Monday, March 30, 2009

From a Land Down Under! #1

Wow, what an amazing adventure already. Missed connections, baggage handler strikes, driving on the wrong side of the road, looking the wrong way when crossing the street, driving while in the passengers seat, and the sychronistic connections.

Really, words truly cannot describe the expereince and I am not sure I have the ability to truly express what I am experiencing here in Australia. I just know I am where I am supposed to be.

Today I went to a local health and wellness place to do check the yoga schedule. Little did I know that why I was there was far more than I could have imagined. Just being open to the moment, conscious of the moment and my place in time, having a fearlessness and open heart to life and feel the experience lead me too a new friendship, a job opportunity here in Brisbane teaching Yoga and doing work as an exercise physiologist and I am being put in contact with a lady whom is doing a documentary on Making a Difference and I might just be a contributor.

This is just what it is and for me it is evidence that living and being as I Be continually nourishes my spirt, my soul, my heart, my being and gives me the strength and ability to spread and share this with the community. All this serves me to better be able to serve others, specifically for me to raise the consciousness of the world community, to realize the beauty that is the life we live and that there truly is no barriers or boundaries, only the self imposed ones which we have the power and ability to breakdown and I am there to support and encourage you in your efforts to breakdown any walls that may bind you!.

I believe in you, I believe in the basic goodness of you and all mankind! It is time for us to believe in ourselves, as you can see or at least I would like for you to see from my experience, that in believing in myself my life is truly magnificant and I am enriched and nourished each and every moment of every day with life, love, beauty, harmony, grace, compassion, gratitude, humor, peace, wellness, health, and so much more, all unconditional.

All this in only 1 day in Australia, wow 23 more days and enjoying each moment of each moment!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Off to Australia and New Zealand, A Walkabout of Life!

Today I embark on a journey. This journey will take me to new land, with new experiences, new opportunities, new memories, and a new perspective. It is in the journey that I truly experience life and living, it is the journey that makes life! I am excited to continue my journey of life and leave on a big ole jet airliner to Australia and New Zealand.

Travel is a part of my essence. It is going out and exploring and experiencing new cultures, new lands, different perspectives and taking myself, removing myself from one of elements to another element. Things hold true and one such thing on journey's such as these is I act with love, compassion, kindness, openness, gratitude, humbleness, humility, integrity, character and a willingness to share, exchange, explore, experience all that life has to offer.

It is with a sincere appreciation I take this walkabout to truly take time and reflect on the beauty that is life and the life I live and have lived and will live! I do this to grow as a human being, to gain a deeper understanding and compassion for man kind and mother earth. I do this to come back 'home' and bring life to all those I share with and whom are present in my life. I do all this with great humility and deep gratitude.

Life is special and the world, our existence is truly our oppprtunity to life and experience whatever it is we wish too! this is the path I choose and I am grateful for all the love and support and the ability to share and willingness of others to recieve. Because it is together with all the people of this beautiful world that we truly prosper!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do not wish failure upon another!

Leadership is a trait that is not just a part of a personality or characteristic but it is an Action, a practice, a way of living! What kind of leadership do you want? Are you a leader? These are questions worthy of asking, life or death no but at least worthy of considering.

Why this topic, why today? Well, in times of need, when people are down, people are struggling, morale is at a low and the world is facing a looming crisis or at least that is what is being portrayed we need strong leadership on all levels. We as a world community need to come together and help one another out, help our brothers and sisters of this world.

Now, whatever your party preference is your thing, who I am too say. Plus, too me this is not about political parties, etc. this is about serving one's own interests over that of a nation and world for that matter. Today, a well known Republican came out in support of President Obama failing!!! What the f&*k is that all about?

Do we not realize that when our President, whether Obama, Bush, Clinton, Nixon, etc, fails that all the people in this country suffer? We have to accept what is and embrace, if not challenge but we as a people should not be wishing the demise of Obama or the Democrats or even the Republicans at this or any time.

People it is BIGGER than the name, bigger than the party! Get the heck over it. Sure we all have our views and differences, this is what makes us who we are, who am I too judge. No matter what, we should not be hoping for failure but encouraging and working to help our people of this wonderful nation and world, prosper in health and wealth!

