Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Life Sport and the lessons/relationships, a reflection

I have had the great blessing, fortune and insight to do much of what I wanted to do in life. And, today I sit with more clarity than ever before on what this means, past, present and future tense.

Here is a list of ‘I have done this’ Individual
Squat 440 below parallel
Deadlift: 550 lbs
Bench press: 385 lbs
KB Pistol: 48 kg and a rack 32/28kg
KB Military press (strict): 52kg
Pull-up 114lbs
Barbell Military Press 215 lbs
Run ½ marathon in 1:39
40 meter dash 4.5 secs
100 meters: 10.7 secs
Mile 6:02
¼ mile 61 secs
Throw a football 60 yards
Throw a baseball 280 feet in the air
Grab a basketball rim (I am 5 feet 5 inches)
I have studied Aikido, Kenpo and Taekwondo (as well as Shamrock Submission Wrestling, Boxing and Jujitsu for the purpose of coaching in the sport)

Team or Sport
Completed a professionally in a number of adventure races covering between 20 to 60 miles (including a first place finish in one race and an overall 2nd in the Series)
Played college Rugby and ‘a few pro games”
Played Spring football at Junior College
Played Semi Pro baseball

The funny thing is who cares, not you and you should not. This for me is not about bragging rights or look at what I have done because there are many who have achieved more and better than me.

What all this signifies to me is how much I have enjoyed my life and also how much I have learned and experienced through these ‘I have done this’ in my life stuff. These experiences have helped me evolve my level of understanding of how I Be in this world and what I want to do with my life, here, now and in the future.

Truly, I could have done much better than I did in everything up there had I put the time, effort, dedication and discipline necessary to focus and achieve. Instead, I excused myself many a time due to fear of failure, lack of discipline, pure laziness, chasing girls, partying with the guys and just learning about myself, through study and examination.

There may be a classical method or a better way to learn and study yourself than I choose, but for the most part I created this path given what I had, knew, etc. I have no regrets, I have no issues with the path I have traveled in life, for I now sit in peace and clarity with a sense of understanding about all this stuff and my life to this point. Moving forward I have a clear path in terms of conscious awareness on how I plan to move and live.

I know what I know and with this awareness I empty my cup so I can continue to grow, experience and learn through self-study, inquiry and examination. I look forward to interacting through discussion with others on topics of life to explore and discover.

These experiences above are just to name a few and there are many whom helped me along the way, and in so many ways. Many of you may read this and I want to name each of you but the list is long. From little league, to high school, to college, to my adult sport experiences as a athlete and coach I am forever grateful and extend my thanks.
So many of you are such an inspiration too many others and great people, athletes, coaches, etc.

Today I sit and reflect on life, sport and my experiences because so much of my life, so many of my experiences and valuable lessons have come through sport and the people I have met along the way. I am an athlete, always have been and always will be. I am a jack of all trades, one who has dabbled in so many wonderful things that have led to so many riches in experience and community. Maybe I am a master, maybe not but I do not care because I would not trade it in for this is my life and I am grateful.

Life is what it is for each person in their own way and meaning. It is not for me too say, but for me life is about the experience, firsthand and the lessons, people and relationships you make during those moments. Off to experience life Joe’s way ;-)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why you are Perfect and Not

You are perfect, yes you! Why because you are you and no one else. After all who is the ideal, someone cast in that role like a movie. I am casting you as the lead just as I cast myself. There is nothing to be obtained or achieved except for you to realize you are perfect. You act according to what you think and this is what we are told to do. So in terms of the current methods of accomplishment, achievement, goals you are doing exactly what you think is right to get 'there'. You may tell yourself otherwise, yet another example of you doing as said you are supposed too. They said so, so you do. I challenge the they of this world. Who the heck is they and why are they 'right' and their way 'right'. Just maybe they have it 'wrong' and you have it 'right' or at least someone else.

