and wellness. He has trained and coached athletes such as Frank Shamrock and his IFL Team, The San Jose Razorclaws. His experience is vast and deep with knowledge of kettlebells, power lifting, olympic lifting, yoga, bodybuilding, odd strength lifts and more. Joe is an accomplished athlete, having competed in sports such as rugby, adventure racing, mountain biking, The Tactical Strength Challenge, The Beast Challenge and more. He is one of the lightest, at 170 lbs, to Press and Pistol the Beast, which is a 106 lb kettlebell, in competition. He has deadlifted more than 546 lbs in competition. Joe’s experiences have put him in the hands of some of the best in the business and he is always excited and honored to share that wisdom with those looking to achieve extraordinary results.

To learn more about Joe visit his website at www.fitnessjoe.com or catch him on the radio, hosting his weekly show on Wednesday at 1 p.m. on www.modavox.com/voiceamericahealth If you have any questions, comments, etc. please feel free to contact Joe via email at joe@fitnessjoe.com

Tim Dymmel
Tim has been a student of the strength game for over 18 years. He played college soccer, football and rugby. As a professional and semi-pro rugby player in New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland, Tim learned the hard way about rehabbing and prehabbing the injuries that are part of the game. His tool of choice for the last 3 years to maintain a high level of conditioning is the kettlebell. Having trained under the top Olympic lifting and kettlebell coaches, Tim is able to pass on his knowledge and expertise those that want to learn. Clients of Tim’s include athletes, SWAT Team members, housewives, grandmas, golfers, pastors, runners and office workers. Tim’s kettlebell training allowed him to enter the 2008 Crossfit Games and finish 85th out of 200, after only 2 months of Crossfit workouts 2X per week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

This Weeks Guest, Georgia Andrianopoulos

Georgia D. Andrianopoulos, Ph.D. has worked in the field of eating disorders for the past 20 years. She has been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune and by local radio and television affiliates of NBC and CBS on various aspects of obesity. She has also been interviewed by the Associated Press and contributed to radio and television segments on obesity and food cravings.

Dr. Andrianopoulos has been awarded the Science Achievement Award by Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, and has served as a grant reviewer for the American Cancer Society. She is the author of numerous original research publications and has contributed chapters for academic books.

She is currently executive director of the residency review committees for dermatology, medical genetics and pathology at the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Dr. Andrianopoulos is also the founder and director of Brain Fitness, Inc. a division of Neurobehavioral Training Centers, with locations in and around the Chicago area. In addition, she served as an assistant professor of psychiatry and surgery at the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago.

Dr. Andrianopoulos completed her doctorate degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. She lives in Chicago, IL.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thursday: Hill Repeats
Warm-up of 1.2 miles
Hills: 3 minutes up and 2:30 down with a 30 second recovery X 5 (approximately .28 miles up)

Saturday: Flat Distance
55 Minutes of flats through and around Stanford

Sunday: Long Trail Run
80 minutes of up and down through Arastradero in Los Altos Hills. Great, great run with nice climbs and some good recovery portions. The grades make it a really good place for building strength and endurance.


Wow, forgot how great this type of pyramid is for accomplishing a lot of work while maintaining strong technique. The high rep sets going back to back is much different then the single arm sets for time.

Max VO2 Kettlebell Snatch

total reps:420 (same as last week but the consistent pace was the difference.)

Great workout but these are tough after long hill runs which is demanding on the legs and hips. The cumulative fatigue has been the biggest challenge as this is day 5 in a row. I am aware of this and it makes me that much more pleased to do this workout and push through with a smile and a great sweat :-)

90 Minutes with Kent Bond of Willow Glen Yoga
Like my master Marianne says, find a teacher or teachers you enjoy and/or styles. Kent is one I enjoy, because he makes me a better practitioner of Yoga. He is one of the best you will find and this evident in the fact that he teaches at one of the top teacher training programs around in Santa Barbara. Always learn something about myself in relation to the pose and practice in his classes...AWESOME!

90 minutes of Jivamukti with Laura Noss

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
30 minutes of Restorative poses at home

What I Be, Who I am

I am Joseph Frank Sarti, according to my birth certificate, however some people know me as Joe or Joey. I am a son, brother, a half-brother, a step son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a god-father, and a dog owner. I am an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, a life coach, a radio show host, a massage therapist, a russian kettlebell instructor, a yoga instructor, a strength and conditioning coach, a nutritionist, a writer, a businessman, an entrepenuer, and a bootcamp instructor. I am a friend, have been a boyfriend, a partner, a lover, a training partner, a teammate, an adventure racer, a rugby player, a football player, a baseball player, a mountain biker, snowboarder, runner, trail runner, kayaker, hiker, basketball player, tennis player, a martial artist, a white, yellow and orange belt. I am Italian, American, an Italian American, a traveller, reader, guitar enthusiast, music lover, a buddhist, a taoist, a follower of eastern philosophy, a catholic, a Bellarmine College Prep graduate, a San Jose State Univeristy graduate, twice.

I have been and be many things to many different people, in many different situations and at various points in time in life. My identity is constantly shifting and changing depending on time and situation and in relation to who, whom or whatever is present in that moment. However one thing remains, I am what I be, I am me whatever that is.

I like to see myself as a student of life and a citizen of this world who like others shares this wonderful place we call Earth or the World. I like to see myself as compassionate, kind, generous, loving, peaceful, calm, thoughtful, contemplative, appreciative, gracious, friendly, open-minded, non-judgemental, a believer in the good of people and man-kind, sensitive, considerate, honest and with integrity, as supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging and inspirational. At the same time it truly only matters to those who see and observe and thus wish to identity, classify, clarify.

The reality is it truly is of no matter one way or another because it is what it is and I be what I be as you be who you be. I hope you like me have peace in heart, mind, body, soul.

