Saturday, December 31, 2011

Since September my training has been quite consistent. They were some missed days due to the intensity of school/work schedule but overall I feel good about the progress and clarity I have obtained over this juncture. During which I have taken up Olympic lifting as a regular portion of my training program and In December added in a concentrated effort in the realm of gymnastics. This is indeed my favorite aspect of my current regimen. I love training the gymnastic movements, one because I am a novice and learning so dang much and two because Sara, my fiancé and I get to train and play together (she competed at the college level). It is always great to see her move with such grace, beauty and effortlessness and share/teach me. Today we contiuned with the Olympics focusing on coupling the clean and jerk. My work came it of the power hangout position. Since my clean is behind my jerk, this movement is truly about practice. 135/3 x3 155/2 x3 185/1 x1 failed 2 other attempts Overall a bit off. Still a foreign move in which my mind is over active to say the least and this is not generally a good approach to movement. But I had the power just missed the catch. It seemed I was not prepared for the power. Started with deadlifts Sumo off 2 inch box 365/1 x8 Rack pulls (2 inches below knees) Main sets: first of a 3 week cycle with this move 495 545 565 Gymnastics Handstand (freestanding practice kicking up and holding) Note: got first one yesterday L-Sit: rings 2 sets for 30 seconds This is my longest holds yet and they take serious focus and effort. But I can honestlY say the L sit is the key component and making me much stronger. I would not call this my best day in the gym, in faact the last 2 I have been off. But consistency and practice are the keys. I will do my yoga at home tonight to do the most important aspect of my 'practice & training' Feels good.

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