Friday, May 30, 2008

Living Self Mastery

Living Self Mastery: 33rd Verse

One who understands others has knowledge;
One who understands himself has wisdom.
Mastering others requires force;
Mastering the self needs strength.

If you realize that you have enough,
You are truly rich.

One who gives himself to his position
Surly lives long.
One who gives himself to the Tao
Surly lives forever.

According to Dr. Dyer, this verse is asking of the reader to change the way you look at the ideas of knowledge and power. A Tao-oriented life focuses on understanding yourself, rather than on the thinking and behaviors of others. You shift from the acquisition of information and the pursuit of status symbols to understanding and mastering yourself in any and all situations.

As you realize that you are responsible for your reactions in any given moment, others will cease to have any power or control over you and Dr. Dyer goes further to state, rather than worrying, Why is that person behaving that way and making me feel so upset? Your ability to look inward at yourself gives you power and control over you and eliminates any such power/control of any other person. Further, by refusing to turn the controls of your existence over to anyone or any set of circumstances, your exercising personal strength instead of force.

The key from Lao Tzu according to Dr. Dyer is to shift your focus on understanding yourself instead of blaming others.

Change the way you choose to perceive the power that others have over you and you will see a bright new world of unlimited potential for yourself. Dismiss your desire to extend power over others through forceful nature of your actions and your personality. Ego believes that others are incapable of running their own lives and wants to control with force, so demonstrate your inner strength by abandoning such tactics. As Dyer says and I so agree, practice allowing others to learn their own lessons without interference from you.

To take things a step further I add in some Zen philosophy from Zen Mind, Beginners Mind by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi

A Zen master would say, ‘kill the Buddha, kill the Buddha if the Buddha exists somewhere else, because you should assume your own Buddha nature.”

‘We do not exist for the sake of something else, we exist for the sake of ourselves.’

‘You must have your own body and mind, everything should exist in the right place and in the right way, then there is no problem. When we have our own body and mind in order we can then organize things because they will already be in order.’

My thought:

How or more importantly can we tell someone else how, what, when, why if we do not have ourselves in order and are not living/practicing that which we share through our teachings? How can we teach on a subject when we ourselves, even though knowledgable are not implementing the knowledge and living the wisdom of the teaching?

Increasingly as I continue to learn and grow I further understand the importance of Self Mastery. It is imperative that in order to maximize my potential in all aspects of this life I must understand and master myself. This will empower me to many things beyond myself including being the best husband, dog father, son, brother, friend, coach, doctor, teacher, and so much more.

I feel it is imperative that I carry my own weight through this world as not to burden others. I feel I am of enough knowledge and wisdom to do so thanks in large part to all those whom have taught me the ways of life and living. furthermore, I only continue to grow as I am always a student, constantly exploring myself and the ways of the world and how I best can move through life.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Workouts for the week...thus far

Had a nice 4 day mini vacation in Mt Shasta. Did no workouts, partly because I planned on being outdoors but low 40's and rain put a damper on the activities. However,did get in yoga and 27 holes of Golf with my pops which was our plan, to play golf and help him with his flexibility and home yoga practice. First time since last August and I was pleased with my play, even had a 300+ yard drive that landed in the fairway :-)

So here is the workouts from Tuesday till Thursday

30 Minutes of a gentle yoga on Tuesday
45 Minutes of Iyengar
30 Minutes of Iyengar

Kettlebells and Bodyweight
Snatch and Press combo 32/5/5x5
Ring Pull-ups 8x3
2 kb TGU 16/4x4
2 kb Snatch 16/20x5
More to come but felt good to back off a bit for a few days

Mountain Bike
45 minutes

I am surprised (mildly) at my strength endurance on the bike. I have been quite inconsistent over the last few years but I am ready to get back into riding at least a couple days a week. Since my plan fell apart in Mt Shasta, this was my first ride this week and felt pretty good. Skills are rust and bike needs a good tune-up but I am excited to ride more. I hope that I can get 1 to 2 hour or so rides a week and a good weekend ride but it is summer and I often am all around on the weekends.