Blessings to you and yours. I am honored to share this place with you and yours.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Workout Evaluation/Revaluation

In exercise as in life I am always evaluating and re-evaluating. Too me this is part of the journey, going through a process of self-evaluation and self-realization and then in turn hopefully becoming self-actualization. I feel confident about the process as I believe I have attained an infinite amount of wisdom and only continue to do so. Therefore, the process feels natural and feels part of the ebb and flow of life.

As I embark on my new training regimen, which has been in full swing since August I am in the process of evaluation. I am seeking a greater understanding about what it is I believe best suits me at this time and moving forward, at least for now :-)

If I had one thing and only one thing to do it would be Yoga. As much as I love strength training, for me the all-around benefits of yoga and the sustainable nature of yoga is perfect for my being. But, since I do not have to choose one, kettlebells are a major component and more important, strength and conditioning using the movements of kettlebells are an essential aspect.

However, I have been seeking how to balance my kettlebells, yoga and running. Under the current regimen and with running goals in place I am out on the trails and roads 4 days a week, including 2 hill runs (Thursday and Sunday) and a hard back to back long run Saturday with the Sunday hills. This is quite a challenging because Friday and Monday I do hard kettlebell snatch sessions which really involve a lot of power from the hips and legs.

Now, I am going to keep my Max VO2 Monday and replace my SSST Friday with heavy snatch using the 32kg. My plan is to just keep to 5 reps and work my volume through sets. I want this to be more pure strength, rather than a higher rep strength endurance routine with the 24kg and the SSST workout.

Also, I am going to keep pressing heavy, I just love this and it fits perfect with my Tuesday hour long flat run and right after the MAX VO2.

As for yoga, my hope is to do at least 3 classes a week and then the other days practice at home doing restorative poses and working my challenging poses. This is essential for me as it is part of Daily Meditation Practice and Breathe practice.

4 Runs (2 hills), 3-4 Yoga days (this is true classes plus my own home practice on other days), 3 Kettlebell workouts

The Breakdown
MAX VO2 Snatch 16kg

Long Flat Run
Heavy Press/Pull-up

REST :-)

Hill Repeats

Heavy Snatch

Long Flat Run

Long Hill Run

Think Small

Yes, think small as Dr. Wayne Dyer says and he interprets Lao Tzu saying in the 63rd verse of the Tao Te Ching. I third that notion as all too often we make things out to be bigger than life and near impossible to accomplish. This approach often times leads people not to completion but rather to the inability to finish what they set out to do or in other words failure.

Simplicity is key and essential to the approach. If we makes things bigger than life and seem difficult or impossible then we are setting ourselves up for a tough road. What is the purpose behind this concept? Why make things difficult when they truly can be so much more simple? Are we better served looking to the road ahead than focusing on the road we are on?

As Marianne Wells mentioned in our show discussion Wednesday, she makes her Yoga classes simple. It is not about styles, types, poses, workouts, abstract names like Adho Mudka yada yada. It is about the simplicity of life, enjoying the moment, enjoying your practice, enjoying the environment and people whom are in the class with you, about learning, discovering, uncovering, unearthing, grounding, relaxing, calming, chillin, being in the present moment no strings attached, no expectations just doing what you are doing the best you can without Judgement.

Sounds strange to think in small terms but you cannot go from A to Z with out B, C, and so on. Take it one moment, one step, one second, one day at a time because life only moves that fast. You cannot enjoy the present when you are living in the past or thinking about the future. Who wants to lose that time, the time you are doing what you are doing? Most likely your choices, actions, etc. have put you in that moment, so embrace it and if you are not certain that is where you wish to be, then you have made the step to self-realization, now take more time to learn where you want to be and then take that next step, the of self actualization, meaning taking action.

But, again in order to take action on your realizations you need to have clarity on what it is you are realizing and what it is you want to do with it...step by step, small steps...

There is no hurry! Patience and perspective! If you need help please call, email, comment, I am here for you!

Peace and Stillness

Friday, September 26, 2008

Being a Man For Others

I had the great fortune/opportunity to attend a high school that imparted upon me what I believe is great wisdom, Be a Man for Others and Breakdown the Walls that Bind You! Wow! if I had only realized the true power of this message as I do now. For me, I live a life of servitude, serving the community I touch on a daily basis and beyond. My actions reach far beyond what I realize as do all ours. Just take a look at the Social Networking tools that exist today with Facebook, Linked, and MySpace as examples.

We have the opportunity to spread our word, the wisdom we believe in an enormous and powerful way. For this reason I take my role as a Man For Others and breaking down the walls that bind me and the those of the world to heart. I feel it is essential for me and all of us to find ways to make this world into a place of where goodness overcomes all, love is truly the way, and respect is something we carry for everyone, even if we do not 'agree' with them.

It is essential to breakdown our walls, the ego which holds us back from truly seeing the beauty and appreciating the unique aspects of all humans, of all concepts.

For this reason I am hoping that the radio show gig enables me to bring to the world community (this show is broadcast worldwide, 120 countries) to the best and brightest minds in the area of Holistic Health and Wellness. My hope is to educate people and show them, expose them to the beauty of the wonderful folks whom I know directly and indirectly. The goal is to spread the goodness of living a healthy live, one filled with well being.

The show is my opportunity to serve the community of individuals whom can bring a light to the areas of Holistic Health and Wellness. I want them to share their message and help people to discover ways to uncover their best in the area of health and well being.

I hope all of you will be apart of this journey and will contribute! Some of you know I want to be on the show and I hope you will see that this is truly for you and the world community.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This Weeks Guest, Marianne Wells


”do good, be good, feel good, live well”

For more than twenty five years, Marianne Wells has been teaching and studying yoga around the globe. Her numerous workshops, Yoga Training Immersion Weekends, and private practice have inspired tens of thousands of honest and dedicated students and instructors both domestically and internationally. Her always evolving curriculum promotes personal study, balanced living, and unceasing growth.