It may be cliche, but we need to Unite! after all we are part of the "uni'verse, and we function as a unit even as individual cells. When the cells run rogue, the unit as a whole suffers. So, lets work as best and close as possible to help the unit function at its highest!!

We are One and Believe me when I say what you do matters!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reflection....from there to here and now

So I was just thinking back to how I was and I realize and have to admit I was a stubborn, hard headed, strong minded, egoic, ass, son of a bitch at times and could be really mean, controlling, possessive, angry and jealous to name a may argue that I still am this way, LOL

What I know is this, this is all true and I admit it! But this is how I was, who I was but not at my core but in my ego self. And, these were the lessons and experiences that I needed to be where I am today. Now, I would have liked to bypass all this and been where I am without some of the consequences of my behavior. I caused people pain, anger, frustration, stress, hurt, broken hearts, disappointment, and so much more because of the way I behaved and acted out.

I have, am and continue to transcend this and develop into my essence. I have to say all the small 'victories' through the years mixed in with the setbacks have added up and now I am in my essence 90% of the time or more or less...who knows but I am aware of where I am and where I have been and where I am headed!

I have so much gratitude and humility at the same time that I can openly admit who I was and too see where I am and have come too. All the experiences, the people, etc. have truly helped me to become who I am and for all you I say thank you and pass my love.

I am human and slip sometimes and these moments serve to educate and empower me and remind of my humanity! They help me to grow and evolve and in turn share with you, all of you and possibly raise our level of awareness and consciousness to new fronteirs, beyond our self imposed boundaries.

I am a human being traveling the paths that unfold in front of me moment by moment, appreciating the beauty and perfection of each moment, of all the experiences that are happening, open and free to live and experience the love and grace that embodies all that is! So grateful and humbled by life!

Can I just say it is soothing and peaceful to share this and be honest and truthful. I did not get into some of the details, the who's, etc. but out of respect to all that 'stuff' I say thank you, I am grateful and I am apologize!
It is with great humbleness and humility that I write and share my being with all whom take the time to engage and exchange with what I present. For this I openly admit that I am a passionate soul who has strong believes but also who is willing and open to admit that I am not attached and therefore willing to adapt.

Why? because evolution is dependent on a species ability to adapt and progress beyond their current state! I stand firmly but flexible and willing to bend and give accordingly. I use great discretion and meditation to feel the way of the path and which direction is best travelled.

I really appreciate the wisdom behind Bruce Lee and his philosophy. I have great respect for the words he has chosen to share his being. This particular quote below truly describes where I am on my journey.

"Before I practised the Way, A cloud was just a cloud and a mountain was just a mountain. After I'd studied the Way, a cloud was no longer a cloud, a mountain was no longer a mountain. Now that I understand the Way, A cloud is again just a cloud, a mountain is just a mountain. (The clouds and mountains are simply kicks and punches)."

As I have travelled far and wide and continue to do so I have found the simplicity that is life. We all are working to make our "Way" in this life, this world and I am no different. That is one of the true insights, is that we all are the Way, we all are truly unique but truly the same, human beings traveling a journey.

As travelers we look to take a path, some follow, some breakground, there is no right or wrong way, just whatever fits you best.

Some things I have found and reflect on for myself:
*Share and exchange with people in a humble, compassionate, open (non-ego), loving, kind, respectful, gentle manner

*Listen to what is being said, what is going around you and let the sounds flow through you and take with gratitude what you wish

*Do not pass judgement on others, for we are only human and we can only know what we know. Instead being open and willing to explore with people helping each other evolve.

*We are only limited by our own believes and those whom we let influence our believes. So, again listen and appreciate the words of others and just know that those are their words and it is for you to formulate your own, but always with respect, compassion, gratitude and love...not judgement!

*This is YOUR life, no one elses! Live it and if you embrace an attitude of gratitude and unconditional love and compassion for all beings and our open to any and every possibility, because they are endless, then more doors and portals will open and so will options, opportunities, experiences, etc and who knows....

*Give it your best day in and day out! What the heck, it is life and you are living! Embody and be your essence through each moment and do not let anyone tell you different!

