Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mountain that lies ahead

Sitting at the base of the mountain I look with great excitement at the journey ahead. I am reminded to take it one step at a time, one breathe at a time and to enjoy each and every moment along the path I move. I walk open to the possibility, exploring along the way. Certain points on the journey I stop and take the moment to sip and savor the experience, taking in the views, breathing the fresh air, reminding myself what it is I am doing, I am being right here and now.

At points along the path I run into various challenges, some prove to be obstacles, some prove to be puzzles, others choose to be risks worthy of taking. It is in these and every moment that I take time to be the observer and contemplate the natural flow of what is necessary in that very instance. I look at the present and beyond to see how it will all fit together. I realize I only know my current place and I realize my next step as I move in the direction I take conscious choice action and create my reality.

I am reminded all along the path to be open and free of false realities that my mind create in anticipation of something I 'think' to be there or lie ahead. My mind at times jumps ahead to all the possibilities and starts creating alternate stories/realities which can and often are exciting if not interesting. But again, I am reminded that what is real is what I am living in the moment, all the other things are what they are, stories and alternate or potential realities.

So, I continue on the journey to what I think is the top of the mountain, the peak that I so excitedly took in while sitting peacefully, meditating prior to my journey. And as I continue to move with each step along the path I am aware that my path is a constantly evolving experience. I smile as I reflect and take time to meditate and again come back to my breathe, my movement and all the surrounds me in the moment.

Where, what, when, why, how, who, how much, how often are all questions that are continually being answered and at the same time are unknown. In the moment I am aware, I am conscious of the 'answer' to these questions. However, I am also present and conscious with the reality, that the questions and the answer may indeed change and in every case they have.

The mountain is many and there are many peaks to observe, many mountains to set foot upon. Whether I reach the peak, climb every mountain, answer every question, etc. is not of essence too me. What is of essence is living the moment, taking advantage of this life I live, creating my realities to the best of my abilites and living my life to the fullest extent and enjoying each and every second with unconditional love, gratitude, peace, compassion, happiness, freedom, willing and open, inquistive, adventurous, singing, dancing, laughing, smiling, healthy, gracefully, humbly, and with great honor and humility.

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