Another KB day tomorrow with some heavy squat thrusters and pull-ups

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Self Care

Self Care is the arguably the most critical aspect of ones life. Taking the time and putting forth the effort in to caring for oneself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually are crucial to one's ability to be their best in all aspects of life. One of my philosophy's on life is in order for me to speak and help guide others I must life the live I profess to be an expert in, therefore leading by example. If I am unable to care for myself then I feel I have little room to share and guide others in their process, even if I have the knowledge.

Being a professional in the field of holistic health and wellness I am offered the opportunity to meet, speak, guide, share, teach, learn from a number of people on a day in and day out basis. This exposes me to a wealth of information that I in turn work to better understand so I can have a greater compassion and an even greater ability to offer guidance on such informative areas/topics. For this and many other reasons I am out acquiring skills, abilities, information, knowledge, etc. to enhance my ability to lead myself and others.

So why this topic and why talk about myself? Well, I hope that last section gave you a bit of insight on why the topic and more importantly why I talk of myself. The reason for this topic of self care is simple, upon reflection I am recognizing that people are often remarking on the same issues to me. What I have found is many or most of the issues are reflections on their inability to take care of themselves or in general care for themselves. the reasons are vast, lack of knowledge on the how to's; lack of awareness that they are failing to 'truly care for themselves; disillusion around the meaning of themselves; and various other reasons. Whether they are valid or not is up to the individual but in my opinion they truly have validity I am just not sure they are reliable (from a statistical perspective).

For the sake of simplicity I offer an example. In a discussion with a client today, she mentioned that the area around her elbow was bothering her. Now this is not the first time and I would say it has been going on for months. Throughout this period I have offered her a number of solutions through self care practices as well as given her a prescription on how to apply, how often, etc. Fortunately, she had seen improvement but unfortunately once she got better she stopped doing what the prescribed remedies. Even though they worked before today she mentioned her issue again and we covered the prescription again, self care through the use of X, Y, and Z.

Self Care practice never stops, this is the key point to the example and more important a key point to self care. It starts with everyday, every waking and sleeping minute of each day. It extends from our thoughts, to our habits, to what we eat, who we surround ourselves with, our interactions with people and ourself, our exercise/movement habits, our every action, and our ability to apply daily.

I hypothesize that many of the afflictions that face people on a personal level could be minimized if not totally eliminated with a healthy approach to a daily practice of self care. This may mean there is a need to go out and learn and acquire skills and tools for successful implementation (whether done through hiring an expert or reading a book or speaking with people whom you believe have informative knowledge). Whatever the case think about your self care practice and how it can improve and how it may help you improve others lives outside your own.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pressing The Beast, The Muscle Factor

What I love about this photo is just how well it shows the use of all the muscles in the arm. The angle and lightening do such a wonderful job depicting how much and how important it is to use everything possible to move/lift a kettlebell. Also, you can see the sheer amount of focus/concentration necessary to successfully press this bell. No matter what, there is a high degree of attentional focus necessary when training movement, especially in the case of heavy strength movements that require every muscle in the body to co-coordinate to produce the proper amount of muscular contraction that provide the force to move the weight.

This picture reminds me of the amount of work and time that it has taken for me to get to this point and just how special the kettlebell is as a tool for strength and conditioning.


My Translations and Understanding of the Tao according to Dr. Wayne Dyer

Living as an Enlightened Leader, Verse 17

With the greatest leader above them,
People barely know one exists.
Next comes one whom they love and praise.
Next comes one whom they fear.
Next comes one whom they despise and defy.

When a leader trusts no one,
No one trusts him

The great leader speaks little.
He never speaks carelessly.
He works without self-interest
And leaves no trace.
When all is finished, the people say,
“We did it ourselves.”

“Change how you see authority, which means viewing great or enlightened leaders as those who do not actually lead anyone!” Dr. Dyer goes on further to say examine the way you view your tactics and then make the changes that are necessary in order to be someone who makes an enlightening difference in the lives of others.

Truly inspiring leaders get results by their own example: they encourage others to be responsible and do the right thing (or as I often say, the best thing), but not by proclaiming and bragging about their unimpeachable management. They create SPACE for others to be inspired and to achieve their own greatness.

