Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Strength & Conditioning Course for Young Athletes

Los Gatos Fitness
Strength & Conditioning for Young Athletes
8 week course….only $299
Monday & Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m.
NOTE: No classes on December 28th and 30th

Strength is the foundation for all athletic movement including speed, power, explosiveness, etc. This program is designed to teach the young athlete the foundation building a strong physique, work ethic and mentality toward performance in sport and life.

The Basis of the Program

➢ Learn how to prepare for peak performance. This includes both the mental and physical preparation for peak performance. Simply put it is the combination of both mental and physical preparation and practice that differentiates the great performers. It is one thing to perform in practice, another to perform on the field, platform, etc. You will learn how to make/take your daily practice into the real deal!

➢ Learn how to perform safely and effectively and how to see the physical movements beyond just the basic tenants too the deeper side of what/why each move will help you perform at your peak levels. It is one thing to know proper form and technique it is another to use the bodies systems, its anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics to their full potential. Movements included are the squat, deadlift, clean, bench press, military press, etc.

➢ The course gives you information imperative to the development of the key aspect of peak performance, Internal Strength. For strength is not an external action but an internal state of being. Our true peak performance in life, practice, relationship, sport, etc. depends on our internal strength and state of being.

➢ This course teaches you how to work from the root and inner being to the branches and external being. By implementing these principals you will notice with consistent application and new found state of being and therefore human performance.

Joe Sarti, kinesiologist & exercise physiologist, is a highly regarded expert strength and conditioning coach. He has coached athletes such as Frank Shamrock, San Jose Razorclaws of the IFL, college athletes, etc.. His experience is vast and deep with knowledge of kettlebells, power lifting, Olympic lifting, odd strength lifts, yoga and more. Joe is an accomplished athlete having competed in professionally in sports such as Rugby, Baseball, Adventure racing, mountain biking, and events such as the Tactical Strength Challenge, The Beast Challenge and more.

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