*You are wise, you are beautiful, you are human! embrace your being, embrace life and create like Picasso your own unique work of art.

*The key is to live with integrity, gratitude, compassion, unconditional love, appreciation, within your essence, with faith in yourself, believe in yourself, and the no matter what you do in life, good things will come because that is what you see, that is what you choose, Good things!

*The time is NOW and it is YOU who truly makes the difference in your life!

*We are a global community and our choices affect everyone and everything because all things are interdependent, all eco-systems and organisms work with each other to create the beauty that is you and this life we live! Appreciate and embrace the fact that you are a part of a large whole and your part is equally beautiful and important as all other parts but no more than any other part for all humanity is a creation and it is our role to make ourselves and be the change, be the beauty we believe in!

The list can go on, I just had to put this on paper. For I am grateful for all the beauty that exists, for all that I have been so fortunate to experience, for the gifts I have been give and cultivated, for the friends, family, people in my life!

I know as a student that my embracing and embodying these things above have only made my life the best possible life! For a cloud is just a cloud and a mountain just a mountain and how beautiful and simple they are in their essence! Gratitude!

Namaste and Om Shanti

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Picture

The picture:

As a scientist and trained exercise physiologist I will teach you how to safely, effectively and efficiently move your body. You will learn the in’s and out’s of how your body works.

As an artist I will help you to architect, design, create, etc your picture, what you envision for yourself. I will help you understand that you are your own piece of work, your own canvas, laboratory, field to play in and create your Picasso.

As a philosopher I will help you understand what it takes to make that vision come to life and then to embody and live that vision each and everyday! I will help you to understand how to life, how to be your essential self, to live your life without limits and the deeper level meaning behind ‘it’.

And as the guide, I will help you to get to the place you wish and if need be help you to understand where you wish to be, where it is you wish to go. I will be there for you throughout your journey, a presence who is available and a resource for you.

Together, we will work as a team to make sure that the quality of your experience on this journey is one that leads you to being whom and what you envision and so much more!

NAMASTE! Om Shanti!

Part 5: The Guide

The Guide:

You have a direction, I have the compass and map to get you there. You have an idea of what it and where you wish to go, I help you understand and define this. Here the artist and the guide come together to lay the path for your journey to your destination. What you will experience is far more than you bargain for and as your guide I will be there to help you on this journey. You will lead and I will follow you as you navigate your course.

I will always be there by your side for consultation, for reflection, for exploration, if you ever need a hand, a tool, I will be there as your guide. I indeed can get you there but I understand that it is you who will actually get yourself there, I am that person, that tool that is accessible for you on an as need basis.

Part 4:The Philosopher

The Philosopher:
If you know me well, then you know I am truly a philosopher and student of philosophy! Everything I learn, experience, etc. is a look into the philosophical aspect of what it is that life is presenting in that moment, what lesson and opportunity are being offered! As a coach I teach philosophy of life, philosophy of relationship, of movement.

My practice philosophy is that of a daily art, a daily practice of living a life filled with possibilities, unlimited ones at that. I encourage people to explore themselves, their lives and their relationships with all people, with all things and see with an empty cup and to flow like water.

My philosophy is that of the martial artist, the yogi, the traveler, the adventurer, the explorer, the curious kind, the artist, the human being that I and we all are, a member of a worldwide community of unique and beautiful humans!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Part 3: The Artist

The Artist:
So my skills as artist are wide and varied. My work appeals to a select group of individuals. Like Picasso I have and do incorporate many techniques from charcoal to acrylics. Therefore when you look at my artwork what you see is an interesting collage of unique pieces. Now, the foundation, principles, concepts and systems of each technique or piece is similar. What is in place is a system that continues to evolve and grow based on a strong core. Now, philosophically speaking the system is adaptable and there is no attachment to ‘one’ way. Simply put I do not want limitations but instead want to be open to the unlimited possibilities that life presents in each and every moment. This is why the variety of works and techniques!

As an artist I am constantly sculpting, drawing, throwing paint on the canvas in a playful manner with an idea of how it might be but open to the possibility of what it will be. As an artist I enjoy each stroke of life, each stroke I take making certain that I am conscious of what I am doing and truly taking time to enjoy the work as it is being done. As an artist I realize as I finish one piece of work that there is so much more to explore and therefore my work is truly never done. Also as an artist I take time to appreciate and show gratitude for all the other artists and look to them as teachers.

