Sunday, January 10, 2010

If you allow and are open, life will provide you with amazing opportunities and experiences. Some may feel scary, some may feel exciting, some challenging, some life changing, and some daunting, but they are there for us for a, if not many reasons. We can ask all sorts of questions as to what, why, who, when, how, where, etc. and in due time if we take them and even if we do not many if not all these questions will be answered and provide you with clarity.

As of this past summer I had no plans for doctoral school or medical school. But I was open and exploring myself throughout 2009 and looking into many avenues of things, directions to go. Traveling and spend plenty of time on the road in foreign lands with friends, new friends, strangers, and by myself gave me plenty of opportunity and experience to answer some of the ??'s, many of which I was not actively asking.

As summer turned to fall I had my applications in for my doctoral programs, however not 100% convinced but still open and eager and thus knowing it was time to move and challenge myself to new endeavors I was looking forward to the new road. And before I knew my status at either of the schools I applied I put out and inquiry and did some research on TCM (traditional chinese medicine).

I remember in high school I thought about Medical School, Western Medical school but a video on the struggles, trials and tribulations was quite discouraging and thus Business school. And during business school studies I earned a Massage Certificate and began work at my cousins Integrated Medicine Center which had Acupuncture, Herbology, Tai Chi and much more. I inquired about TCM back then but realized I would need many more years of schooling which I thought I wanted no part of.

Well, 15 years late here I am, much has happened in my life since then and now I embark on a new road, which will work nicely with all I have learned, practiced, studied and done for the past 15 years. As the Founder of the school said, I am on a great path and at a great place in the time for the advancement in the medical world. There is a growing trend toward Western and Eastern practices being used as complimentary practices.

Well, I glad to be in line to be on the front lines of the progression of health and wellness in this world. So many opportunities and experiences are awaiting and this new path will bring much personal and professional growth. So glad to be open and free to breathe and live this life and all that it brings.

Day 1 of TCM begins in 12 hours.

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