Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why you are Perfect and Not

You are perfect, yes you! Why because you are you and no one else. After all who is the ideal, someone cast in that role like a movie. I am casting you as the lead just as I cast myself. There is nothing to be obtained or achieved except for you to realize you are perfect. You act according to what you think and this is what we are told to do. So in terms of the current methods of accomplishment, achievement, goals you are doing exactly what you think is right to get 'there'. You may tell yourself otherwise, yet another example of you doing as said you are supposed too. They said so, so you do. I challenge the they of this world. Who the heck is they and why are they 'right' and their way 'right'. Just maybe they have it 'wrong' and you have it 'right' or at least someone else.

I contend we all are perfect especially if you believe we are a creation of God. Would God make imperfection and create in 'his' view what he thinks is perfect to be so flawed? Maybe we need to stop thinking and following and wake up to our existence and realize we are perfect as we are. Does this not mean there is nothing more? No, more comes with each moment and are perfect way is constantly evolving. Time is a continuim, so all is evolving and changing in every moment. But in this moment you are perfect. Why should you let someone else convince you otherwise unless you know they are perfection and the one to emulate. In that case I understand, but perfection does not exist and perfect does and it is you!

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