As an artist I am constantly looking at things with an open mind and curious eye. I am looking at the geometry, physics, algebraic equations of how everything fits together to appeal to the individual, to make the individual realize the true unconditional love and peace that each work offers. The blend of all these mathematical concepts combined with the natural state of existence lends to my creative love for art and the art of being human, the art of being peace, the art of unconditional love for self and all things

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part 2 of the definition

The Scientist:

I would say that being in the field of health and wellness is my destiny. From out of the womb you could find me with a ball in my hand or playing sports. At a young age I was introduced to the gym and started lifting weights in preparation for sports or at least I thought. Little did I know I would end up where I am at but it sure does make sense.

From my first job as a personal trainer I was a student, a sponge for information and have the certifications to back it up. This led to me obtaining my Masters Degree in Kinesiology and where I truly began to understand the science behind the training or as I look back now and say workouts.

As a professional I find the technical aspects, the scientific, mathematic, physics, geometry, etc. aspects are integral to being able to train, teach and coach a person to their best. Because of this I have become a scientist who incorporates the math, physics, geometry, algebra, etc. into my practice.

Being and becoming a scientist has made me mechanically & technically very strong and this has shown in the results my clients have achieved as well as my own personal results.
The basis is science, anatomy and physiology but the difference is in the application.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Beginnings of my new definition or whatever you want to call it

Defining myself and my business practice has always been a challenge simply because I and my business keep evolving. I might say I am a modern renanisance man, a DaVinci of my own kind whose curious mind is exploring life and human potential on multiple facets. I delve into many things eager to learn the essence of what makes these things tic, go, etc. Because of this I have been called a ‘jack of all trades and master of none.” I find this to be a compliment and I will say this, I am a jack of all trades and at the same time I am a studying to be a ‘master’ of the integration of all these trades into my own personal philosophy based on how I am experiencing life through my eyes and the eyes of those I encounter and learn from.

If you are reading this then it is you who I learn from and with and whom I maybe a teacher, coach, trainer, educator, etc. of. Life is my playground it truly is my laboratory where I get to explore and discover mine human potential and help others do the same.

The scientist, artist, the philosopher and the compass are some of the essence of what I am and how/what I do. They call me a personal trainer, a kettlebell instructor, a coach, a life coach, a strength and conditioning coach, a yoga teacher, a martial artist, a nutritionist, a massage therapist…I think you get the point. The truth of the matter is I am truly an artist, who is a classically trained scientist/mathematician on the form, function, and mechanics of movement and philosophy and therefore provide a compass to help lead you to your destination. How they show up is in the form of training for a life in movement and stillness.

.....More to come, the scientist, artist, philosopher and compass sections each to follow if interested. Also this is on my website ;)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Scaling Walls One Step at a Time

One step at a time! Life is one step at a time and when we follow this process we tend to make real strides toward our desired destiny. Lao Tzu, the great philosopher and author says a journey of a thousand miles begins with One Step and I wish to add that it ends with one step.

Often times we want to the outcome, the end result and in that process miss out on the journey which in its own right is rewarding. Awareness of each step and living/being present with each step will bring so many insights, experiences, opportunities that the rewards will add up and the end result/outcome will be that much more enriching!

The Magic Pill is a wonderful concept because we could achieve so much more in our lives, or we think. The reality of life is we enjoy and appreciate our achievements far more when we earn them, rather then when given to us. Blood, sweat and tears make for truly enriching life.

I have observed in myself and others that when we attempt to make many steps at once or we skip steps that we often miss important pieces and often stumble, trip and fall harder than if we had taken our time, been patience, allowed for things to open and flow one step at a time.

The key or at least one of many keys ☺ is that we realize each step is filled with so much that bypassing that step will lead to less than if we had taken it. Hindsight is 20/20 but in hindsight I have learned and began to have gratitude for Lao Tzu and his 2500 + year old wisdom to resonate. And, now living and practicing in this manner has and continues to fill my life with so much nourishing and enriching moments, experiences that not a day goes by where I do not feel alive and full of love and life.

