Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unconditional, A Reflection on what it means too me :-)

I have been taking time to reflect on my philosophy of unconditional love and coming to a deeper understanding of what ‘it’ means. So, here is what I have come up with so far.

First, for me it is relative to each individual and what is their personal truth, personal essence. Basically, what is it that you want, need, ‘desire’ that brings you love, happiness, contentment, peace, harmony, smiles, etc. How do you define yourself and your life and what is it that makes you tick. This can be relative to any particular circumstance, situation, relationship, etc. Again, it is defined by the individual, you.

So how does this work for me is the question I have asked myself. Well, I have certain way I live and want to live, this includes, studying (deepening my understanding for personal and professional purposes); practicing things I enjoy like yoga, outdoor adventure sports, martial arts, etc; traveling international and for extended periods of time (some of these are solo, some are accompanied it just depends on what I feel my spirit, soul needs at that time); and so on. Therefore to love me unconditionally is too embrace these and the myriad of others things that define my truth/essence. And, the key is that I give that right back to the people whom are in my life, whether it be a partner, friends, colleagues, family, clients, etc.

The key is that in asking for a person to love me for who I am and respect, embrace, support, and encourage this, my spirit I must give that back, unconditional. You may say that is conditional, the fact that there are these supposed ‘terms’, i.e. this is who I am, so accept me as such. I cannot argue with that but I will say this, it is based on respecting and honoring each person, their truth, their essence, their spirit and no projecting myself, what it is I feel is the way they should live their life, etc…..JUDGMENT free!

I have no basis for judging another person, I am far from perfect but at the same time perfect for where I am at currently, Here & Now. What does this mean, it means that I am here, I am now and I am who I am and I know that is where I am to be, after all I am here and I am now. But I know this, I am evolving why because I am always learning, experiencing, observing, witnessing, interacting, reflecting, meditating, and plain and simply living my truth according to who I am in the present (which is a collection of years of ‘things’).

I have been blessed and fortunate and truly feel that I have come to a place where I have this current understanding which I am able to practice daily and I know I am continuing to learn how to be unconditional, how to love all life unconditional and truly appreciate and sit in peace with gratitude and compassion for all that life is.

The cool thing is I realize that every moment is an opportunity for something and I do my best to be conscious of this and take these opportunities and make the most of them.

Unconditional, what is it that makes you who you are and who you be, that is the person I want to know and share/learn from and with.