Monday, December 01, 2008

A Poem and A Reflection

A Poem:

Everyday I awaken
One step at a time to the flow of life & living
To the trails of life I ground with unconditional love
Whatever lies present, past & future
Open to the infinite possibilities
Moven, shaken, baken to the lessons of life
Smiling, laughing, cheering, supporten, encouraging, inspiring
No matter where I roam

A Reflection

Simply put I like to keep things simple. I am aware of all these modalities that exist & truly have their place. Some I have a better understanding of. But through it all I like to keep it simple.

I am the way, the way of the Tao, this is the way I flow. I am the Buddhist monk, a compassionate being. I am yoga, this is the art of living this is my practice of living. I am everything & nothing, I am!

It is through my lens of life that the Tao, Buddhism & yoga encompass all these other modalities in some way, somehow and I am a collection of them in practice, the art of living.

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