Monday, July 13, 2009

Train smart, work smart

It is all in the brain and the mind, this is the leader of the body. The stronger the neural pathways and the better/clearer they communicate with the muscles and systems of the body the better the integration and subsequent movement/coordination of your body and the 'stronger' and more efficient and effective you will move.

This being said it is essential that when you train/practice/move you do so at the highest quality and with the most perfect state possible. This means operating in a state of fatigue, while good for certain things at certain time is NOT and I say NOT!!! the best or most optimal state to strengthen the neural pathways that truly help determine your success in movement! This means training/practicing/moving smart with awareness and learning how to move at the most optimal level, this means ramping up slowly and remembering that it is a journey. So, take the time to learn and study of the moves and how in particular your body performs and responds to the movement patterns.

Training is not all about effort, kicking your ass, burning calories, being lean, how fast, how much, how often, how, what when, why it is truly about attention to detail, preparation, a deep understanding of the intricate nature of the combination of systems that work together and how they work together to make things happen. This is why people like myself exist. I am not training your body, I am training your intellect, your intelligence, your mind and if you pay attention and give feedback combined with proper rest and nourishment and with that will power, the sky is the limit!

Train smart, work smart...

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