Question/Example to Provoke Thought:
Do you want your children to behave only when you’re around or do you want them to have the self-discipline to conduct themselves wisely whether or not your there?

As Dr Dyer states, the enlightened leader trusts those whom he or she is in a position to govern. So raise your children to be self-sufficient, to make their own decisions as soon as they’re able, and to feel pride in the decisions they do make.

The underlying message relates more to than just a parent raising a child, it extends to any position in which a person has leadership and/or influence over another. The key conclusion is…

Instead of believing that you know what’s best for others, trust that they know what’s best for themselves. Take pride in refusing to take credit for the achievements of others. Simply be there to serve, never demanding anything in return

Workouts Part 2 for the week

Squat thruster

Pull-ups (rings)

Much different with the rings swaying a bit during the movement.

1 Arm Swing

not as many sets as hoped for but had a new client approach that distracted me from the finish of the swings. kept the reps low focusing on Power output and the snap as well as synchronicty of the move.



Ashtanga Based home practice
Iyengar Based Home Practice

The key with these workouts is to work on sequencing and postures. I working on my plans on how to put together classes.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Student & Teacher, A Reflection

Below is a reflection on 2 words that are descriptive of myself and others in general. The relationship I have to these words is reflected in part in my attempt to explain my understanding and implementation to them. I feel the relationship I have to these labels/words and their relationship to themselves are integral and require contemplation and exploration, so I share.


It is the student, the one who seeks to learn and understand that has great ability to succeed on lives path. Being a student demonstrates the ability to empty your cup and free your mind to learn and open yourself to the thoughts, feelings, opinions, and wisdom of others. The student wants to learn what others have to say and is not consumed with wanting others to understand their thoughts but is more curious to what others have to say. It is the student that embodies the concept that it is better to understand than be understood. It is the student who makes the best teachers because they always want to learn how to improve, better, expand their knowledge base and tool chest.

Being a student is how we enter this world and begin our journey. We should always remember this fact and continue to evolve ourselves and believe that we can become more and therefore offer more. There is an infinite amount knowledge, wisdom, experience available to us in our lifetime and we should look for ways to acquire the things that will help us and others we encounter enhance our chances to lead the life we so wish.


Our most valuable piece to our progression and evolution is the teacher. Teachers come in various forms and we all are teachers. The best teachers are the best students and vice versa. Teachers offer information and wisdom not from ego but from the wish to share through their experiences. Teachers help us to better understand the world in and around us. Without teachers what would we be.

Often undervalued and underappreciated it is the teachers I have encountered and continue to do so that have proved to be so pivotal in my evolution. It is them I thank for opening the doors and showing me some potential ways to be the best I can be and bring my best forward daily.

As a teacher remember to be humble and realize that you probably are not reinventing the wheel but may indeed be designing and combining it in a way which is unique and represents your experience and wisdom. Release your ego and share your wisdom with the hopes that it will help others, because as a teacher it is about others not you.

Since my yoga certification I have and feel this ramp up in my evolution, in my consciousness. One aspect or piece that has and played a significant role while during the yoga training process was my exposure to a whole 'new' set of philosophical wisdom known as the Yoga Sutras. Last night I picked up a book I recently purchased and began to read with the intent on deeply contemplating and translating each Sutras (129 total) meaning to my life (at least at this point).

The book I am reading states that the cornerstone of the Yoga Sutras is Meditation. Further I read in the 1st verse from Master Patanjali who wrote the Sutras over 2000 years ago

"And I will only review, says the Master, what I have heard from my holy teachers. He attacks his own pride: I have nothing new to tell you, and there is nothing her that I have made up myself. I am only a vessel for the wisdom of the ages, and I pass it on to you, tried, tested and unadulterated."