So when making goals, making plans, dreaming of something, wishing for something, just take one step at a time, stay present, stay open, and allow for things to come and happen being true to yourself and the process.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Changing Tides

Life and time is in a constant state of motion, a continuim! And as each moment blends into the next, change is happening on the deepest cellular levels and on the outer most superficial levels.

It is our ability to recognize, be conscious of this present moment, living in the present moment, the ability to adapt, improvise, overcome, and for me flow with the currents of life that truly define our ability to translate what is and live what is.

I write this as I currently reflect on all the amazing changes that are happening and as I step back, step away to look upon the situation with a soft gaze and compassionate eye for my own existence and present moment, present state and how I sit with, be with what is.

The beauty of it is I am able to practice what I preach, life the words I write, speak, translate and communicate putting them into action. As I am asked to do a certain action or actions, which I was not prepared for in terms of the specific moment they were going to appear, but was aware were going to happen, I am ready to respond! Employing the concept of being a few steps ahead of the curve has put me in a position to be able to stay calm, peaceful, grateful, compassionate, conscious and present as these changes are put in front of me!

My practices, my philosophies are ringing true and I am so humbled by all that life is placing on my plate and that are affirming what I feel is the wisdom I have gathered through my numerous experiences. If it was not wisdom before it sure is becoming such. By the way, what the heck is wisdom?

I will say that the years of work I have put into my own personal growth, the words I have read, the ones I have spoken and that have been spoken and shared with me, the daily actions such as yoga and meditation and other forms of 'physical' practice, etc. truly are becoming ingrained in me to the point where they are not thoughts but a way of being, truly an organic and all natural state of existence.

This is a process, truly a journey and I have been consciously going at it for a long time and I find that my consciousness around it grows as I live and act in the present and in my essence. This is evident by how I use this space to communicate and share. What once was a place for workout logs is now what it is...another change that I embrace.

Change is exactly that and we all have our own way in which we approach and deal with the constant changes going in and around us. I say stay present, stay flexible and if at all possible, at least one step ahead. I encourage you to empty your cup of ideology and be open to what is, what is truly happening. I say do not judge but be at peace with the change and I will admit this is easier said when you are present, in your essence and one or more steps ahead.

Do not deny yourself or anyone else the opportunity, for you are the change you wish to be and see in everyone and everything. So embrace and flow with life and you will find that things are much smoother, much easier when done so!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Stand Up, Step Forward, the TIME IS NOW!

Pain is part of life or it seems, at least this is my experience and the majority of folks whom I know and have encountered seem to have had similar such experiences. There are those who do not suffer pain, few and far between but it does exist. I argue that after a certain point, after say various stages of growth and evolution one can never encounter pain again. Yes, this is a very eastern approach similar to buddhism and taoism but it is possible even if you do not believe so, it is possible for others and I want to encourage you to contemplate and explore this.

I will say the pains I have experienced have played a pivotal role in my current state of being and existence. It is through the suffering that I learned and continue in hindsight learn so many deep rooted lessons that continue to help evolve me on my path! I am grateful for all the experiences I have encountered and would not change any of them.

But here is the bigger picture, we must evolve, we must make a choice, make a decision to not allow these so called pains or negative experiences hold us back, keep us down, prevent us from, allow us to be miserable, or as I like to say prevent us from ever reaching beyond the pain and out into the world beyond the pain, into our true beauty and essence, into our human potential as loving, compassionate, kind, thoughtful, 'positive', fun, peaceful, grateful beings that we are and can be!

It is all too often that I see people allowing themselves and their 'negative' or painful experiences holding them back from all the beauty that exists in the world. Sure, we may need time to work through, wallow in self pity, etc. in order to learn...this was my case but I did not let go on for years and years and years and just never seem to get out of the 'funk'

Shit people, what the f*ck this is your life, wake up, reach out, step forward, challenge yourself, shift your paradigm, be the change, change the way, help others, etc. there is no shame it is time the TIME IS NOW to wake the f*ck up and stop blaming others, including yourself, learn what you need to learn, do what you need to do and get out a live! Live the Life you wish, be the person you wish and the person you wish others to be! Sh8t, sitting in misery, being in misery, living in a box and hole does nothing for you or anyone else. PS: people are not waiting for you, time is not waiting for you. I understand that maybe it has been 'harder' than others, that things are not how you wish but is sitting and wallowing in self pity how you wish?

