Saturday, February 04, 2012

Deadlift PR 560 & recovery week

Today I hit a new mark, evidence of the last 7 weeks of training. 560 conventional PR, a first!

Earlier in the week I took time off to rest up. Sine the beginning of the semester I had yet to have a day off without any responsibility, carrying on average 12 hour days wore me out. I needed to recover so I spent this past week doing some yoga and tai chi. It paid off with a PR today! As per usual, when school starts I have to refocus and ground myself. I certainly am training, for everyday life with a good blend of strength, power, speed, flexibility, mobility, and restoration. My diet has been good minus a couple mishaps with a smile.

Back at it Monday, a blend of everything in the short time I have but glad to be relatively healthy, say 95%

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