Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

We must stop playing games with our hearts and minds, the hearts and minds of others. We as a single organism with an ecosystem of organisms must realize that our actions influence the way the whole organism functions. Just think about the concept of 6 degrees of separation, we all are connected so we must embrace the reality that each one of us somehow impacts another. Therefore it is crucial for the conscious evolution of society that we stop acting in fear, anger, frustration, out of pain, retaliation, for the benefit of ourselves at the expense of another, living and acting a lie and telling lies to others, etc.

How delusional or deluded our we too think that acting in these ways truly benefits us and others. What if we started to look beyond the notion of survival of the fittest & beyond the notion that we are individuals and stand alone entities? What if we started to see the connections, the synchronicity that all of nature acts and flows? What if we really tapped into our hearts and freed our minds from the Chitta and actually started to communicate with unconditional love, love from within us and our authentic nature and state of being?

The mind is a powerful tool and because of its power we have to remember that we have the ability with our actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, words to influence the minds of others and ourselves. For those of us who are unable to quiet our minds and the Chitta these things mentioned above can wreak havoc on us and others.

The heart is a beautiful organ and a beautiful place to come from. It must be cared for not only through physical exercise and nutritional means but also through the cultivation of love within and the expression of that love to all things, unconditionally and for the benefit of others and by enjoying the breathe of life which cultivates blood and oxygen into our tissues feeding us the nourishment we need to be able to enjoy the experiences that touch our very existence.

The way we are acting in this world, the way we be in this world leaves much to be desired. We are willing to do ruin people, relationships, countries, the environment, the health of the people all for gain, most of which is material in nature be it land, $$$$$$, borders and power to influence, direct and make the rules which tend to benefit the few in lieu of the whole.

So, it begins with me, it begins with you and I will do my part and that is a start and the cool thing is I know others are being and acting with a similar intention and this is a step.....

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