It is you, you are the one, you are the difference, you are the creator, you are the change, you are responsible, you are accountable for yourself, you are you and know one else, so stand up and step forward!

The TIME IS NOW and always will be

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some Philosophies!

Personal Philosophy

*I encourage you to look at this as a lifelong process and enjoy each and every day, each moment, experience, encounter, relationship, meeting, trip to the grocery store, meal, workout, walk, etc.

*I ask you to think kind, loving, positive thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all that you experience.

*I tell you that worrying, being stressed, anxiety, etc, all our signs for you to look inside yourself and seek creative actions to conquer these challenging feelings that have the ability to overwhelm us.

*I want you to understand that you have a past and moving forward will overcome these feelings and in the process strengthen yourself.

*I want you to be aware that you are learning to be more compassionate towards all of life and to become more aware of the things that cause these feelings.

*Life truly is a blessing and the fact that you are here now shows just how courageous, aware, and motivated you are to learn, hear, see what is out there to better/strengthen yourself.

*Please keep in mind that on this journey of life it is necessary to take small steps, one step at a time and make sure you are on solid ground before continuing forward. This will more than likely ensure that you keep the progress going in the right direction, forward towards your goals. As the old saying goes life is truly a marathon and not a sprint so pace yourself and do not forget to stop and smell the roses.

*An essential aspect to being successful during this process is maintaining and in many cases gaining perspective on your current status and what it is going to take to make and implement the change(s) you desire.

Valuable Lessons on what could and what is!

It has been about 12 years since I stepped on too the pitch and played competitive Rugby. About 7 years ago I went out to a few practices thinkning oh maybe, just maybe I want to do this but I decided against it for whatever reasons. Yesterday was the first time I had played a competitive sport where there was physical contact, sprinting, changing directions, and teamwork involved! WOW, did it ever bring back memories....

I must say the memories are filled with lessons that have played a large part in whom I am today and I would not change a thing for I do not live in the past, but learn from it and have gratitude for it! That being said the memories are not all of which you may think.

See, today I talk about living beyond the box, exploring human potential, a life with unlimited possibilities, etc. It was not always the case for me because as a young athlete I let many things come in my way from every achieving what I could have in sport! When the going got tough, I often just figured I would do something else, that I was getting short changed (no pun intended), screwed, etc. Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to challenge myself, to better myself I choose to essentially quit and find other things.

Rugby was one such sport, I had a lot of success and was learning and growing in the game and then I choose a different route, not because of I was not playing because I was a starter at my college, playing the most important position, Scrum Half which is the quarterback of the team. Instead I choose to party. Yesterdays game was a reminder of the direction I choose, giving up my potential because at that point I was lazy and wanted to chase women and good times at the bars, etc.

All these experiences in sport are as I mentioned a part of my experiences and have shaped who I am. Because I got cut from the Baseball team, choose not to play football, choose to quit Rugby I ended up lifting weights. This has lead me down the path I currently travel, since my weight training and the people I meet from partying got me a job as a trainer over 13 years ago at 24 Hour Fitness and here I am today.

For me the moral of the story is this, life takes you down many roads and things happen for reasons, we make choices at certain points in time for reasons that may not make sense at the time but do in the long run. Did I ever achieve my sport potential no, but that does not mean I cannot achieve my potential in life, all aspects. And for me the lessons of what could have been and the reasons why it is not have given me the knowledge and now wisdom to live my life without limits, to explore all the possibilities, to take chances, make things happen, put myself out there, challenge and explore my human potential. Yesterday I got to play again and I did so with gratitude and youthful joy! I realize what could have been but live what is and that is a life full of life and unlimited potential!

I have immense gratitude for all that has happened in life and sit in awe that I am so blessed to be alive, inspired, and kicking. It is all in how you see it and do it! I am doing it and seeing it without limits, without borders and boundaries