Monday, December 22, 2008


Who is too blame? I am not sure but I am going to say that I believe there is no one too blame. I believe once we become conscious of the 'facts' of life and we realize we are in the fortunate position to be able to make our own decisions we can then realize there is no blame.

Once we awaken and we embrace the concept of forgiveness our potentiality grows exponentially. The forgiveness is both of self and others, which immediately, assuming it is not just a thought but a true choice action, eliminates blame and frees oneself to the possibility. It helps to eliminate the extra weight that so many of us carry around with heavy hearts, angry minds, etc. from things that have 'happened' to us during our lives.

It is often I hear people blame others for things that have and are happening. Now, I have driven up and down this road numerous times in the past but as I have developed self awareness, self care, self therapy practices I have yet to see this path again. The beauty is I had to travel this road many times and learn from the sufferings, experiences, etc. to be able to truly develop a understanding, a compassion for what it is like to be walking that path.

I must say now that I am free of blame through embracing the idea of forgiveness (and much more) I feel light, mobility, flexible, agile, grounded, peaceful, grateful, compassionate, loving, full of life and laughter and so much more.

My main point is this, FORGIVE yourself and all others. People only do what they know best and typically people operate in states of unconsciousness so you are getting what they know from being in this state, not the good intention, conscious based state they are learning (one believes) how to operate in.

So, the effects of operating in a blame game state, one with pent up energy and negativity toward others, toward self, the one that has ill feelings towards others, etc is one that does not serve anyone well, especially the one carrying this energy. It is far easier to move in life, free of blame, in a state where you forgive and have compassion for all beings, including yourself.

Is it easier said than done, I would argue it is only what you make of it. Therefore, if you believe it to be hard then yes it will be because that is your reality, that is the context of your truth. You have to be willing to explore the depths, find the darkness to see the light. If you are then...well I encourage you to find the answer for yourself.

In love and light filled with compassion and gratitude and offering you peace!

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sangers4u said...


Happy New Years!!!

Please let me know when you are coming up my way. I would like for you to bring me 2 KB. I watched your video and I'm ready to start!! You will have to give me some training before you leave home.

Call me.

Your Cuz,