Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Is, Is!

Nothing is perfect or imperfect, it truly is. One must deal with truth, act in authenticity and be in peace with the reality of existence! Things are as try appear, there is no masking what is with inorganic notions of what maybe.

To dream of and wish for something is a wonderful concept but it should come
From what is possible not a what if that is hypothetical in nature with no essence of truth. For example if u are an adult and short in stature but wish u could be tall, well that is not real, not plausible. But if u wish for peace, happiness, a material good, something that u can create and make happen, that is potentially available then that is a what is not a what if.

All too often we do not like our reality and wish it could be different and in many if not most cases it is possible. For the most part it is our choices that have us where we be, in our what is state, and it is our choices and our acting on these choices that can help us to create the state of being in which we wish to be.

If ur reading this it is because u have the power and ability to choose, u like me are fortunate to be in this position. For that reason alone we must with compassion, gratitude, grace, humbleness, humility, respect and non ego/ non attachment make the most of this ability and freedom to choose to live our best life.


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