Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ahimsa is one of the Yamas of Yoga. It is said that one shall practice non-violence to ones self and all other things (animals, people, etc.).

The point is to practice compassion and non-violence toward yourself and others through conscious actions. This comes in the form of how you feed your body with food, to how you care for the body through movement and stillness, to how you nourish the mind with non-judgemental thoughts, thoughts and words of love and kindness. This last part extends beyond ones self to all others. It is in the little daily, momentary acts where are we live our life and it is being kind and compassionate towards ones self that then extends out to all others.

So often I see so many practicing in a harmful manner first and foremost to themselves but this often, even if unconsciously extends out to others. Creating this kind of harmful energy only begets more such energy.

This is why I choose to be unconditional love! I encourage you to work to adopting a similar stance or at least one of Ahimsa.

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