Friday, February 05, 2010

Speaking and LIving Your Truth

Yes, I feel at ease with how I live, how I travel this world, this journey, this path, my life. Some may call it confidence, others cockiness or ego, others stubborn, others ignorant but truthfully I do not care. For it is our duty to live our best life within what we know and understand at that present moment. Am I content yes, am I stopping, heck know. Everyday I go out exploring, observing and learning in an effort to evolve because I understand there is more than one way to get to the same goal, in this case living ones truth, essence or best life.

There is many ways to the same spot, point, destination and I want to explore as many as possible and enjoy it along the way. I cannot tell you whether my approach is a good idea for you but I can say it is working for me as I have continued to grow and evolve and I am excited with each step on the journey, eager and curious and with a smile and a compassionate heart filled with gratitude and awareness around my many blessings.

good, bad or indifferent I do not see much worth arguing or debating but I see plenty worthy of observing, witnessing, learning and appreciating. All the people I encounter, the experiences I live are worthy of an opportunity and I am humbled daily by the beauty of that and those that surround me and offer so much just by their sheer presence. We may not do, act, feel, think, see, smell, taste, talk, the same but to me that is of no relevance it is the fact that we all have our way and we can learn from observing and witnessing without judgment on one another. You may feel right and think I am wrong, so be it, it is a beautiful thing that you have your way and me mine and I fully respect and appreciate that which makes us all unique.

The ability to share, to see through a compassionate lens of life, to be open to the moment and what is being presented and to be aware of the beauty of life and be able to talk/share without judgment is a wonderful blessing.

Live and speak your truth and shucks if you can show me a better or alternative way and it makes sense to the way i process things I am open, love to learn and explore.

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