Monday, September 21, 2009

Yoga's effect on the evolution of my body & mind...

What is going on with my body? I mean, WOW things are really opening up and the ease and strength in which my movement is progressing and flowing leaves me in awe and is making me take notice and look into the deeper layers of this change.

First, I have been doing very little lifting, with some push-ups, pull-ups, swings and presses literally here and there since August 14th. During that time I have been basically doing yoga nearly everyday with a rest day once every week and sometimes not.

So, here is my observations

My posture is better than ever doing to better length tension relationships or should I say my body opening open across each joint, finding a better muscular balance and therefore length tension relationships.

My body is finding neutral through learning the deeper skill of movement and this is due to muscles releasing and opening thereby releasing the neural inhibition factor allowing greater muscle recruitment from the agonist muscles and a more efficient recruitment of motor units through the agonists, anatagonists, synergist, neutralizers and stabilizers.

I am training my body in each plane of motion and through various movement patterns creating strength, core stabilization and strength, neuromuscular efficiency and it is obvious in the performance

Now, as the body's strength develops in yoga it leads to great flexibility and deeper openings. This leads to the ability to open the lungs more and therefore deepen the breathe and thereby quieting the mind which enables me to sit longer in the pose, breathing deeper into the stretch and literally working the parasympathetic nervous system creating relaxation through action.
Serum and Sukam are the sanskrit words for steadiness and ease which is a 'goal' of yoga as a practice.

The internal systems of the body and mind and breathe are evolving to new levels and all sorts of tangible and intangible things are happening. Anatomically, Physiologically, and Psychologically things are opening and I am really in awe

Ok, that is a stream of consciousness reflection, I am going to take more time to observe this and give a better explanation but this is a start...

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