Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Art of Living in Peace

In times like these, where we are working 60 hours a week, watching prices increase in gas, values of our homes and land fall, the availability of material goods increasing and thus our desires for more mass consumption, and having homes where both parents work full time jobs and the kids being raised by the nanny, one must sit back and question what is it that defines me and my legacy.

Is our legacy defined by he or she who dies with the most toys; is it defined by our career or job title; is it defined by where we live and how many square feet our home is; is it defined by the car we drive or the clothes we wear; is it defined by our relationships, our ability to be good role models for our children and others?

Reading a piece today by Dr Wayne Dyer, he speaks of the Tao and Lao Tzu’s perspective on what it means to live peacefully. And according to Tzu, the Tao and Dyer living peacefully is not about acquisition of more material good, how many hours a week you work, the size of your house, etc. it is about contentment and realizing that life is about your relationships, your experiences and the unconditional love you bring into each and every person and situation.

Who am I or is anyone for that matter too say what is right and what is wrong for another. But, through personal experience I have lived so called both sides of the coin and I find living in unconditional love, living without attachment to possessions, titles, $$, and instead living by building relationships, experiencing life and giving of myself freely, without condition, and bringing love (which is what we all are inside) with me everywhere I go is the true art of living peacefully. This is my truth, this is my authenticity, this is my ‘reality’, this is for me what is in life.

Peaceful Living and The Art of Living in Peace too you and yours

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