I contend we all are perfect especially if you believe we are a creation of God. Would God make imperfection and create in 'his' view what he thinks is perfect to be so flawed? Maybe we need to stop thinking and following and wake up to our existence and realize we are perfect as we are. Does this not mean there is nothing more? No, more comes with each moment and are perfect way is constantly evolving. Time is a continuim, so all is evolving and changing in every moment. But in this moment you are perfect. Why should you let someone else convince you otherwise unless you know they are perfection and the one to emulate. In that case I understand, but perfection does not exist and perfect does and it is you!

Finding Inner Peace

I have found inner peace, I have discovered this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this great place on the journey of life. Since I have touched this place that for many is a void or a no Mans land of the impossible, I aware of the enormity of the happening. I am also aware of the necessity to create practices that allow me to remain in this state of being. It is when I move out of inner peace to a state of discord, whether it be frustration, questioning, lack of contentment with my life that I am take/make the time to delve deeper into my practices and meditate (sit in quiet and stillness just breathing).

For inner peace and contentment are places I like to be, states I wish to live consciously moment by moment and I grateful to have discovered this as I grateful for moments of discord which in turn strengthen my resolve and practice/awareness!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Prescription for Health and Wellness

This is the Readers Digest Version:
*Find something you enjoy doing.
*Get some professional help to understand how to safely and effectively perform what you enjoy.
*Be consistent. It does not matter how much time, effort, etc if you are not consistent.
*Be feasible and realistic. There is no magic pill or answer, make it a life long journey and success will come.
*Move your body, anyway you can.
*Care for your body and do not neglect it.
*Remember you are creating health, so do things that allow you to accomplish your goal.

*Most important aspect
*Eat Organic
*Eliminate sugar from your life as much as possible.
*Eliminate Gluten & white flours (buckwheat and brown rice flour are great substitutes)
*Eliminate processed oils. (Use coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil)
*Prepare 90% of your meals.
*Eat your vegetables and fruits.
*Stay out of the middle aisles in the grocery store.
*Get to a farmers market and buy locally produced foods.
*Learn how to read a label (less ingredients equals higher quality of food (in general).
*Eat fresh deep water fish; 100% grass fed beef; chicken that is free to roam and organic; eggs under the same conditions as chicken; wild game
*You do not need milk, instead use almond milk (which is easy to make 1 cup almonds soaked for 4 to 8 hours, 2 cups fresh water, a pinch of stevia (if you want for a bit of sweetness), and a dash of vanilla (same rules as stevia).
*Soak your oats, beans, lentils, etc, this will release the enzymes which are key for health.
*Eat for health and you will have plenty of energy, lose weight/body fat, and be physically, emotionally, mentally healthier
*Create time for pleasure foods but enjoy your foods and drinks sparingly and in small quantities (we all are human and enjoy a glass of wine, slice of pizza, etc. but just be aware and do not binge). You are going to do this anyways so I might as well share my 2 cents :-)
*Fasting is a good, educate yourself on how to fast properly and allow your system to rest and detox ( is an excellent resource).
*You are what you eat, so choose lean, clean, strong foods with vibrant colors and who themselves have been raised, feed, breed, in a healthy and responsible manner.
*Do not skimp on food from a financial standpoint, you will just end up get less value for less value and have to eat more to get what you are intending too. You pay for what you get!

*Find time each day to meditate or pray. Make sure it is in a quiet place.
*Learn Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or some other method of calming practice.
*Listen, Listen, Listen to everyone, everything and do so with an open mind and heart (no judging allowed).
*Love yourself and others
*Respect yourself and others
*Act with kindness
*Think before you speak
*Ask yourself how you want to be treated when responding to others.
*Do not take it personal
*Everyone has their own story and lives their own life and often we are acting how we know best
*Right and Wrong is a grey area considering we only know what we know.
*Do not Judge yourself or only know what you know and the same goes from them.
*Ask questions to learn.
*Respect your differences and others.
*Anger nevers gets you anywhere.
*Be right or be peaceful, chose peaceful you will feel the difference.
*What the heck you right about anyway? So what if it 75 degrees outside and not 77 degrees.
*If you have to be right then have your facts, if it is a matter of opinion keep it to yourself because most people have their own...respect each others opinions.