The true wisdom of a Master in many ways the ultimate Student and even more Teacher.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KBS and Yoga workouts

Monday: Kettlebell & Yoga
1 Arm Swing: 40/5/5x3

Yoga: 30 minutes self practice

Tuesday:Kettlebell & Yoga
Military Press
48/3/3x1 Push Press
48/1/1x2 Strict Press

hour long self practice...more to come

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This weeks Workouts

Snatch: 40kg/3/3x3
Thrusters: 40kg/3/3x5
Pull-ups, 5,6,7,8,7,6,5
TGU: Double 24kg/1x1
Clean and Press: Double 32/3x1 and 40/1x1
2Hand Swing: 32kg, 20, 30, 30, 40, 40

My strength is definitely coming back and full bore. I have a great respect for strength as I constantly see people struggle with a 16 or 20kg bell I am reminded that I have to honor and respect strength and the ground work laid to get to this point. In my business you are constantly reminded with new folks coming in and even existing folks just how much it takes to get to the next levels so I appreciate what I have and continue to work. This week I am especially proud of my double 24 tgu and double 40 clean and press....

More Tomorrow, Friday with snatches, presses and chins (all lighter weight 24 or 32)

YOGA & Meditation
90 minute Vinyasa at Willow Glen Yoga
30 Minute Home Practice following video by Shiva Rea
30 Minute Restoration Practice (Self)
15 Minute Restortation Practice (Self)
55 Minute Self Directed Practice
10 Minute Meditation
5 minute Meditation

Will do self practice over the weekend, headed out of town so no bells, just yoga and maybe a good hike or 2.

In yoga, I still have so, so much to learn but I am grateful for my mind and what I have learned thus far. The continued self practice is very important for my progression of levels of understanding. When I take classes from other I pay close attention to their structure, communication and style of teaching, this helps me to better define what I feel is the best approach for me. I am still a rookie and it is exciting to be on this ground breaking level of self development.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Are you growing it, killing it or letting it die?

The past course on relationship coaching left the group with many great questions worthy of pondering. One such question that comes to mind and can be applied in all relationships, including the one with yourself, your partner, your family, friends, clients and environment asks:

Are you growing it, killing it or letting it die?

Training Evolution

It all started 12 years ago. I was in college, looking for a job and a couple of my workout buddies asked if I wanted to be a trainer. After a few questions and I said yes and that is where my professional training career began. While working at 24 hour fitness I used what I knew how to do, which was following a typical bodybuilding plan or some variation of that. However, once I realized I could make more money if I had other certifications I went out at started to learn and more training has only continued to evolve from the beginning to its current state.

Since I first began I have done bodybuilding, rehab, Chek protocol, sport performance, adventure racing, tri and marathon training, martial arts, powerlifting, and my main tool of Kettlebells. Of course recently I have added Yoga which I am super stoked to have on my resume. During this time I have learned from many awesome folks including my number 1 mentor, Mark Reifkind and I just keep on learning.

The purpose for me is to take the best of the things I have learned from all these systems and more and put them together in a package that best serves my clients. All of these systems have their merits and all are excellent in their own way. As I have said and continue to say is that I am not reinventing the well, but take pieces and putting together in the appropriate package for the client.

As I continue to evolve on a personal level, so does my professional approach and philosophies. During this process I have realized that what I truly am is a coach but far more than just a fitness coach or personal trainer. I am a life coach who helps guide people on their transformative lifestyle to achieving their best. Their is nothing more rewarding than giving your time to people who truly appreciate you and your time/gifts and are so open and willing to do their best for themselves.

I understand my role and accept 100% what I am there for. I take responsibility and accountability for what I do and my evolution I know is part of this. So, I continue to practice, and practice, using myself as guinea pig to gain a greater understanding and be able to better translate the information necessary to my clients and beyond.

The success of this approach speaks for itself and I have seen my clients step up to the plate, and accomplish more than ever and to know that I am conduit and guide in their process and I get to be a part of their lives and their journey is an honor.

For this and many reasons my goals continue to be bigger than me and reach out to my community and beyond. I am working to make a bigger impact on a larger level. I am want to do more philanthropic work and more to serve the world community. I feel that I have a social responsibility beyond how fast I can run or how much I can lift. That does not mean I will not be out attempting to progress and get the best out of myself because I feel this is important. However, the way I go about it may be unique and different and something that others may question, etc. and that is what makes us all so unique. We have a way, and our way is exactly that and I hope my way does what I set out to do everyday, leave a positive impact on the lives I touch that is bigger than me. For all intent and purpose for those whom I serve it is about them and I humbly accept the role of serving them and the rewards are usually 10 fold.

