Friday, February 12, 2010

Doctor, doctor

The question was posed, do you have any concerns about being a doctor in clinic? and before I could answer the admission director looked at me and said, 'probably not'. Truth be told, nope. How cool it is to be on this journey to put myself out there and challenge my ability to learn and comprehend a whole new terminology all in an effort to be able to serve my future clients health and wellness needs to the best level possible.

Yes I want to be the best, not in comparisons to others but in comparison to myself and know that I put my best foot forward. And no I am not concerned because I am in control of my destiny barring any unforeseen things but all things being equal I have the keys to the car and I can do what I want with it. I am eager to learn, study, explore, research, practice and become the best I can. What an awesome journey and I stoked to be here and now and I look forward to being the best doctor possible and that will be determined in large part by my efforts over the next 4 years and my future clients health and wellness.

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