Born and raised in the yoga lifestyle, Marianne is a natural teacher. Her parents instilled in her the benefits of a healthy and holistic existence. From a very early age, she was encouraged by her father to meditate daily and by her mother to practice nightly headstands and other postures through the day. Even when money was tight, her folks always found a way to bring fruits and vegetables to the table, resulting in Marianne's steadfast belief that a family can still eat healthy while living on a budget.

Integrating her yoga upbringing and her formal training into a positive and compassionate teaching style, her classes are tailored to fit the needs of each and every student. Her classes are said to be ”deceptively strenuous, yet surprisingly gentle” as she blends Vinyasa flow and the principles of body alignment into a mindful yoga awareness. Her approach is to offer a warm, comfortable space to inspire and enhance everyone's experience.

Marianne is a graduate from Indiana University. Her in-depth knowledge and practice of the countless branches of yoga and yoga instruction have been honed through years of yoga teaching as well as deeper studies under the supervision of various leaders in the yoga world, including that of Iyengar and Gurmukh, and the study of Eastern Philosophy at the University of Saint Thomas. It is her steadfast belief that yoga is for everyone and that a student selection process, a seemingly new trend in yoga instruction, is contrary to the study and practice of yoga. All are welcome to flow and grow in their practice with Marianne.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday-Tuesday Traning

Sunday: Trail Run
Rancho San Antonio in beautiful Los Altos Hills, CA. This extensive area provides a network of trails with good long flats for warm-ups, with long hill climbs mixed with varying gradients, switchbacks and more. This place is hard to get bored of and you could probably run a whole years worth of training and never do the same loop.

Today did a nice long warm-up followed by a 1 mile climb turn around come down, connect on to another trail with a short hill climb and gradual decent to a nice long flat and hard finish. Total time about 75 minutes.

75 minutes of mixed hills and flats. Mileage?

Finished off the day with a couple of ice sessions, a self massage session, 30 minutes of restorative yoga, and a 15 minute jacuzzi. Great weeks of workouts and the fun keeps on moving

Kettlebell Snatch, Max VO2
Even Minutes: 16/6 L & R
Odd MInutes: 16/8 L & R

Total Time: 30 minutes
Total Reps: 420

30 minute Home Practice

Military Press (doubles)

Ring Pull-ups

55 minutes of flat run at a moderate pace

75 Minute Home practice including Pranayama, meditation and shavasana.

the end of a 6 day regimen and a day off rest tomorrow! Well deserved and appreciated

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wed-Sat Weeks workouts

Kettlebell Snatch Max Vo2 (details posted on Monday)

Run: (details posted on Tuesday)
Yoga: home practice

REST, REST, and more REST

Light Run, 25 minutes. Body and Mind needed more rest so I took it. Listening to your body, mind and spirit is the a forgotten Wonder of the human being, listen, and listen with a clear ear.

Kettlebell Snatch SSST

10 minutes in 1 minute intervals Left Even minutes, Right Odds minutes. Decided to back on the total time this week of 20 minutes and increase the intensity and build the strength to handle higher reps. My main goal is to get 200 in 10 minutes and walk away being able to do all my other stuff. Yes, I want it to be 'simple', even though it may not be easy.

90 minutes of Iyengar Flow with Catherine at Darshana Yoga in Palo Alto. This lady is a true Yogi and has lived the life for over 50 years and it is hard to tell she is over 50, believe me she is healthy, yoga, strong and fit and knows her stuff.

45 Minute Road Run building up my endurance. Nice and mellow run just what I needed. I have a big, long hill run tomorrow so this was a nice compliment.

90 Minutes of Vinyasa with Marta at Darshana. The class was listed as beg/int and I did not want to do an 'advanced' class as I am not doing this for a workout but to breathe, connect my body, mind and breathe, ground myself and my perspective on live and to open my body and create balance.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Gift of Life

Open your eyes, open your ears, open your arms, open your heart, open your mind, open yourself to life! Why, because life is truly a gift and it is the kind of gift that only comes once in a lifetime. Days, weeks, months, hours, seconds, years go by and before you know it....

My advice for today, for life is stop and put down what you are doing, those daily tasks for survival and take a moment, a really long moment to smell the roses life has given you. If you are reading this, your life cannot be that bad. Think about, you have a computer, access, money to pay for the service, time, etc. and this is more than most. But beyond all this we just never know what is truly around the corner and thus just live in status quo. Now, if this is your conscious choice well then who am I too tell you to do different.

I would say this though, tell your wife or your husband how much you love them, why you love them, how they make your life better; tell your mother and father how much you appreciate them for doing the best they could to raise you, thank them for being human and helping you become the person you are; tell your co-workers, partners, boss how much you appreciate working with them; tell your friends and family members that you appreciate their love and support; give your pet a little extra stroke and send them so love, throw them the ball; and tell yourself that you love yourself and you are going to be the best you can be each and everyday, give yourself so love and attention.

The point is do something more than you probably are already doing, not because you do not already do this, but because you look to show your gratitude for life and the people that make it what it is. Have you ever wished you could have said something to someone and before you know the time passed, the thought and moment passed and you never did say what you wanted.

Life is precious, the people in your life are precious, and there truly is very little in that is guarenteed and life happens in flash! Slow down, take time, give thanks, show love and appreciation, you and everyone around will be better for it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choices and Shifting Perspective

That is right, continuing the Excuses Begone theme, you have CHOICES, you have CONTROL. It is time to take a look, smile, laugh, love yourself and tell yourself with CONVICTION that you are beautiful, that anything is possible and that your are going to take those wants, turn it into the power to WILL yourself to the completion and ACHIEVEment of those goals, wants, desires. Enough about what you do not have or what you do not like and focus on what you do have and what you are going to do to get those things you want. And, if you need help CALL, EMAIL, ASK me or Dr. Rosie and checkout her book, SELF EMPOWERMENT 101, it is truly a gem filled with real life examples (which we can all probably relate too on some level) and helps you identify the questions you need to be asking yourself to MAKE it HAPPEN!