Peace be with you on your way!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

KBs and Tennis & Basketball

Always a great day when you get to teach a friend something new and that is something you have a passion for. Todd came down to hang out last night and today we went and did a Kettlebell workout. To no surprise he is a natural and we had him doing swings, snatches, cleans, squats and presses. Just awesome

My workout

Chin Up

Todds turn, he took me out to play one of his passions, Tennis. Thank goodness for athletic ability otherwise this would be much more challenging. And we played some hoops which is great since I truly love the sport especially when playing.

All in all quite an athletic day and it feels just amazing to be alive and utilizing my abilities to the fullest.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Yoga and Mountain Bike


45 Minute of Ashtanga Yoga. I sure can tell the difference with my consistent practice, I know I have said this before but it is so important to note. I am far more relaxed in my postures and flowing much smoother as well as learning an immense amount.


I just enjoy the spring and summer time so much. It is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors at its best, at least for me. Today was no exception. I dusted off my old mountain bike, did a small tune-up and took her out for a spin. Since I had to give the other bike back to my friend it was time to get used to the old hard-tail which is a completely different ride from the carbon fiber, full suspension bike I had rode over the last couple years.

Now, I have not been on a bike much over the last few years after riding quite a bit over a 5 year period. But, this summer with no competitions, etc in the plans I am hoping to spend some time on the bike, especially over the weekends. Today was a nice spin taking about 45 minutes or so with consistent and mild climbs/descents.

It was wonderful to literally be so present in the moment of riding, tuning into my breath (which was quite heavy at times...soout of biking cardio shape) and observing the beauty of nature all around. Super peaceful, fun and a bit challenging. Cannot think of many better ways to spend a beautiful California afternoon.


If there is one thing I can say that truly became clearer in my life from my Yoga Certification experience it is the value of Meditation and the daily practice of. While at the certification we meditated daily and multiple times a day. In addition to quiet meditation we used active forms as well, such as the yoga practice itself. The goal of meditation is to quiet the mind, to create a stillness, a calm where all thoughts, etc empty the mind and there is nothing but the beauty of emptiness and clarity that instills peace. No sounds, no words, no images, no this, that or anything.

Now, my experience with meditation is 'limited' but through practice, through interaction, through reading others stories and buddhist text I realize that this is a life long practice and creating that stillness, achieving enlightenment may or may not ever happen on the level we 'think' it should. More to the point, for me I get moments of stillness it is rare that they last more than 5 seconds, however I often experience multiple such moments in a meditation practice. So, I work to get them to last a bit longer and be more frequent and if I continue to practice, continue to be mindful, continue to be present and continue to believe this will indeed be the case.

Meditation is not about time, it is not about perfection it is about practice and working toward a state of enlightenment or another way to be it is to look for a peace and calm of the mind, letting go of thought and truly just being present. If you have ever been here and now then you know. If you have yet to then I encourage you too learn and feel what it is like. I would think that once you do you will find yourself wanting to go back again and again or at least this has been my experience.

There are many great texts and guided meditations as well as places that will and do teach people who wish to practice.

Enjoy the Peace and Calm, the stillness

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Imagine yourself standing tall, being still as a hurricane of forces surround you. Watch as all these forces, things pass you and as the storm passes and the calming forces come you are still standing tall, standing in the same place stronger than ever because you have withstood the test. See yourself standing there arms spread out, hands facing the sky, head back looking to the heavens, smelling the freshness of the air, feeling the wind beneath your wings, peaceful and gracious for the courage to stand strong while facing the challenges of life. See how your strength inspires others to face their fears, worries, anxieties, & the challenges of daily. As you imagine this all taking place enjoy the top of the mountain knowing your strength of character carried you through and past all the obstacles on your path and you now stand peacefully on top of the your world. Enjoy the view, feel the strength and freedom of standing tall, standing still on top of the mountain.