The list of each of these can go on and on and the details and descriptions would help to offer greater insight. Life truly is much more simple than we make it out to be. All this stuff that is available seems to make things a bit more challenging to figure out. The funny thing is the answers are right in front of our face we just have to open ourselves to the beauty of the world. Instead of being cynical be peaceful and joyful, look at the world and people around you as good, beautiful, amazing, unique, exciting, full of possibility and potential, full of opportunity. Smile, laugh, share, listen, love, be kind!

See, to me you all our great people, who I am so fortunate to be able to communicate with and share ideas, no right, no wrong just an open form where we get to learn and grow together. I get to share my experiences and you yours and hopefully we evolve in the process. I am grateful for your eyes, your ears, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I want you to succeed and achieve your own personal legacy and I want to be there to share with you in whatever way your successes.

Have a blessed and beautiful day/life

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Sustainability...this is the last on an original article I wrote called the 12 commandments of health and wellness. This came after the fact and thus is the 13th Commandment. I was reminded by my friend Franz about this concept so I am reposting....

This is the 13th Commandment or at least one of them. As I contemplated the other commandments and through an interaction I had with one of the great inspirational minds of our or any time I felt that this principle was integral to long-term success. All too often we operate in extremes, going through ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys. And as necessary as this is in some cases, this variability tends to have a hazardous effect on our health and well-being.

When we start, begin, change, transform, learn and/or add something to our lives we must evaluate how it fits into the grand scheme of things and how it will serve. In this process it is critical in my feeling that we ask if this will be sustainable. We need to identify if what we are doing, how we are acting, and the way we are thinking are sustainable.

After all, I ask if you really want to continually start or try something all the time? I am against experimentation, not at all and in fact this part of the experience and part of the process of identification. However, I do feel it is important when you are going to take on a new ‘experiment’ that you have an idea of the reasoning and you go through the ‘scientific method’.

Again, the purpose behind life is to find a health and happy medium, a place where you feel balance and thus stable. Acquiring more for the sake of your ego does not truly serve you or others for that matter and in many ways makes keeping it all line that much more challenging. This will require more time, more energy, more effort and probably more stress.

Working to keep up an image, a lifestyle, an idea that drains you and distracts you seems to be more harmful and good. How much is enough? Take time to think and look at what is happening around you

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Living Our Truth

Why do so many choose living a life less than their desired? I ask myself this question as I determine the direction I wish to travel. In order to help plan my route I asked myself what are the key elements that I want on the course and how do I wish to be/live my life while traveling the paths I walk.

The most important was to live my truth, be my authentic self, regardless of anyone, anything, any society created way. Shoot, this my fricking life, no one else. I have no one to impress, no one to please, no one to be anything for. In fact, I am the person who wants people in his life who are living their truth, their authentic self. As long as they are being true to their being, their spirit I am down with it, and it is the same for myself.

After all, when it is all said and done, how do I want to remember my life, that is key too me. I sure do not want to sit with regret, and wishes on what I could have done, would have done, should have done, etc.....I want to know that I went out and lived my according to my truth and did the best I could day in and day out to follow this path.

I hear of so much pain and suffering in life and see many struggling to get through it. I feel I have the ability to transcend this (I have suffered and felt pain in my life, I choose to not do so unless it is beneficial to my truth, my authentic self and essence) and it is my responsibility to myself and others to live my best life
according to my truth, no other dogma, philosophy, doctrine, etc.

People, this is life, we are living and we do have choice. Stand up and do something with it, whatever it be, do so with your truth in heart and being authentic to yourself.