We control our DESTINY, not anyone else, not anything else, not what you have done in the past but we your going to do NOW, HERE, IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, to CREATE the life you want. I am just one example of a person who is doing just that and I hope my story, and Rosies and all the other wonderful people on my show as well as my friend and client Jo http://becomingthebiggestloser.blogspot.com/ is doing not be being a 'loser' but by being a person who decided to change her life and become what she wanted through action, responsibility, accountability and sheer will power.

YOU CAN DO IT, in fact you WILL DO IT!

Listen to the show, buy the book and you will know how and why anything is possible that you too can LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS!

Excuses Begone

Excuses Begone, stealing a catch phrase from one of my favorites, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Last night I was doing a home yoga practice and not wanting to use my mind I decided to do a PODCAST. And this got me to thinking about today's technological age and all the advancements and resources available. Think back 10 years, you would have never been able to do a podcast of your favorite type of yoga, at your convenience, in your home, on the road, at 5 am or 1 am or 2 pm, anytime, any place, anywhere.

All one has to do is go to any store, be it a Target, online shopping or health and wellness website and you can find any piece of equipment, video, book, audio, online video to support your needs. Their is no reason to get bored, be lazy, make excuses 'well I have to find time to drive to the gym', 'the fees are expensive', 'it is too crowded', 'I feel uncomfortable working out around others', 'the classes are at times when I cannot go', 'I am not sure how to do it', etc.

EXCUSES BEGONE, it is there, in the palm of your hands, a click away, all for your consumption. This is a day and age when everything is suppose to be more convenient, more readily available, easier to access, easier to understand, more variety for the spice of life, and this is true.

Now, if you choose not to take responsibility, take action and accountability and you choose the life you lead then I understand with great compassion and please do not complain to me or others. However, if you want help, need help, direction, etc. then I know I am more than open to helping you, and I know there are number of other people and ways to do so as well.

The world is your oyster these days and times more than any. We are fortunate that we can go anywhere, talk with anyone and in some ways and formats. Take advantage of this and take advantage of the life you were born to lead, born to live.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am truly a student, one who loves to learn and explore life and self on various facets, through a variety of angles and relationships. It is no wonder I would put all the great strength achievements aside to take a look at myself in a different light and with a new perspective thanks to all that I learned with Rif and all the strength training stuff. I do realize that I have to give in order to receive and that means giving up goals related to strength, at least at this point.

So, today the odyssey continued on my feet, in the hills, in peace and quiet, and along with a nice Bobcat, which agreed with me that we wanted nothing to do with each other and respected one another's space.

I was out for 55 minutes covering a bit over 5 miles with some nice steep terrain. I remembered to run when I could but to be smart and hike when I needed to because the goal is to cover miles, not be the first one up the hill. This is a marathon of sorts, not a sprint.

I have yet to put down the BIG goal but will do so this week. It is lofty but doable and by far the longest I will ever have covered on my feet and over some of the toughest terrain.

So, the 28th I plan to head out to Quicksilver Almaden, where I was today and do the a race. I believe the half-marathon. I would be happy to finish in 2.5 hours just knowing how up and down the area is I believe this feasible. More again about just increasing time on my feet and learning strategy, etc.

Monday, September 15, 2008

This Weeks Guest, Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 1pm Pacific

Self Empowerment 101
Life Coach and Ph.D., Rosie Kuhn author ofSelf-Empowerment 101, will discuss how we decode particular beliefs and interpretations that interfere with manifesting the life you are wanting; investigate the real hostage takers, the ones that completely sabotage any movement beyond the edge of your comfort zone & the fear of personal power, the fear of success and the fear of failure; and explore your stand for invulnerability, which limits your willingness to reach beyond your safety zone. In Rosie's words,"By unconcealing the beliefs that create resistance, you then are at choice to shift that belief to something that is far more empowering. This allows you to have what you say you want with ease and effortlessness, even if it seems impossible." This is a show you will not want to miss as you will discover how to open the doors and lay the foundation to your road and life without limits.


Missed the Live Show ? This episode is rebroadcast at 1am Pacific. Past Episodes are available On Demand and Podcast Ready

Listen LIVE to VoiceAmericaHealth!
Be sure to tune to Your Life Without Limits Wednesdays at 1PM PST.

Log on to Listen
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Monday Workouts

Max VO2 Snatch
16/6L, 6R (15seconds on, 15 off, 15 on, 15 off)
16/7L, 7R (15seconds on, 15 off, 15 on, 15 off)
16/8L, 8R (15seconds on, 15 off, 15 on, 15 off)

Rotated through this cycle after a 5/5 warm-up (on the clock) using the Max VO2 protocol. I wanted to push myself up to the 8 range and start to build strength and endurance it this range. Effective it was.

I completed 8 rounds of this cycle thus doing 8 sets of each rep range on each arm
6 reps x 8 x 2 =96
7 reps x 8 x 2 = 112
8 reps x 8 x 2 = 128

336 + 5 + 5 = 346 in 25 minutes

Detox Yoga and Chakra Balancing Yoga for 50 minutes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Prescription for Health and Wellness

This is the Readers Digest Version:

*Find something you enjoy doing.
*Get some professional help to understand how to safely and effectively perform what you enjoy.
*Be consistent. It does not matter how much time, effort, etc if you are not consistent.
*Be feasible and realistic. There is no magic pill or answer, make it a life long journey and success will come.
*Move your body, anyway you can.
*Care for your body and do not neglect it.
*Remember you are creating health, so do things that allow you to accomplish your goal.

