Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I am giving the gift that keeps on giving that is unconditional love, gratitude, peace, compassion, respect, honor, thanks, appreciation, recognition, kindness, gentleness, smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, joy, and me.

I am giving each and everyone of you my thanks for your contributions to my life.

I am giving thanks to all my clients for opening their doors, minds, hearts, bodies, souls and pocket books to me and my services.

I am giving thanks to all my Masters, Teachers, Students, who have a continue to give to me the precious lessons and teachings of life.

I am giving thanks to Cisco, X-Body, Apple, and Girya for allowing me the space to do my business.

I am giving thanks to all my loved ones for their support and wisdom and of course loving kindness.

I am giving because that is what I do, I offer unconditionally my services and the wealth of knowledge, information, and wisdom given to me too others.

I am giving thanks to my dog Jazmine who is my best friend!

I am giving because it is in giving that one receives

I am giving because it is in my nature to do so, it is in the nature of the wonders of the universe to give back and spread freely, unconditionally to all things!

I am giving up my attachment to giving and instead just being as I show up in the moment.

Happy Holidays To All! Namaste

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