My Reflection:
This is one of the visualizations I use on a regularly basis to keep myself grounded and free of my ego and attachments to outcomes. I feel that if I live honestly, truthfully, with integrity, compassion, a peaceful and calm presence, a sense of humor and humilty, a gratitude for all things, seeing the perfection of the moment, the perfection in the imperfection, carrying love and kindness and sharing a smile with all, practicing acts of kindness and coming from 'my' truth then all will work it out as it is supposed too. This has been my experience as I have learned to let go and allow. I guide myself to the best of my abilities with the wisdom I carry and that which I learn from the experience of living and being ALIVE each and everyday. Listen, observe, open, feel and see then just let it go and trust and have faith, this has been an approach I have applied and things speak for themselves.

I take this as an opportunity to share with you because my experiences of carrying this attitude and perspective have been the most rewarding for me and all those whom I provide service too. The splendor of this experience brings more and more as in giving I keep receiving and then in turn sharing.

I wish you only but the best and hope that my sharing of my experiences helps you in some way on your way.

With Peace & Gratitude

KB Snatch & Yoga Self practice

Another great KB session today and I am heading to do a self guided yoga practice. I am really enjoying the balance and focus I am getting from the combination of these two movement arts combined in a daily practice. I am listening to my body and not my ego and have released my attachments to the outcomes. In the process I am learning more than I had anticipated and I am eager to workout each day. The quality of the workouts are great and the amount of work always is just what it needs to be. In the process I am learning to see the perfection of the moment. My mind is calm and my approach is peaceful. As times goes on things will go just as they are supposed to and if I have a strong anticipatory vision, that means more great stuff to come

KB Snatch

Volume = 120. No change from last week in volume
Intensity = Increased with a rep range of 15/set/arm this was far more than last weeks progressive pyramid structure

Yoga: Hour Long Self Guided Practice

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Been a bit busier than usual and this has affected my sleep and eats. A few more evening a day commitments than the norm so the affects on the sleep and foods have an effect on the recovery process.

KB Swings
1 arm Swings
24/10/10 (transferred back and forth 5 times each side) 100 total reps x1
24/10/10 (3 transfers) 60 total reps
24/10/10 (2 transfers) 40 total reps

30 minute sun salutation practice with variations on the theme. Did not feel up to leading myself today so I followed a podcast workout.

10 solid minutes of Meditation

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

KB Tuesday

After a great couple of workouts yesterday, and just a kick arse Ashtanga Yoga Class today was a solo KB Day. I did a bit of yoga but not my usual type self guided practice partly because I had little time due to multiple clients and a family engagement plus a 4:40 wake up call for work.


Squat Thruster and Pull-up Combo
P-Up/5 reps
ST 32kg/5 reps LT
ST 32kg/5 reps RT

Did this for 5 rounds

Squat Thrust 32/5/5x5 (25/reps/arm and a total of 50 reps)

Pull-Ups 5x10 (50 total reps)

Snatches and Ashtanga Yoga

A beautiful Monday and nice opening to the week

Afternoon at the park with my friend Barry

A nice pick up after last weeks 32kg sessions. The hands are a bit tender but overall this was a wonderful and powerful Snatch session. I love the way I have found such a nice groove with this move, after 3 years + of consistent practice I am finding a stronger groove finally :-) or at least that is how it feels now.

Evening Ashtanga Yoga Class

Worked with Mojdeh at Yoga is Youthfulness. This was the first Ashtanga Class that I can say I have been to in a few years. I love the system, I love the approach and it takes a tremendous amount of mindfulness to hold the poses. For those who want a workout this is indeed a workout. We focused on the primary series which involves forward bends, wide leg forward bends, warrior poses, 1 leg balancing poses, seated forward bends, binds or wraps, and vinyasas and of course my favorite, Shavasana. Awesome class, I slept like a baby and yet felt so invigorated.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Relationship Coaching

I entered the 2nd of 12 Coaching courses this weekend with the group at This 12 part series is part of my Transformational Coaching Program. This particular weekend looked at Relationships.

First thing to understand about relationship is that it is deeper than ones relationship to self and to a partner. It involves all aspects of our relationships including but not limited to family, partner, food, health, job, spirituality, self and so on. This is important not only as a coach but also as a human being to have clarity on this perspective of 'relationship'.