*Most important aspect
*Eat Organic
*Eliminate sugar from your life as much as possible.
*Eliminate white flour (Spelt flour is a great substitute)
*Eliminate processed oils. (choose coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
*Prepare 90% of your meals.
*Eat your vegetables and fruits.
*Stay out of the middle aisles in the grocery store.
*Get to a farmers market and buy locally produced foods.
*Learn how to read a label (less ingredients equals higher quality of food (in general).
*Eat fresh deep water fish; 100% grass fed beef; chicken that is free to roam and organic; eggs under the same conditions as chicken; wild game
*You do not need milk, instead use almond milk (which is easy to make 1 cup almonds soaked for 4 to 8 hours, 2 cups fresh water, a pinch of stevia (if you want for a bit of sweetness), and a dash of vanilla (same rules as stevia).
*Soak your oats, beans, lentils, etc, this will release the enzymes which are key for health.
*Eat for health and you will have plenty of energy, lose weight/body fat, and be physically, emotionally, mentally healthier
*Create time for pleasure foods but enjoy your foods and drinks sparingly and in small quantities (we all are human and enjoy a glass of wine, slice of pizza, etc. but just be aware and do not binge). You are going to do this anyways so I might as well share my 2 cents :-)
*Fasting is a good, educate yourself on how to fast properly and allow your system to rest and detox (www.warriordiet.com is an excellent resource).
*You are what you eat, so choose lean, clean, strong foods with vibrant colors and who themselves have been raised, feed, breed, in a healthy and responsible manner.
*Do not skimp on food from a financial standpoint, you will just end up get less value for less value and have to eat more to get what you are intending too. You pay for what you get!

*Find time each day to meditate or pray. Make sure it is in a quiet place.
*Learn Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or some other method of calming practice.
*Listen, Listen, Listen to everyone, everything and do so with an open mind and heart (no judging allowed).
*Love yourself and others
*Respect yourself and others
*Act with kindness
*Think before you speak
*Ask yourself how you want to be treated when responding to others.
*Do not take it personal
*Everyone has their own story and lives their own life and often we are acting how we know best
*Right and Wrong is a grey area considering we only know what we know.
*Do not Judge yourself or others....you only know what you know and the same goes from them.
*Ask questions to learn.
*Respect your differences and others.
*Anger nevers gets you anywhere.
*Be right or be peaceful, chose peaceful you will feel the difference.
*What the heck you right about anyway? So what if it 75 degrees outside and not 77 degrees.
*If you have to be right then have your facts, if it is a matter of opinion keep it to yourself because most people have their own...respect each others opinions.

The list of each of these can go on and on and the details and descriptions would help to offer greater insight. Life truly is much more simple than we make it out to be. All this stuff that is available seems to make things a bit more challenging to figure out. The funny thing is the answers are right in front of our face we just have to open ourselves to the beauty of the world. Instead of being cynical be peaceful and joyful, look at the world and people around you as good, beautiful, amazing, unique, exciting, full of possibility and potential, full of opportunity. Smile, laugh, share, listen, love, be kind!

See, to me you all our great people, who I am so fortunate to be able to communicate with and share ideas, no right, no wrong just an open form where we get to learn and grow together. I get to share my experiences and you yours and hopefully we evolve in the process. I am grateful for your eyes, your ears, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I want you to succeed and achieve your own personal legacy and I want to be there to share with you in whatever way your successes.

Have a blessed and beautiful day/life

Sunday Run

Running through the streets of Palo Alto and Stanford campus. Always pleasant running on the campus, with school out of session the campus is pretty quiet other than the field hockey and soccer games which Stanford women were playing. Ran for an hour at a nice comfortable clip.

Running is such a free feeling, I can really feel what it is like to get into a zone and once there I feel I can just keep going and going. This is especially true as I start to build endurance.

More stretching, icing, hot tubbing, foam rolling...therapy is a must

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adding Mileage

When you have a goal of running distance events you have to have miles under your belt. You have to have days that your lone focus is to go out and put the miles on the legs and lungs. Time is really not even a factor it is more important to cover distance. Today was one of those days.

Here is the difference for me, my goal is to run distance through the mountains, not the flats. I am less concerned with running a marathon and more interested in running in trail based races, especially if I get back on the bike and plan to do adventure races.
So, that means I have to get my miles in each week and I have to have 1 long run that has hills and 1 day where I do hill repeats.

Now, I have done this before when I was adventure racing and I remember how grueling these can be. I know I am wiser and more well versed on training this time around but that does not make things easier, per se.

So, today I wanted to run a path that covered 7.7 miles and I knew would take about 75 minutes if I just focused on moving at a moderate pace (this is the case when you do distance runs...you slow down purposely). I was right on the money in fact which was great, but truly did not matter since my goal was to get out and run the route regardless of time.

After a 2 mile run with about a 300 foot elevation increase I hit the first of my hills, the Stanford Dish which is a 3.7 mile loop that climbs up, then rolls, climbs up again, rolls and then comes down...if you break to the right which is what I did. Going to the right is a much harder loop with more ups and downs of varying lengths.

So, here is an important point. At some point when running hills your mind turns on and says not to do it, that you can always go the other way, the flat way, that you can take the easier route. And, believe me you convince yourself that your mind is indeed right and you should listen and then you start to ponder and you start to doubt, question, think, analyze and go a bit crazy at which point you have to take a deep breathe and regroup, refocus and make the right decision, stick with the plan and tell your mind to shut the f*ck up! Do not think for a second that your mind does not fight back but you just tell it to be quiet and you run the hills, taking the route you had planned. The mind will try to play tricks on you, be aware of this fact and then you will be able to adapt and overcome doing the right thing!

7.7 miles, some real good hills and a nice cruise to finish.

Tomorrow I have another long run, flat emphasis and just more mileage to add. It gets easier every time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

This Weeks Workouts: Tuesday-Friday

Well, A busy week indeed! I have taken the liberty to back off a bit this week as last week was full to the tilt and the body was asking to go a bit easier especially with the increased demands in other areas....BALANCE is key and APPLICATION of WISDOM :-)

30 minutes
Stanford Athletic Field

Straight forward and easy run!

