Sunday, January 29, 2012


Life is a constant evaluation. With my main goal of studying and practicing the art of movement I have to keep a keen eye and open mind on what is the best practice for my body (internally and externally) with my current life obligation
Heavy and intense lifting is a natural stressor to the CNS, even with good nutrition and good sleep. And at this time sleep is challenging with my commitments to work and school. Therefore I have for sometime been emphasizing bodyweight.
With my shoulder better I am back to doing pullups, etc

Military press barbell
155/2x5 L external rotator still relatively weak.

Pullup (chest to bar)
6 reps x 5

Handstand 5x5

LSit parallettes 10 second hold to handstand. 3 sets

Crow mountain climber to planche 2 sets

1000 m row

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