Friday, December 30, 2011

It has been quite some time, in fact about 18 months since I last posted here. During that time my life has been consumed with all the things that I love to do, including a good majority in school for Chinese medicine. With little time to dedicate to this piece of my life, writing a blog I decided to walk away for a while. Now the path has brought me back to this point so here is my first entry on this next part of the journey. Entering 2012 I will be in my last year of school. With approximately 40 some units and a good majority being dedicated to clinic hours treating patients and enhancing skills and preparing for board exams. Couple this with continuing to build the business and training it will be another amazing year. The best part will be marrying my amazing fiancé in August and seeing our relationship continue to blossom and flourish. So stay tuned, stick around, add your 2 cents, share, etc. and have agreat 2012. Now time to study for my Chemistry final and then go workout with the fiancé at Crossfit Los Gatos!

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