YOGA: Home restorative practice, approximately 30 minutes

1 hour
The Streets of Palo Alto

Nice longer run, not planned for an hour even though I hoped the route would work out that way and indeed it did. I just wanted to increase the time on my feet and get those legs and lungs churning.

YOGA: Home Restorative practice, 30 Minutes

Military Press

I love the big lifts, I love the feeling of being strong!


Snatch: SSST training

x 10 sets/arm for a total of 20 minutes. Approximately 20 seconds of work and 40 rest (for 1 minute intervals left arm, then right arm)

200 total reps
HR: 162

90 Minute practice

Long Run at Rancho San Antonio

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take Charge and Go For It

Are we at the root of our own demise? Yes, and I know I am not alone when I say this. However, to show my compassion, I understand that it is challenge to make the right choices in life when there are some many choices and when often it is unclear for various reasons such as brilliant marketing, mass marketing, distraction, diversion, etc. that cloud the picture.

My statement and belief can crossover to many areas of life but for simplicity sake I will stick with the idea of our health and wellness. In speaking with Raymond Francis and having read both his books and taking into account other peoples (authors, health and wellness professionals and the like) wisdom and a basic understanding of science I do believe we are at the root cause of our societal struggle with health.

Although, at the end of the day, no matter what we have to be accountable and responsible to ourselves and the choices we make. I choose what to eat, what to purchase, whether to workout or not, whether to have a life filled with stress, to be happy or sad, to be this or that...these are choices we make.

I can blame others whether it be people, or other external sources but I believe we will find little sympathy or empathy from others if we lay the fault elsewhere. Compassionate, yes but reasonable at the same time. We have to stop, smell the roses and take a big deep breathe and evaluate. The answers exist and I am sure others, like myself will help come up with more answers using the same answers and info that already exists.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your own stance, it seems to me the way of the world is mass marketing, is to bend the facts, twist the truth and in a sly way distort the picture in order to sell your service, product, idea. Now, this is not the case in everything but it is quite commonly used as a tactic. Examples are right in front of our eyes such as fat is bad for, carbs are bad, this is good, this is bad and on we go.

From my perspective, the way we produce our food, manage our land, market and sell our foods, etc. are major contributors to the challenges we face against the rise in dis-ease and obesity amongst other health and wellness issues. It is no secret that disease has been on the rise and new diseases coming of age in the modern times when we have made significant changes to our lifestyle...stress, food production and consumption, time, etc.

One of my hopes, is that my show, the guests whom appear on the show help you to find your answers. I hope that we can inspire you to greater health and wealthness. I hope we can bring you to places you never thought before possible. I hope we can dispel myths and the like and bring you reasonable and factual information that will in turn arm you with the awareness, confidence, ability, skills, tools, techniques, strategies and resources to live you life without limits.

Believe me and Jack LaLanne and many others when we say anything is possible. There are more than enough stories of people achieving such dreams, goals, etc. You can be this person, I know I can and am this person and I am far from done. I always say that I want to share the top of the mountain with others, others who live their life without limits. I want to rejoice in each others success, share stories of how we came to the top of the mountain and smile, laugh, toast, cheer, root, and inspire others to such great heights.

There is no blame, there is only taking action, making choices and going for it using calculated risks! Thank you for inspiring me to such great heights, I hope to return the favor and I know all my wonderful guests feel the same way. Join us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jack LaLanne and Raymond Francis. Maybe my most important post!

It is not often in life that you get to speak to one of your heros. Today I did in speaking with Jack Lalanne. Now, if you did not hear it you missed out because Jack speaks wisdom, simple wisdom that will and should withstand the test of time. Many of us professionals in the industry mimic and echo his words and we should all study history and know our history and Jack is a large part of that history.

He turns 94 in 2 weeks and here is what he still does till this day

Workouts 2 hours a day, which he says he hates to workout but he loves being done and how it makes him feel
Eats 2 meals a day at 11 and 7
Eats only natural foods, no man made foods.
Lives for the day!
Makes sure both his health and bank account are taken care of

Jack has a new book coming out called Fiscal Fitness which talks about how to retire healthy financially and physically.

Jack is a character beyond all others. If you listen to the show you will get what I mean. Honestly, this will probably be one of the best interviews I will ever do, this is not a limitation but a credit to Jack and his personality and love of people and how important it is to make a difference in peoples lives.

Like Jack says, a person life is priceless, there is no monetary value that can be attributed to the life of any person. You have a choice, anything is possible.

www.JackLaLanne.com his book, his famous juicer and more.

And Mr Raymond Francis, he is leaded a revolution in the understanding of how to truly live a healthy life. I believe all of us in the field should be required to read his book Never Be Sick Again. The wisdom behind his writing and philosophy is not a bunch of opinions but very factual based info. I know that it has changed and altered my level of understanding and I believe I am that much more equipped to help anyone, ANYONE succeed if they open their minds.

If you call the number listed on his site, you can get a copy of his book Never Be Sick Again and a years worth of his Free Reports...mention that you heard it on the show 800-250-3063

If you were to implement what these 2 gentleman say and do, your life would indeed be without limits. Do not take my word for it, take theirs and their wisdom which is beyond my years but I am fortunate to be a student and someone who chooses (like both say) to live my life without limits and so should you. This will be time well spent!

Monday, September 08, 2008

This Weeks Guests: Jack LaLanne and Raymond Francis

This is a special week for me having these 2 gentleman on the show. Jack is Jack, every fitness enthusiast knows him and Raymond is someone everyone should know and I am honored to share his wisdom. Do not miss out because he will leave you thinking about where disease comes from, and the roles of factors such as nutrition, genetics, medicine, etc.

