Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life is in Constant Motion

Life is in constant motion, ever changing. We must learn how to live with this fact. Understanding that change is a fundamental element of life is essential to our success. Why? Simply put I often hear people say how difficult change is and/or impossible. Well, change takes work, it takes a willingness and openness to all possibilities. It takes a curious mind, one that is willing to explore and learn the how, what, why’s necessary to make and implement the change.

Life is simple, just not easy. We constantly construct stories, dramas, theories, etc. that have little to no validity except that they prevent us from living our best life and interfere with the things that matter most, like reality.

Life is about relationships and relating. Not only too people but to things such as nature, matter and truth. You cannot ignore this fact, so learn how to improve your ability to relate and your relationships.

Stop judging yourself and others. What good does it serve? People are just like you, doing the best they can with what knowledge they have and in context of their experiences, which form their perspectives.

We were not born with the skills, abilities, tools and techniques necessary to succeed in this life. We have to learn these things and that never stops. Just because you are out of high school, college, or a millionaire does not mean you stop learning, growing and improving.

For the most part you are where you are due to the choices you made and actions you have taken. So, you are the master of your domain, the controller of your life path and journey. The wisdom lies within, so open up and listen and act accordingly.

Some things are just plain and simple out of your control, so let go and manage the things you can, yourself, your thoughts, your actions. Use your wisdom and intelligence and if you are not certain, then seek someone who has done it and learn what you need.

We all are a grain of sand and each grain is essential to the success of each other. Therefore, you are a member of a larger community, known as planet earth. Remember that your actions, choices impact others on a multitude of levels. Do your part!

Life is about what is, not what if, especially if the what ‘ifs’ are impossible ideas, etc. like being 6 feet when your 5 feet, or never having had your heart broken.

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