Friday, January 29, 2010

Paying Homage

I stand here today on top of the shoulders of all those who have stood before me and opened the doors for people like myself to explore the avenues of life in which I have traveled. It is because of others that so much opportunity exists and this extends to a myriad of different aspects of life. But for the purpose of self reflection I could not help but think of the people who created the pathways in which i travel, from the thousands of years of history in Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, to Krishnamacharya and his students like Iyengar & Jois (ashtanga); people like Pavel in Kettlebells, Simmons in Powerlifitng, Ueshiba in Aikido, and then my teachers like Reifkind. The list goes on and on beyond these more modern day people in the history of these various 'things'.

Whatever we do, whereever we are I believe it is essential to have an idea of history and how it enables us to be where we are. Beyond what they did, it was why they did, how they did, etc. Many of the greats did this more than to benefit there personal wealth and well being, but more to advance society or these 'things' to help others.

Yes, I am selfish and self absorbed, wanting to learn, study, explore life but the best part is all this self centered stuff has enabled me to live my truth, my essense and contribute/share in compassionate and loving way as a teacher, educator, coach, mentor, friend, listening ear, and soon as a doctor and in the end be a contributing member of society. And, I thank all those who have stood before me on all levels for making this possible and for all those who currently continue to create opportunities and contribute to the growth and evolution of all things/beings.

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