Joe Sarti, host of “Your Life Without Limits” interviews Jack LaLanne and Raymond Francis

The VoiceAmerica™ Network today announced that Health & Wellness host Joe Sarti will be joined by fitness guru Jack LaLanne and revolutionary author Raymond Francis on his internet talk radio show “Your Life Without Limits” on September 10th, 2008.

Phoenix, AZ September 2nd, 2008 -- September 10th, Health and Wellness Expert Joe Sarti, the host of “Your Life Without Limits” and the Student meets one of his Masters, the Godfather of Fitness Jack LaLanne at 1 p.m. PST and 4 p.m. EST on VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness Channel.

Rather than the exception, Jack LaLanne is the rule by which we all should aspire to follow. At the young age of 93 years old, the Godfather of Fitness himself continues to redefine what it means to be forever young. Jack will be sharing with Joe what it takes to live Your Life Without Limits, 93 years and beyond. Join Health and Wellness Expert Joe Sarti and Jack LaLanne as they discuss the principles for living a high quality life well into your 90’s and beyond.

In addition, Joe will be joined by Health and Wellness author Raymond Francis who has written Never Be Sick Again and Never Be Fat Again, two books that will challenge the way you look at what it means to be healthy and how you can permanently break the fat cycle. Raymond Francis, founder of Beyond Health, has been called "one the few scientists to achieve a breakthrough understanding of health and disease." A graduate of M.I.T. and an expert in vitamin chemistry, Raymond was forced to save his own life over two decades ago. Since then, to help teach others how to get well and stay well, he has created the Beyond Health Model—there is only ONE DISEASE and only TWO CAUSES of disease.

Join Joe, Jack and Ray as they explore how to live long and prosper. You can catch the show September 10th at 1 p.m. PST and 4 p.m. EST on the VoiceAmerica™ Health and Wellness Channel, www.modavox.com/VoiceAmericaHealth/. The weekly show will re-broadcast 12 hours later and is available online for on-demand listening as well as through web enabled cell phones.

The VoiceAmerica™ Network offers the latest conversations in a talk radio format, providing education, interaction, and advice on key issues live, on demand as well as through pod cast download. If interested in hosting a talk radio show on VoiceAmerica Network, contact Jeff Spenard, Vice President of Internet Radio at 480-294-6417 or at jeff.spenard@modavox.com.
Contact Executive Producer Melissa Schmitz at 480-294-6410 for advertising / sponsorship information or other show details.

About Joe Sarti:
Joe is a Coach and Student of the mind, body and spirit. He has studied everything fitness, kinesiology, physiology, yoga, meditation, nutrition, massage, coaching and athletics. Joe has had the honor of representing Dragondoor as an Assistant Instructor for the Kettlebell Certification, speak at corporations such as Cisco Systems, Own a successful coaching/training business, graduate with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and hold numerous certifications including, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition, Massage Therapist and Kettlebells. For more information about Joe Sarti, please visit www.fitnessjoe.com.
About VoiceAmerica / Modavox:
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Forward-Looking Statements:
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Max VO2 & Meditation

Ok, so my legs, hips, and just the whole body are fatigued and it is pretty obvious today. It was the day for Max VO2 Snatch training which means a real good effort is required of the whole body and boy o' boy do I feel the whole body after and during. Here is the breakdown

Snatch: Max VO2

total time: 30 minutes
total sets: 60 (30/arm)
total reps: 360

Heart Rate: 144 to 150

Summary: The body had to work hard today, harder than normal and I was laboring from about 10 minutes on. Feeling the accumulation of fatigue so will hit the hot tub, foam roll, eat well, and rest.

Restorative Meditation based Yoga
Focus on relaxing in stretches for extended period along with Pranayama breathing and deep Shavasana. What a great practice!

The Sunday Long Run and Yoga

Well Sunday is the day for long runs so today I laced up the old sneakers and set out to just do that run. No watch, no idea exactly how far just wanted to run for an hour. And, that is exactly what I did. I took myself out my front door and then a large run down and around the Stanford Campus. Sure did feel good to just move the body non-stop for approximately 1 hour and 6.2 miles. The best part is I felt I could have just kept going.

6.2 Miles and approximately 1 hour or less.

Yoga with Janet Stone of Yoga Tree and Michael Franti playing live.
This was part of the Power to the Peaceful weekend. Following Saturdays free Music and Art Festival in Golden Gate Park, Yoga Tree in the Castro hosts 4 special Yoga classes with some of the world's biggest names and Michael Franti playing live. An amazing experience doing Yoga to his music live and just like the last time I moved, shaked and sweated up a storm.

90 minutes of live Yoga

What a great weekend, free Music with Michael Franti and Spearhead, Ziggy Marley, 2 amazing Yoga classes, 2 great runs, and more!

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Full Day's Load

this is day number 5 and a BIG workout day encompassing all my workouts into one day.

First: Morning Snatches
SSST Training
24kg/10 Reps Left......even Minutes
24kg/10 Reps Right....odd Minutes

9 sets of each for a total of 180 reps and 17:20 time. Each 10 rep round took no more than 20 seconds. I could tell though that this was my 5th day, the workout felt more difficult than I had anticipated.

Second: Late Morning Run
30 minute of steady state running. this is the third run of the week after my layoff and all systems go. Hit the grass at Stanford again which really works well since I can bring the dog and she can play while I run ;-)

Third: Late Afternoon Vinyasa Class with Les Leventhal of Yoga Tree San Francisco.
This man is a top notch instructor and I am certain his name will continue to grow in the yoga community. I will not be surprised to see him grace the big magazines and present at the top conferences. I am honored that he has agreed to come on my show and talk Yoga and Life with me October 5th.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Art of Yoga & Nature

Not much can replace a good yoga class, a strong community and a top notch instructor! An nice 90 minutes with Kent Bond of Willow Glen Yoga. I am not sure what style, etc. so lets just say Yoga because that is what is most important. Every time I work with Kent I learn many a thing new and my practice and awareness increase. This time is only going to help me as an instructor. The wisdom continues to blossom!

