Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back in The Gym

After a long hiatus I am back tracking my training. For the last 3 years I have been in Medical School and the demands of school/life took precedent over everything. It is no joke, Med School is not only an immense commitment while in school but for a lifetime. So, I graduated in December 2012 and am back to training, a schedule and plan included. It feels great to have a plan and consistency again.

Here is a general overview
KB Military Press
KB Squat
Bodyweight pullups
Toes 2 bar strict to L-sit
Clubbell Arm Cast

Wednesday or Thursday (depends on schedule with Board exams looming Feb 21)
KB Military Press with Chains
Pullup weighted
Clubbell shield cast

Clubbell Gamma Cast
Planche Practice

3 week wave cycle increasing in weight each week. Some numbers still being worked out as I get back into the swing of things.

Yoga practice;
daily, most often self directed but sometimes I go to the studio or do an online class (when my brain is hurting from studying the last thing I want to do is direct myself).

This weeks training

KB Military Press: 20/3/3, 24/3/3, 28/3/3, 32/3/3, 36/3/3, 40/1/1x3, 40/2/2
KB Squat: 20/3/3, 24/3/3, 28/3/3, 32/3/3, 36/3/3, 40/3/3x3
Bodyweight pullups (dead hang, thumb over aka tactical): 5 reps x 8
Toes 2 bar strict to L-sit: 2x3
Clubbell Arm Cast: 25/15/15, 35/10/10, 45/5/5

Wednesday or Thursday (depends on schedule with Board exams looming Feb 21)
KB Military Press with Chains: 28kg with 25lb chain: 2 reps/side x 5 (I will get video up in future
Pistol: 20kg/1/1x8
Pullup weighted: 12kg/3x8 sets
Swing (2 hand): 40/10x5
L-Sit: 10 sec x 3
Clubbell shield cast: 25/10/10x3
Clubbell lateral swing (first time): 25/8/8x3

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