Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pavel and The RKC, a debt of Gratitude

I have been swinging the Kettlebells for 8 years now and been certified for 5. Throughout my time as a trainer/coach I have attended numerous certifications. And with The RKC put on by dragondoor in town this week I still have to say that it is the best hands down certification I have attended. I learned more in those 3 days than any other cert. I was fortunate to be there in the early days when you had the likes of many rises KB 'stars' emerge and this is evident in the various certifying groups available now days. But, I have to say there is a reason the RKC is what it is and it comes down to the man who is teacher/master of us all, Pavel Tsatsouline. We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to him for bringing this to our attention along with John DuCane.

I am not a Team Leader, Senior, or Master in the RKC system so when I speak I do so with the Wisdom and awareness around where the root of the KB movement arouse and who are the founders and fore fathers of such movement. Plus, I respect Pavel far more than just the KB, he is wise well beyond this and truly is a complete package and his whole system is reflected in this. Many of us have and do ride his coat tails and stand upon his shoulders. Because of this the Kettlebell and the industry of strength, conditioning and personal training is evolving to new heights and putting out high quality instructors.

Unlike other certifications I have attended, the RKC tests your knowledge and makes you perform and demonstrate your ability before you earn your stripes and this is essential for the quality behind the work we do in the world of fitness.

The RKC is a great step or addition to any trainers, athlete, coaches toolbox.

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