Jaz and I went for a nice hike in the heat! Always a wonder to get out in nature and have her along with me. Seeing a dog run free with so much joy and excitement reminds what it is all about. The sounds of nature, the beauty and serenity of the scenery make for the perfect day. Peaceful, quiet, enjoyable!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mary Sise, Author of The Energy of Belief

Wow, yet another powerful and fun interview. Mary is filled with wisdom and her approach is a groundbreaking philosophy and form of psychology. The conversation was filled with insights, examples and even a practice where she used me as the case study, live on the air....funny stuff being the focus and airing your challenges :-)

If anything I feel that taking the time to read about her book on the website www.energyofbelief.com where you can learn more about the field of Energy Psychology and The Energy of Belief.

As Mary said and I concur "You can change your life right now, in this moment!" You do not have to wait. This is your life and the human potential is Limitless. I believe this to be true, we are the only ones holding ourselves back from achieving our greatness!

Live Your Life Without Limits! As life is full of Infinite Possibilities and ordinary people achieving extraordinary results.

Run #2 and Yoga

Part of my pre-show ritual is to practice Yoga. The yoga helps me to relax my mind and center myself amongst all the other great benefits. So today I had a beautiful 45 minute practice followed by a nice Jacuzzi, a cold glass of water and so prep work.

YOGA: 45 minutes

After the show I went for run #2. This was a big deal since it had been around 12 days since I went out and run. My calf feels great and no side effects. I ran for another 30 minutes at Stanford using their big open grass fields.

RUN: 30 minutes
Location: Stanford
Temperature: Hot, hot, HOT!, thank goodness for the sprinklers :-)

2 strong movement practices today, body and mind feel relaxed, recovered and healed.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back on my feet and Running

Felt good today to get back on the feet, and hit the ground running. Now, I took it easy and just kept a nice consistent pace never pushing it. I did not look at mileage instead just focusing on get a good 30 minutes. I ran on the grass which acts as a nice buffer and made the each landing a bit more spongy helping to absorb/displace the shock thus making life easier of the calf. No issues to report except I feel great!

Military Press

Feels good to have my base level strength in this range. Presses have not been a big part of my workouts but I think they will fit nicely into the schedule on Tuesday at least from the look of things. I love this move, I have good strength in this move and I enjoy lifting big, heavy objects :-).

8 x 3

I have been doing a whole bunch of pull-ups on and off. I have used various objects like the rings, pull-up bars, soccer goal post, tree branches, etc....true kind of tactical style. I do not often blog them but just like presses I do like to do them when and want to fit them in with the Press on Tuesday.

This is a short workout, taking only about 20 minutes so it is not very taxing and works as a nice compliment to my run. I feel the workout structure is coming together nicely and I am able to do 3 activities I enjoy multiple times/week and with little adverse effects on each other.

I feel the running (trail running will be the emphasis as this is a true passion of mine), the kettlebell MAX VO2 and SSST along with presses and pull-ups, and my yoga practice really work well to keep me well rounded and having fun. Truthfully I feel like I am becoming stronger at each skill and my improvements have been coming at a nice pace. One day, one workout at a time and keep on moving.

30 minute restorative hatha yoga

Monday, September 01, 2008

This Weeks Guest, Mary Sise

ABOUT: Mary:
Mary T. Sise, LCSW, D.CEP, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. In addition to being traditionally trained and a former adjunct professor at Siena College, she integrates Energy Psychology into her private practice in Albany, New York. She is the Past-President of the Board of Directors for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). Mary has presented both nationally and internationally, including her one-day course Integrating Energy Psychology into the Treatment of Trauma and an 8-week on-line course developed through NICABM on treating trauma. She has produced two videos for professionals: “Transforming Trauma Using Thought Field Therapy” and “Transforming the Trauma of the World Trade Center.” She also produced a video for the general public: “Thought Field Therapy for Stress Management and Peak Performance.”


ABOUT: The Energy of Belief:
Change is hard. Negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors often continue as if they have a life of their own. You set a new goal, you state your intentions and then the energy of an old negative belief blocks your progress and holds you back.

Now, a growing body of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors are discovering the remarkable new techniques of Energy Psychology. By freeing up the flow of energy in the body with simple Touch and Breathe (TAB) exercises, long standing psychological issues and negative beliefs can be eliminated. And you will feel the difference immediately!

The Energy of Belief shows you how to focus your intention and release the energy of those negative beliefs that keep you stuck. It is packed with real-life case histories of clients for whom TAB produced extraordinary results. Anxieties, phobias, addictions, grief, anger, depression, love pain, guilt, shame and negative beliefs can all be treated with TAB.

This book is filled with clear step-by step instructions and dozens of illustrations for using TAB. You will not only gain the energy to create a happier and more productive lifestyle, you will get your life back. Finally, there is help for when talking and trying aren’t enough. What are you waiting for?

MAX Vo2 & Yoga

Snatch: MAX Vo2
16/6x50 (25 lt & 25 rt)

Reps: 300 (150/arm)
Time: 25 minutes
HR: 144
HR (after 1 minute recovery) 104

Overall: Jumping up 1 rep makes a difference. However, I felt I could have kept going but want to train smart and allow my body and mind to adapt in a logical progression. I am very satisfied with today's effort and look forward to my next Snatch workout Friday with the 24kg. As for the MAX Vo2, next week I will bump up to 30 minutes using the 6 rep protocol.

YOGA (over the weekend)
Over the weekend I spent quite a bit of time doing Yoga. I had to really strong 75 minute yoga practices where I could feel the body moving much easier into the pose and my positions being my stronger as a result. Also, I was able to get a good 30 minute yoga practice, which was aimed specifically at working my tight areas.

Today, I did a 45 minute session again specifics were to work the tight areas.

NO Running yet, just being smart with the calf....lots of ice, rolling, massaging, and rest.