Some keys in relationships I gathered from the Class
*Shifting your relationship to your perspectives (i.e. thoughts, stories, perceptions, interpretations, etc.)
*Release your relationship to Attachments
*Relationship to attachments & stories delude the mind (through the creation of illusions) and thus show our ineffective ability to listen to what is being communicated
*Separate from your story(s) to be able to anticipate situations enabling a response that has no attachments and comes from a place of compassion, kindness and love.
*Your choice is synonomous to your relationship
*Manifestation is the circumstance, how "it" all comes together is a result of our relationships
*Understand what your intentions are in the relationship (go beyond the surface and the vulnerability to get to the real truth).

Context Exercise from our instructors (
*What is True for you regarding relationship? What are your beliefs, interpretations, assumptions, and expectations?

*What actions do you take based on what is true for you regarding relationships?

*If you were to look at your actions resulting from your context about relationship, what would say you are committed to?

*Based on this context you have about relationship, what would you say is currently impossible?

*If now what appears impossible became possible, what would the experience of that reality feel like? What is the quality of the experience?

*List these qualities, and consider this list a position or stand from which yyou can think, feel, and act.

*Coming from this position or stand, what would you say is true about relationship?

Common Things or Issues Seen in Relationships (my reflection)
*Attachment and more to the point Attachment to the outcome
*It is Personal at least that is how people perceive it to be
*Fear (related to the ego, attachment and taking things personal)
*Control Issues
*All about 'triggers'

Their is more to each of these but they serve as the underlying things and EGO is number 1.

My Final Take
As a coach it is my role to act as a guide, to translate and facilitate holding an open and encouraging space the transformation of the person. It is not about fixing and healing but more about allowing the situation to emerge and birth itself. My role is to serve the client as they work to their goal and in the process hold them accountable all while empowering them.

O Kage Sama: Gratitude for all that brought me to the present

Friday, May 02, 2008

Big Bells and Yoga

Today was the first time since I have returned from costa rica that I picked up the 40kg, it just felt like the day.

Military Press

Really solid effort and movement.

90 minutes with Connie at Yoga is Youthfulness. What I love about Connie is she comes from love and heart, no ego. She is a great yogi and a wonderful guide during class. Her wisdom and practice shines through in her classes and I truly appreciate her. Plus, she challenges you to really explore yourself in each Asana all while staying focused on your breath and the message she shares on that particular day, no attachments. Lets just say I was feeling it today and she provided just what I needed. Awesome class.

Off to my second weekend of my Transformational Life Coaching Program at Today is a open and optional lab with our instructors and I am eager to see what this consists of. The weekend focus is relationship coaching which is so important and I know will make me a better person and coach.

Enjoy and more yoga and workout tomorrow plus a 8 hour coaching class day

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Last 2

90 minute Iyengar class with Catherine at Darshana. What I like most about this 'beginners' Iynegar class is it teaches me the most fundamental aspects of the poses we use helping to solidify each pose and gain a deeper understanding of how I fit the pose and how to get others into the poses. Catherine does an excellent job teaching and coaching each pose as well as helping individuals work out their kinks.

Kettlebell morning

A beautiful day for a park workout with my friend Barry. Always building, refining, enjoying the movements. Today was not exception


Becoming more like an effortless effort. This does not equate to 'easy' or that I am not working. I do not want to disrespect the bell, the move or those who cannot do what I can. But, what it does mean is my form and technique are much 'tighter' allowing me to gain a deep focus on move the bell like I choose.

Swing (2 hand)

My goal was 100 and in the past this move after a 'higher; volume snatch session would tend to light my low back on fire, not the case and again it goes back to more of an effortless effort and not being attached to anything other than doing what I am doing in the moment.

Overall this was a strong workout and the numbers will rise as I get back up to par and learn how to mix and mash the bells with the Yoga and everything else

*Played 30 minutes of basketball in the afternoon

*Did a 30 minute Yoga self guided practice

Tonight I will be attending a Meditation Class at Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City. First time and I am looking forward to this experience

PS: Meet a fellow Kettlebell Trainer today, Denis Kanygin who is originally from Russian and whose Father and Grandfather were both Gireveks in their day. He is a fellow trainer in the area and since he came to a gym where I was teaching I asked if he would teach the class and he accepted and taught the group a bunch of things including some great juggling. If you want to learn more about him checkout his website

Thank you Denis